Friday, March 31, 2006

Mexican flag symbol of corruption

A Texas school principal was ordered to remove the Mexican flag he’d put up to honor his “predominantly Hispanic” student body. One can only presume that they are predominantly American as well, but who knows. In Florida, someone removed the American flag at the Chasewood North condominium community replacing it with a Mexican flag and removed the rope so the new flag of America’s Southwest could not be removed. It’s going to cost the residence of the community an estimated $500 to reclaim Chasewood for America.

I don’t get it. You have entered the richest most powerful most generous country in the history in the world, legally or illegally, yet you show your allegiance to a corrupt third rate third world government incapable of providing a majority of its citizens anything but poverty. It’s like Jews who escaped persecution in the old Soviet Union rallying for reform in Israel carrying Soviet flags. It’s beyond idiocy.

It makes no sense. You’d think coming to this country would expose the dust bag called Mexico for what it is. Corrupt, failed, corrupt, poor, corrupt and most of all corrupt. Mexico is a country rich in its own natural resources and, if we are to believe the protesters, a hard working people. So why has Mexico failed so miserably to provide jobs to its people? Have I mentioned corruption in the Mexican government dating back to Napoleon?

Well if I had escaped the corruption of the Mexican government, I wouldn’t be caught dead toting around the symbol of the failed corrupt government I’d escaped. I’d make every effort to blend into the country that allows me to support my family.

And don’t get me wrong. I’m NOT referring to Hispanic culture. I’m referring specifically to the use of the Mexican flag as a rallying symbol for those advocating an open border. Seems to me, Mexicans would be much better off using an American flag in Mexico City to rally for government reform there than a Mexican flag in L.A. to call for reform here.

Perhaps these misguided souls are of the mind that all they have to do is reclaim the American Southwest for Mexico and all of Mexico’s problems will end. Three years after ceding the American west to Mexico, and the Mexican government raping it, we’d be talking about building a fence along the Mississippi river. Libs would be saying, but they are hard working people just trying to escape the poverty and deplorable conditions in California, Arizona and Texas.

It’s not Hispanic people here in America legally or illegally that I find so deplorable. It’s their use of and allegiance to a symbol of a failed government of systematic corruption that has me shaking my head in wonderment.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

What's wrong with this picture

Americans? High School students, presumably Americans, protesting Congress’s attempt to establish uniform naturalization, raised an upside down American flag UNDER a Mexican flag. Any doubt about where their loyalties lie?

Meanwhile the Senate dithered with its amnesty bill all the while screaming louder and louder that it wasn’t. John, open borders, McCain insisted that because it required a $2,000 fine, a requirement to learn English and work for 6 years the bill was not an amnesty. The media hound was less successful in explaining how lessening current law, which calls for deportation, was not a form of amnesty. We just have to trust that if someone as media savvy as John McCain says it, it must be so.

So they say there 11.5 million illegals in the country now. By the time this bill is passed there will be 22 million. Vicente Fox will have emptied his prison giving each convict $2,000 and a trip to the border. There, John McCain will welcome them, take the $2,000 as a campaign contribution and hand them a Spanglish dictionary and a vote McCain in ’08 pamphlet.

Look at the picture John. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Of course they vote illegally too

"Today we march, tomorrow we vote," was the warning chanted by many of the 500,000 protesters who brought the second largest US city of Los Angeles to a standstill Saturday when they marched against the proposed crackdown on illegal aliens.

Yeah, well duh. You’re here illegally. You consume precious tax dollars to educate, feed, heal and incarcerate. You return the fruits of your labor to the country you love best, Mexico. You encourage and assist your families and friends to follow in your illegal footsteps. Of course you will attempt to sway our politics in your favor by doing what you do best – engaging in illegal activity – including voter fraud.

So what we have is 500,000 law-breakers, their supporters and political opportunists protesting the laws that make them law-breakers. Rather odd, don’t you think? Sort of like a bunch of speeders rushing traffic court to protest the 20 MPH speed limit in a school zone. “We wouldn’t even be law-breakers if it weren’t for that silly 20 MPH speed limit.” Ahh yes, but that law is there for a very good reason, to protect public school students too dumb to look both ways before crossing the street.

And our immigration laws exist for very good reasons:
to protect Americans from the drug running lawless elements of other countries
to ensure an orderly entry process into the US.
to ensure people leave the country when they are supposed to.
to protect our eroding culture.
to ensure a uniform naturalization process.

So if they enter the country illegally, work illegally, consume benefits illegally they are sure to vote illegally. And when there are enough of them to turn our political process on its head, we will have reached the point of anarchy and mob rule that Lex warned of yesterday. Better to take a bitter pill now – immigration reform and a fence - than to be force fed a poison one – illegals voting their irredentists interests into office and law - later.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Questions, answers and irredentists

It’s an election year. Here are a few questions to ask your local, state and federal candidates:
“Do you think it’s the right of everyone in the world to enter the US illegally?”
“Who should set US immigration policies, US elected officials or drug runners and Vicente Fox?”
“Are you considering any type of “guest worker” program aka amnesty for illegal aliens already in the country?”
“Are you considering any type of amnesty for any other class of criminals – like robbers or rapists?”
“Are you considering amnesty for illegal aliens who also happen to be robbers and/or rapists?”

Lex’s talking points on immigration:
Citizenship in the US is NOT the right everyone in the world.
It’s not even the right of persons able to wonder across our southern border or be smuggled in inside a cargo container.
US citizenship is a privilege bestowed upon people who enter the country in an orderly fashion and meet certain guidelines established by congress.
Any nation incapable of or unwilling to protect its own border is not a nation all but rather a plot land destined, at some point, for anarchy and mob rule.
Article I. Section 8 of our constitution charges congress with the duty to establish uniform rules for naturalization.
A uniform rule is not head of the line privileges for those who break our immigration laws.
The party that takes this part of our constitution most seriously will have the most success in November.
Uniform rules for naturalization is not code for anti-immigration.

Irredentist comments from illegals protesting in L.A.

"We may be illegal immigrants, but we are human," Metropolitan High School senior Melania Preciado said as she waved a Mexican flag. "We deserve the same rights as everyone else, not be treated like criminals." (Comment: Ahh excuse me Melania, you are criminals.)

"If this law passes, what will happen? There would be no more Los Angeles High School. Nearly all of us are immigrants," said Yadira Pech, a 16-year-old junior from Los Angeles High. (Comment: If you’re immigrants nothing will happen. If you’re illegal aliens, adios Yadira.)

"This is unjust. This land used to belong to us and now they're trying to kick us out," said Sandra Molina, 16, a junior from Downtown Magnet High School. (Comment: The operative words here Sandra are “used to belong to us” and we’re not trying hard enough to kick illegal aliens out or keep them out in the first place.)

Monday, March 27, 2006

L.A. is proof we have a problem

When your boat springs a leak and begins to fill with water, the first thing you do is try to stop the leak. Once the leak has been stopped or at least slowed, you begin to discharge the water that got in with a cup or pail. Once safely back to the dock, you see about getting the boat fixed.

America is like a boat taking on a steady stream of water in form of ILLEGAL ALIENS. It’s very important that we get the terms right. The MSM will peg anyone who thinks that we ought to know who is coming into the country as “anti-immigration.”

Not true. Congress can set immigration at whatever they determined to be a reasonable number. Anyone who enters the country illegally is, duh, an illegal alien. But demagogues do what demagogues do best - demagogue. So if you oppose anything short of an open borders policy Libs will label you “anti-immigration.”

If anyone doubts that we have an immigration problem in the US, all they need to do is look at the reaction to House Bill 4437. 500,000 marched through the streets of Los Angeles with Mexican flags chanting “Mexico, Mexico Mexico.” It would seem that they would have more of Mexico’s interest at heart than their own country’s. Or do they? Maybe Mexico is their country.

When Lex was but a mere Captain working in a brigade sized headquarters, a Lieutenant Colonel, who graduated from some Ivy League school somewhere asked me to write a scenario for an exercise “that pitted an insurgent force in country X that has irredentist interests with X’s neighbor Y.” Not wanting to look like a dope, I jotted the instructions down and dashed out to find a dictionary to find out what “irredentist” meant.

I’ve never forgotten the word. Irredentists are people in one country (Mexico) who have strong cultural and historic ties to the territory of another nation (The American Southwest) and advocate recovery of that territory. It seems to me that what’s happening on our border with Mexico is not so far from the exercise scenario I worked on as a Captain at the 7th Marine Expeditionary Brigade. The only thing missing, for now, is an armed insurgency. If you count armed drug runners and the presence of the Mexican army on US soil to facilitate illegal migration as the insurgents, we’re there.

If ever there were a wake up call to American politicians to a handle on immigration, it was in L.A. this weekend. Here’s what needs to be done.

Get a handle in our border with Mexico. A fence would be a good place to start. Like a leaky boat, the first order of business is to stop or slow the leak.

Next, begin expelling the illegals. People keep saying, “but there 12 million of them. You’ll never get them all.” So get half of them or a quarter or an eighth of them – whatever.

Get after the employers who hire the illegals. President Bush says it’s not the employers fault because there is a huge forgery industry that has sprung up around illegal immigration. That may be true, but any employer who goes by the 7-11 in a pick up at 5:30 AM and holds up three fingers outside the window and three guys jump in the back isn’t even trying.

Have the US army square off with the Mexican army unit facilitating illegal crossings. Capture a couple the Mexican soldiers on US soil and send them to G’tmo for questioning. If the Mexican government protests, it will prove their complicity in violating our borders.

Boot anyone from office - local, state and federal - that cannot distinguish between legal and illegal immigration.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday fun

Woodshop Talk
A friend who visits the woodshop now and again and I had a discussion yesterday. My friend, a school teacher which pretty much pegs him as a Lib, told me Bush was a bit too conservative.

Whooha Nelly. I’m a conservative, and I can tell you - Bush is no conservative - a good man whom I respect and admire – which is saying a lot given Lex’s near universal disdain for pols - but, he’s NOT conservative. If he were a conservative, we wouldn’t have nine trillion in debt and Bashar Assad would have long ago assumed room temperature.

Hillary talks dirty
Actually, while discussing immigration reform, Shrillery brought up the bible, which has to sound like a sailor with Turret's syndrome at a church social to Libs. Really rather odd don’t you think? A lose lose proposition for the shrill one. Conservatives don’t believe her and Libs don’t want to hear it.

Rescued peaceniks blast rescuers
This really does take the cake. These wienies get themselves into an excrement sandwich with Islamo-Terror-Fascists from which they are rescued by coalition forces. To show their appreciation the ingrates heap great praise on their captors, who murdered one of their party by the way, while blaming their rescuers for the mess they got themselves into in the first place. Curiouser and curiouser doesn’t begin to describe this one.

Advantage Republicans
Scrawny Harry and Shrill are ceding immigration to the Republicans. No doubt, John, open borders, McCain and the Republican side of the gang of 14 will ride to the Dems’ rescue and stop Bill Frist and Conservatives from doing what’s right.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

It was the polls that got us into Iraq

The press is incredulous that President Bush pays no attention to their polls. Lex has noted in this space before that MSM polls are worthless. The MSM gins up these polls in an effort to create news rather than report it. MSM polls typically over-sample Democrats and ask questions that, to put it politely, are leading.

When they get the result the poll is designed to achieve, they flash ALERT on the screen and gush that the president’s approval rating is at an all time low. Only 36% of Howard Dean’s family thinks that Bush is more qualified to be president than Dean.

At Bush’s press conference on Tuesday, the press reminded the president that their polls indicated a frustration level with the war in Iraq here-to-fore unseen. Count me among those frustrated. But not for the reasons the press implies. I’m frustrated because we don’t carry the fight to the Syrian’s and Iranians. Do the MSM polls capture my frustration? No.

One poll was designed to gauge the support for the war among the troops. The press breathlessly reported that most troops believed that we ought to get out of Iraq in a year. Wow! Who knew? A bunch 18-23 year olds in 120 degree heat facing danger day in and day out would rather go home…in a year?

Gee, why not poll Lex’s 3rd grade son’s class and see if free ice cream should be served in the cafeteria everyday. Those results are bound to be as shocking as military men in combat wanting to go home. The shocker was that the majority said we should leave in one year not one of the lesser options offered in the poll.

Bush ought to go back and research the polls right before we went into Iraq. As I recall over 70% of Americans believed it was the right thing to do. A large majority of the population, as expressed by votes in the House (296-133) and Senate (77-23), were in support of going into Iraq.

The big story here is not the president’s steadfastness with regard to Iraq and the war on terror. The big story here is how duplicitous self-serving pols have moistened their fingers hoisted them into the wind of public opinion and staked out positions based on political expedience rather than principle. The big story is not Bush’s consistent stand on the war, but rather wavering wimps like Kerry, Murtha et al. Ted Kennedy is a paragon of virtue by comparison because his stance on the war has been consistent – albeit wrong.

So when Bush hears “America doesn’t support the war anymore” he ought to respond, “Great, I followed the polls and it got me into this mess, now what?” With regard to slumping approval numbers, the president ought to give one of those shoulder shrugging laughs he’s famous for and say, “Hey, the only poll that counts now was the one in November 2003. And by the way, the only group with a lower poll number than mine is yours - the MSM. S, when are you guys going to start doing your job?”

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lex was wrong; McCain and Murtha are right

When Hardball co-host, free speech assassin and retired 6 star General of the Army of perfect hind-sight John McCain claimed we needed to send more troops to Iraq, I thought what I always think when John, is the camera on, McCain talks – just another opportunity for McCain to talk about his favorite subject - McCain.

When the good and honorable Jack the ass Murtha called for unconditional retreat in the face of an enemy who, given the chance, would slice all of our heads off, I though just another craven treasonous RAT politician stumping for the Cindy Sheehan vote. Oh did I say retreat? Jack the ass calls it “redeployment.”

Well, you may be surprised to know, I’ve changed my mind. John, I love me, McCain and Jack the ass are both right. My most humble apologies.

So, in accordance with McCain/Murtha strategy for victory, I recommend the following. As John, make sure you shoot my good side, McCain advises, I recommend that the 1st and 4th Armor Div be deployed to Iraq’s border with Syria as soon as possible and that the 1st and 2nd Marine Divisions be deployed to Iraq’s border with Iran as soon as possible.

Then in accordance with the Murtha plan of “redeploying our forces to another nation” I recommend that the Army forces “redeploy” about 80 miles inside Syria. Our combat aircraft should temporarily “redeploy” over terrorist training facilities in Syria’s Becca Valley and “redeploy” enough bombs to pound those facilities into the sand upon which they rest. Enough bombs ought to be “redeployed” to Syria’s capitol city of Damascus to cut the power, sewage treatment facilities and fresh water.

With the Marines poised on Iran’s border, John Bolton, hands on hips in the manner Democrats find so threatening, ought to show up in Tehran and say, damn shame about Damascus isn’t it - such a nice city in the spring. Now let’s talk about those bastards you sent to blow up our barracks in Saudi, the IEDs you’re sending into Iraq and your nuclear program.

We are supposedly in a Global War on Islamo-terror-fascists. Is there any doubt that Syria and Iran are supporting ITF in Iraq? Aren’t those who support ITF and kill Americans the same as the ITF themselves? Well then let’s go get them. Hey, it takes a big man to admit he was wrong.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Encouraging news from D.C.

This is encouraging. USA Today reports the following:

“Through Friday, the House was in session for 19 days, compared with 33 for the Senate. If they stick to their current schedule — including two weeks off in April, a week in May and July, plus all of August — House members will spend 97 days in Washington this year.

“The House was in session 108 days in 1948, according to the chamber's archives, compared with 141 days last year.”

The story implies that the House ought to be in session longer and doing more. I disagree. What really needs to happen is that these monuments to pomposity, self-indulgence and arrogance need to be required to get out of Washington D.C. more often. A House rule needs to be passed that Congressmen can only spend 100 days a year in D.C. The rest of the time must be spent in their congressional district working a real job or on one of three 10 day government sponsored fact-finding trips.

No more lobbyist paid fact finding trips to St. Andrews to find the fact that the new pin placement on the 17th hole there is much more difficult than last year. No more lobbyist paid fact finding trips to Hawaii to investigate “beach erosion.” No more lobbyist paid trips to Cozumel to improve US-Mexico relations.

The government ought round up these pampered whiners and send them to ANWR for 10 days. After about 30 seconds they’d discover that there is nothing there. Make them stay the entire 10 days forcing them deeper and deeper into the wasteland. They’d know once and for all that ANWR is a barren polar desert that would benefit from any kind of human activity – even an activity as nefarious as searching for a reliable energy source to wean America away from Arab oil which ends up funding both sides of our war on terror.

Round up the good and honorable Jack the ass Murtha and send him on patrol with the Marines in Iraq – if they’d have him. I know he’s been to Iraq. That’s not what the last sentence says. It says send him on patrol. That’s a bit different than whining, stomping your feet and crying “we should surrender now” from the safety of the Green Zone.

The last thing America needs is this class of self-centered, self-aggrandizing dopes knocking each other out the way in a rush to the nearest TV camera in Washington D.C. The less time our representatives spend in D.C. the better off the country will be. The less time they spend around D.C. lobbyists, the D.C. MSM and each other, the less time that they will have to pass bills that continue to erode our rights, tax every aspect of our lives, and turn education into PC multicultural feel-good experience rather than a learning one. 97 days is about right or maybe 90 days too many.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Is France seeing the light?

Up to 500,000 uts (AKA youths, like in the movie My Cousin Vinni, “Da two uts never stole no car.) rioted across France over the weekend protesting a new law that allows employers to fire worker during the first two years of their employment. French defense ministers were feverishly working out surrender terms.

You gotta wonder what the law was before. Pierre the slacker shows up at a construction site and is hired to shovel debris into a truck. Pierre spends the day yaking on his cell phone, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes but he can’t be fired? The debris has yet to be moved so the construction firm hires another ut who takes up a game of rock-paper-scissors with the first dude. So the construction firm hires yet another ut and, the three play hacky sacky all day. The next thing you know the construction firm has hired 10 uts to move debris but has only created an all day party of 10 knuckleheads that only add to the pile of debris that requires moving.

So faced with the very real possibility of having to turn in a days work for a days pay, Pierre has taken to the street in protest. Ironically, Pierre has taken to smashing some of the very stores that would, were they not destroyed, offer employment opportunities. Employers are carefully watching the crowd in the hopes of hiring the most energetic among the rioters. One shop owner watching the riots opined, “If dees uts had dis much energy at work, we’d have no problem.”

The French defense ministry is looking into using rioting as a training tool for new recruits. One French general was heard to say of the rioters, “Ahh, if only we could get our soldiers to fight with such élan.”

Friday, March 17, 2006

Bush knew but does he know?

This is cool. Shmuel Rosner writes for Haaretz – Israeli News the following:

"’Many months after the fall of Baghdad, a number of senior Iraqi officials in coalition custody continued to believe it possible that Iraq still possessed WMD capability hidden away somewhere. Saddam attempted to convince one audience that they were gone while simultaneously convincing another that Iraq still had them,’ the report says.

”Senior Iraqi officials told their interrogators that Hussein had no idea what the true state of the country's weapons was, because everyone lied to him and refrained from giving him bad news for fear of being executed.

”Hussein's deputy Tariq Aziz told interrogators, ‘The people in the military industrial commission were liars. They lied to you, and they lied to Hussein. They were always saying they were producing special weapons.’

”’A captured military industrial commission annual report of investments from 2002 showed more than 170 research projects. When Hussein asked for updates on the nonexistent projects, they simply faked plans and designs to show progress,’ the report says.”

So lemme ask this to the Bush lied crowd, if Saddam Hussein was led to believe he had weapons of mass destruction and thought that to be true, how could the world’s intelligence community come to any other conclusion? Ahh, but we know more about the state of Iraq’s WMD program than Iraq’s own president and that’s proof that Bush is a liar – riiiight? That's an argument only Howard Dean and his army of DemoRATS are crazy enought to actually believe.

Here are a few other things Bush “knew”.

He knew Libs with a public education would never be able to figure out a butterfly ballot with arrows pointing to the candidates’ name in FL.

He knew that Monica Lewinsky had infiltrated the White House to bring great shame on Bill Clinton.

He knew Tony Stewart was going to win the NEXTEL Cup.

He knew that milk in the refrigerator was going to go bad if he didn’t drink it. It was only a matter of time.

He knew that Katrina was bearing down on the Gulf Cost and ordered people to leave.

He knew there was going to be a long line at StarWars III and went to the theater early.

The real question is, “What does Bush know?” Is this year’s NEXTEL chase for the cup just pro forma bologna? Can Bush tell us now if this is Mark Martin’s year? The Senate needs to hold hearings on this and other important questions.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Powell and the "good soldier" argument

There was an interesting conversation at the woodshop yesterday. The woodshop is a government recreation facility a couple of blocks up the road where Lex spends much of his free time. The woodshop is run by a socialist British guy who, except for his socialist ideas, is a fine man.

Yesterday the woodshop guy and a Lib government employee were having a conversation about what a great guy Colin Powell is. The reasoning among Pete and Repeat went along the line that Secretary of State Powell was just being a “good soldier” for going along with the Iraq war and making the US case at the UN.

After listening to the “good soldier” argument for several minutes, I butted in and said that Powell was a duplicitous, lying, coward or he believed what the rest of the world believed, that Saddam Hussein had WMDs. I got a stunned mullet look for the two. Weird huh.

So, I followed up, a “good soldier” does not lie to the UN and drag his nation into war on a false pretext. So either Powell believed what Bush believed or he is the worst kind of coward. Which is it?

Well the two had no answer but to say something about the truth coming out after Bush leaves office and Powell writes a book about what really happened. I continued to ask, so which is it? Did he knowingly lie to the American people and the UN or believe, as Bush did, the intelligence? They could not confirm either. They wouldn’t dare call Powell a liar and couldn’t bring themselves to lump Powell in with Bush, whom they dispise. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the book.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

President McCain?

The ill tempered John McCain, Rep Sen from AZ, wants to be President of the United States. I suppose, since he meets all of the requirements set out in Article. II. of our Constitution, is loved by the MSM for opposing a president of his own party, and has a faithful following of a group appropriately referred to as McCainiacs, although very unlikely, he could be elected president.

I say unlikely because to win the presidency history tells us that McCain will first have to win one of the major political party’s nomination. In McCain’s case, we don’t know which party’s nomination he will try for. That’s said with only half a dose of sarcasm. Recall McCain was asked by his “good friend” John, sure I’m a dullard but I served in Vietnam, Kerry to run as Vice President on the Democrat ticket in 2004. Instead of telling Kerry, “Let me think about it - no.” McCain let the story go on for days.

Even McCain is not kooky or quirky enough to win the Democrat nomination. So let’s say he runs for the Republican nomination. He will need to do a least three thing to come close.

First, he will need to admit that it’s not corrupt money ruining politics. It’s corrupt politicians, like McCain, who take the corrupt money that’s ruining politics. As such, McCain will need to admit that the McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform bill was a mistake, an infringement on the First Amendment and call for its repeal.

Two, he will have to vote to make permanent the tax cuts that voted against. That move will put him on a par with his almost 2004 running mate John, have you seen my Cambodian barrette, Kerry for having actually voted against the tax cut before voting to make them permanent.

Three, he will have to admit that he was wrong about the Minuet Men and border security between Mexico and the US. If he wanted to go all the way he’d advocate a wall from California to the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, if he does all of that, he’ll look like a flip flopping opportunist. Better to go out as an unaccomplished AZ Senator than being drubbed in your own party’s primary. But nobody likes McCain more than McCain, so he’ll try to thread the needle.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ataturk Turkey's Washington

If one wonders how Americans might have felt about George Washington 66 years after his death, they might visit Istanbul, Turkey and talk to Turks there about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Ataturk, the leader of the Turkish war for independence, has been dead since 10 November, 1938. He is still held in the highest regard by his countrymen. Our guide referred to him as “our national hero.”

Like Washington, Ataturk was military hero. He commanded a regiment at the WWI battle of Gallipoli. Later he served in the Caucuses fighting the Russians, suppressed a British inspired Arab revolt and in an unsuccessful campaign in Palestine.

Like Washington, Ataturk led the Turkish war for independence, when over-reaching victorious WWI allied forces (British, French) tried to occupy and divide up the Ottoman empire. Atarurk, at great odds, led nationalist forces to maintain what is today modern Turkey. Atatruk not only had to battle outside occupying forces but internal forces that remained committed to the keeping the Ottoman Sultan in power.

Like Washington, Ataturk became the first president of a fledgling democracy. While a bit more heavy handed politically than Washington, given the neighborhood, the constant meddling of European powers, and the width and breadth of reforms, Ataturks heavy-handedness might be unbderstood.

Turkey is now backsliding with Prime Minister Ahmet Necdet Sezer, who was once convicted for religious inciting religious hatred in 1998. He was sentenced to ten months imprisonment of which he served four between March and July 1999. His crime? Oddly, in a predominantly Muslim country he was convicted for reciting a well-known poem written by secular nationalist poet Ziya Gökalp, stating "Mosques are our barracks, domes our helmets, minarets our bayonets, believers our soldiers."

Our tour guide, a well educated woman with no desire for Islamist control of Turkey, noted that hopefully “he won’t be around long.”

Friday, March 10, 2006

I back Clinton on port deal, ahh but which one?

I have been told that the port deal would have been good for the US. I don’t know. Nobody has asked, let alone answered, the one question I had regarding the UAE’s profit from the ports. How much of that profit was going to find its way back to some Saudi Wahhabi Madras?

When I mentioned my concerns to a friend, he asked me, “So if one penny goes to a Madras, you’d cancel a deal that would buy America a million dollars worth of goodwill in the region?” No. But I don’t know that the reverse equation isn’t what’s going to turn out. I guess at some point you have to trust someone. I’m going to trust Clinton.

Bill Clinton is all for the deal, probably only because he’s making a ton of money as an unregistered foreign lobbyist for the Dubai company. Hey that’s a felony. But it’s Bill, so who cares right? It’s not as if he’s been bopping the help, lied under oath, or bombed and aspirin factory or anything.

Sen Shrillery Clinton is against the deal, probably because she thinks it’s going to make her look tough. Hey Shrill, anyone who isn’t tough enough to boot serial philandering, lying dope that has made her look like a fool for 20 years and embarrassed – oops that’s right it’s impossible to embarrass a Clinton – and should have embarrassed their daughter to the point that she refused to be seen in public with either one of them, ain’t going to look like Joan of Arch for nixing a port deal.

Lex and family are off to Istanbul, Turkey today. We’ll be back in the saddle on Tues. In the meantime, try to get along without your daily shot of Lex.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

North Carolina is a quagmire

Well, dare I say it? Jack a$$ Murtha may be right. You’ll recall the good and honorable Jack a$$ claimed that our war on terror is actually creating more terrorists. More terrorists and it’s time to cut and run? Sounds odd to me. If there are more terrorists, seems to me we ought to be stepping up our effort not cutting an running.

But then there’s Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, 22, who plowed his SUV through a crowd of UNC students. Well, I guess it’s time we get the hell out of North Carolina. Right Jack a$$? Oops did I say get out? I meant re-deploy maybe to neighboring state like, Virginia or my favorite, Tennessee. Then we can go back into NC when it’s safe or if South Carolina tries to take advantage of the situation and invades NC.

Using the good an honorable’s own goofy logic, it’s clear that Chapel Hill is a breeding ground for terrorists and North Carolina is no longer safe for a bloated goofball congressman or anyone not capable of standing up to a 2 ton SUV.

How did all of this go wrong? Mohammed graduated UNC in December after studying psychology and philosophy. Mohammed said he was getting revenge for the Muslims that the US has killed. Hey dude, news flash, IT’S THE MUSLIMS KILLING MUSLIMS! The US isn’t setting off IEDs hoping to cripple an 8 year Muslim boy walking to school in Baghdad. It’s dopes like you, Mohammed.

No country in the world has done more Muslims than the US. Dating back to Beirut, who has done more? Were it not for punk pols like Al, no controlling legal authority, Gore, RC Durbin, John, Tereza can have $200 for a haircut, Kerry and Crazy Jack Murtha, Mohammed might have a clue. But he’s been listening for five years while DemoRATS blame America, its president and military for every problem in the world real and imagined.

Were I Mohammed, during my trial, I’d call Al, hanging chad, Gore to the stand and have him deliver the speech he gave in Saudi Arabia when he lambasted American treatment of Muslims. I’d call RC Durbin to the stand and ask him to describe the American “Gulag” in Iraq. I’d call John, at the rates I was going - I could have had 4 Medals of Honor if I’d finished my tour in Vietnam, Kerry to talk again about American troops terrorizing Iraqi families in the dead of night. I’d call Jack the a$$ Murtha to give his theory on how President Bush was creating terrorists.

People still think I’m too harsh when I refer to these RATS as traitors. I cede the point and ask, as I always do, “OK they are not traitors. But what would they be doing differently if they were?” Likely as not, Mohammad was taking his cue from the RATS.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Article. II. Section 5 allows impeachment and trial by deranged high school "teachers"

Well, I looked it up and it was right there under Article. II. Section 5 (hint there are only 4 sections in Article. II.) of our own Constitution:

“Any conservative that has the gall to be elected President of the United States, an election probably stolen through faulty voting machines and/or butterfly ballots, may be tried in the International Court of Justice, or any other court deemed appropriate by a gathering of two or more moonbat Liberals. Further, any state, city, town, municipality, high school, daycare center, Oscar nominee or Arby’s midnight crew may vote to impeach such a president. Rules of common sense are suspended for Oscar Nominees. It is further noted that such public displays of lunacy are restricted to ‘conservative’ presidents as defined by the New York Times.”

There seems to be a spate of these things going on around the country. City Councils are voting to impeach the president. Geography “teachers” are ranting about Bush being like Hitler and the American flag being no better than that of the Nazis or Confederates. An Advance Placement Government Course has taken on trying the President of the United States for war crimes. No doubt clueless Libs everywhere will expect Bush to step down if found guilty by a group of know nothing, do nothing, contribute nothing, been nowhere high school kids led by a government “teacher” incapable of reading and understanding our own Constitution.

The good news is that that the light of day has been shown on these people and they are clearly not up to the task of defending their lunatic positions. The geography “teacher” caught in his anti-Bush anti-American rant by a student with an MP3 player is reduced to saying that he just trying to get the students to think. If you’ve heard the rant, it was a rant and nothing more. There was no, “wait a minute teach, you’re a clueless buffoon. The president never said what you say he said and America is by-and-large a good and descent county and always has been.” It was just the ramblings of a disturbed willfully ignorant fool who happens to be teaching our children geography, a subject which, by the way, never came up.

The dope “teacher” having the students try the President of the United States is only slightly less foolish. I question the sanity of a public school “teacher” holding a mock trial of the President of the United States during war. But were such a trial to take place, it would be conducted in the Senate of the United States after impeachment by House. There is no Section 5 of Article. II. of our Constitution. So if teach can’t get that basic construct right, what else is he purposely or through his willful ignorance, stupidity, laziness, political agenda or foolishness fouling up?

This is one of many reasons why I’ve vowed that Lex jr’s pads shall never cross the threshold of a public school for the purpose of education.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Say it ain't so

The LameStream Media outlet known as ABC News, which differs from other LSM outlets only in name, reported yesterday that Iran has been shipping improved explosive devices capable of defeating the body armor employed by US soldiers to the insurgents in Iraq. Holy cow! How can that be? John the Jackass Murtha told us that Iraq’s was an internal struggle between Sunni and Shia. Therefore Iran, which even Jack the a$$ Murtha would have to agree is external to Iraq, could not possibly be shipping IEDs into Iraq. That would make Jack the a$$ an uniformed dolt – but saying that any politician is a dolt is a bit redundant.

Even Richard Clarke seems better informed than Jack the a$$ Murtha. Clarke reports for ABC, "I think the evidence is strong that the Iranian government is making these IEDs, and the Iranian government is sending them across the border and they are killing U.S. troops once they get there. I think it's very hard to escape the conclusion that, in all probability, the Iranian government is knowingly killing U.S. troops."

So what to do? Well we could bomb the hell out of Iran. Let’s face the fact, because of their nuclear ambitions, their vow to use them on Israel and their lunatic president, it’s only a matter of time before that becomes necessary irrespective of their interference in Iraq. Or we could take the Jack the a$$ Murtha approach, put on our blinders, pretend that all the troubles in Iraq are internal and that al Qaeda, Iran and Syria are really hoping for US success in our Iraqi democracy project.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Jack the a$$ rides again

Because it was on CBS’ Face the Nation nobody saw it, but apparently John, the good and honorable, Murtha was on proving his DemoRAT presidential bona fides by continuing to exalt his cut at all cost and run in the face of the enemy exit strategy for Iraq. Jack (a$$) Murtha also unilaterally declared that Iraq was in a state of civil war, which because Jack the a$$ and the MSM want it to be, must make it so. Jack the a$$ the clueless went on to note that the sectarian violence must be settled “internally.”

Jack the a$$ didn’t offer an opinion on how external influence from al Qaeda, Iran, and Syria might be fomenting the internal strife in Iraq. Why? Well if you addressed the external influences your straw man of internal strife and civil war quickly falls apart. It would be sort of like the British and the Mexican governments openly providing men and material to the South during our civil war. When external forces begin to take sides, like the Chinese government contributing millions to the Clinton Gore reelection fund, it goes from internal to international strife. Lex would argue, the fact that Islamo-Terror-Fascists around the world seem to think that they have a stake in Iraq makes the struggle there a world-wide conflict.

Jack the a$$ once said that he would not sign up to serve in today’s military. Lex asked, who’d want him? When informed of brave Jack Murtha’s comment, a young Marine Corporal who served as a helicopter door gunner on recent tour in Iraq said on a San Diego radio show, “That’s good, because nobody here wants to serve with him.” Of course the young Marine’s comments never much made out of San Diego as the MSM couldn’t have the Marine rank and file showing contempt for the contemptible. Had she blasted Bush or Rumsfeld, the lemmings in the MSM would have had her comments everywhere for two or three days. She’d have been the hero of the morning talk shows. But if you want to be ignored by the MSM, take on a Lib.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Patriot Act, Dubai port & War help from RATS

Harry, I said I killed it - I didn’t say it was dead, Reid & the Patriot Act
Was that Harry, anyone have a job for my kids, Reid giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to the Patriot Act that he once proudly proclaimed that he’d “killed”? Lead RAT Reid, always the political opportunist putting principal on hold for partisan advantage, moistened his finger, judged the prevailing political wind and actually voted for the bill he once pompously proclaimed to have fatally stabbed in the back. This move puts him in perfect position to win the RAT presidential nomination in ’08 when he can run on the sure winner, “The Patriot Act? I actually voted against before I voted for it.”

Rush has three questions on “port snort”
Rush Limbaugh posed three questions for the RATS on the Dubai port deal:
If our ports are as un-secure as RATS claim, should we be listening in on al Qaeda phone calls for the possibility that they might try to exploit that weakness?
If our ports are as un-secure as RATS claim, should we be interrogating captured al Qaeda terrorists to try to uncover possible plots against our greatest vulnerability?
If our ports are as un-secure as RATS claim, why have RATS opposed the very programs the administration's put into place to protect these facilities?

These questions, of course, expose the RAT’s utter hypocrisy on this issue. Since I support, eavesdropping, G’itmo, “interrogation” of al Qaeda, etc. etc., I am not a hypocrite on the port deal. The only question I have on the Dubai port deal that has not been asked by anyone is: “How much of the profit from this deal is going to find its way back to the very Maddrassas producing the terrorists that we will be killing in ten years?”

RATS unwittingly support war effort
Here’s a counter intuitive thought. The RATS are unwittingly supporting the war effort by opposing it. Here’s the very young logic on this. The RATS and MSM oppose the war and continually compare the US President with Hitler. This gives terrorists hope of defeating the US in Iraq. By continuing their “cause” in Iraq and allowing our military to kill them by the bushel basket load there, the US is denying resources to al Qaeda for use elsewhere.

Where would we be today if every politician in America from the beginning of the war proclaimed loudly and without exception that we will not fail in Iraq, we are in for the long haul, no matter what and that if Iran and Syria give aid and comfort to our enemy we would destroy them? I think the terrorist would long ago have abandoned any hope of prevailing in Iraq and moved on to Africa or somewhere else where we are less able to kill them.

The only flaw in this logic is that the president has noted that while we kill terrorists in Iraq, we don’t have to kill them in New York. Since the president has announced this dynamic, it’s hard for me to believe that RATS would knowingly continue with a policy that actually aides the effort in the war on terror.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I built on a flood plain and was shocked when it flooded

A few predictions;
People who build houses on an earthquake fault line will have them shaken to the ground by an earthquake.
People who build houses in a mudslide zone in California will have them washed away in a mudslide.
People who build houses in the hurricane zone on the East and Gulf coast will have them destroyed by a hurricane.
People who build houses in a flood zone that also happens to be in a hurricane zone will have them flooded.
People who build houses on the Mississippi River flood plain will have them flooded.
Some people who try to heat or light their home with open flames during an emergency will end up burning them down.
An idiotic federal government will reimburse people, with your tax dollars, for building a house where common sense tells them not to when it’s, predictably, destroyed.

So try to imagine my total, Duh & who gives a flying fecal matter, when this morning’s headlines on Drudge blared “Tape: Bush, Chertoff Warned Before Katrina.” Well, hell’s bells, hasn’t everyone in New Orleans been warned for about 60 years, when man began his feeble attempt to hold back nature with dirt and concrete, that things 7-12 feet below sea level will flood in a hurricane? I was in New Orleans in 1986 or 7 and took one of those city driving tours. The guide told the tour then that the city would eventually flood.

Gangsta Mayor Ray, does anyone know where we parked the school buses, Nagin said, "I have kind a sinking feeling in my gut right now. I was listening to what people were saying - they didn't know, so therefore it was an issue of a learning curve. You know, from this tape it looks like everybody was fully aware." Yeah, well no kidding Ray. And nobody should have been more “fully aware” than the Mayor of a city that sits in a hurricane zone, is below sea level, and watches a cat 5 hurricane bear down on HIS city for a week. Do we have any food and water at the Superdome? Is one of what appears to be about 10,000 unanswered questions Hiz Gonner the Mayor might have asked before Katrina leveled HIS city.

Nagin and the idiots who built in New Orleans in the first place, then stayed while Katrina took aim at them are like the hillbilly that lives with a mountain lion, only the hillbilly is surprised when he gets mauled. Everyone else knew it was only a matter of time.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

CBS poll goofier than the National Guard papers

CBS has published a poll so fraught with error that even Dan Rather and Mary Mapes are skeptical. The poll, which over samples DemoRATS and asks dopey questions, like, “If George Bush killed your dog with a shotgun in a hunting ‘accident’, would you still rightly and logically hate him?” Not surprisingly, the poll found Bush’s support among those predisposed to hating him plummeted to 34%.

Cheney’s number fell to 18%, which made W. feel pretty good. Bush reportedly said to long time aide Karl Rove, “Hee, hee, well I guess I look pretty good compared to ol’ shotgun Dick.” Cheney quipped to his aide, “Well, I didn’t think George was going to bring me back for the third term after the shotgun thing anyway, but this pretty much seals the deal.”

Disappointing the MSM and RATS everywhere, Bush refused to resign or throw himself from a tall building in the face of the low numbers. During an interview with CBS wannbe ABC, when asked about the poll, Bush was defiant (Warning, this is an accurate quote), “If I worried about polls, I would be — I wouldn't be doing my job. And, look, I fully understand that when you do hard things, it creates consternation at times. And, you know, I've been up in the polls, and I've been down in the polls. You know, it's just part of life in the modern era.

“I think the American people — I know the American people want somebody to stand on principle, decide, make decisions and stand by them, and to lead this world toward a more peaceful tomorrow. And I strongly believe we are doing that, and I'm — I got to tell you, I'm enjoying it. It's a fantastic opportunity.”

Upon hearing the president’s comment, the MSM and RATS everywhere were heard to let loose an audible “Curse you George Bush. Just quit and let Shrillery and Al run the country.”