Friday, July 31, 2015


Father Guarnizo went full Trump on Cardinal Dolan for Dolan’s BS political hit piece on the Donald.  Father G makes many of the points about Cardinal Dolan that Lex has made about the Pope Homer type leadership the entire church has fallen into.

Speaking of Pope Homer, Homer is worried about the persecution of Christians by “Islamic extremism” and “repressive governments” to the point that it has become “a form of genocide.”  Homer wants leaders to speak out about “religio-ethnic cleansing.” 

When the pope visits America he will be visiting one of the “repressive governments” sponsoring “religio-ethnic cleansing” or at least ignoring those who are.  Maybe Pope Homer and Cardinal Dolan can get a pizza at Memories Pizza in Indiana.  That was the one shut down the Gaystapo and their fascist supporters for having the temerity to say they’d refuse to cater Steve and Harvey’s wedding.  Maybe after that they can have a picture taken at one of photography studios under attack by the homosexual fascists.  Then get some flowers at one the florist shops under attack by homosexual anarchists.  All the while, America being a capitalist economy, they will have to traipse through the devil’s dung to do it. 

But hey not a word about the Planned Un-Parenthood scandal or the political party that supports PuP and by extension the horror going on therein.

I’m pretty much done donating more than a buck for the light bill to the Marxists azzbags running the Catholic Church these days.   

H8ers gonna H8
Well no matter how bad your day gets at least you are not Lion murderer Walter Palmer.  Get this.  The Empty Suit is going after Palmer with more vigor than he went after the murderers of four US citizens in Benghazi or the murderers in Planned Un-Parenthood.  Well Palmer is an easier target than one and less an ally of the Dope Party than the other.  So it all makes sense.

At least you are not Tom Brady who for some reason is being dumped on by sports know-nothings for not accepting Commissioner Roger Goodell’s high-handed and onerous punishment.  How would you like to be fined a million dollars for something in court and then when you go to appeal the sentence the same judge decides your appeal?  That’s what happened to Brady. 

The NFL is dumber than a box of rocks.  Their contention is that Tom Bray is responsible for the air pressure in the balls before a league championship game.  YGBSM!  With regard to the destroyed phone, Brady ought to have some fun with the NFL and release a statement, “I didn’t want the league to know which teams I was betting on.”  That would be hilarious and send Goodell into apoplectic shock.  It would have the added benefit of changing the subject.

At least you’re not an ESPN Tim Tebow hater just as rumors are breaking that Tebow might make the Eagle’s roster.  Merrill Hodge will have to go back onto suicide watch.

NOTE:  No lions were harmed in the production of this blog.

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