Thursday, July 02, 2015

The Donald a model candidate

The Donald has stayed in hot water with the lapdog leftist MSM for telling the truth about illegal immigrants crossing our southern border.  Here’s what he told BSNBC after his no holds barred presidential announcement telling it like it is on the southern border:
"They’re sending us not their finest people. And it’s people from countries other than Mexico also. We have drug dealers coming across, we have rapists, we have killers, we have murderers. I mean, it’s common sense. What do you think they’re going to send us their best people, their finest people? The answer is no.”
OK take a minute to parse that statement and find the part of it that is not true.  I’ll wait.  Take your time.  Anything?  Class?  Bueller? No there’s not a word of it that’s untrue – nothing.  

Ah that’s the problem.  A truth that does not comport with lefty Libs world view means the holder of that truth must be destroyed.  A baker that refuses to participate in Stan and Harlan’s wedding is not met with a, “Well thank you for your time.  We’ll talk to another baker.”  No.  The baker is sued and his business is destroyed.  Disagreeing with the boob in the White House about anything gets you labeled a racist.  If you think the science on climate change is at best incomplete or at worse a fraud you’re a “denier” – like a holocaust denier.  The left never engages in a discussion.  All of their arguments boil down to – “Shut up!”
That’s why the Donald is on fire.  Unlike most Republican squishes who would have spent the last 10 days apologizing for telling the truth, the Donald continues to speak the truth and in doing so hammers his critics.  When Macy’s dumped him, Donald told the world that he didn’t know Macy’s was such a big supporter of illegal immigration. When Univision dumped him and his pageant, Trump sued the hell out of them for breach of contract and made Univision and NBC, who passed on televising the pageant, look like the asses for crapping all over – not the Donald but rather - “51 fabulous women.”  For good measure, the Donald throttled NBC for standing by a liar - Brian Williams – while dumping the “51 fabulous women.”  Well played.

Another thing that is not happening is that the rest of the Republican field is not standing in line to see who can heap the worst criticism on a fellow candidate. 
The Republican establishment and the sophisticates in the MSM all told us Trump would turn the Republican primary into a circus.  Not true.  He’s spoken the truth and in doing so has demonstrated to the rest of the field that the truth will set you apart.  Most importantly he’s demonstrated how to handle the onslaught of criticism and vitriol that comes when you dismantle one of lefty’s strawmen.

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Anonymous said...

From the Griffin....
Trump tells you the truth in what he thinks. I can hear him now. "Some people will say they don't like my policies, but they know where I stand and know what I think. Take Hillary. She hides everything. Tells people what they want to hear. Why does she hide everything? And Obama? He gives away the milk cow and the magic beans then adds an IOU from the US Treasury for a trillion dollars. I have money. I know how to negotiate. And people trust me. Some of these professional politicians are more slippery than waxed Teflon on a hot day. And they give away the Panama Canal that we built, run, maintain, and now we pay the Panamanians to use. And now Iran. Hillary was in on that one and Kerry and Obama are gonna screw America on this deal. And for what? To get a worthless piece of paper. Like buying stock in a company making VCR's. Iran knows they got a sucker on the hook. And they are beating these guys like a bass drum. And Hillary and Libya. When you shake her hand you better count to see how many fingers you left. And people tell me things. I cant say much but this email thing? There is a lot more coming. But I cant get into it now." GO DONALD GO!