Wednesday, July 29, 2015

More disgusting Planned Un-Parenthood video

The third in a series of at least a dozen Planed Un-Parenthood videos was released yesterday.  It was the most graphic and disgusting of the trio.  That said, it’s going to get much worse for the Dopes and PuP.  We’re now only a quarter the way through what the video makers say they have.

The Center for Medical Progress, who produces the videos, claims to have obtained 100s of hours of undercover tapes with PuP.  Given the escalating content of the first three videos, PuP has to have their shorts in a wad trying to guess how horrific the next video will be.  What is at least as disturbing to me as the content itself, is the cavalier nature of the way PuP’s third rate “doctors” and “technicians” discuss their barbaric business.  There is not even a whiff of humanity in any of them when it comes to discussing the shredding of a baby for a couple of bucks.

NOTE:  Calling them 3rd rate doctors is probably being generous.  I’d don’t know one thing about any one of them, but I did read about “Dr.” Goznell.  That killer is probably typical of the type of “Dr.” who would invest so much time money and effort to medicine then waste that accumulated knowledge to crush a baby.  If any of them were any good at all working for PuP would be akin to Michael Jordan using his round ball talents to run one of those basketball shooting scams at a traveling carnival, or hall of fame pitcher Randy Johnson running dunk a tank.  The big difference is that 55 million souls haven’t been lost at various carnival mid-way scams.  So I assume they must be $h!tty "Dr.s" to begin with and took the only gig anyone would hire them for. The Dr.'s Hippocratic oath states "first do no harm."  What harm can there be when the goal is to kill the patient?

Dope pols had better watch their step.  This is fairly easy to understand – even for the public school kids - in all of it gruesome detail.  Like a political scandal that drips out over several weeks and months, CMP’s videos are likely to have cumulative effect.  At some point even the most callous will be forced to admit PuP is an inhumane, morally bankrupt, socially unacceptable enterprise founded by a racist that should not be subsidized with taxpayer money.

For its part PuP has hired lizard woman Anita Dunn’s PR firm to put the shredding of babies in the best possible light.  PuP is also relying on Dope pols and the lapdog MSM to go after the CMP for exposing PuP.  As if the real crime here is recording the videos.  We are so far into the abyss, I don’t know, it just might work.  Today there seems to be more outrage about a MN dentist shooting a lion than there is about PuP shredding babies.  

Last, if I have to listen to the argument one more time, “Abortion is legal so we might as well use the result to advance science, after all the cure for Alzheimer’s may be in discovered” without someone saying, “Idiot!  You might be shredding the very life that is going to make that very discovery!”  Everyone has unlimited potential as a baby. Who knows the discoveries we have destroyed that were locked inside the 55 million?

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