Friday, July 31, 2015


Father Guarnizo went full Trump on Cardinal Dolan for Dolan’s BS political hit piece on the Donald.  Father G makes many of the points about Cardinal Dolan that Lex has made about the Pope Homer type leadership the entire church has fallen into.

Speaking of Pope Homer, Homer is worried about the persecution of Christians by “Islamic extremism” and “repressive governments” to the point that it has become “a form of genocide.”  Homer wants leaders to speak out about “religio-ethnic cleansing.” 

When the pope visits America he will be visiting one of the “repressive governments” sponsoring “religio-ethnic cleansing” or at least ignoring those who are.  Maybe Pope Homer and Cardinal Dolan can get a pizza at Memories Pizza in Indiana.  That was the one shut down the Gaystapo and their fascist supporters for having the temerity to say they’d refuse to cater Steve and Harvey’s wedding.  Maybe after that they can have a picture taken at one of photography studios under attack by the homosexual fascists.  Then get some flowers at one the florist shops under attack by homosexual anarchists.  All the while, America being a capitalist economy, they will have to traipse through the devil’s dung to do it. 

But hey not a word about the Planned Un-Parenthood scandal or the political party that supports PuP and by extension the horror going on therein.

I’m pretty much done donating more than a buck for the light bill to the Marxists azzbags running the Catholic Church these days.   

H8ers gonna H8
Well no matter how bad your day gets at least you are not Lion murderer Walter Palmer.  Get this.  The Empty Suit is going after Palmer with more vigor than he went after the murderers of four US citizens in Benghazi or the murderers in Planned Un-Parenthood.  Well Palmer is an easier target than one and less an ally of the Dope Party than the other.  So it all makes sense.

At least you are not Tom Brady who for some reason is being dumped on by sports know-nothings for not accepting Commissioner Roger Goodell’s high-handed and onerous punishment.  How would you like to be fined a million dollars for something in court and then when you go to appeal the sentence the same judge decides your appeal?  That’s what happened to Brady. 

The NFL is dumber than a box of rocks.  Their contention is that Tom Bray is responsible for the air pressure in the balls before a league championship game.  YGBSM!  With regard to the destroyed phone, Brady ought to have some fun with the NFL and release a statement, “I didn’t want the league to know which teams I was betting on.”  That would be hilarious and send Goodell into apoplectic shock.  It would have the added benefit of changing the subject.

At least you’re not an ESPN Tim Tebow hater just as rumors are breaking that Tebow might make the Eagle’s roster.  Merrill Hodge will have to go back onto suicide watch.

NOTE:  No lions were harmed in the production of this blog.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The real Dr. Carson and Cecil

I saw the real Doctor Ben Carson on Fox News’s Center Seat last night.  What a great man.  Well at least as much as you can know from that particular format.  Soft spoken, he’s the anti-Trump.  Funny, he’s the anti-Rick Perry.   Down to earth, he’s the anti-Caligula, D.C. crowd.  Self-assured without being a self-righteous arrogant azz, he’s the anti-candidate, candidate.  Genuine, he’s one of a kind.  America would be truly blessed to have this man in the Oval Office.

For all of the reasons noted above, he’ll never make it.  The one question I wanted to hear about half way through his interview was, “Gee, you are such a different kind of candidate, such a gentleman.  Are you tough enough to compete?”   In such a crowded field, where the guy with 20% is king, anything can happen. 

I’d expect the know-nothing Revs? Al and Jesse to start a Ben Carson is an Uncle Tom campaign any day now.

NOTE:  Sadly these days it's important to differentiate between real doctors like Ben Carson and the literal “hack” doctors, who hack babies apart for profit at Planned Un-Parenthood.     

Hunting is legal.  Hunters should shoot for food, to rid an area of nuisance animals and for sport to control animal populations and fund conservation.  In Indiana there’s an open season coyotes.  They are a thriving population and a nuisance to neighborhoods.  So you can pretty much shoot them on sight.  Deer can overpopulate an area and become nuisances as well.  Deer are controlled by state Department of Natural Resources.  Fees are paid by hunters to take a certain number of deer and there by controlling the deer population and culling deer herds annually.  As result of DNR control of deer through hunting, deer populations in the US have expanded over the last 60 years.

Cecil probably wasn’t killed for food.  He wasn’t a nuisance.  He was killed illegally for sport.  The guy who shot him – Walter Palmer - paid over $50,000 to do so.  Hey it’s his money.  The money paid for that “hunt” supposedly would go to fund conservation efforts.  The thing is, Palmer may not have known that the shoot was illegal.

None of it matters to the anti-gun, anti-hunting crowd.  Reason is never an effective weapon when you are dealing with unreasonable people.  Palmer needs to be put down for paying $50,000 to shoot a lion.  The economics of conservation be damned, Palmer is a criminal.  And when Jimmy Kimmel is brought to tears by the death of an animal, well then you know that the shooter is despicable POS.  Case closed.  Rally the intolerant totalitarian left and ruin the guy’s life.

Hey, short of him charging me in my backyard, I’d never have shot Cecil.  I sure as hell would never have paid $50,000 to shoot him in some canned less than sporting sport shoot.  But Palmer probably would never think pitching washers in the barn as sport either.  But no one is peed off at me for tossing three ringers last night.  So…

The bottom line is that if Palmer paid the appropriate licensing fees, was teamed with an approved “guide” and otherwise followed the rules, he’s not really to blame for Cecil’s demise even though he pulled the trigger.    But as noted, reason count’s for nothing when the lapdog media is in an uproar.  Palmer ought to go full Trump on them.  He ought to go before the camera and explain himself and end by saying he had a fabulous time, the lion skin is beautifully mounted in his den and end with, “Now if Piers Morgan or any other leftist fascist SOB really wants to try to shoot me for legally hunting a lion, I’ll meet them in the parking lot of my dentist office at high noon on Saturday.  Go for it or STFU.”

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

More disgusting Planned Un-Parenthood video

The third in a series of at least a dozen Planed Un-Parenthood videos was released yesterday.  It was the most graphic and disgusting of the trio.  That said, it’s going to get much worse for the Dopes and PuP.  We’re now only a quarter the way through what the video makers say they have.

The Center for Medical Progress, who produces the videos, claims to have obtained 100s of hours of undercover tapes with PuP.  Given the escalating content of the first three videos, PuP has to have their shorts in a wad trying to guess how horrific the next video will be.  What is at least as disturbing to me as the content itself, is the cavalier nature of the way PuP’s third rate “doctors” and “technicians” discuss their barbaric business.  There is not even a whiff of humanity in any of them when it comes to discussing the shredding of a baby for a couple of bucks.

NOTE:  Calling them 3rd rate doctors is probably being generous.  I’d don’t know one thing about any one of them, but I did read about “Dr.” Goznell.  That killer is probably typical of the type of “Dr.” who would invest so much time money and effort to medicine then waste that accumulated knowledge to crush a baby.  If any of them were any good at all working for PuP would be akin to Michael Jordan using his round ball talents to run one of those basketball shooting scams at a traveling carnival, or hall of fame pitcher Randy Johnson running dunk a tank.  The big difference is that 55 million souls haven’t been lost at various carnival mid-way scams.  So I assume they must be $h!tty "Dr.s" to begin with and took the only gig anyone would hire them for. The Dr.'s Hippocratic oath states "first do no harm."  What harm can there be when the goal is to kill the patient?

Dope pols had better watch their step.  This is fairly easy to understand – even for the public school kids - in all of it gruesome detail.  Like a political scandal that drips out over several weeks and months, CMP’s videos are likely to have cumulative effect.  At some point even the most callous will be forced to admit PuP is an inhumane, morally bankrupt, socially unacceptable enterprise founded by a racist that should not be subsidized with taxpayer money.

For its part PuP has hired lizard woman Anita Dunn’s PR firm to put the shredding of babies in the best possible light.  PuP is also relying on Dope pols and the lapdog MSM to go after the CMP for exposing PuP.  As if the real crime here is recording the videos.  We are so far into the abyss, I don’t know, it just might work.  Today there seems to be more outrage about a MN dentist shooting a lion than there is about PuP shredding babies.  

Last, if I have to listen to the argument one more time, “Abortion is legal so we might as well use the result to advance science, after all the cure for Alzheimer’s may be in discovered” without someone saying, “Idiot!  You might be shredding the very life that is going to make that very discovery!”  Everyone has unlimited potential as a baby. Who knows the discoveries we have destroyed that were locked inside the 55 million?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Huckabee, Trump, Clinton Vs Cosby and profiling

Huckabee is no “denier”
Mike Huckabee is in deep doo-doo with the Lapdog MSM.  Good for him.  Over the weekend Huckabee said of the Iran deal, “[The Empty Suit]
will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.”  Now all of the chattering class is in a tizzy.  Goodness how could he invoke the holocaust?  Scandalous to even mention the holocaust.  This is outrageous. 

I believe that Huckabee is using the holocaust analogy to avoid another holocaust due to TES’s horse $h!t deal with Iran.  I remind you Huckabee isn’t the first pol to use the holocaust.  AlGore invoked the holocaust in a much less relevant way to lambaste critics of his warm-mongering scam, calling them “deniers,” as in holocaust deniers.  Huckabee is actually addressing a group of people who regularly chant “death to Israel” and have expressed a desire to remove Israel from the face of the Earth.  One Iranian said that Israel is a “one bomb country.”  AlGore can’t call people who know what they are talking about with regard to warm-mongering “racists” to shut them up so he calls them “deniers.”

The phrase “never again” as it pertains to the holocaust means never again as long as it’s not a republican presidential candidate warning that it could happen again by calling out a Dope for his hare-brained nuclear deal with Iran.  When that’s the case, never again becomes here we go again – another pesky Republican dealing in the truth about our beloved Empty Suit.  The left circles the wagons.  “Look it’s not as if Huckabee were using the holocaust to denigrate people who expose AlGore’s stupidity on global warming.   He’s using to actually war of another holocaust.  That’s a totally inappropriate use of the holocaust which can only be used for lefty Libs to trash conservatives.  Got it.  Otherwise it’s shocking and totally inappropriate.”

To his credit Huckabee has told a long line of “concerned” lapdog media types he won’t apologize.  He won’t recant or rephrase.  I call that the Trump effect.    

VDH explains Trump’s popularity
Of course he’s right.

Bill Clinton same as Bill Cosby
Ask Kathleen Willey.  She’s started a website asking for other victim’s of the Shirlldabeast’s slack jawed old man to come forward.

Headline profiling
I saw this headline on Drudge:  Convenience store ransacked by juveniles in late night “mob and rob”  I immediately thought to myself, hmm, I’ll bet the Griffin’s next pay check that the video shows Eric the wad Holder’s people and The Empty Suit’s kids destroying property and thieving like a pack of animals.  I further speculated that the reporter or the story would not note the obvious – all of the perps are black.  I clicked on the link and low and behold.  Now don’t try to tell me profiling does not work.

Monday, July 27, 2015

It might be over and the Beast's 55,000 e-mails

We’re Screwed
If you want an indication of just how screwed Western Civilization is, read this piece by Kevin D. Williamson at National Review.  Were the opening paragraph not so serious and downright scary, Williamson’s piece would be hilarious.  Not to worry America, as always, will save the day.  Uh, no she won’t.  Short of some spectacular revolution this fall, the same old Caligula, D.C. regulars will occupy their same old offices and continue to perpetrate the same old crimes on their constituents.  The people know that the ruling class azzes in Caligula are overwhelmingly corrupt, unprincipled, lying, thieving double D-bags, but for some reason do not think that accurate description applies to their own representatives and senators. 

All 535 ruling class azzes need serious well-funded challengers.   If we do not change a 100 or more in the primary, the general election will probably be for naught.  We have elected Rat Republicans by overwhelming majorities in the last two mid-terms.  What do we have to show for it?

Speaking of corrupt, unprincipled, lying, thieving double D-bags
The Shrilldabeast keeps telling us she has turned over 55,000 e-mails.  Nice.  What got Nixon in trouble wasn’t the hundreds of hours of tapes that he turned over.  It was the 18 minute gap in one of the tapes.  If we had a press corps - or is it corpse – they’d remind the pig in a pantsuit of that bit of cover up history.  Like the 18 minute gap, we’ll never know what the Beast hasn’t turned over.  Maybe it’s just daily bitching to Huma about her slack jawed raping, groping, money grubbing old man.   Maybe it’s hoping her no-talent spawn can land another no-show job for half a million bucks with PMSNBC.  Maybe it’s proof she was keeping up her lesbian affair with a Russian spy while Benghazi burned.  Who knows?  That’s sort of the point.  Right?

Then there’s the lie that the queen of the b*tches never conducted classified business on her private server.  Laughable.  Anyone who has ever had any time on even a lowly government or military staff knows the government classifies everything.  Unless the old, old hag was only discussing paint colors for various embassies, she was dealing with classified material.  Come to think of it, the fact that an embassy was being repainted was probably classified as well. 

Then there’s the rather obvious follow up, “Madam Azzwipe, how could you possibly conduct the business of the State Department effectively and NOT use a classified system when so much of what the department communicates is in fact classified?”  There’s also an obvious answer, “I didn’t conduct the business of State Department effectively.  I was nothing more than a figurehead with a bad figure jetting to and fro to get away from my despicable husband while the real brains at the State Department  - Marie Harf – was making all of the really big and important decisions, like security arrangements in Benghazi.”  Now that’s believable.    

General Petraeus was recently dragged through the mud for giving Paula Broadwell access to classified material.  Broadwell had a security clearance for the material but apparently did not have the need to know the material.  Petraeus was placed on probation and heavily fined. 

The pig in a pantsuit has broadcast government secrets on an unsecured net for all to see and read and will – I’ll wager AFBro’s next check – face no legal repercussion what-so-ever.     It’s like when Sandy Burger got caught stuffing papers from the National Archives into his socks.  “Oh that’s just Sandy,” we were told.  “I can’t tell you how many times Mrs. Burger has found important papers in Sandy’s socks when doing the laundry.  Once she found $200 and that month’s mortgage payment.  That Sandy, what a guy.”

We know the Dopes will get all the breaks from their lapdog media, but it doesn’t make it one bit less frustrating when it happens again, and again, and again…

Yeah, it’s all pretty harsh.  I’ll have something nice to say about the pantsuit load, her creepy old man and their no-talent mini-shrillda when someone explains to me how to pick up a piece of $h!t by the clean end.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Disrespect Trump at your own peril

Last night on Hannity Frank Luntz said that the Trump campaign will lose because “he is always looking for a fight.”  To which the Trump spokesman replied, “We’re not looking for a fight, but if someone wants one we’ll finish it.”  Frank raised hands palms up and shrugged as if to say, see that’s what I mean.

I disagree with Luntz.  What a lot of people are looking for is someone who will not back down to the MSM lapdogs and the swarm of PC BS artist who gather when anyone tells the truth about one of their sacred cows, like illegal aliens.  Remember his impolitic truisms on that issue and refusal to back down are what catapulted Trump to the top of the polls.

Pundits and political opponents who take Trump lightly and resort to name calling like crazy, unserious, rodeo clown, cancer on the Republican party etc. are making a huge mistake.  Trump has attended the best schools.  Trump is worth 10 BILLION DOLLARS – or as the Donald will tell you, he’s very rich.  He has written bestselling books.  He has stared in his own hit TV shows.  He singlehandedly resurrected the commercial value of televised beauty pageants.  He is a magnet for publicity.  He never goes quietly, ask Rosie O’Donnell.

 So why in the world would anyone start out by calling him names?  The Donald is a way more serious candidate than Lindsey Graham, Rick Santorum, George Pataki or Mike Huckabee all of whom have less than a 0% chance of winning in my humble opinion.  Why aren’t the pundits telling those candidates to get out of the race for the good of the party?

If you go after the Donald you do it on substance.  That’s hard to do right now because he has a ground swell of support for the issue the MSM lapdogs wanted to pillory him over.  Rick Perry sounded absolutely unhinged when called the Donald a cancer on the Republican Party.  YGBSM!  Trump is a Caligula, D.C. outsider.  He does not talk in pol speak.  That is refreshing.  Rick Perry tried to tell us illegal aliens were the salt of the earth while the Donald told us they were criminals violating our laws and he’d secure border.  The Donald is clobbering Perry.  Why?  Because he’s right about that issue and Perry is wrong.  If Perry keeps it up, he’ll be well on his way to joining the 0% club.

If Rats want Trump out of the race smoke him out on the issues like single payer healthcare, taxes and abortion.  All of the angst in the Republican Party over Trump is self-generated.  Instead of attacking Trump for being right on the illegal alien issue, candidates ought to be co-opting the success he’s having.  As in “Of course we need to secure our border.  Of course Mexico needs to do more in that effort.”

The AFLCIO forbade its members from accompanying The Donald on a trip to the border yesterday.  Unions are about as popular as biker gangs these days.  They have their small circle of rabid supporters but are avoided by just about everyone else.  I guarantee Trump will do his jujitsu on this snub saying in Trump fashion, “The rank and file love me.  They are doing a wonderful job.  I’ll win most of their votes.  The union bosses are doing a horrible job, just a horrible job. They do not care about their members, who love me because I tell the truth and support them unlike the union bosses who wouldn’t let their rank and file join me today.  That’s why most Americans hate unions.”  He’ll be more popular than ever.  

So the bottom line is to respect Trump and smoke him out on the issues.  He’s a much better at street brawling than any of Caligula, D.C. wimps – right Lindsey.  Any effort to diminish him by name calling will have the Caligula, D.C. crowd licking their wounds and making the Donald appear stronger.

Hell yeah, I’d vote for him before I’d vote anyone on the Dope side and many on the Rat side.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Handicapping the field

I did a mental exercise of ranking the GOP candidates 1 through whatever we’re up to today with a quick after blurb.

Walker:  Tough strong leader.  Doesn’t really care about what the MSM think about him.  He will do what is right.  Won three elections in purple WI.  Smashed teacher’s union in WI and signed bill limiting abortion to 20 weeks.  He flopped on immigration but has since flipped to the correct position.  No college sheepskin – Mr. Everydayman.  Successful governor which is a big plus.

Cruz:  Totally without fear of the Dopes, the Rats and the MSM.  When he and his supporters got called “wacko birds” by John McCain - who always reserves his toughest criticism for fellow Republicans – Cruz did not respond by giving out McCain’s personal cell phone number or questioning McCain’s war record.  Ivy league debate champ who would destroy the pig in a pantsuit in a national debate – even one where “I’ve eaten too much Candy” Crowley inserted her rather rotund self into the debate.  Too bad he’s a senator.  Has the advantage of being a mino.

Fiorina:  Bashes the Shrilldabeast at every opportunity like Bears’ fans bash their hapless QB Jay Cutler.  Very measured, very professional, other than disagreeing with Trump’s tone on immigration, I’ve not heard one thing from her that I disagree with.  A big plus is that she is a non-Caligula, D.C. insider.  Has the advantage of being a member of the majority that is seen as a mino.

Carson:  Honest non-pol who speaks the truth plainly.  Sort of a Donald Trump without the money and bombast.  An amazing story of hope and great accomplishment - sort of the anti-Empty Suit who has a story of flimflam and whining about things that NEVER happened to him in his sheltered affirmative action pass through life.  Carson is the most likable guy in the field.

Jindal: Also a very likeable guy with a great personal story.   He’s a successful governor who communicates well.  Also a visible mino.

Rubio:  Slid out of Lex’s top tier for three reasons: 1) Gang of eight immigration 2) Voted to give TES fast track trade authority 3) Tells us we have to accept the SCOTUS ruling on homosexual marriage, uh, no we don’t.  I’ll accept homosexual marriage when the left accepts the 2nd Amendment. Has a great life’s story.  Articulates conservatism well and may be the best in the field on foreign policy.  Too bad he’s a senator.

Paul:  Libertarian conservative.  Will cave on all manner of social issues.  Best announced tax policy – flat at 14.5%.  Paul can go on campus and into mino communities without being booed.  He’s perhaps the only Republican candidate that can pull that off.  Would definitely expand the GOP base in a general election.  Too bad he’s a senator.

Perry:  Has spent way too much time whining about and name calling of Trump.  Too bad for Perry, Trump is right about immigration and the VA.  When you are as low in the polls as Perry you have to do something to break out.  Hint to Perry and the others: don’t try to break out by attacking Trump.  You will lose.  Perry’s a retread from the last cycle with nothing new to add.

Santorum:  Nice guy.  Strong conservative in a field with a lot of strong conservatives.  Another failed retread from the last cycle.  No reason for him to be in the race this time around.

Christie:  Straight shooter.  Said he’d enforce federal law on sanctuary cities and states that legalized marijuana.  Flopped on immigration and common core, but has since flipped to the correct side.  Disappointing convention speech for Romney.  Perfectly acceptable candidate.
Kasich:  A nice guy, successful governor from an important state.  Why do I get the feeling he’s running for VP?

Bush:  Wrong on immigration.  Wrong on common core.  Kind of a squish on everything else.  He’s the establishment candidate, so he’s immediately suspect.  But I’ve voted for him three times when I lived in FL, so how bad can he be?

Pataki:  Why is this guy in the race?  His platform, like Perry’s, appears to be, Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party.  No.  The Republican Party is destroying the Republican Party.  It really doesn’t need any help.  The GOP is loaded top to bottom with weak Caligula, D.C. go along to get along insiders who wouldn’t tell the truth if you water boarded the bastards (Boehner, McConnell et al) for a week.  The exceptions can be counted before running out of digits on both hands – Cruz and Sessions are a couple of the exceptions.

Huckabee:  Puleeez.

Graham:  Clever TV ad of him destroying his cell phone after Trump announced Graham's personal cell phone number on TV.  Other than that, Graham has “crossed the aisle” so often it’s hard to tell which side the aisle he belongs on.

No I didn’t forget Trump.  How could anyone forget the Donald?  Obviously he’s in a category all his own.  I’ll cover him tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Is there a Republican willing to fight the PC crowd? The world wonders

It’s hard to be a conservative these days.  Not so much because the social tide has turned against everything we hold dear and see that “common sense” isn’t so common anymore to wit: 1) Martin O’Malley says “all lives matter” and gets booed off stage and then is forced to apologize for ever uttering that truism.  2)  Ben Shapiro is verbally attacked and physically threatened for refusing to swap pronouns for a man dressed as a woman, insisting on using “his” and “him” when referring to the man in women’s clothing.  3)  Bruce Jenner is given a heretofore prestigious “courage award” for dressing like a woman in public.  4) Illegal aliens, homosexual couples, trannies and cheap thugs are celebrated while anything Christian is considered intolerant. 5) Big brother is collecting all manner of statistics on you, your employer, your city and your neighborhood for the express purpose unleashing the federal government on you if you are not in compliance with their idea of diversity. 6) Babies are being killed and sold for spare parts and it’s all so ho hum.  7) 5 service members are gunned down by an Islamo-Terror-Fascist who wrote about hating America and wanting to die in a Jihad and the dopes are still looking for a motive for the shootings.  8) A treaty goes to the UN for implementation before the congress gets to vote on it. All of it is just another day in TESland.

Seeing all this stuff is one thing, not seeing anyone supposedly “on our side” fight against the tide is more depressing than the events of the day.  Homosexual marriage is now the law of the land.  Guys “on our side” like Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Mitch McConnell are saying - well the Supreme Court has spoken and we must abide by the law.  When do radical leftist EVER give up on a cause?  Have they quit on the 2nd Amendment?  When they were losing every referendum on homosexual marriage, did they say, “Well, the people have spoken.  We should accept their wishes.”  When the court struck down The Empty Suit's illegal amnesty, did the left go along with the judge’s ruling?

Just as public opinion on abortion is changing in this country, these mealy mouthed leaders of the Republi-RATS would have us shut upon the issue, because after all it’s the law of the land.  I think the reason the Donald has gotten so much traction is that he won’t shut up, and probably does not give a damn about what 5 un-elected unaccountable dopes in black robes think about much of anything. 

The latest Planned Un-Parenthood (PuP) video is more disgusting than the first.  Has anyone asked the mother of all b*tches what she thinks about it?  After all the Shrilldabeast proudly accepted PuP’s Margret Sanger award given to individuals to “recognize excellence and leadership in the reproductive health and rights movement.”  Margret Sanger was a raging racist who referred to black people as weeds.  Sanger’s purpose in supporting abortion in the first place was to cull the black population.  But hey, it isn’t as if there are any pictures of her with a Confederate flag or anything as grotesque as that.

The left will cling to the rape enabling pantsuit load of crap like DiCaprio and Winslet holding onto the rail of the Titanic just before it went under.  Many will be dragged with the lying cheating Queen of all the b*tches just because the old, old hag is a woman.  Well so is Cruella De Vil.  De Vil is a much more sympathetic character, because she just wanted to destroy cartoon puppies.  The sick Shrilldabeast is making her coat from the skin of dead babies.  Isn’t it weird that Dope pols and their MSM lapdogs, Hollywood glitterati et al have more empathy for cartoon puppies than they do for human babies? 

Now we’ve got PuP aborting babies in a “less crunchy” manner so as not to hurt their bottom line when it comes to selling the body parts. And the Margret Sanger Award winner has gotten how many questions on the abhorrent practice?  Uh, nearly one.  Every time a reporter asks a one the 97 Republican candidates what they think about Trump’s latest statement they ought to turn the table on the reporter and say, “I’ll answer that question as soon as you report why the pig an a pantsuit accepted an award named after a racist and what her opinion is on PuP’s “less crunchy” abortion methods to better cash-in on dead babies.”

Oh but just like homosexual weddings, abortion is the law of the land so we need to just shut up and move on – even when we’re winning.  Were Trump staunchly prolife, you know he’d be all over this.  He is not.  Will any other Rat candidate take a page from the Donald’s playbook and speak as forcibly for babies as the Donald has against illegal aliens?  No.  Even though the issue is a winner, the Rats do not want to incur the wrath of the MSM, Hollywood swells or militant feminist who would pillory them for not being PC on the issue.

That is why it is hard to be conservative today.  Not so much that the world has been turned on its head for all the reasons outlined above, it’s hard because there isn’t anyone on our side willing to raise the BS flag and fight.  The nomination is sitting there for the taking for the first candidate to say, secure the border, defund PuP, and return the definition of marriage to the states.  Will any candidate have the courage to run against the tide?  The world wonders.  

The left never stops fighting.  Our side never starts.  The left is exactly like the ITF in that regard and our side is exactly like America.  They are in a constant state of war and we have our heads up our butts trying to convince ourselves that the left isn’t really out to destroy the country.  Wake up America.  They are.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

There's been a breech in the wire on the south 40 of the compound that requires immediate attention. So, no post today.

Monday, July 20, 2015

TES a racist Muslim sypathizer

NOTE:  Unlike The Empty Suit, I've ordered the flags at the compound by lowered to half-staff until the last of the 5 service members murdered by the Islamo-Terror-Fascist in TN have been laid to rest.

Ain’t it amazin that The Empty Suit and his band of half-wits can tie the Confederate Flag to the Charleston, SC shootings before the bodies have reached room temperature but cannot link Islamo-Terror-Fascists to the Ft. Hood shootings - insisting those murders were work place violence - or to the ITF murder of 5 American service members in TN?   When talking about the “isolated incident” or the “lone wolf” murders in TN, TES refused to use the words "terrorism" or "Muslim" or "Islam" or "effing murderous Islamo-Terror-Fascist bastards" for that matter, instead opting to refer to killings as a “heartbreaking circumstance.”  No, a heartbreaking circumstance is missing a six inch putt for the tournament.  Killing five American service members in broad daylight on US soil is war.

Hey DOUCHE!  When these things recur on a regular basis it’s insane to continue to refer to them as “isolated incidents” perpetrated by “lone wolves.”   These incidents are not isolated.  They are all connected by a BS – and really is there any other kind - version of Islam.  Running your empty head a bit further up your skinny azz in denial doesn’t change that fact.  It just makes you look like a weak, uninformed collaborator.

All the lemming MSM azzwipes and Dope pols can smell racism a mile away - like when Mitt Romney used the word “apartment” - but cannot add two plus two and get four when Mohammed Mumbo Jumbo  guns down five men in uniform as to Mohammad's motivation.  “We just do not know what caused Mohammad to perpetrate ‘this senseless act of violence?’”

Anyone who thinks what happened to our military members in TN is “a senseless act of violence” ought to think again.  Take the Islamo-Terror-Fascist attack on Charlie Hebdo.  A senseless act of violence?  No it makes perfect sense to the ITF perpetrating the attack.  And it worked because the attack bullied Charlie Hebdo to stop publishing Mo cartoons.  So I guess there will be no Mo toons at Charlie Hebdo. Get it?

What will be done about the murder of our military members?  Well look, they are all white males, so not much.  There will be no lighting of the Rainbow House in red white and blue in their honor.  There will be no calling one of the slain TES’s would-be son.  There will be no dispatching of DoJ teams to TN or Rainbow House officials to the funerals.  Had these military men been black thugs with long rap sheets of hassling the police, robbing convenient stores, engaging in petty crime, etc. TES could not wait to run the mic and tell America what a racist country it is.

Because the victims are all white men with steady jobs and no police records TES will give them the Kate Steinle treatment; that is  ignore their deaths and more importantly the cause of their death: to wit a BS immigration policy that allows all manner of human trash into the country as long as they are sure to congregate in safe zones and attack the fabric of the nation from within; to wit a BS half azzed military campaign in Iraq, Syria and Iran that allows ITF now under the name ISIS -but it makes no difference what they are calling themselves this week, they are all the same 7th century $h!theads America has been at war with since 1803 – to run amok and recruit new ITF as they embarrass the great Satan at the negotiating table and on the battlefields of the Middle East.

The bottom line here Mr. & Mrs. America is that the sail eared crap stick occupying the Rainbow House is a racist Muslim sympathizer.  I would love to be surprised to find out this race baiting buffoon has spent his days in the Rainbow House compiling race data on all Americans so that he can unleash the federal government’s alphabet soup of heavy-handed agencies on local schools, companies and communities that he feels have not measured up to HIS idea of what is required to sufficiently account for America’s racist nature.  Alas, I am not surprised at all.  I’ve called him the race baiter in chief since the Skip Gates incident – remember that one?  That’s the one where the “cops acted stupidly” and resulted in the beer summit.  That all sounds like ancient history now doesn’t it?

Never mind the circumstances that lead to much of the black poverty, having 4 kids out of wedlock by 4 different fathers, relying on government subsidized everything, dropping out of school, remaining unemployed largely because they are unemployable and the few low-skill jobs that are available go to illegal aliens because of his BS immigration policy - which is to say that there is no immigration policy, it’s all whitey’s fault.  For libs, it always has been and it always will be whitey’s fault.  No amount of affirmative action, reparations, government handouts and a turning a blind eye to the root social problems of inner city poverty will be enough. 

But unlike the so called “moderate Muslim,” - the definition of which by the way is a Muslim who is out ammunition - there are great voices for black Americans.  Kevin Jackson, Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell, Deneen Borelli, Dr. Ben Carson, David Webb, Delroy Mudrock, etc. etc. are but a few and every one has been labeled an Uncle Tom or a house nigger and otherwise have been marginalized by the lefty Libs. 

See if you are black and stand up for this country and tell people that America is still the last best opportunity for you to succeed bases on your own abilities, wits, talent, savvy and drive, if you do ANYTHING other than heap victim status on minos, if you’re black, you’re a house nigger.  If you’re white, you’re a racist.  This is TES’s post-racial America.

Lemmesee, I started with a rant on TES’s reaction to ITF murders of 5 service members and ended with a rant on TES’s race baiting in America.  Hmm.  I’m already long so I’ll let the reader connect these two in some way that makes sense to them.

Friday, July 17, 2015

The real dung of the devil strikes again

Well, well, well another practitioner of the religion of peace strikes again.  Muhammed Mumbo Jumbo gunned down 4 Marines at a reserve center in TN.  Now there is a long line of MSM azzbags, Hollywood types and Dope politicians acting all shocked and surprised that such an event could happen right here in the good ol’ US of A. First, I’m shocked and surprised that anyone is shocked and surprised.  Snakes do what snakes do.  Rats do what rats do.  I am never surprised when someone is mauled by their “pet” tiger.  A tiger is going to do what a tiger does.

How can anyone be shocked and surprised anymore by what these people do?  We’ve seen the videos of them pitching homosexuals off of tall buildings, slicing off people’s heads, drowning dozens in cages, setting others on fire, mass kidnappings and rape of children and on and on.  By contrast to the regular course of Islamo-Terror-Fascist behavior, what happened to our Marines looks down right civilized.  All of this and more in the name of Islam, yet Pope Homer calls capitalism the “dung of the devil.”  Sorry Homer, you could not be more wrong.

Next, it’s time to admit that this isn’t the “good ol’ US of A” anymore.  60 years of a lefty Lib agenda has us killing babies to harvest their body parts, graduating seniors from high school who cannot read, write, find America on a map, add, subtract, multiply or divide, ignoring the courage of a woman with brain cancer to compete on the collegiate basketball court in order honor the “courage” of man who likes to wear women’s clothes, forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to fund abortions and provide birth control, forcing others to participate in Bruce and Harlan’s wedding, condemning anyone standing for religious tolerance as bigots, shelling out defense dollars to preform sex change operations while cutting the fighting force by another 40,000, purging our history to accommodate tender snowflakes who cannot have their kitten soft sensibilities shaken by the mere mention of one of the nation’s founders or Civil War heroes, acting like fascists who have no good arguments for the problems of the day so they shout “shut up” by calling anyone who disagrees with the leftist agenda a bigot, homophobe, racist, denier etc. etc.

Next, and I’ve mentioned this I do not know how many times, but here it is again: We’ve at war with radical Islam since 1803 and the Barbary Pirates.  Well they have been at war with us.  We vacillate between tolerating their acts of war, treating those act of war as if they were street crimes and occasionally getting POd enough to bomb the crap out of them.  We have never had a long-term national strategy to deal with these murderous dopes.  That strategy would look like 1) energy independence 2) isolating Iran 3) killing the SOBs and anyone who collaborated with them 4) giving Israel a free hand to deal with the Palestinians and other bad actors in their neighborhood,  That would be a good start.

Instead we’re married to and subsidizing failed, expensive and next to useless renewable energy, paving the way for Iran to get a nuclear bomb, playing footsie with ISIS and treating Israel as if it were the enemy creating havoc in the world.  At home we’re importing potential Muslim terrorists, letting them congregate in sharia compliant neighborhoods and warning everyone not paint with too broad a brush when the inevitable terrorist shoots someone.  I suppose when they start to blow themselves up in pizza shops after the Friday night football game or on a school bus, it’ll be OK to utter a profanity or two at the a-holes, but probably not.

I actually heard one idiot say that if Mohammad Mumbo Jumbo was inspired by ISIS it would mark the first ISIS inspired attack on US soil.  YGBSM!  It doesn’t matter.  It’s as if there is a pack of 20 dogs terrorizing the neighborhood.  Well, that is the first time the German Shepard in the pack ever bit anyone.  The breed doesn’t matter anymore than the stupid name the ITF identify under.  It is radical Islam that is the problem not the name they give themselves.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Your tax dollars hard at work

Several posts under, Lex reported that Pope Homer – Simpson that is not the other Homer – called capitalism the dung of the devil.  Now we learn that Planned Un-Parenthood is selling aborted baby parts.  I guess the pope would have call that pure unadulterated evil and grotesque practice the nose candy or snot of the devil.  Well?  What’s left?  The devil’s most vile discharge is already reserved for capitalism. 

I wonder if the pope and the USCCB can find a minute to pull their collective heads out of their butts, firmly planted there looking for proof of global warming, to rally the faithful anew against this horror movie unfolding before us in real life.  I do not think St. Peter will buy the bishops’s excuse of silence on this because, “We were busy thwarting global warming.”  Before Pope Homer decided to use his voice to combat capitalism, global warm-mongering and buying too much stuff, you might have heard him speak out against government sponsored religious persecution of the kind being leveled against the Little Sisters of the Poor or this new twist in the battle against abortion.

Sadly, the pope’s voice, time and presence is limited.   You cannot be outraged by everything.   Uh, unless you’re running a blog then you actually have to be outraged by everything or what’s the point.  So the pope calls capitalism the dung of the devil then when real evil surfaces – like selling aborted baby parts - there’s nothing left.  So what happens is the pope's voice is diminished by referring to something that he admits he knows little about as the dung of the devil.  Then when something arises that is well within his wheelhouse he’s got nothing.  It’s hard to take him seriously at that point.  I’ve obviously hit that point.  I wouldn’t refer to him as Pope Homer if I thought he was going to have anything useful to say outside the Catholic catechism.

The most aggravating thing about this PP story is that it’s your tax dollars going to fund this kind of Dr. Mengele “research.”  Tax dollars are provide to PP supposedly to support cancer screening and other women’s health concerns.  Now mind you, we always knew that PP makes millions off of providing abortions.  Now we know that they are profiting from selling aborted baby parts.  Why taxpayer dollars are necessary for the other activities is beyond me, especially since we now have “free healthcare.”

Another aggravation is the matter-of-fact way PP and their MSM lemming lapdogs dismiss the obvious horror of the story.  They tell us PP doesn’t profit the sales because the sales are directed through a third a party.  In other words PP is laundering the body parts money through an on-site “biotech firm” before depositing the check.  If Louie and Tony Sapanizzi tried that with third party liquor sales, it’d be called racketeering.

These government hacks, MSM lemmings and PP azzholes express no horror or regret at the practice of snuffing out one life to provide research material to supposedly save other lives.  That is exactly was what the Nazi did.  They tried to justify much of the horror they inflicted on their Jewish victims by invoking the name of science.   These PP dumbazzes are still referring to the baby as an unviable tissue mass but are selling intact hearts, lungs, livers and entire heads for research.  Those two don’t square.

It seems to me if we had an opposition party federal funding for PP would be suspended immediately.  No.  I don’t give a $h!t if the sail eared excrement stick in the Oval Office vetoes it.  Make him and the Dopes vote on it every month until the Nov. 16 elections.   Sadly, there is no opposition to The Empty Suit.

Hey Mr. & Mrs. America the German people tried to claim that they didn’t know what the Nazis were up to.  70 years later they are still trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered national identity.  What is going on at PP is a disgusting practice that should give all Americans pause.  For some, maybe most, it does not even register.  Dear God is it possible for us sink any lower?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The art of the deal by John Kerry: You can get a deal if you are willing to give everything away

Among the plethora of other perfectly good reasons to pan John Francois Kerry’s monumental failure to negotiate a sound deal with the Iranians there is this: The Islamic term taqiyya.  Taqiyya generally permits Muslims to deceive infidels without incurring any penalty from Allah or other Islamo-Terror-Fascists for being lying, conniving, dishonest, untrustworthy, manipulative $h!theads.   That’s right Mr. & Mrs. America Muslim are permitted to swear to their god that they are telling the truth, the whole and nothing but the truth so help them Allah and then proceed to lie their worthless azzes off as long the lying is done to naive infidels like Cambodian war hero John Kerry during nuclear arms talks.

Mohammed himself used taqiyya to spread Islam in the early days of the religion promising this tribal group this or that just long enough to bring them into the fold and kill all of their chieftains.  I’m no theologian, but I think I read somewhere that taqiyya is how the Islamic “satanic verses” acknowledging polytheism came to be.  Mohammed was trying to co-opt a certain sect that practiced polytheism.  So Mohammed acknowledged their gods long enough to bring that sect into his sect and then returned to the “there is no other god but Allah” brand of Islam, leaving the co-opted Arabs, those who survived Mohammed’s purge anyway, to wonder, WTF?  Allah is apparently pleased by such deceit.

I suspect this deal will blow up on the pompous John Kerry like a Jason Pierre-Paul fireworks show.  Kerry, of course, will be long gone from the State Dep. when Iran sets off its first nuke.  He’ll be somewhere giving a speech for $250,000 with his Nobel Peace Prize medal around his scrawny neck blowing on and on about how he outsmarted the Iranians and the true art of negotiation.  When the Iranian bomb goes off, maybe over Tel Aviv, Kerry ever the pompous azzbag will brag that it was he – John Francois Kerry - who kept the Iranians from going nuclear for 5 years.   In that pompous droning voice he’ll actually brag that the Iranians would have nuked the Israelis months ago had it not been for the hard line he took at the negotiating table in the summer of 2015.

This is what is called success today: delaying what they call the inevitable.  The Iranians will get a bomb we might as well delay it for as long as possible.  O’Really took that BS line last night on his increasingly unwatchable TV show.  According to Billbo the sanctions were going to fall apart so this deal was about as good a deal as could be gotten given that the Europeans were beginning to cave on Iranian sanctions anyway.

It used to be called American leadership.  The Americans would keep the sanctions in place by telling the Euroweenies, “You can do business with us or the Iranians.  Who is it going to be?”  Ever the nervous nellies, the Euroweenies would worry about Russia cutting off gas and oil supplies to them.  That is a perfect scenario for an oil and gas boom in the US.  We could supply Europe with steady supply of energy and in the process revive the moribund US economy with the oil, gas and shipbuilding industries leading the way.  In the process we could drive a stake into the heart of the Iranian and Russian economies. 

Dopes and the MSM and the let’s split the baby crowd like O’Really would poo poo any idea that America was great enough to keep the sanctions in place by profiting off energy sales to Europe.  Maybe that plan is too simplistic.  Perhaps it is as simplistic as Kerry’s plan is a danger to world peace and nuclear proliferation.  I’d say, “No.  It’s not inevitable that Iran will a bomb,” and walk away from negotiations.  Now they are assured to have a bomb in 5-10 years.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Catch up Tuesday

Pope adds 8th deadly sin - capitalism
If Pope Homer and the USCCB want to take the Catholic Church down a rat hole on some absurd theological issue fine, but the church shouldn’t be dragged into that rat hole by supporting stupid political views.  Pope Homer, hot off his screed on global warm-mongering, recently claimed that “unfettered capitalism is the dung of the devil.”  What?  Capitalism is the dung of the devil and not say the big 7 - lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy or pride?  Or disease, totalitarianism in all of its forms, war, poverty, ignorance, pornography, slavery, religious persecution, famine or addiction?  Capitalism is the dung of the devil?  YGBSM.

First off, aside from criminal enterprises such as drugs and prostitution, which are by definition illegal, where in the world does “unfettered capitalism” exist?  Don’t rack your brain.  It doesn’t.  The pope knows it doesn’t.  So what’s his point?  His point is to demonize the word “capitalism.”  Capitalism has done more good for more people in the world – including the Catholic Church – than anything else.  Where does the pope think Catholic Charities get the bulk their donations?  From Communist Cuba, China, Venezuela?  I don’t think so.

I think the pope is a Marxist.  I wish he and the USCCB would limit their comments to things affecting the Catholic faith which grew under the last two popes and is now going to go into a steep slide if politics become more important this pope and the bishops than the gospel.   The Protestant Church tried going down this road years ago.  Their pews are empty as a result and gave rise to the evangelicals.  If the pope and the bishops want to destroy the church, keep going down political rat holes.  

Speaking of Global Warm-Mongering
Here’s all you need to know.  They'll be ice skating on the Tames again soon.  

The Donald update
I heard some idiot talking head on TV complaining that the Donald was raging on about illegal immigration again because he gets so much publicity on the issue.  OK why does he get so much publicity?  Well the MSM azzwipes tried to destroy him on the issue.  That’s why. 

But the Donald has a higher IQ than whole bunch combined.  They thought they could shame him into restating and apologizing 10,000 times for his original statement.  He made the media look like the fools that they are every time they tried nail him the issue.   Trump’s mastery over the media on this issue can be summed up in one line, “Someone is doing the raping Don.” 

Now Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo has joined the chattering class and Rat Establishment bastard by threatening the Donald.  The Donald has responded by telling the MSM that he’d kick el Chapo’s azz.  He’s not in my top five of preferred candidates, but Trump has the fire I wish every other establishment Rat Republican had.

Speaking of top five.  Scott Walker is now officially in the race.  As such, I am officially a Walker/Cruz Cruz/Walker guy. 

Non-deal deal with Iran
The Empty Suit is on TV right now.  Let me boil it down for you.  He’s telling Iran, “If you like your nukes you can keep your nukes.”   Unlike when he lies to the American people about their healthcare plans, in excrement head speak in this case, he means that the Iranians will be able to keep their nukes.  Why any rational person trust this pant load crap is well beyond me.  Here’s one problem.  Iran will lie to us.  Here’s another.  TES and band of lying thieving weasels will lie to us.  So both sides will lie straight to our faces.

The only way to verify this deal is to let the Little Sisters of the Poor monitor both sides.  The Sisters would have to monitor that the Iranians aren’t violating the deal and they’d have to monitor that our State Dep. the UN and NATO $h!ts aren’t lying to us about the Iranians violating the deal.

TES brags to us that all Iranian sites are open to inspectors.  He forget to tell us that we have to tell the Ayatollahs which site will be inspected and when.  Anyone who is familiar with drug testing knows that if you announce who is going to be tested a week before the test, everyone will miraculously come up clean. 

If you want to know if the deal is any good forget about listening to the opinions of any of the Caligula, D.C. ruling class thieves.  Listen to what Israel has to say about it.  Then watch the other Arab Gulf states.  They will let their opinion about the deal be known.  Watch what they do.  The Gulf Arabs don’t build nukes the old fashion way, they will just buy them.

$h!t for brains is still droning on.  He’s getting to the wrap up where he will tell us the deal is better than going to war with Iran which he will claim is what anyone who opposes the deal is advocating for.  That or they are just racists. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Stupid Republicans, but I repeat myself

The debate is over.  No, not on global warm-mongering but rather on the Confederate flag flying on the statehouse grounds in SC.  SC pols voted to remove the flag and place it in a museum.  It will be lowered this morning.

What I missed in all of the grand speechifying by Republicans was the fact that Demo-Dopes put the damned thing up in the first place.  You’d think Republicans would be hammering that point like a black smith hammering out a new set shoes for the famous team of Budweiser Clydesdales.  They don’t.  They’re idiots.   

Ann Coulter makes the point but not the Republicans in SC.  Then in a bit of jujitsu the Dopes take to the floor and act all indignant about a flag their party hoisted up in the first place and blame the Republicans.  Stupid Republicans don’t even try to get the history corrected and instead talk about southern pride.  It’s also a perfect time to remind blacks in SC and across the country that it was Dopes who supported slavery in the 1860s and raised the Confederate flag over the SC Statehouse in the 1960s.  It was and is the GOP who removed the flag both times.  They don’t do it.  They are idiots.

This issue was not limited to the confines of the SC Statehouse.  Race baiting Dopes took to floor of the US House of Representatives to stoke the flames of racism.  Grandstanding Dopes placed a Confederate flag on floor and then made speeches denouncing it.  No Republicans took the floor to say, “It’s about time you took a stand against the Democrat flag.  What took you so long?  Is the memory of famous Dope senator and Dope leader of the senate and KKK Grand Kleegel Robert Byrd finally enough of a distant memory to allow you to find your voice on this?  Welcome to our side.”  Of course they didn’t.  They are total idiots.

The good news in all of this is that the murder of people of color in Chicago will plummet now because the Confederate battle flag was removed from the SC Statehouse grounds.  Who knew Chicago was such a hotbed of Confederate sympathizers?  Tiny little Ft. Wayne, IN had 9 people shot over the weekend.  Police are looking for guys with Confederate tattoos.  Black ministers here held a “black lives matter” rally, but sadly no pictures of the perp(s) in proximity of a Confederate flag could be found.  Baltimore should also experience some relief from its spike in violent crime, because as a border state, MD’s loyalties to the Union have always been suspect.  Bringing down the Confederate flag in SC will solve many of Baltimore’s crime problems.

That of course is all BS.  Chicago, Ft. Wayne and Baltimore’s crime problems and murder rates have not one thing to with the Confederate flag.  98% of it is black on black crime.  What flag needs to be removed to stem the tide of that violence?  Dopes don't mention what needs to be done to stem black lives matter on black lives matter crime.  Those lives matter but apparently not enough for any Dope to talk about it and make serious recommendations on what needs to be done about it.

In order to avoid running afoul of the NSA, FBI, CIA, IRS, DHS, VA and the rest of the government alphabet soup, I've a "NOT" in front of "sympathizer" in the post under, as in "I am NOT a Nazi sympathizer."  I've also sacked the editor on that piece.  Now we have to wait to see if the NSA collection system tracks updates or once the post hit was Lex tagged a Nazi sympathizer for all time.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

It happens and the rise of the American Taliban

Coincidences happen
The coincidence(s) of the Chinese stock market tanking at the same time the NYSE, United Airlines and the Wall Street Journal were all experiencing “technical glitches” reminds me of the time I was struck by lightning just after being run over by an albino midget on a unicycle while I was being mauled by a polar bear in my driveway on Feb 29, during a total eclipse of the sun.  Thank goodness that the EMTs chose that precise moment to pay a first ever courtesy call on us and Ms. Lex decide for the first time ever to clean her 12 gage shotgun in the garage while it was loaded with three deer slugs.  As Forest Gump put it, “It happens.”

While the Chi-Coms are the chief suspects in the hacking of the federal government’s OPM and stealing the personnel records of millions of federal employees, we’re told that yesterday’s events were totally random coincidences.  I do not know what happened, but I do not believe that yesterday’s events were coincidental.  Maybe one of them was, but someone perpetrated one or two of the events.

Confederate memorabilia UPDATED "Not" added in front of sympathezer
Full disclosure:  I own and display a Nazi NCO’s parade dagger.  I am not Nazi.  I do NOT sympathize with Nazi Germany’s policies or politics.  The dagger was a gift.  It’s a bit of history.  It’s kind of cool.

Bubba Taliban Watson said he was going to paint over the Confederate flag atop an original General Lee car from the old tv show The Duke’s of Hazard.  Bubba, if you do that, you are as big a dope as your first name would suggest.  The car is a relic of an old tv show.  It’s private property, and it should be left alone.  That said, it's yours.  Do what you want with it.

There is a huge difference between what private citizens do and what our government sponsors.  Watson can cave to pressure but it will be a signal of a weak constitution rather than a signal he’s no fan of the Confederate flag.  Hey Bubba!  How long have you owned that car?  Has the flag ever bother you before?  Why now?  Bubba is a cave meister.  Caving to PC BS. 

Take the road Kid Rock took when Rev? Al Not-So-Sharpton’s group told him he had to remove the Confederate flag from his performances.  Rock sent word that they could kiss his ass.  I understand that Rock has a black son.  It’s doubtful that the flags used in Rock’s shows are meant as racial slurs to anyone. 

The Taliban wing of the Dope party who set about being offended by all manner of things American are interested in rewriting our history.  The American flag, the Jefferson and Washington Memorials are already under assault.  There is also call to rename Washington D.C.   I concur with that one.  Rename it Caligula D.C. the match the character of most of the people occupying its confines.

The America Taliban are everywhere these days.  The Gaystapo is a major wing of the American Taliban shutting down free speech and religious freedom wherever they can.  NASCAR, Macy’s, and the PGA all caved to the “open borders” wing of the American Taliban who are attacking Donald Trump for telling the truth about ILLEGAL immigration.  The race baiting wing of the American Taliban are everywhere ending every argument by calling the other guy a racist.  The Global Warm-mongering wing of the American Taliban call their detractors “deniers” and “anti-science.”  In every case the goal is to get people to shut up and stop making arguments that cannot be refuted by the American Taliban. 

I predict that soon the American Taliban will start to jail people for speaking out.  In WI they have already used police assets to terrorize and silence political enemies.  In OR the American Taliban state slapped a six figure fine on a baker who would not participate in homosexual wedding.  For good measure the state told the bakery that they could not speak publicly about the case.  To their credit, the bakers told the state to go eff themselves and gave as interviews about the situation as they could book.  Good for them.

The American Taliban is co-opting PC BS to shut everyone up.  This particularly true on America’s college campuses where discussion should be the most open and robust.