Thursday, December 22, 2016

End of year post

I’ve just decided that this will be the last post of the year.  Struggle through Fri and next week somehow.  I’ll see you back here on Jan 2nd unless something big happens, like the release of another one of those terribly effective celebrity videos telling us rubes how we can deny DJT the presidency.  I’m thinking a human chain around Trump Tower to keep Trump from leaving the building until after the inauguration.  Or shutting down the inauguration through a court challenge to the environmental impact of so many meat eating people gathered in one place creating a meat eating flatulence threat to the planet.

So we have some end of the year housekeeping to take care of.  First, the unperson of the year.  Nominees are:

Shrillda the Hutt for being a total hack and loser.  There’s great satisfaction knowing she will live out her days with the certainty that the American people know what lying, thieving blisterbag of raw sewage dressed in XXXXXXXXXL $1,400 Nina McLemore pantsuit she is.  

The MSM: Could they have gotten 2016 more wrong?  No.  I don't think they could have.  They were totally exposed for what we already knew they were, Dope lackeys.  They have so tarnished their own brand they may never recover.  They are now relegated to being a echo chamber where they report to each other rather than the American people who see them for exactly what they are dishonest Dope water carriers.  DJT has called them out as dishonest and should continue to do so.   

Any celebrity who thinks anyone outside their ring of bought and paid for friends gives a flying crapola what they think about anything.  They have to be addressed as Borg like entity because that’s exactly how they act.  They have drank the Kool-Ade and been assimilated into the collective where individual thought and speech are punished by the collective.  99.9% of the Hollywood lemmings all lined up behind the Hutt’s triple X azz and then as the Hutt waddled toward the edge of the cliff the celebrity Borg followed her lead and walked off the cliff with her.

But the winner is the battered beaten to a pulp steaming POS Harry the roach Reid.  The roach, a well-known pederast, wrapped up his senate career of lies and theft this year.  Good riddance azzbag.  The roach will spend the early months of 2017 watching DJT’s nominations sail through the senate thanks to his rule changes in that body.  So when the MSM rails against every one of Trump’s picks they should cite the roach as the culprit who allowed it to happen.  Way to go Harry.  You’re doing a heck of a job. 

Lex’s man of the year is Conner Brewer.  Mr. Brewer swam against the PC stream when he was the only Millikin University football player to stand for the National Anthem.  Well done Conner.  When attention seeking azzbag athletes from pee wee to the NFL were taking a knee - first to call attention to themselves, then - to protest the greatest freest country in the history of the world, Conner quietly stood.  When one young person swims against the tide of PC like this, I think it takes more courage than all of the go along get along PC cowards who been assimilated into the Borg.  

It’s been a crazy year, but I think we’ve managed to buy some time to right the ship of state.  That said, I’m reminded of the Michael Ramirez cartoon of (appropriately  for this election I suppose) Russian roulette.  It’s foolish to think everything is okay now.  We may be too far down the rat hole for DJT to save us.  Dopes, Rats, MSM, Hollywood swells et al will continue to oppose him when they think it safe to do so.  The first 100 days are critical.  Trump needs to move quickly while paying zero attention to the hysterics of his critics.  Okay - nearly zero.  I suppose there is nothing that will keep Trump from a well-placed tweet or two.

There’s also the azzbag factor.  That would be The Empty Suit doing everything in his power to screw the country as he walks out the door.  TES is now like a renter 3 month behind on the rent and has been given a 30 day eviction notice.  Now the derelict is using the 30 days to rip out the copper wire and plumbing of the home to sell as scrap.  Do not misunderestimate the petulance this walking talking POS is capable of. 

But hey Christmas is upon us.  Take comfort in the most oft used phrase in the Bible – fear not;  Luke 2:10-11

10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.
11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
That’s what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.  Merry Christmas to all.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lex under attack in local fish wrap!

Two days ago the local fish wrap published two letters which viciously (that’s hyperbole) attacked our hero  - Lex.  Feeling threatened and needing a safe space, Lex retreated to the survival bunker here on the compound and fired off a response to the savage (hyperbole again) attacks.  The response follows.  The cruel missives egregiously and unwarrantedly taking Lex to task follow that. 

The letter:

As long as it’s not an obituary, I’ve always been of the mind that it’s nice to see your name in print.  Come to think about it, as long as it’s not some after death out of body experience, even the exception would be cool.  So imagine my excitement when I find I’m the subject of not one but two rebuttals in the letters section of the 19 Dec JG.

First Ms. Candioto.  Schadenfreude best describes my emotion with regard to the results of the Presidential Election and the reaction to it by an increasingly unhinged segment of the Democrat Party.  There are several translations of the German word “schadenfreude”.  None of them include “angry”.  Why would I be angry?  My guy won.  If you want to see real anger, look at Democrat filth and intimidation directed at Republican electors preceding the Electoral College vote.

My letter was directed at two elements of the Democrat Party: a) Polite well-meaning Democrats who “bleat” about the Clinton winning the popular vote as if they are ignorant of the role that the Electoral College plays in electing our president; and b) “reactionaries [who] insist on calling anyone who challenges their lame-brained opinions a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe, or the catchall for those terms made famous by Clinton herself – ‘deplorables’”.   

If you are not a member of either of those accurately described groups, take a powder and lay down.  You are absolved.

For Mr. Bauer:  When the Constitutional Convention adjourned in 1787, Ben Franklin was reportedly asked what form of government the delegates had given us.  Franklin replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”  But what does that “ignorant” boob know?  So fill in the blank of this once well-known phrase; “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the_______ for which it stands…” Class?  Anyone?  Mr. Bauer?  Anyone?  Hint:  It is NOT “representative democracy”.  But, you say potato and I say tuber.

As I am already over the word limit, let me just say the laundry list of rantings and unsubstantiated accusations that reads like a manifesto found in the backwoods cabin of a serial killer in the remainder of Mr. Bauer’s angry letter are as nonsensical and the logic is as flawed as his understanding of what constitutes a republican form of government.

The vicious attacks:

The best for America
As a lifelong Democrat who did vote for Hillary Clinton, I must respond to Doug Schumick’s Dec. 11 letter “Name-calling is all Democrats have.” 
While I can refute each of the writer’s inflammatory accusations (such as all Democrats must have slept through civics class), I choose to avoid the mean-spirited tone of the letter.
Upon his election win, Donald Trump promised that he would be a president for all Americans. His statement was full of hope, and I wait patiently for him to show that he will keep that promise.
Letters such as Schumick’s, filled with disdain for anyone who did not vote for Trump, are really hate speech aimed only to continue divisiveness in our country.
Schumick should open his heart, let his anger go and join his fellow citizens, Democrats included, who want only the best for America.
Kathy Candioto
Fort Wayne
Trump has already used up all his chances
This letter is in response to Doug Schumick (Dec. 11) and Ed Keller (Dec. 12). They need to get out of their overstuffed recliners, turn off Fox News, wake up and smell the coffee. They also need to start fact-checking before making ignorant statements. For the record, one thing Donald Trump will never receive is the popular vote.
1. The United State is not a republic but a representative democracy. 
2. The Electoral College was founded in 1787. Members were elected, not appointed. The reasoning was electors in each state capitol were given more information than the general public. Because of the slowness of transportation and news delivery, it was easier to reach this group than the state population. The Electoral College of that era was put in place with the hope that all popular votes would be taken into consideration. In the beginning several changes were made to the college as elections took place. The Founding Fathers were not gods, saints, prophets or geniuses. They were simply men striving to make sure that every individual had a say in the elected office of the president and vice president.
3. While it is true the college was supposed to be based on the states’ population, that is no longer the case. A simple test is to take the population of South Dakota and divide it into the population of California. You will see that California should have more than 150 votes, not the 55 they now have.
4. The Carrier deal that Donald Trump so pompously claimed saved more than 1,100 jobs is actually only around 800 jobs. Of course, nothing was done about the 600 jobs in Huntington or the corporate jobs in Indianapolis. But 1,100 jobs sounds better than 800 for post-election pep rallies. He must have these pep rallies that most of us gave up in high school to stroke his narcissistic ego. So Indiana was thrown under the Trump bus at the cost of $7 million.
5. Democrats are not whining, we are attempting to show that more than 2.5 million votes were not considered in this election. As for name-calling, anyone who has dealt with mental health issues would agree this man suffers from multiple mental illnesses and is not functioning like I hope you and I are.
6. My America is the greatest country in the world! It is a paradox to state that you are going to “make America great again.” I also believe it is a fool who would say he is so smart that he doesn’t need daily intelligence briefings. Seeing what he has already done in the last four weeks, he has had all the chances he gets from me as to whether he is a businessman or politician. 
7. The only promise he needs to keep is to “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C. I think we should wait until February to do this and that way Trump, his lapdog Mike Pence and his outrageous Cabinet will be there. Then pull the plug and get rid of all the “swamp scum” with one swoosh.

Thom Bauer

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Hutt takes another azz whippin'; vows to fight on

Shrillda the Hutt loses the election…again, and it’s fabulous.  Rantings from Mike Moore, the hags on The View, wishful thinking from the MSM, threats from Demo-Dope thugs and the video put out by washed up botoxed over “celebrities” did not have the intended effect.  Shrillda the Hutt lost more votes to faithless EC voters than Trump yesterday.  I could hear the collective “DAMN!” from the lefty Libs at about 5:30 pm yesterday when Trump sealed the EC deal.

This is just delicious
If you want to feel even better about yesterday’s EC vote, you’ll want to watch this over and over again.  My goodness how could anyone get so invested in a lying, thieving blister bag raw sewage dressed in a XXXL pantsuit like Shrillda the Hutt?  There is no joy in Muddville, the Mighty Shrill has struck out for, what, the forth time.  Love it though.  Love the reaction to it from an ever increasingly unhinged left.

Lefty lib giving aid and comfort to Islamo-Terror-Fascists here in America
While the religion of peace goes about mowing down civilians with large trucks, assassinating ambassadors, randomly stabbing and hacking anyone in their path, lefty Lib American azzbags are doing the Islamo-Terror-Fascists’ work for them right here at home.  As they protest everything and anything Christmas and Christians,  BS unelected unaccountable lefty Lib judges clear the path for the lefty Libs who wittingly or not are giving aid and comfort to ITF campaign to eradicate the Nazarene with totally made up 1st Amendment arguments.  These $h!ts rail against Christianity but cannot muster so much as "whoa there" to the religion of peace who kill homosexuals, women out of proper dress or dating the wrong guy and instead roll in Christians for putting a cross on the side of the road where a loved one lost their life.  One word describes them: Cowards.   

I wonder
It’s against the law to troll for kiddie porn online.  Why it is okay to troll for ITF recruiting cites online?  

Monday, December 19, 2016

It's not over for die-hard Dopes until Jan 20th

It’s a great day in America.  All flags are flying high at the compound with, dare I say it Moochelle, hope for America.  As near as I can tell from this link that indicates when Electors in each state actually vote, by 4pm EST, in spite of dopey Hollywood swells’ best effort, DJT should have enough Electoral Votes to become the next President of the United States.  Then we can celebrate again with a fine cigar and a glass of bourbon.

Today’s confirmation of the Nov 8 vote has sent our national scold Moochelle, who has spent 8 years campaigning for expanding hunger across America with her BS inedible lunch program in America’s public schools, to claim we now know what it feels like not to have hope.  YGBSM.  I know I will have lost all hope when that hope is dependent upon a politician of any stripe.  So now we know who this hectoring gasbag was talking to – the Obamaphone lady, the people waiting in line for a handout from Obama’s stash and the like.  What a pathetic, sad sack, *itch.  I guess someone told her no more Air Force One rides, no more staff of 50 maids a milking or anything else for this no-load drain on the national wealth, health and psyche.    See ya!  Won’t miss ya or your incessant whining.

But here’s the deal Mr. and Mrs. America, anyone who thinks for a second these people are going to go away ala Raegan, GHW and GW Bush are nuts.  Dope Ex-presidents don’t go away after being rejected.  They hang around like one of those die hard Japanese soldiers who refused to surrender on a remote Pacific Island we used to read about every now and then.  They hung out in the wilderness for years after the war had ended waiting for reinforcements to arrive from the homeland.

So today is a great day in America.  After celebrating a win in the wee hours of Nov 9th, after celebrating again when the WI recount added to Trump’s total, after celebrating again when the two remaining recounts were shut down by the courts, we will be able to celebrate again when the Hollywood swells and Demo-Dope thug attempts to intimidate Electors fail miserably and Donald J. Trump garners the 270 Electoral votes necessary to win the presidency.  Beware!  The Electoral College votes are not “certified” until Jan 6th.  No doubt the left will begin an assault – literally - on whoever certifies the vote at about 4pm today, and we’ll be able to celebrate again on Jan 6th.

The final election night celebration will occur at noon on Jan 20th - Inauguration Day.    

It had to happen and it’s great
Here’s the official re-edit of Marty Sheen et al’s effort to throw the country into revolution, because, after all, they are sooooo much smarter than all of us rubes who populate the hell hole Marty and friends refer to as “flyover country”.  Why wouldn’t we take political advice from people who repeat lines other people write them seriously? 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Russians and celebs both trying to screw with the election

Demo-Dopes have a serious problem.  Nothing, not-one-thing, in the WikiLeaks dumps has been disputed or dismissed as being untrue.  Everything has come straight from the horse’s mouth (or in this particular case should I say the Donkey’s azz).  So faced with plethora of truly embarrassing information that cannot be refuted, what to do?  Simple, ignore the content and blame the Russians for the hack. 

Last night the WikiLeaks guy – Julian Assange – said that none of the leaks originated from Russian sources or for that matter any state actor.  So the Dope are in the peculiar position of calling the people who have been correct about everything to date liars about where they got their information.  So who are you going to believe Mr. & Mrs. America the lying Demo-Dopes trying to save their worthless azzes or WikiLeaks who have no interest in anything other than embarrassing government officials of all stripes.

But Lex, why didn’t WikiLeaks publish leaks on the Republican Party?  Well it might be as simple as the Republicans changed their passwords from “password” to something a little more difficult to hack like their birthdays.  Maybe it’s because the Republicans were hacked, but the fruit of the hack proved to be totally banal business stuff with none of the catty infighting found in the Dope Party.  Maybe there was no hack to begin with.  Maybe a disgruntled Dope staffer gave the information away after the Dope torpedoed Bernie.

Then there’s this. Suppose the government does know that Russians hacked the DNC.  Why in the world would a professionals publicize that fact and give Vladimir Putin a victory in the eyes of the Russian people?  Why wouldn’t these “professionals” feign ignorance about the perp while quietly going about screwing the Rooskies in some covert manner rather than announcing their pique about a supposed hack and thereby putting the Russians on guard against any possible retaliation?  The reaction to “hack” is all way to convenient for the Dopes? 

Celebs certain to turn the Electoral College, um just as they did in the general election
This is so funny.  I’ve watched it several times and honestly can’t understand why any thinking person wouldn’t violate the trust of 62 million voters to accede to the delusional wishes of this motley crew of has-beens.  Shrillda the Hutt got 99.99999% of the celeb endorsements and they managed to persuade nearly one person to vote for the Hutt.  So now they think they can concentrate their “star power” on the final 538 votes to be cast in this election to overturn the outcome and will of the people.  That makes total sense to me.  The risk of a revolution as result of persuading the Electoral College to ignore the mandate of the people after an 18 month campaign that cost nearly 2 billion dollars is totally worth it.  WTF are these people thinking? Uh they aren't. 

First, I can only recognize three or so of the so called “stars” in the feature.  How many times in a year can these people stand to be humiliated by DJT?  Trump’s win caused great elation in the wee hours of 9 Nov.  The failed recount more elation last week.    At about 4pm EST when the Electoral College finally votes, it’ll be like a the home team scoring the winning TD on the last play of the game and the home town fans go nuts, but wait, the previous play is under review.  Then after a lengthy review the official steps to the center of the field and announces, “After further review, the play is confirmed” and the fans get to celebrate again.

So please keep it up all the way to the inauguration Dopes.  It is just so satisfying to see you getting your smug turned up noses rubbed into steaming piles of dog $h!t every couple of days.

Then there’s this.  How many lefty Lib genuinely good causes could benefitted from the money dedicated to these useless recounts and hare-brained celeb videos?

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fake news: No proof of voter fraud -- Fake news: Proof of Rooskie hacking

Sooooo, Shrillda the Hutt’s last bastion of sanity is that her pathetic 1.2 BILLION dollar campaign secured enough votes in CA and NY to give her bragging rights about winning the popular vote.  Then as DJT is wont to do, he pulled the seat out from under the Hutt’s double wideazz telling the world that the Hutt secured the popular vote by fraud.  “You have no proof!!” whined the Hutt’s sycophantic MSM lapdog press.

Well, well, well thank you Jill Stein.  Stein’s hare-brained recount effort, which originated with the thought of clouding DJT’s Electoral College victory, has actually ended with adding to DJT’s vote total in WI and exposing the exact serious voter fraud DJT alleged on the part of Dopes (use shocked face here) in MI before being shut down.  Dope voter fraud!!?  Gambling at Rick’s CafĂ© Americain!!?  I’m Shocked!!  Shocked I tell you!!

Stein’s recount turned up more votes than mathematically possible in 37% of Detroit precincts.  37%!!  That indicates wide-spread governmental interference in the vote.  If you were to extrapolate the Detroit model across America’s urban areas, add in known voter fraud by illegal aliens, voting of the dead and the normal Dope voter scams of people voting 6-8 during a what has become a month long voting process in some states, the Hutt’s no doubt has garnered well over 3 million fraudulent votes.   

Trump also swatted away the idea that he couldn’t have won the popular vote, if that were the path to the White House.  Now, I wonder how many of the 10,000 or so pundits who had DJT dead and buried about 10 seconds after his famous escalator ride are assuring us that there’s no way Trump could have won the popular vote.  Right now, I pretty sure he could have.

Then there’s this.  How weird is it that the exact same Dopes and their MSM lackeys who whine about there being no proof of voter fraud are perfectly okay with calling in question the integrity of America’s election system by accusing the Russians of hacking the DNC to help DJT to win the election without a shred of evidence?

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Empty Suit plays the race card to the bitter end

Post racial?  Among other things, The Empty Suit cites sentencing disparities and incarceration rates for blacks to prove America has not come to terms with slavery, Jim Crow, colonialism and racism.  I do not doubt for one minute that blacks face disproportionate incarceration rates, but that’s only because they are involved in a disproportionate amount of crime.  With regard to sentencing guidelines, I believe it was Dope hero and rapist Billyboy Billbo Clinton who forced minimum sentencing for non-violent drug crimes that has TES and other Dopes whining like cut dogs.

Here’s something else to consider.  Right, wrong or indifferent the law is what the law is.  Whining about it now is no different from the Dopes complaining about the Electoral College after that set of rules was set a couple of hundred years ago.  As Huggybear used to say in the monster mega must see TV hit show Barrette, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”  Yeah, the over the top description of the show was sarcasm.  But I do recall Huggybear and the catch line which may have been included in the theme song. 

So while you may want to sympathize with TES and the Dopes on incarceration rates of Blacks, the one argument he and the Dopes do not make is that blacks are being rounded up and arrested off the street for no good reason.  They are overwhelmingly criminals.  So what’s the real beef?  I dunno.

It’s time for whitey to understand that the race baiters like TEs and the race baiting industry run by hoax Revs? Al and Jesse isn’t going to go away – ever.  For the race baiters and college snowflake crowd any successful white guy is going to have his success attributed to white privilege.  Any black man’s failure is going to be attributed to racism.  It isn’t any more complicated than that. 

We’re what 50 years into “affirmative action”.  Does anyone seriously see a time where the POTUS is going to step to the podium in the Rose Garden to announce an end to affirmative action?  In the year 4550 race baiters will still be complaining about the dark cloud that remains over American society as a result of slavery.   So at some point you just have to say, “F - ‘em.”  I’m just about there.

Even if it’s all 100% true, at some point you just have play according to how the refs are making the calls.  That goes for both sides. 

Russian hacking BS
Okay let’s say Donald Trump encouraged the Russians to hack the Shrillda the Hutt and the DNC.  Whose job was it to stop the hacking?  Uh, that would be TES.  By their own admission, Trump must be so much smarter than TES.  Well isn't everyone?  So when TES and the Dopes whine about Russian hacks it is just another indication of what an incompetent boob TES really is.  

Then there’s the rather long list of previous Chinese and Russian hacks of the US government and industry that didn’t cause a bit of fuss with TES or the Dopes.   But let Shrillda the Hutt get her double wide azz kicked by a reality show host and suddenly King Dope is worried about hacking.  It is such obvious BS.

Here are the top 13 times Russian hacking influenced the Hutt’s campaign.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Because everyone has proof of Russian hacking of the DNC, they probably didn't do it

Image result for chief inspector clouseau
New Chief Russian spy

When did Russian spies get so sloppy?  Used to be the KGB were feared, clever and professional.  Their craftiness and ruthlessness were the very underpinnings of great movies, books and TV shows.  Today we’re supposed to believe that the Rooskies have gone from super spies during the cold war to a bureau inundated with Inspector Clouseau types in 2016.  

I have it on good authority that when a pro steals secrets the target does not know the secrets were stolen.  If or when the theft is discovered, the pro has left some obscure clue leading the target to suspect a different perp.  I suppose that some rouge Russian agent might have gone to the trouble to hack John Podesta and the DNC, I think it’s highly unlikely that the Russian government did that and then was stupid and incompetent enough to leave a thumb print in plain view for the FBI and CIA to finger them.  It’s an absurd accusation. 

I believe 100% that the Russians are trying and even succeeding in hacking all form of government agencies, but not Shrillda the Hutt’s private unsecure server.  That's impossible.  That’s a peek just too high even for the Russians.

Our friends hack us.  Why in the world wouldn’t we expect our enemies to be doing the same thing?  There’s a big difference between knowing they doing it and stopping it or proving they are doing it.  Everyone, even the cheerleaders, knew that the Canal Winchester football Indians were going to run “power three” about 25 times a game.  Including in one game where, I think, we ran it six times in a row.*  Knowing what’s coming and stopping it are two different things.

*Aside: One of Coach Locke’s favorite Lockeisms was, “We’ll run it until they stop it.”  The funny thing was he’d shout it from the side line, “Run it again” so everyone knew what was coming.  Thanks coach.  If it was practice or a scrimmage he’d also, “run it again” if someone on our side screwed the play up calling the play in the same subtle manner but with an exclamation mark, “Run it again, g*d damn it.”  RIP Coach.

My gut tells me that if they ever get to the bottom of this, and if they do it’ll be more proof that the Russian government didn’t have a hand in it, they will learn it was an inside job.  Hopefully it won’t turn out to be a Republican mole inside the DNC.  A situation like that would cause Dopes everywhere to lose what’s left of their minds.  

Since Dopes and the MSM are in high dudgeon over Trump’s schedule of intel briefings, if I were Trump, I’d kill two birds with one stone.  I demand an intel briefing on what the CIA and FBI know about the “Russian hacking”.  I’d also point out that it’s unlikely that the Russians wanted him to win.  After all, Trump didn’t give the Rooskies a “reset” button.  Trump wants to rebuild the military.   Shrillda the Hutt would allow it to continue to languish.  Trump wants to modernize the nuclear arsenal.   The Hutt would allow it to continue to rust.  So who would the Russians logically prefer? 

Monday, December 12, 2016

John Glenn RIP and fake news

Okay, Lex didn’t comment on the passing of John Glenn in Fri’s post because he didn’t want to speak ill of a dead national hero.

The Empty Suit, much of the Demo-Dope Party and the MSM are aghast at the rumors of Russian interference in our election system.  If we had a true national leader, the Rooskies would be scared to death to pull such a stunt.  It’d be sort of like that scene in Big Jake where John Wayne looks Richard Boone in the eye and tells him, “Now if anything goes wrong, your fault, my fault, nobody’s fault, you’re going to die.”  

TES and his administration of pajama boys allow the Rooskies, Chinese, Syrians, Mexicans, Canadians, Lithuanians, ISIS and even the natives on the tiny Pacific Island of Yap to p*ss all over America with not the slightest fear of even the mildest of rebukes from the  TES administration.   So given the flaccid nature of the administration, why wouldn’t Russia and every country in the world that does not have our best interests at heart NOT screw with us on our elections and/or anything else they deem in their own national interests?

Lex, that is, as always, a brilliant point, but what does it have to do with John Glenn. Here’s what it has to do with John Glenn.  Some may recall back in 1996 when Slick Willie and his fatazz lying wife were shaking down the Chinese for campaign contribution to beat Bob Dole – which wouldn’t have taken more than $5.  Charlie Trie and Johnny Chung were a couple of the key player in this Clinton Crime Family scam.  Trie fled the country when asked to testify before a congressional committee about Chinese influence on the American election.  Chung got 5 years community service sentence and death threats from his homeland for his part. 

When Fred Thompson convened a Senate Committee to look into the Clinton’s Chinese mob ties, it was American “hero” John Glenn that stymied the committee at every turn eventually running out the clock on the investigation. 

One of Lex’s first conspiracy theories was that the quid pro quo for Glenn scuttling the Senate’s investigation into the Clinton’s shady dealings with the Chinese was a ride back into space on the Space Shuttle.

And if you need more proof of what a bunch of low life treasonous bastards the Clinton Crime Family really is, the quid for the Chinese mob money was Billbo Billyboy relaxing trade sanctions on them, which allowed Loral Corp. to sell computers to the Chinese that allowed the ChiComs to advance their missile program.  That’s how the Clinton’s work, Mr. & Mrs. America.  As long as they are making money and gaining power f*ck the country. 

We will never know the calamity we escaped when Shrillda the Hutt and her 1.2 BILLION dollar campaign got flushed by the American people.

So what we can learn from all of this is that, after orbiting the Earth in space capsule, John Glenn turned into a partisan Demo-Dope hack. 

We also learned that the same people willing to ignore Chinese influence on an American election now have their shorts in a very tight wad over Russian hacking of the DNC.  And why?  Well the hack of the DNC and John Podesta proved what a bunch low-life, lying, cheating, thieving, manipulating miscreants Dopes at the highest levels really are.   

These reprobates are all concerned about a “Russian” hack but have not one care in the world about what the hack revealed about them.  For these buttheads, it’s as if because the truth was exposed by a nefarious method, the truth must be ignored.  It would be like the warden in the Shawshank Redemption saying he must be considered innocent because all of the evidence against him came out during a prison break.  Sorry Dopes.  The truth is like toothpaste.  Once it’s out there, by whatever means, it’s impossible to get back into the tube.   

Fake News
Lex can cite the date and time that “fake news” was born:  6:27pm, February 27, 1968.  That is the time and date legendary Fake Newsman Wally Cronkite declared the Vietnam War an unwinnable stalemate.  Totally fake.  Totally wrong.  Wally used the azzwhippin’ the Viet Cong took during the 1968 Tet Offensive as proof.  Odd that a complete military failure of the enemy could be used as proof by a Fake Newsman that the war was unwinnable. 

The Vet Cong were virtually wiped out during Tet.  After Tet, the VC were never able to reconstitute as serious threat to South Vietnam’s political stability.  The long and short of it was that, after Tet, the idea that the South Vietnamese people wanted to join the North was totally destroyed.  After Tet, nearly all of the combat fell exclusively on the North Vietnamese Army.   So with the VC gone the optics change from the South wanting to join the North to the North forcing themselves on the South.  The truth mattered not to Wally.  He relied on a crushing defeat delivered by the US and its allies to prove the war was at an unwinnable stalemate.

In 1968 Wally’s sway as the CBS Fake News Anchor was such that even Nixon conceded that if he’d lost Wally, he’d probably lost the American people as well.  As result, since that date serious enemies of the United States have correctly identified America’s center of gravity in any conflict as: The will of the American people to sustain successful combat operations.  So Fake News covers a war not by covering battlefield successes but rather by putting 10,000 Abu Ghrab stories on the front page and ignoring military success.  Another 10,000 stories are devoted not to the bomb that killed the ISIS Ops Officer but rather to the child who was killed with him. 

And if Wally’s ill-informed announcement of the “unwinnable war” is the birth of Fake News, its conception occurred at 12:30, November 22, 1963 when communist sympathizer Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated John Kennedy.  The Fake News Networks went into overdrive turning every fact about Oswald on its head in order to portray him as a right wing Conservative.

The Dopes and their MSM lapdogs slit their own throat by pushing fake news when they had a more or less monopoly on the news cycle.  Now because their fake news is being exposed by alternative media, the Dope and MSM are shouting foul.  If the Demo-Dopes were truly concerned about “fake news” they wouldn’t send America’s biggest liar and serial purveyor of fake news – Shrillda the Hutt – out to rail against it.

Friday, December 09, 2016

The cabinet, Milo, The Empty Suit encourages Courts Martial offense, being fat is okay

A cabinet full of lawyers is fine, 2-3 former military men in a cabinet is a junta
The MSM is so full of crap it makes me sick.  Trump has put 3 former generals into key positions in his administration.  Now the MSM is wringing its hands about “civilian control” of the military or the US government writ large. 

First off, they are civilians.  None is currently in uniform.  Which makes them…what?

Next, what the hand wringers are really worried about with his cabinet appointments so far is that DJT’s team will be successful.  No one gives a crap when these pols fill key positions with incompetent donors, family members, friends or long-time political hacks.  No one says a word when congress or an administration loaded up with 89% lawyers, but let DJT put some competent and accomplished military guys in charge and the wailing, gnashing of teeth, pearl clutching and fainting dead away by those in search of a safe space on the left begins. 

It’s total BS.  The more DJT’s picks pee these people off the more I’m inclined to think the picks are spot on.   

Milo hammers Gaystapo

The fearless Milo visited Memories Pizza in Walkerton, IN yesterday to apologize to the owners of that establishment on behalf of all decent gay people.  You might recall the Gaystapo rolled in Memories after they declined to cater a homosexual wedding.  The weird thing is that when first asked, the owner said they don’t cater weddings at all.  It was only after being pressed by a reporter that the daughter said that they’d probably decline to participate in a homosexual wedding, but insisted that homosexuals were welcome in the restaurant.  Here’s the interview with the owner, advance the video to about the 9 minute mark.  It is quite enlightening. 

Lex pointed out many of the Gaystapo’s over the top bludgeoning of decent people at the time.  The video captures many of the points made back at the time in a much better, more reasoned and measured way.  The owner truly is a “heart of America” type of guy who exhibits no sign of carrying any kind of grudge.  Milo is, as always, spot on. 

The Empty Suit gets it wrong again
TES showed up MacDill AFB to tell the military “that each of us has…the universal right to speak your minds and to protest against authority; to live in a society that’s open and free; that can criticize our president without retribution.”  
My advice to active duty military is: Do not take counsel on the finer points of military decorum from a total dip$h!t who calls a  “Corpsman” a “corpse man”.   No TES.  Military members DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to protest authority.  As far as they can go to my knowledge is to refuse to execute an illegal order.  If any military member is openly disrespectful to any civil authority, POTUS, SecDef, Congress etc. they will find themselves on the wrong side of a Courts Martial under Art. 88 contempt toward officials.  

And as always in these things, the truth is no defense.  So, after TES’s speech, a military guy could step up to mic and say, “The lying sail eared know-nothing who just indicated that military members have the right to protest authority and criticize the president without retribution is full of $h!t.”  Now every word of that is provably true, but the member would find himself in serious trouble for saying it.

So, after nearly 8 years, it’s no surprise to anyone, that TES does not have the slightest idea of what the hell he’s talking about.

Santa ‘aint spossed to be fat shaming no kid
First off, the kid is fat.  Next, it doesn’t make the kid a bad person.  It makes him a fat person.  If that makes him feel bad, there’s a simple solution - lose the weight.  That said, why the heck is this Santa going after a 9 year old?  Take it up with his mom.  Leave the kid the hell alone.

I’ve battled weight since I turned 40.  It’d take me six months to lose 5 lousy pounds.  Then, if I so much as thought about my beloved Oreos, I’d gain it all back.  I get it.  I was fat.  So what?  I knew it.  People who looked at me knew it.  So what?  I was still the same undereducated obnoxious wise guy weather 50 pounds over-weight or not.

So, why can’t someone point out something so obvious with what amounts to a health warning by saying, “Whoa there fatso (or maybe a kinder gentler “big guy”), maybe you should give the desert bar at the all-you-can-eat buffet a break.”  Well, if it’s stranger, it’s probably fighting words, if I could have just gotten up the energy.  These things are best left to family and good friends, who become fewer and fewer when they try to help in these things. 

Strangers have no place taking the issue up with a kid.  Well of course unless it’s a lefty Lib adult like Moochell telling all of America their kids are too fat.  Then that’s totally acceptable to the left.  Santa issuing a fat warning to TrigglyPuff is triggering and definitely not cool.  In fact, if the fat kid is a fat Lib, it’s probably a prosecutable offense.  

What struck me about this story was WTF is this kid who looks like he could be running a road grader somewhere doing climbing up some old guy in a Santa’s costume’s lap in the first place?  I do not remember when I gave up the ghost on the Santa Clause myth, but I’m thinking it was well before 9 years old or 3rd or 4th grade.  By that time I’m sure some smart kid was spilling the beans on the whole Santa hoax* to everyone who’d listen.

 Maybe it was a set up for mom to get an easy payday.

*Today I’m a firm believer in the “spirt of Santa Clause” filled by everyone out there doing good deeds.  Do one a day.  AF Bro do two, because I don’t get out that much anymore because my Rascal won’t carry me anymore.  So someone has to pick up the extra weight.  Get it?  Pick up the extra weight?  See how I worked a weight pun into a post on a fat kid?  I know.  Genius. 

Thursday, December 08, 2016

The Empty Suit sad he'll have to start paying for his 50 weeks of vacation

85 million of your hard earned tax dollars spent on The Empty Suit’s vacations
When asked what he’ll miss most about being president The Empty Suit said, “Not having to pay for my 25 two week vacations every year.”  This crazy.  Mrs. Lex and look forward to riding in a car 10 hours to attend a wedding over an extended weekend, counting it as a mini-vacation the azzweasel occupying the White House blows 85 million on vacations in 8 years?  WTF?  And the totally out of touch Demo-Dopes wonder why they lost the election.  Something tells me when Trump goes on vacation, he’ll be picking up the cost of the room.  I don’t know when you figure in an Air Force One for every member of the family so that each can leave on tier own schedule, a Marine One helicopter to transport the family dog separately, getting Moochelle’s 15 or so “secretaries” on board, it all adds up.  On second thought, considering the narcissistic character of the people we’re talking about, Maybe 85 million was a pretty good deal.

The Clinton’s are slick grifters always looking to make a quick easy buck without having to lift a finger or burn a single calorie doing real work.  TES is just a lousy freeloader.  He’s like a dinner guest who puts the whole bowl of potatoes on his plate, takes 5 rolls leaving 3 people with no bread, sorts through the meat to make sure he gets the biggest piece, drinks the wine from the bottle etc.   He is a low brow sponge of other people’s money and effort. 

Who says profiling doesn’t work?
Not hard.  Profiled it.  Nailed it.

America 1st has lefty Libs soiling themselves
Among other things that Trump says that drives snowflake lefty Libs nuts, “putting America 1st again” is near the top of the list.  This is the exact same bunch that been saying “screw America 1st” for the last 8 years.

So let me see if we can sooth the lefty crybabies.  This is important, America 1st doesn’t mean “only America”.  I’m pretty sure America will continue to be a world player.  And here’s the thing, even if Trump did decide not engage in the world, the lefty Libs would be whining about the US not helping Castro, Kim Jung mentally Ill, Iran and other craphole countries feed their oppressed people.   So no matter what, the lefty Lib is going to be whining.  So let ‘em whine. 

Trump saves 1,000 jobs in IN and the left whines.  Trump announces a deal with a Japanese company that will bring up to 5 billion dollars and 50,000 jobs to the US and the left whines.  US Steel announces that it’s considering bringing back 10,000 jobs and the left whines.  The stock market goes through the roof and the left whines.  Trump appoints a great cabinet and the left whines.

Now senate Dope wish they could undo the hell that Harry the Roach Reid visited upon the senate with his hare-brained, or should I say Harry Reid-brained, so-called nuclear option.  The roach laid the groundwork for every single one of Trump’s cabinet nominations to sail through the senate confirmation process.  So here’s to you roach.  At every hearing and before every senate vote on a nomination, Mitch McConnell should formally “thank Harry the roach Reid for making this confirmation possible.”

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Two crap-weasels dominate fake news cycle and Is self-radicalization even possible?

Pop quiz.  Quick!  What do Jill Stein and Chris Suprun have in common?  Both are lying self-serving crap weasels.  If you answered in those exact words, or some form thereof, print yourself 10,000 pounds’ worth of Elvis money and have an extra glass of water at dinner tonight on me. 

While Donald trump was announcing that the SoftBank Group Corp. was going to invest up to 50 billion dollars in the US bringing 50,000 jobs, lying Jill Stein continued to spread her extraordinary line of equine excrement across America.  To wit: Claiming her recount effort isn’t about changing the result but rather to verify the integrity of the system.  Total horse manure.

So Jill why not canvas close states where Shrillda the Hutt won like NH, NV and NC?  Why is 100% of your noble cause directed at states Trump won?  Seems to me there’s a greater chance of voter fraud in a state overrun by illegals – CA – than there is in WI.  And if you really wanted to get to the nub of integrity of an election you’d spend all 7 million of the dollars you’ve raised so far canvasing Chicago.  Since the fall of Baghdad under the rule of Saddam Hussein, where Hussein would regularly win 99.9% of the vote and his goons would round up the other .1% for some political re-education sort of like The Empty Suit rounded up the video maker after Benghazi, Chicago is once again the world’s capitol of voter fraud.

Stein’s effort is nothing more than calling attention to herself sort of like an aged pop star offering sex favors to men who vote for the Hutt.  Stein’s play for attention is only slightly less obvious, slightly less off color, slightly less likely to accomplish the intended goal.

Then there’s this dolt of a Republican elector down n TX, Chris Suprun.  Suprun says he cannot in good conscience vote for Donald Trump even though he swore allegiance to the Republican nominee at the Republican convention when chosen as a Republican elector.  This absolutely is a “hey everyone look at me.  All of you #NeverTrumpers should offer me a good job and put me on TV” play by Suprun.  It’s nothing more.  It’s nothing less. 

But Lex, couldn’t Mr. Suprun just be a concerned citizen voting his conscience?  I seriously doubt it, or that’s exactly what he would do.  He’d quietly show up at the Electoral College on the first day of classes, walk into the classroom, sit down, quietly vote his conscience, drop out of school and go home. Mission accomplished.  I know how this works, dropping out of college I mean.  I don't even know if if the electors gather in one place to vote or do it online or video chat or what.

No, this guy feels the need to jump up and down and shout, “Hey everyone look at me!!  I’m special!!” It’s not about his conscience.  It’s about his ego and an opportunity for him to become famous/infamous and make a few bucks.         

Nobody “self-radicalizes”
I’m pretty sick of hearing about “self-radicalization” of Islamo-Terror-fascist.  The OSU ITF is said to have “self-radicalized”.  I don’t think it’s possible.

I don’t give a flying crapola about the sport of curling.  I don’t know anything about it except you need a broom to play.  If I thought sweeping the floor was a sport I’d go to the barn to play there.  So what’s the likelihood that I’m going to wake up one morning and become a self-fanatical-ized fan of the Norwegian curling team?  So much so that I go out and buy a Norwegian curling team shirt, pennant, poster, shoes, trousers and broom.  Then I blow up a basketball venue in Miami because they refuse to take curling seriously?

The same is true of ITF.  They do not “self-radicalize”.  It’s the religion of peace stupid.