Friday, December 02, 2016

Enforce existing immigration laws, except for the bad ones, repeal those

I’ve been one of those guys who have stated over and over again that the first step in immigration reform is to start enforcing existing law.  Immigration is an issue sort of like gun control safety laws common sense or otherwise.  The knee jerk reaction from the ruling class Caligula, D.C. azzbags is to pile one crazy law atop a stack of other crazy laws.  The goal for the D.C. azzweasels is to pile so much crapola on top of an issue to allow them to say, “Well look we’ve tried nearly everything.  There are 10,000 gun control safety laws out there and still 57 people were shot in Chicago on Saturday night.  The only reasonable thing left to do is a total ban on firearms in America.”  Then they will go on with the usual BS about America being “the industrialized nation that…blah, blah, blah” the blah, blah, blah is always what the left wants done, ban guns, ban religious freedom, ban plentiful and cost effective energy sources, establish $15 minimum wage, free healthcare, free college education, free lunch, free housing, etc.  Well, if the America sucks so bad, and the rest of the industrialized West is so much more hip, why is everyone trying to get to America?  Two reasons.  First, precisely because we haven’t, for now anyway, chosen to cut our own throat with European style socialism.  The second is because we’re a gravy train of social welfare for low skilled poorly educated immigrants. 

So we attract everyone.  Skilled people come to America to access opportunity.  Low skilled morons – like The OSU shooter – come to America to access the gravy train.  So what to do with trash like The OSU shooter who was here legally?  Extreme vetting?  No.  The only sane answer is immigration reform.  Here’s why.  The link takes us to one my favorite webpages The People’s Cube.  The sarcasm and photo shopping are cutting edge.  The founder – himself an immigrant - was recently arrested for posting pro-Israeli art work on a US campus. The Cube founder turned off the sarcasm for the linked article to explain the difference between the immigration policy that allowed a crazed Islamo-Terror-Fascist into the country and the policy that allowed the cop - who sent the ITF to his final reward in hell – into the country. 

The post was true eye opener for me.  Enforcing existing immigration law is not enough.  Existing immigration law has Demo-Dope super predator, sexual harasser, drunk and literal lady killer Teddy Kennedy’s fingerprints all over it.  It needs to be cleansed with bleach, rinsed and repeated several times by the new congress to get Kennedy’s stench off it.  Sensible equal access for skilled white working class and professional immigrants needs to be restored.  I can guarantee one thing, any attempt by congress to allow equal access to America through immigration policy will be met with howls of “RAAAAAAAAAAAACISM!!!!!” from the Dopes when it is the current law that is clearly racist.   

That’s how far down the rat hole we’ve gone.  A racist policy is hailed as “fair”.  Trying to reform the racist law is itself deemed racist by the party of racists – Demo-Dopes.

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