Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fake news: No proof of voter fraud -- Fake news: Proof of Rooskie hacking

Sooooo, Shrillda the Hutt’s last bastion of sanity is that her pathetic 1.2 BILLION dollar campaign secured enough votes in CA and NY to give her bragging rights about winning the popular vote.  Then as DJT is wont to do, he pulled the seat out from under the Hutt’s double wideazz telling the world that the Hutt secured the popular vote by fraud.  “You have no proof!!” whined the Hutt’s sycophantic MSM lapdog press.

Well, well, well thank you Jill Stein.  Stein’s hare-brained recount effort, which originated with the thought of clouding DJT’s Electoral College victory, has actually ended with adding to DJT’s vote total in WI and exposing the exact serious voter fraud DJT alleged on the part of Dopes (use shocked face here) in MI before being shut down.  Dope voter fraud!!?  Gambling at Rick’s Café Americain!!?  I’m Shocked!!  Shocked I tell you!!

Stein’s recount turned up more votes than mathematically possible in 37% of Detroit precincts.  37%!!  That indicates wide-spread governmental interference in the vote.  If you were to extrapolate the Detroit model across America’s urban areas, add in known voter fraud by illegal aliens, voting of the dead and the normal Dope voter scams of people voting 6-8 during a what has become a month long voting process in some states, the Hutt’s no doubt has garnered well over 3 million fraudulent votes.   

Trump also swatted away the idea that he couldn’t have won the popular vote, if that were the path to the White House.  Now, I wonder how many of the 10,000 or so pundits who had DJT dead and buried about 10 seconds after his famous escalator ride are assuring us that there’s no way Trump could have won the popular vote.  Right now, I pretty sure he could have.

Then there’s this.  How weird is it that the exact same Dopes and their MSM lackeys who whine about there being no proof of voter fraud are perfectly okay with calling in question the integrity of America’s election system by accusing the Russians of hacking the DNC to help DJT to win the election without a shred of evidence?

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