Wednesday, July 20, 2011

80% of American agree, Lex is #1

Quick post today. We just returned from a quick trip behind enemy lines in Chicago- sort of like John Kerry’s great Cambodian adventure except, we actually went. Chicago is a great city. It’s clean. It’s beautiful. It’s big. So big it needs three nicknames, the city with broad shoulder, the windy city and the city that works.

Unlike our trip to Philthydelphia we didn’t have to step over bums and bags of garbage to visit the sites in Chicago. You actually had to look for trash. And even the few bums were well dressed – for bums anyway – and pretty much left you alone. One even broke into “I Want to Hold Your Hand” when he saw my son’s Beatle’s t-shirt.

Yeah, it was hotter than Aunt Alice’s iron skillet cooking fried chicken after Sunday church, but we dealt with it. After all, it’s summer.

Now we pick up were we left off. The P-BO had claimed that 80% of Americans support his plan to raise taxes. First, he has no plan. Second, 80% of Americans can’t agree that Mother Theresa was a descent human being or that the sun generally rises in the east. The P-BO is either a sheltered buffoon, if he actually believes what the teleprompter tells him to say, or he’s just a buffoon.

Can this creep that the MSM keeps telling is a super hyper genius actually believe that 80% of Americans agree on much of anything let alone raising their taxes? He can’t. That would make him a lying buffoon. Sort of like the Jon Lovitz perpetual liar character on Saturday Night. You expect the P-BO to step up to the teleprompter and say, “I watched the Space Shuttle take off for the last time. I invented it, you know.” Can anyone be so stupid as to claim that 80% of American are asking for tax hikes and believe what the teleprompter said?

Sadly, this colossal boob probably doesn’t even realize what the telepromter told him to say.

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