Thursday, July 09, 2015

It happens and the rise of the American Taliban

Coincidences happen
The coincidence(s) of the Chinese stock market tanking at the same time the NYSE, United Airlines and the Wall Street Journal were all experiencing “technical glitches” reminds me of the time I was struck by lightning just after being run over by an albino midget on a unicycle while I was being mauled by a polar bear in my driveway on Feb 29, during a total eclipse of the sun.  Thank goodness that the EMTs chose that precise moment to pay a first ever courtesy call on us and Ms. Lex decide for the first time ever to clean her 12 gage shotgun in the garage while it was loaded with three deer slugs.  As Forest Gump put it, “It happens.”

While the Chi-Coms are the chief suspects in the hacking of the federal government’s OPM and stealing the personnel records of millions of federal employees, we’re told that yesterday’s events were totally random coincidences.  I do not know what happened, but I do not believe that yesterday’s events were coincidental.  Maybe one of them was, but someone perpetrated one or two of the events.

Confederate memorabilia UPDATED "Not" added in front of sympathezer
Full disclosure:  I own and display a Nazi NCO’s parade dagger.  I am not Nazi.  I do NOT sympathize with Nazi Germany’s policies or politics.  The dagger was a gift.  It’s a bit of history.  It’s kind of cool.

Bubba Taliban Watson said he was going to paint over the Confederate flag atop an original General Lee car from the old tv show The Duke’s of Hazard.  Bubba, if you do that, you are as big a dope as your first name would suggest.  The car is a relic of an old tv show.  It’s private property, and it should be left alone.  That said, it's yours.  Do what you want with it.

There is a huge difference between what private citizens do and what our government sponsors.  Watson can cave to pressure but it will be a signal of a weak constitution rather than a signal he’s no fan of the Confederate flag.  Hey Bubba!  How long have you owned that car?  Has the flag ever bother you before?  Why now?  Bubba is a cave meister.  Caving to PC BS. 

Take the road Kid Rock took when Rev? Al Not-So-Sharpton’s group told him he had to remove the Confederate flag from his performances.  Rock sent word that they could kiss his ass.  I understand that Rock has a black son.  It’s doubtful that the flags used in Rock’s shows are meant as racial slurs to anyone. 

The Taliban wing of the Dope party who set about being offended by all manner of things American are interested in rewriting our history.  The American flag, the Jefferson and Washington Memorials are already under assault.  There is also call to rename Washington D.C.   I concur with that one.  Rename it Caligula D.C. the match the character of most of the people occupying its confines.

The America Taliban are everywhere these days.  The Gaystapo is a major wing of the American Taliban shutting down free speech and religious freedom wherever they can.  NASCAR, Macy’s, and the PGA all caved to the “open borders” wing of the American Taliban who are attacking Donald Trump for telling the truth about ILLEGAL immigration.  The race baiting wing of the American Taliban are everywhere ending every argument by calling the other guy a racist.  The Global Warm-mongering wing of the American Taliban call their detractors “deniers” and “anti-science.”  In every case the goal is to get people to shut up and stop making arguments that cannot be refuted by the American Taliban. 

I predict that soon the American Taliban will start to jail people for speaking out.  In WI they have already used police assets to terrorize and silence political enemies.  In OR the American Taliban state slapped a six figure fine on a baker who would not participate in homosexual wedding.  For good measure the state told the bakery that they could not speak publicly about the case.  To their credit, the bakers told the state to go eff themselves and gave as interviews about the situation as they could book.  Good for them.

The American Taliban is co-opting PC BS to shut everyone up.  This particularly true on America’s college campuses where discussion should be the most open and robust.


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You need a "not" before "sympathize." The NSA is monitoring, and I don't want them raiding the compound.
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