Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Two crap-weasels dominate fake news cycle and Is self-radicalization even possible?

Pop quiz.  Quick!  What do Jill Stein and Chris Suprun have in common?  Both are lying self-serving crap weasels.  If you answered in those exact words, or some form thereof, print yourself 10,000 pounds’ worth of Elvis money and have an extra glass of water at dinner tonight on me. 

While Donald trump was announcing that the SoftBank Group Corp. was going to invest up to 50 billion dollars in the US bringing 50,000 jobs, lying Jill Stein continued to spread her extraordinary line of equine excrement across America.  To wit: Claiming her recount effort isn’t about changing the result but rather to verify the integrity of the system.  Total horse manure.

So Jill why not canvas close states where Shrillda the Hutt won like NH, NV and NC?  Why is 100% of your noble cause directed at states Trump won?  Seems to me there’s a greater chance of voter fraud in a state overrun by illegals – CA – than there is in WI.  And if you really wanted to get to the nub of integrity of an election you’d spend all 7 million of the dollars you’ve raised so far canvasing Chicago.  Since the fall of Baghdad under the rule of Saddam Hussein, where Hussein would regularly win 99.9% of the vote and his goons would round up the other .1% for some political re-education sort of like The Empty Suit rounded up the video maker after Benghazi, Chicago is once again the world’s capitol of voter fraud.

Stein’s effort is nothing more than calling attention to herself sort of like an aged pop star offering sex favors to men who vote for the Hutt.  Stein’s play for attention is only slightly less obvious, slightly less off color, slightly less likely to accomplish the intended goal.

Then there’s this dolt of a Republican elector down n TX, Chris Suprun.  Suprun says he cannot in good conscience vote for Donald Trump even though he swore allegiance to the Republican nominee at the Republican convention when chosen as a Republican elector.  This absolutely is a “hey everyone look at me.  All of you #NeverTrumpers should offer me a good job and put me on TV” play by Suprun.  It’s nothing more.  It’s nothing less. 

But Lex, couldn’t Mr. Suprun just be a concerned citizen voting his conscience?  I seriously doubt it, or that’s exactly what he would do.  He’d quietly show up at the Electoral College on the first day of classes, walk into the classroom, sit down, quietly vote his conscience, drop out of school and go home. Mission accomplished.  I know how this works, dropping out of college I mean.  I don't even know if if the electors gather in one place to vote or do it online or video chat or what.

No, this guy feels the need to jump up and down and shout, “Hey everyone look at me!!  I’m special!!” It’s not about his conscience.  It’s about his ego and an opportunity for him to become famous/infamous and make a few bucks.         

Nobody “self-radicalizes”
I’m pretty sick of hearing about “self-radicalization” of Islamo-Terror-fascist.  The OSU ITF is said to have “self-radicalized”.  I don’t think it’s possible.

I don’t give a flying crapola about the sport of curling.  I don’t know anything about it except you need a broom to play.  If I thought sweeping the floor was a sport I’d go to the barn to play there.  So what’s the likelihood that I’m going to wake up one morning and become a self-fanatical-ized fan of the Norwegian curling team?  So much so that I go out and buy a Norwegian curling team shirt, pennant, poster, shoes, trousers and broom.  Then I blow up a basketball venue in Miami because they refuse to take curling seriously?

The same is true of ITF.  They do not “self-radicalize”.  It’s the religion of peace stupid.  

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