Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Is there a Republican willing to fight the PC crowd? The world wonders

It’s hard to be a conservative these days.  Not so much because the social tide has turned against everything we hold dear and see that “common sense” isn’t so common anymore to wit: 1) Martin O’Malley says “all lives matter” and gets booed off stage and then is forced to apologize for ever uttering that truism.  2)  Ben Shapiro is verbally attacked and physically threatened for refusing to swap pronouns for a man dressed as a woman, insisting on using “his” and “him” when referring to the man in women’s clothing.  3)  Bruce Jenner is given a heretofore prestigious “courage award” for dressing like a woman in public.  4) Illegal aliens, homosexual couples, trannies and cheap thugs are celebrated while anything Christian is considered intolerant. 5) Big brother is collecting all manner of statistics on you, your employer, your city and your neighborhood for the express purpose unleashing the federal government on you if you are not in compliance with their idea of diversity. 6) Babies are being killed and sold for spare parts and it’s all so ho hum.  7) 5 service members are gunned down by an Islamo-Terror-Fascist who wrote about hating America and wanting to die in a Jihad and the dopes are still looking for a motive for the shootings.  8) A treaty goes to the UN for implementation before the congress gets to vote on it. All of it is just another day in TESland.

Seeing all this stuff is one thing, not seeing anyone supposedly “on our side” fight against the tide is more depressing than the events of the day.  Homosexual marriage is now the law of the land.  Guys “on our side” like Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Mitch McConnell are saying - well the Supreme Court has spoken and we must abide by the law.  When do radical leftist EVER give up on a cause?  Have they quit on the 2nd Amendment?  When they were losing every referendum on homosexual marriage, did they say, “Well, the people have spoken.  We should accept their wishes.”  When the court struck down The Empty Suit's illegal amnesty, did the left go along with the judge’s ruling?

Just as public opinion on abortion is changing in this country, these mealy mouthed leaders of the Republi-RATS would have us shut upon the issue, because after all it’s the law of the land.  I think the reason the Donald has gotten so much traction is that he won’t shut up, and probably does not give a damn about what 5 un-elected unaccountable dopes in black robes think about much of anything. 

The latest Planned Un-Parenthood (PuP) video is more disgusting than the first.  Has anyone asked the mother of all b*tches what she thinks about it?  After all the Shrilldabeast proudly accepted PuP’s Margret Sanger award given to individuals to “recognize excellence and leadership in the reproductive health and rights movement.”  Margret Sanger was a raging racist who referred to black people as weeds.  Sanger’s purpose in supporting abortion in the first place was to cull the black population.  But hey, it isn’t as if there are any pictures of her with a Confederate flag or anything as grotesque as that.

The left will cling to the rape enabling pantsuit load of crap like DiCaprio and Winslet holding onto the rail of the Titanic just before it went under.  Many will be dragged with the lying cheating Queen of all the b*tches just because the old, old hag is a woman.  Well so is Cruella De Vil.  De Vil is a much more sympathetic character, because she just wanted to destroy cartoon puppies.  The sick Shrilldabeast is making her coat from the skin of dead babies.  Isn’t it weird that Dope pols and their MSM lapdogs, Hollywood glitterati et al have more empathy for cartoon puppies than they do for human babies? 

Now we’ve got PuP aborting babies in a “less crunchy” manner so as not to hurt their bottom line when it comes to selling the body parts. And the Margret Sanger Award winner has gotten how many questions on the abhorrent practice?  Uh, nearly one.  Every time a reporter asks a one the 97 Republican candidates what they think about Trump’s latest statement they ought to turn the table on the reporter and say, “I’ll answer that question as soon as you report why the pig an a pantsuit accepted an award named after a racist and what her opinion is on PuP’s “less crunchy” abortion methods to better cash-in on dead babies.”

Oh but just like homosexual weddings, abortion is the law of the land so we need to just shut up and move on – even when we’re winning.  Were Trump staunchly prolife, you know he’d be all over this.  He is not.  Will any other Rat candidate take a page from the Donald’s playbook and speak as forcibly for babies as the Donald has against illegal aliens?  No.  Even though the issue is a winner, the Rats do not want to incur the wrath of the MSM, Hollywood swells or militant feminist who would pillory them for not being PC on the issue.

That is why it is hard to be conservative today.  Not so much that the world has been turned on its head for all the reasons outlined above, it’s hard because there isn’t anyone on our side willing to raise the BS flag and fight.  The nomination is sitting there for the taking for the first candidate to say, secure the border, defund PuP, and return the definition of marriage to the states.  Will any candidate have the courage to run against the tide?  The world wonders.  

The left never stops fighting.  Our side never starts.  The left is exactly like the ITF in that regard and our side is exactly like America.  They are in a constant state of war and we have our heads up our butts trying to convince ourselves that the left isn’t really out to destroy the country.  Wake up America.  They are.

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From the Griffin...
Today I sent emails to US senators. I do not expect a response. Here is what I sent.

What does it say about legislators that would now vote to fund a federal governments role in enabling the negotiating, selling, removing, and profiting of healthy fetal organs and body parts? This is so wrong that I cannot believe I am sitting here and writing you. Collecting taxes to be used to fund abortions and sell the body parts to the highest bidder is not political. It is abhorrent and sick. It is no different than the human depravity rendered by Dr. Josef Mengele. This government has gone very wrong. Please move quickly to end this practice and incarcerate those in violation of any laws. And may God forgive us.