Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Cracking Mitt's 47%

If a republican candidate went into a black church and asked how many of you have never voted for a Republican and saw 99% of the hands go up, then asked, “How’s that working out for you?  What problems that Dopes have promised to fix for you for the last 60 years are fixed?”  This time around, the Republican candidate cannot just sit around conceding Mitt Romney’s famous 47%.  The Republican will have to go into the black precincts and make a case for real change.  The Republicans need to get the 47% down to about 43-44%.  To do that you actually have go and ask those people for their vote.

If Republicans were smart enough to understand it there is a huge inroad into the black vote in America being created by the very lefty Libs the blacks have heretofore voted for in huge blocks.  Black are uncomfortable with all things homosexual.  The recent SCOTUS decision gives any Republican who wants go into a black church to talk about it an open mic.  They can place themselves 180 out from the Dope field on this issue that resonates with blacks, particularly black Christians.  Instead the Republicans are running away from the issue because SCOTUS has settled the issue.

Uh, no it hasn’t.  We know two things for sure 1) the face of the “religion of peace” - the Islamo-Terror-Fascists - want nothing what-so-ever to do with peace and 2) “gays” are never gay.  Even when they get their way, radical homosexuals unleash the Gaystapo on anyone who dares not celebrate their lifestyle.  The face of the homosexual community - the radical Gaystapo - are the least gay people on the planet.  If you chose not to celebrate their wedding by not participating in it by baking them a cake, instead of going up the street a block, they sue you and ruin your business.  The MSM, the Hollywood a-hole regulars and ruling class excrement heads all pile on until you’re ruined.  That’s gay?  Well blacks, particularly blacks who attend church, don’t think so.  There’s an inroad for any Republican who wants to exploit it. 

The next issue is illegal immigration.  I do not care what anyone on the Fox All Stars says, Trump is making ground by condemning ILLEGAL immigration.  He makes ground across the board but can make more ground among young blacks whose jobs are being snatched up by an unskilled, uneducated, low wage illegal work force.  But you have to willing to go into the neighborhoods and make your case.  Rand Paul, Trump and Cruz are the only ones I see willing to make that effort.

And it's not about getting a majority of the black vote.  It's about getting another 3-4%.  I think it is entirely doable for a Republican candidate willing to make the effort.  No doubt the ruling class establishment Republican blockheads will simply write the 47% off again in this election cycle.

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