Monday, December 19, 2016

It's not over for die-hard Dopes until Jan 20th

It’s a great day in America.  All flags are flying high at the compound with, dare I say it Moochelle, hope for America.  As near as I can tell from this link that indicates when Electors in each state actually vote, by 4pm EST, in spite of dopey Hollywood swells’ best effort, DJT should have enough Electoral Votes to become the next President of the United States.  Then we can celebrate again with a fine cigar and a glass of bourbon.

Today’s confirmation of the Nov 8 vote has sent our national scold Moochelle, who has spent 8 years campaigning for expanding hunger across America with her BS inedible lunch program in America’s public schools, to claim we now know what it feels like not to have hope.  YGBSM.  I know I will have lost all hope when that hope is dependent upon a politician of any stripe.  So now we know who this hectoring gasbag was talking to – the Obamaphone lady, the people waiting in line for a handout from Obama’s stash and the like.  What a pathetic, sad sack, *itch.  I guess someone told her no more Air Force One rides, no more staff of 50 maids a milking or anything else for this no-load drain on the national wealth, health and psyche.    See ya!  Won’t miss ya or your incessant whining.

But here’s the deal Mr. and Mrs. America, anyone who thinks for a second these people are going to go away ala Raegan, GHW and GW Bush are nuts.  Dope Ex-presidents don’t go away after being rejected.  They hang around like one of those die hard Japanese soldiers who refused to surrender on a remote Pacific Island we used to read about every now and then.  They hung out in the wilderness for years after the war had ended waiting for reinforcements to arrive from the homeland.

So today is a great day in America.  After celebrating a win in the wee hours of Nov 9th, after celebrating again when the WI recount added to Trump’s total, after celebrating again when the two remaining recounts were shut down by the courts, we will be able to celebrate again when the Hollywood swells and Demo-Dope thug attempts to intimidate Electors fail miserably and Donald J. Trump garners the 270 Electoral votes necessary to win the presidency.  Beware!  The Electoral College votes are not “certified” until Jan 6th.  No doubt the left will begin an assault – literally - on whoever certifies the vote at about 4pm today, and we’ll be able to celebrate again on Jan 6th.

The final election night celebration will occur at noon on Jan 20th - Inauguration Day.    

It had to happen and it’s great
Here’s the official re-edit of Marty Sheen et al’s effort to throw the country into revolution, because, after all, they are sooooo much smarter than all of us rubes who populate the hell hole Marty and friends refer to as “flyover country”.  Why wouldn’t we take political advice from people who repeat lines other people write them seriously? 

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