Monday, July 25, 2011

The train is headed off the tracks, time for another round of golf for the P-BO

The Demo-Dopes are purposefully trying to destroy the American economy. Can there really be any doubt at this point? Why? Demo-Dopes want to bring America down to size. They want to destroy its military either through social engineering or an economy that will not allow the American military to project its power as it has since WWII. The Dopes want as many Americans as possible on the public dole. The next biggest block, they want working in public unions. Last, they want a few of the most talented to work harder and harder so that their earnings can be confiscated to support the other two groups.

No one can seriously argue that the Demo-Dope are working to prevent default. The only Dope to have produced a budget in the last two years is the P-BO. His budget was so fantastic that it almost got one vote in the senate. That’s right, the P-BO couldn’t get even one of his own senators in the senate to support his BS budget. Senate and House Dopes haven’t produced a budget in over two years.  Yet they call the Republicans obstructionist.

And as the debt crisis train was gathering speed, what was the P-BO and his as clown administration doing about it? They were writing budgets that would plunge the country deeper into debt with more reckless spending. Now the train is approaching a hairpin turn and the P-BO wants to save the day. Too late. John Boehner threw the P-BO off the train Fri night, because not only didn’t the P-BO know how the train worked, he couldn’t even tell which direction the speeding train was moving.

The reason these talks are so difficult is that the key terms mean different things to the Reps and the Dopes:

Revenues? What are they? When Republicans talk raising revenue, generally it is in the sense of creating a flatter fairer tax code whereby tax rates actually go down but employment goes up creating more taxpayers thereby more tax revenue. When the Demo-Dopes talk revenues, they are talking raising taxes plain and simple.

Today, the Dopes are on a mission to conflate the two terms. When Boehner said they had reached an agreement on 800 billion in revenue, that money was from changes to the tax code, changes in rates and closing of loopholes. The other 400 billion Boehner said that the P-BO wanted was to come from additional taxes on those rich bastards who work their asses off. Republicans need to start calling a tax a tax and a revenue a revenue. Don’t let the Dopes get away with making the terms interchangeable.

Loopholes? What are they? For Republicans they are not loophole at all. They are things that are written into the tax code to give certain businesses incentives for doing business a certain way, depreciation tables, state waivers for 5 years of all taxes if a business will set up in an enterprise zone etc. are examples. Loopholes are also provided to individuals, and are not loopholes. They are things knowingly written into the tax code to encourage behavior, child deductions and energy efficient appliance rebates etc. are examples of individual tax loopholes.

The important thing to remember is that the term loophole makes it appear as if the dopes who write the tax law had no idea that these “loopholes” existed. They appear as if by magic. They do not. They are written into the tax code and passed for specific purposes.

For Demo-Dopes loophole are written to get as many people as possible dependent on the government. To the extent the Dopes allow business a break it’s because the business provided needed campaign money in the beginning but now can be better used to promote class warfare. So when oil companies were contributing mightily to the P-BO’s election bid the loopholes were good. Now that a majority of the American people can see what a clueless buffoon the P-BO is, he uses the tax policies he and the Dopes wrote into law, calling them loopholes, and are used to promote class warfare against oil companies. They call them loopholes like, “How the hell did that get in there?” They voted for it that’s how.

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