Friday, July 15, 2011

Moody's probably right, would have been right three years ago, why now?

Conspiracy theory #3

You expect the pointy headed waifs and tax cheats that populate the P-BO’s team of economic dunderheads to toe the P-BO’s line of BS concerning the debt ceiling. After all the tax cheat in that equation owes his very livelihood the P-BO.

What if, during the confirmation hearings of gnome like Timmy tax cheat, the P-BO had declared:

“I cannot have a tax cheat in my administration. The Treasury Secretary must be beyond reproach as I will rely upon him to deliver and explain bad news to the American people from time to time. The last thing this person will need is the American people shouting at him F-you! You’re a lousy tax cheat who ought to be in jail or at least audited every two months.”

Well Timmy would be out on his slight and bony @$$ looking to see who in the private sector has a position for tax cheat and liar. He'd be forced to dawn a cone shaped red hat, smoke a pipe, wear curled up shoes and stand in some redneck's front yard amid the tulpips and lillies.

But you expect the P-BO’s clown menagerie to echo the P-BO’s line of BS. That’s what they are paid to do. So when Bernanke and Geithner go out repeatedly and shout, “the sky is falling, social security checks won’t go out, Dancing with the Stars will have to be canceled and there will be no more Rock Road ice cream if the debt ceiling is not raised,” you expect it.

You don’t expect Moody’s investment firm to fall in line. Not unless there is some form of Government regulation and oversight of such firms, and low and behold there is. Madam Barney Frank and Chris what COUNTRYWIDE SWEETHEART DEAL Dodd sponsored and passed such oversight legislation as part of TARP.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not questioning Moody’s assessment of the US budget. I’m questioning the timing of that assessment. We’re 14 TRILLION dollars in debt. If they were worth a $h!t, shouldn’t Moody’s have discovered that there was something amiss a couple of years ago, when, I don’t know, we were only 11 or 12 TRILLION in debt?

Instead, Moody’s comes out with its dire prediction of credit downgrade just as the Republicans are beginning to tighten the vice on the P-BO’s pea sized manly orbs. Weird huh? The P-BO needs some outside cover because the tax cheat has no credibility and the Brenanke is so obtuse to the reality of the economic situation that he actually thinks calling for another stimulus bill is smart thing to do.

Dutifully and right on cue Moody’s steps up. I wonder who from the P-BO’s administration called them and what they were promised?

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Anonymous said...

So Washington generates $220B in revenues and spends $307B. Over the years the spending addiction hits Wall St, state governments, the Dow, etc. The pols use it as their power base. It's like their crack cocaine addiction. The pols are scared to death and already being wimps, they are blaming everyone but themselves. The coke head blames the coke. The demorat pols blame the rich. It's like the cokehead blaming the dealer. I beleive most tax payers like me have problems just understanding the government coming up with their own debt ceiling. Like having a credit card where you can just increase your own credit amount when you want to. What's next now? Like the coke head making his own coke these guys will just start printing more money I suspect. They can't take the thought of rehab. They are full blown addicts. The Griffin.