Friday, July 03, 2015

Legal activities are different from illegal activities, unless you're a Lib

I have seen it over and over again.  People are referring to the Donald’s remarks on illegal immigration as “Trumps remarks on Mexican immigrants.”  BS!  BS!  BS!  It’s not just the usual A-holes on BSNBC.  I’ve seen in NR Online articles.  I’ve heard it on FNC and Fox radio.  There is a difference between an immigrant and an illegal immigrant.

We have ceded too much of the English language to lefty Lib.  How did homosexuals come to be referred to as “gay”?  Is there anything “gay” (i.e. happy) about suing a baker who doesn’t to participate in your effing wedding?  When you look at the average “pride” event, what do you see, “gay” people or a lunatic fringe acting out in an outrageous manner?  When I see outward displays of homosexuality in public – not the air brushed version as seen on TV and the movies – I don’t see much gayness.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still don’t give a $h!t, which makes me a homophobe, because, as we all know, if you don’t celebrate a dangerous lifestyle that defies natural law you are nothing more than a bigot and homophobe to the oh so tolerant left led by the Gaystapo.  You must be scorned and shunned and ridiculed and mocked by the very people calling for love and tolerance, and hell no, you cannot be allowed to run a bakery.

The word “gay” had a meaning that is now lost.  The word illegal means something.  Illegal gambling is against the law.  The word “illegal” in front of gambling or any other activity distinguishes it from the legal variety which used to be a huge difference in America.  Now we have a lawless chief executive and the second in a row lawless Attorney General and the word illegal means nothing unless you are talking about a Confederate battle flag or a Bible verse dealing with the universal truth of the role of male and female in God’s grand design for creation.   OK, OK right now those two are just trending toward “hate speech”, but soon enough they are destined to be banned so as not offend any of the Lib snowflake’s tender sensibilities.

The Donald was talking about ILLEGAL immigration.  Not the legal variety.  What he said was true.  Truth makes no difference to the left.  The shouting ensued.  Now the word “illegal” is being removed from the Donald’s argument.  Even would-be Republican presidential candidate George Pataki was talking about being from a family of immigrants.  I suspect that at the time they were of the legal variety George.

On another illegal immigrant note, Ann Coulter was attacked by a mob of illegal immigrants at book signing event yesterday.   Wanna bet Ann’s book signings will soon be called controversial and dangerous.  Then bookstores will soon stop sponsoring them and then stop selling then her books? 

Conflating SCOTUS’s decision on homosexual marriage and an open border one protestor held a sign the read “Love doesn’t have borders.”  Well played.  Now using the majority opinion on homosexual marriage SCOTUS will have to strike down America’s borders.  It makes as much sense as their opinion on homosexual marriage.

Last note on illegal immigration, the left loves to say fences don’t work.  “If you build a 12’ wall the 13’ ladder business will be booming,” they say.  Well esplain this Lucy.  The White House has installed new security spikes to its existing security fence.  Seems to me if the lefty Lib logic on fences was correct, that fences don’t work, the sail-eared jerk occupying the White House would demand that the fence protecting him and his family be removed not improved.  Ah, just more lefty Lib hypocrisy. 

Enjoy the 4th and what’s left our liberty.

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Anonymous said...

In 1949 Eric Arthur Blair got everything right except the timing. The meaning of words have become malleable, government cameras are at every corner, and the NSA records everything we write and say. Happy Independence Day.

AF Bro