Monday, July 20, 2015

TES a racist Muslim sypathizer

NOTE:  Unlike The Empty Suit, I've ordered the flags at the compound by lowered to half-staff until the last of the 5 service members murdered by the Islamo-Terror-Fascist in TN have been laid to rest.

Ain’t it amazin that The Empty Suit and his band of half-wits can tie the Confederate Flag to the Charleston, SC shootings before the bodies have reached room temperature but cannot link Islamo-Terror-Fascists to the Ft. Hood shootings - insisting those murders were work place violence - or to the ITF murder of 5 American service members in TN?   When talking about the “isolated incident” or the “lone wolf” murders in TN, TES refused to use the words "terrorism" or "Muslim" or "Islam" or "effing murderous Islamo-Terror-Fascist bastards" for that matter, instead opting to refer to killings as a “heartbreaking circumstance.”  No, a heartbreaking circumstance is missing a six inch putt for the tournament.  Killing five American service members in broad daylight on US soil is war.

Hey DOUCHE!  When these things recur on a regular basis it’s insane to continue to refer to them as “isolated incidents” perpetrated by “lone wolves.”   These incidents are not isolated.  They are all connected by a BS – and really is there any other kind - version of Islam.  Running your empty head a bit further up your skinny azz in denial doesn’t change that fact.  It just makes you look like a weak, uninformed collaborator.

All the lemming MSM azzwipes and Dope pols can smell racism a mile away - like when Mitt Romney used the word “apartment” - but cannot add two plus two and get four when Mohammed Mumbo Jumbo  guns down five men in uniform as to Mohammad's motivation.  “We just do not know what caused Mohammad to perpetrate ‘this senseless act of violence?’”

Anyone who thinks what happened to our military members in TN is “a senseless act of violence” ought to think again.  Take the Islamo-Terror-Fascist attack on Charlie Hebdo.  A senseless act of violence?  No it makes perfect sense to the ITF perpetrating the attack.  And it worked because the attack bullied Charlie Hebdo to stop publishing Mo cartoons.  So I guess there will be no Mo toons at Charlie Hebdo. Get it?

What will be done about the murder of our military members?  Well look, they are all white males, so not much.  There will be no lighting of the Rainbow House in red white and blue in their honor.  There will be no calling one of the slain TES’s would-be son.  There will be no dispatching of DoJ teams to TN or Rainbow House officials to the funerals.  Had these military men been black thugs with long rap sheets of hassling the police, robbing convenient stores, engaging in petty crime, etc. TES could not wait to run the mic and tell America what a racist country it is.

Because the victims are all white men with steady jobs and no police records TES will give them the Kate Steinle treatment; that is  ignore their deaths and more importantly the cause of their death: to wit a BS immigration policy that allows all manner of human trash into the country as long as they are sure to congregate in safe zones and attack the fabric of the nation from within; to wit a BS half azzed military campaign in Iraq, Syria and Iran that allows ITF now under the name ISIS -but it makes no difference what they are calling themselves this week, they are all the same 7th century $h!theads America has been at war with since 1803 – to run amok and recruit new ITF as they embarrass the great Satan at the negotiating table and on the battlefields of the Middle East.

The bottom line here Mr. & Mrs. America is that the sail eared crap stick occupying the Rainbow House is a racist Muslim sympathizer.  I would love to be surprised to find out this race baiting buffoon has spent his days in the Rainbow House compiling race data on all Americans so that he can unleash the federal government’s alphabet soup of heavy-handed agencies on local schools, companies and communities that he feels have not measured up to HIS idea of what is required to sufficiently account for America’s racist nature.  Alas, I am not surprised at all.  I’ve called him the race baiter in chief since the Skip Gates incident – remember that one?  That’s the one where the “cops acted stupidly” and resulted in the beer summit.  That all sounds like ancient history now doesn’t it?

Never mind the circumstances that lead to much of the black poverty, having 4 kids out of wedlock by 4 different fathers, relying on government subsidized everything, dropping out of school, remaining unemployed largely because they are unemployable and the few low-skill jobs that are available go to illegal aliens because of his BS immigration policy - which is to say that there is no immigration policy, it’s all whitey’s fault.  For libs, it always has been and it always will be whitey’s fault.  No amount of affirmative action, reparations, government handouts and a turning a blind eye to the root social problems of inner city poverty will be enough. 

But unlike the so called “moderate Muslim,” - the definition of which by the way is a Muslim who is out ammunition - there are great voices for black Americans.  Kevin Jackson, Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell, Deneen Borelli, Dr. Ben Carson, David Webb, Delroy Mudrock, etc. etc. are but a few and every one has been labeled an Uncle Tom or a house nigger and otherwise have been marginalized by the lefty Libs. 

See if you are black and stand up for this country and tell people that America is still the last best opportunity for you to succeed bases on your own abilities, wits, talent, savvy and drive, if you do ANYTHING other than heap victim status on minos, if you’re black, you’re a house nigger.  If you’re white, you’re a racist.  This is TES’s post-racial America.

Lemmesee, I started with a rant on TES’s reaction to ITF murders of 5 service members and ended with a rant on TES’s race baiting in America.  Hmm.  I’m already long so I’ll let the reader connect these two in some way that makes sense to them.

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From the Griffin...
In the world of TES not all lives matter as much as others. He is and will always be a Community Dis-Organizer. He has never been a senator or president. Military recruiter lives will not be recognized. TES will say differently but actions tell. Recently I read that his approval rating with military members is 16%. It may very well be single digits now. TES does not recognize honor, duty, country, as admirable traits and has no interest in being C-in-C. Natta, checked out, could not command a lemonade stand.