Thursday, July 14, 2011

Negotiations get tough, the P-BO quits

OK, when George W. Bush needed to raise the debt ceiling the P-BO was against it. Now he’s for it. When the Bush tax rates were voted on, the P-BO was against them. In Dec of 2010, when he extended them, he was for them. Now in Jul 2011, he’s against them again. “Everything must be on the table,” the P-BO announced when he finally got engaged in the budget negotiations. Then he issued a list longer than the space shuttle’s vapor trail of things that were off the table – starting with his signature dumb@$$ achievement P-BOcare.

After 4 days of tough negotiations sans any affirmative action monitoring professor with D- to A fairy dust, what does the P-BO do? What any loser without one genuine accomplishment in life does when faced with hard work, he quits. He walks out like a petulant little brat.

Grand Fran Nan Peloser put the P-BO’s huffy departure this way:

“He stayed for two and a half hours and listened to what members had to say. It was his meeting and the meeting had come to an end.

“The president could not have been more gracious. I have never seen a president spend so much time with the leadership of Congress day in and day out, respectful of their concerns.”

Sure just like his budget meetings a few days after taking office when he “graciously” told everyone he was the president so gets to talk more than everyone else. Or the time he told Republicans that it was going to be his way because he “won.” That kind of gracious?

Actually it’s good news for Americans that the P-BO is such a clueless quitter. While the Dope in chief is pouting in his bedroom because he didn’t get his way, the clock ticks toward Aug 3rd. Republicans should refuse to rejoin the negotiations. Instead they should spend their time putting together the first of the Newt like monthly spending bill and send it up. Be sure to title it “The P-BO won’t ensure Social Security but we will” bill.

Never has it been more apparent that the P-BO lacks even one qualification to be president of this great land. Hopefully this pile of steaming crap will ruin the Demo-Dope brand for the next 100 years.

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