Friday, July 08, 2011

The P-BO looking for a pass on the debt ceiling

The bamboozler in chief put up the golf clubs yesterday to host a meeting on raising the debt ceiling that Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell suggested a week or so ago. Way to go Barry. You’re doing a heck of a job.

Why are Demo-Dope senate scum even invited to the meeting. In two years they produced oh, nearly one budget – nearly one, in other words none. Having that sorry @$$ record, how can they be taken seriously at budget negotiations? They can’t.

Last week the P-BO lied about Congress getting its home work done. Well the house Republicans did their homework. What did they get for it? The louse in chief invited the architect of the house budget, Paul Ryan, to a speech where the P-BO turned on Ryan and like the vile DNC ad made it appear as if Ryan wanted to force seniors in wheelchair off a cliff.

I’ve said from the day this affirmative action pass through showed up, that, contrary to everyone in MSM’s assessment, he’s not a smart man. You don’t invite someone you’re going to have to negotiate in private with down the road to a public forum to ridicule them. That’s dumber than claiming that there are 57 states. It’s also crude and un-presidential but so nearly everything else about this dim wit.

So now the spender in chief’s chickens have come home to roost. After two and a half years of playing president. Two and a half years of blaming Bush. Two and a half years of French kissing the @$$ of every thug, tyrant, king, dictator and despot he meets, the P-BO has a problem affirmative action cannot make go away. No nice try. We’ll give you an A for effort on this test.

The Republicans have his balls in a vice and need to start slowly turning the crank. He has nowhere to go. If we do nothing, spending must be cut. If we do something spending must be cut.

No doubt, the P-BO is spending his night looking for that professor who will turn his dismal D- into an A for him. He should have stayed in the senate where everyone would still be telling us how brilliant he is with no actual proof that he is nothing more than a half black Eddie Haskell in a suit.

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Anonymous said...

As we now enter into the real nitty-gritty of the effects of the government on our economy for the next dozen years,the sober realization of America's ecomonic effects on the world, I am reminded of the fact that these are the same people that brought us Cash for Clunkers, that led to selling more foriegn cars than American ones, while disrupting the car parts parts market for 6 months , the muti-trillion dollar socialized medicine legislation that no one read and still cannot be understood, the debacled effort to try KSM in Manhattan, the PBO explained epiphany that automation creates overall job losses, PBO 's idea of America borrowing money from China to keep Greece out of bankruptcy, explains away Mk 82 USAF bombs as non-kinetic, and sold 30 million barrels of oil out of strategic reserve, that will be replaced at three times the original price, and in so doing creating a world shortage of 30 million barrels when we reorder the replacement oil. What do we honestly expect? How about a poorly thought out and non- explainable, non-executable whim of a thought, that is bathed in perfume and showered in roses? The Griffin