Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cut, Cap and Balance (CCB) is the way for Boehner to go

There is something really weird going on. The P-BO keeps using the poll tested phrase “balanced approach over and over. “Balanced approach” is the new euphemism for tax ‘em until they bleed. The P-BO likes the raise taxes so we can keep redistributing the money approach over the cut spending so we can save the republic approach. But guess what? In the Scrawny Harry plan that the P-BO supports, there aren’t any new “revenues” i.e. tax ‘em until they bleed.

The Scrawny one’s plan calls for an immediate raise in debt ceiling of 2.7 TRILLION and a dollars and a dollar for dollar of spending cuts of 2.7 trillion over the next 10,000 years. It’s shear idiocy. That’s why the Scrawny one proposed it and the P-BO thinks it’s a good idea. Idiots revel in idiocy.

As noted here before, politics is the art of the possible. It does not appear as if there is any middle road forward on this. So Boehner should get way over to the right. He should send his reworked plan over the senate. After the little bastard, aka Scrawny Harry, shoots it down, Boehner should go back to CCB and not budge.

It makes good sense for a few of reasons. First, CCB is the only plan that has been passed out of the house and was only three votes short in the senate. Just three votes short after the brain-dead old bastard who runs the place, maneuvered the bill off the floor before debate. Second, it is the only plan that can come close to dealing with the actual problem – a mountain of debt Washington D.C. SFBs have relentlessly piled on the nation without one wit of concern for how that debt would be retired. Third, “balanced budget” is only one word away from “balanced approach.” Everyone knows what a balanced budget is. Everyone guesses at what a balanced approach is. Balanced budgets are wildly popular with the American people who themselves have to live by them. A “balanced approach” is like having to give your trouble making, foul mouthed, sulking son the same ice cream cone as your adorable, helpful, polite and cute daughter when the family goes out to the DQ.

Talking heads say CCB will never pass. Try it. America will rally around a balanced budget. And about two hours after the P-BO and tiny Tim Geithner have to start making decisions about who gets paid and who doesn’t, they will be searching for a tall building to throw themselves off.  CCB will be a life line to the two lying know nothings.  On second thought, if they will throw themselves from a tall building, maybe we shouldn't offer CCB until slow Joe shovel ready Biden is sworn in.

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