Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lex under attack in local fish wrap!

Two days ago the local fish wrap published two letters which viciously (that’s hyperbole) attacked our hero  - Lex.  Feeling threatened and needing a safe space, Lex retreated to the survival bunker here on the compound and fired off a response to the savage (hyperbole again) attacks.  The response follows.  The cruel missives egregiously and unwarrantedly taking Lex to task follow that. 

The letter:

As long as it’s not an obituary, I’ve always been of the mind that it’s nice to see your name in print.  Come to think about it, as long as it’s not some after death out of body experience, even the exception would be cool.  So imagine my excitement when I find I’m the subject of not one but two rebuttals in the letters section of the 19 Dec JG.

First Ms. Candioto.  Schadenfreude best describes my emotion with regard to the results of the Presidential Election and the reaction to it by an increasingly unhinged segment of the Democrat Party.  There are several translations of the German word “schadenfreude”.  None of them include “angry”.  Why would I be angry?  My guy won.  If you want to see real anger, look at Democrat filth and intimidation directed at Republican electors preceding the Electoral College vote.

My letter was directed at two elements of the Democrat Party: a) Polite well-meaning Democrats who “bleat” about the Clinton winning the popular vote as if they are ignorant of the role that the Electoral College plays in electing our president; and b) “reactionaries [who] insist on calling anyone who challenges their lame-brained opinions a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe, or the catchall for those terms made famous by Clinton herself – ‘deplorables’”.   

If you are not a member of either of those accurately described groups, take a powder and lay down.  You are absolved.

For Mr. Bauer:  When the Constitutional Convention adjourned in 1787, Ben Franklin was reportedly asked what form of government the delegates had given us.  Franklin replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”  But what does that “ignorant” boob know?  So fill in the blank of this once well-known phrase; “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the_______ for which it stands…” Class?  Anyone?  Mr. Bauer?  Anyone?  Hint:  It is NOT “representative democracy”.  But, you say potato and I say tuber.

As I am already over the word limit, let me just say the laundry list of rantings and unsubstantiated accusations that reads like a manifesto found in the backwoods cabin of a serial killer in the remainder of Mr. Bauer’s angry letter are as nonsensical and the logic is as flawed as his understanding of what constitutes a republican form of government.

The vicious attacks:

The best for America
As a lifelong Democrat who did vote for Hillary Clinton, I must respond to Doug Schumick’s Dec. 11 letter “Name-calling is all Democrats have.” 
While I can refute each of the writer’s inflammatory accusations (such as all Democrats must have slept through civics class), I choose to avoid the mean-spirited tone of the letter.
Upon his election win, Donald Trump promised that he would be a president for all Americans. His statement was full of hope, and I wait patiently for him to show that he will keep that promise.
Letters such as Schumick’s, filled with disdain for anyone who did not vote for Trump, are really hate speech aimed only to continue divisiveness in our country.
Schumick should open his heart, let his anger go and join his fellow citizens, Democrats included, who want only the best for America.
Kathy Candioto
Fort Wayne
Trump has already used up all his chances
This letter is in response to Doug Schumick (Dec. 11) and Ed Keller (Dec. 12). They need to get out of their overstuffed recliners, turn off Fox News, wake up and smell the coffee. They also need to start fact-checking before making ignorant statements. For the record, one thing Donald Trump will never receive is the popular vote.
1. The United State is not a republic but a representative democracy. 
2. The Electoral College was founded in 1787. Members were elected, not appointed. The reasoning was electors in each state capitol were given more information than the general public. Because of the slowness of transportation and news delivery, it was easier to reach this group than the state population. The Electoral College of that era was put in place with the hope that all popular votes would be taken into consideration. In the beginning several changes were made to the college as elections took place. The Founding Fathers were not gods, saints, prophets or geniuses. They were simply men striving to make sure that every individual had a say in the elected office of the president and vice president.
3. While it is true the college was supposed to be based on the states’ population, that is no longer the case. A simple test is to take the population of South Dakota and divide it into the population of California. You will see that California should have more than 150 votes, not the 55 they now have.
4. The Carrier deal that Donald Trump so pompously claimed saved more than 1,100 jobs is actually only around 800 jobs. Of course, nothing was done about the 600 jobs in Huntington or the corporate jobs in Indianapolis. But 1,100 jobs sounds better than 800 for post-election pep rallies. He must have these pep rallies that most of us gave up in high school to stroke his narcissistic ego. So Indiana was thrown under the Trump bus at the cost of $7 million.
5. Democrats are not whining, we are attempting to show that more than 2.5 million votes were not considered in this election. As for name-calling, anyone who has dealt with mental health issues would agree this man suffers from multiple mental illnesses and is not functioning like I hope you and I are.
6. My America is the greatest country in the world! It is a paradox to state that you are going to “make America great again.” I also believe it is a fool who would say he is so smart that he doesn’t need daily intelligence briefings. Seeing what he has already done in the last four weeks, he has had all the chances he gets from me as to whether he is a businessman or politician. 
7. The only promise he needs to keep is to “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C. I think we should wait until February to do this and that way Trump, his lapdog Mike Pence and his outrageous Cabinet will be there. Then pull the plug and get rid of all the “swamp scum” with one swoosh.

Thom Bauer

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