Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Empty Suit plays the race card to the bitter end

Post racial?  Among other things, The Empty Suit cites sentencing disparities and incarceration rates for blacks to prove America has not come to terms with slavery, Jim Crow, colonialism and racism.  I do not doubt for one minute that blacks face disproportionate incarceration rates, but that’s only because they are involved in a disproportionate amount of crime.  With regard to sentencing guidelines, I believe it was Dope hero and rapist Billyboy Billbo Clinton who forced minimum sentencing for non-violent drug crimes that has TES and other Dopes whining like cut dogs.

Here’s something else to consider.  Right, wrong or indifferent the law is what the law is.  Whining about it now is no different from the Dopes complaining about the Electoral College after that set of rules was set a couple of hundred years ago.  As Huggybear used to say in the monster mega must see TV hit show Barrette, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”  Yeah, the over the top description of the show was sarcasm.  But I do recall Huggybear and the catch line which may have been included in the theme song. 

So while you may want to sympathize with TES and the Dopes on incarceration rates of Blacks, the one argument he and the Dopes do not make is that blacks are being rounded up and arrested off the street for no good reason.  They are overwhelmingly criminals.  So what’s the real beef?  I dunno.

It’s time for whitey to understand that the race baiters like TEs and the race baiting industry run by hoax Revs? Al and Jesse isn’t going to go away – ever.  For the race baiters and college snowflake crowd any successful white guy is going to have his success attributed to white privilege.  Any black man’s failure is going to be attributed to racism.  It isn’t any more complicated than that. 

We’re what 50 years into “affirmative action”.  Does anyone seriously see a time where the POTUS is going to step to the podium in the Rose Garden to announce an end to affirmative action?  In the year 4550 race baiters will still be complaining about the dark cloud that remains over American society as a result of slavery.   So at some point you just have to say, “F - ‘em.”  I’m just about there.

Even if it’s all 100% true, at some point you just have play according to how the refs are making the calls.  That goes for both sides. 

Russian hacking BS
Okay let’s say Donald Trump encouraged the Russians to hack the Shrillda the Hutt and the DNC.  Whose job was it to stop the hacking?  Uh, that would be TES.  By their own admission, Trump must be so much smarter than TES.  Well isn't everyone?  So when TES and the Dopes whine about Russian hacks it is just another indication of what an incompetent boob TES really is.  

Then there’s the rather long list of previous Chinese and Russian hacks of the US government and industry that didn’t cause a bit of fuss with TES or the Dopes.   But let Shrillda the Hutt get her double wide azz kicked by a reality show host and suddenly King Dope is worried about hacking.  It is such obvious BS.

Here are the top 13 times Russian hacking influenced the Hutt’s campaign.

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