Friday, July 10, 2015

Stupid Republicans, but I repeat myself

The debate is over.  No, not on global warm-mongering but rather on the Confederate flag flying on the statehouse grounds in SC.  SC pols voted to remove the flag and place it in a museum.  It will be lowered this morning.

What I missed in all of the grand speechifying by Republicans was the fact that Demo-Dopes put the damned thing up in the first place.  You’d think Republicans would be hammering that point like a black smith hammering out a new set shoes for the famous team of Budweiser Clydesdales.  They don’t.  They’re idiots.   

Ann Coulter makes the point but not the Republicans in SC.  Then in a bit of jujitsu the Dopes take to the floor and act all indignant about a flag their party hoisted up in the first place and blame the Republicans.  Stupid Republicans don’t even try to get the history corrected and instead talk about southern pride.  It’s also a perfect time to remind blacks in SC and across the country that it was Dopes who supported slavery in the 1860s and raised the Confederate flag over the SC Statehouse in the 1960s.  It was and is the GOP who removed the flag both times.  They don’t do it.  They are idiots.

This issue was not limited to the confines of the SC Statehouse.  Race baiting Dopes took to floor of the US House of Representatives to stoke the flames of racism.  Grandstanding Dopes placed a Confederate flag on floor and then made speeches denouncing it.  No Republicans took the floor to say, “It’s about time you took a stand against the Democrat flag.  What took you so long?  Is the memory of famous Dope senator and Dope leader of the senate and KKK Grand Kleegel Robert Byrd finally enough of a distant memory to allow you to find your voice on this?  Welcome to our side.”  Of course they didn’t.  They are total idiots.

The good news in all of this is that the murder of people of color in Chicago will plummet now because the Confederate battle flag was removed from the SC Statehouse grounds.  Who knew Chicago was such a hotbed of Confederate sympathizers?  Tiny little Ft. Wayne, IN had 9 people shot over the weekend.  Police are looking for guys with Confederate tattoos.  Black ministers here held a “black lives matter” rally, but sadly no pictures of the perp(s) in proximity of a Confederate flag could be found.  Baltimore should also experience some relief from its spike in violent crime, because as a border state, MD’s loyalties to the Union have always been suspect.  Bringing down the Confederate flag in SC will solve many of Baltimore’s crime problems.

That of course is all BS.  Chicago, Ft. Wayne and Baltimore’s crime problems and murder rates have not one thing to with the Confederate flag.  98% of it is black on black crime.  What flag needs to be removed to stem the tide of that violence?  Dopes don't mention what needs to be done to stem black lives matter on black lives matter crime.  Those lives matter but apparently not enough for any Dope to talk about it and make serious recommendations on what needs to be done about it.

In order to avoid running afoul of the NSA, FBI, CIA, IRS, DHS, VA and the rest of the government alphabet soup, I've a "NOT" in front of "sympathizer" in the post under, as in "I am NOT a Nazi sympathizer."  I've also sacked the editor on that piece.  Now we have to wait to see if the NSA collection system tracks updates or once the post hit was Lex tagged a Nazi sympathizer for all time.

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