Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Because everyone has proof of Russian hacking of the DNC, they probably didn't do it

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New Chief Russian spy

When did Russian spies get so sloppy?  Used to be the KGB were feared, clever and professional.  Their craftiness and ruthlessness were the very underpinnings of great movies, books and TV shows.  Today we’re supposed to believe that the Rooskies have gone from super spies during the cold war to a bureau inundated with Inspector Clouseau types in 2016.  

I have it on good authority that when a pro steals secrets the target does not know the secrets were stolen.  If or when the theft is discovered, the pro has left some obscure clue leading the target to suspect a different perp.  I suppose that some rouge Russian agent might have gone to the trouble to hack John Podesta and the DNC, I think it’s highly unlikely that the Russian government did that and then was stupid and incompetent enough to leave a thumb print in plain view for the FBI and CIA to finger them.  It’s an absurd accusation. 

I believe 100% that the Russians are trying and even succeeding in hacking all form of government agencies, but not Shrillda the Hutt’s private unsecure server.  That's impossible.  That’s a peek just too high even for the Russians.

Our friends hack us.  Why in the world wouldn’t we expect our enemies to be doing the same thing?  There’s a big difference between knowing they doing it and stopping it or proving they are doing it.  Everyone, even the cheerleaders, knew that the Canal Winchester football Indians were going to run “power three” about 25 times a game.  Including in one game where, I think, we ran it six times in a row.*  Knowing what’s coming and stopping it are two different things.

*Aside: One of Coach Locke’s favorite Lockeisms was, “We’ll run it until they stop it.”  The funny thing was he’d shout it from the side line, “Run it again” so everyone knew what was coming.  Thanks coach.  If it was practice or a scrimmage he’d also, “run it again” if someone on our side screwed the play up calling the play in the same subtle manner but with an exclamation mark, “Run it again, g*d damn it.”  RIP Coach.

My gut tells me that if they ever get to the bottom of this, and if they do it’ll be more proof that the Russian government didn’t have a hand in it, they will learn it was an inside job.  Hopefully it won’t turn out to be a Republican mole inside the DNC.  A situation like that would cause Dopes everywhere to lose what’s left of their minds.  

Since Dopes and the MSM are in high dudgeon over Trump’s schedule of intel briefings, if I were Trump, I’d kill two birds with one stone.  I demand an intel briefing on what the CIA and FBI know about the “Russian hacking”.  I’d also point out that it’s unlikely that the Russians wanted him to win.  After all, Trump didn’t give the Rooskies a “reset” button.  Trump wants to rebuild the military.   Shrillda the Hutt would allow it to continue to languish.  Trump wants to modernize the nuclear arsenal.   The Hutt would allow it to continue to rust.  So who would the Russians logically prefer? 

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