Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The art of the deal by John Kerry: You can get a deal if you are willing to give everything away

Among the plethora of other perfectly good reasons to pan John Francois Kerry’s monumental failure to negotiate a sound deal with the Iranians there is this: The Islamic term taqiyya.  Taqiyya generally permits Muslims to deceive infidels without incurring any penalty from Allah or other Islamo-Terror-Fascists for being lying, conniving, dishonest, untrustworthy, manipulative $h!theads.   That’s right Mr. & Mrs. America Muslim are permitted to swear to their god that they are telling the truth, the whole and nothing but the truth so help them Allah and then proceed to lie their worthless azzes off as long the lying is done to naive infidels like Cambodian war hero John Kerry during nuclear arms talks.

Mohammed himself used taqiyya to spread Islam in the early days of the religion promising this tribal group this or that just long enough to bring them into the fold and kill all of their chieftains.  I’m no theologian, but I think I read somewhere that taqiyya is how the Islamic “satanic verses” acknowledging polytheism came to be.  Mohammed was trying to co-opt a certain sect that practiced polytheism.  So Mohammed acknowledged their gods long enough to bring that sect into his sect and then returned to the “there is no other god but Allah” brand of Islam, leaving the co-opted Arabs, those who survived Mohammed’s purge anyway, to wonder, WTF?  Allah is apparently pleased by such deceit.

I suspect this deal will blow up on the pompous John Kerry like a Jason Pierre-Paul fireworks show.  Kerry, of course, will be long gone from the State Dep. when Iran sets off its first nuke.  He’ll be somewhere giving a speech for $250,000 with his Nobel Peace Prize medal around his scrawny neck blowing on and on about how he outsmarted the Iranians and the true art of negotiation.  When the Iranian bomb goes off, maybe over Tel Aviv, Kerry ever the pompous azzbag will brag that it was he – John Francois Kerry - who kept the Iranians from going nuclear for 5 years.   In that pompous droning voice he’ll actually brag that the Iranians would have nuked the Israelis months ago had it not been for the hard line he took at the negotiating table in the summer of 2015.

This is what is called success today: delaying what they call the inevitable.  The Iranians will get a bomb we might as well delay it for as long as possible.  O’Really took that BS line last night on his increasingly unwatchable TV show.  According to Billbo the sanctions were going to fall apart so this deal was about as good a deal as could be gotten given that the Europeans were beginning to cave on Iranian sanctions anyway.

It used to be called American leadership.  The Americans would keep the sanctions in place by telling the Euroweenies, “You can do business with us or the Iranians.  Who is it going to be?”  Ever the nervous nellies, the Euroweenies would worry about Russia cutting off gas and oil supplies to them.  That is a perfect scenario for an oil and gas boom in the US.  We could supply Europe with steady supply of energy and in the process revive the moribund US economy with the oil, gas and shipbuilding industries leading the way.  In the process we could drive a stake into the heart of the Iranian and Russian economies. 

Dopes and the MSM and the let’s split the baby crowd like O’Really would poo poo any idea that America was great enough to keep the sanctions in place by profiting off energy sales to Europe.  Maybe that plan is too simplistic.  Perhaps it is as simplistic as Kerry’s plan is a danger to world peace and nuclear proliferation.  I’d say, “No.  It’s not inevitable that Iran will a bomb,” and walk away from negotiations.  Now they are assured to have a bomb in 5-10 years.

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