Thursday, July 30, 2015

The real Dr. Carson and Cecil

I saw the real Doctor Ben Carson on Fox News’s Center Seat last night.  What a great man.  Well at least as much as you can know from that particular format.  Soft spoken, he’s the anti-Trump.  Funny, he’s the anti-Rick Perry.   Down to earth, he’s the anti-Caligula, D.C. crowd.  Self-assured without being a self-righteous arrogant azz, he’s the anti-candidate, candidate.  Genuine, he’s one of a kind.  America would be truly blessed to have this man in the Oval Office.

For all of the reasons noted above, he’ll never make it.  The one question I wanted to hear about half way through his interview was, “Gee, you are such a different kind of candidate, such a gentleman.  Are you tough enough to compete?”   In such a crowded field, where the guy with 20% is king, anything can happen. 

I’d expect the know-nothing Revs? Al and Jesse to start a Ben Carson is an Uncle Tom campaign any day now.

NOTE:  Sadly these days it's important to differentiate between real doctors like Ben Carson and the literal “hack” doctors, who hack babies apart for profit at Planned Un-Parenthood.     

Hunting is legal.  Hunters should shoot for food, to rid an area of nuisance animals and for sport to control animal populations and fund conservation.  In Indiana there’s an open season coyotes.  They are a thriving population and a nuisance to neighborhoods.  So you can pretty much shoot them on sight.  Deer can overpopulate an area and become nuisances as well.  Deer are controlled by state Department of Natural Resources.  Fees are paid by hunters to take a certain number of deer and there by controlling the deer population and culling deer herds annually.  As result of DNR control of deer through hunting, deer populations in the US have expanded over the last 60 years.

Cecil probably wasn’t killed for food.  He wasn’t a nuisance.  He was killed illegally for sport.  The guy who shot him – Walter Palmer - paid over $50,000 to do so.  Hey it’s his money.  The money paid for that “hunt” supposedly would go to fund conservation efforts.  The thing is, Palmer may not have known that the shoot was illegal.

None of it matters to the anti-gun, anti-hunting crowd.  Reason is never an effective weapon when you are dealing with unreasonable people.  Palmer needs to be put down for paying $50,000 to shoot a lion.  The economics of conservation be damned, Palmer is a criminal.  And when Jimmy Kimmel is brought to tears by the death of an animal, well then you know that the shooter is despicable POS.  Case closed.  Rally the intolerant totalitarian left and ruin the guy’s life.

Hey, short of him charging me in my backyard, I’d never have shot Cecil.  I sure as hell would never have paid $50,000 to shoot him in some canned less than sporting sport shoot.  But Palmer probably would never think pitching washers in the barn as sport either.  But no one is peed off at me for tossing three ringers last night.  So…

The bottom line is that if Palmer paid the appropriate licensing fees, was teamed with an approved “guide” and otherwise followed the rules, he’s not really to blame for Cecil’s demise even though he pulled the trigger.    But as noted, reason count’s for nothing when the lapdog media is in an uproar.  Palmer ought to go full Trump on them.  He ought to go before the camera and explain himself and end by saying he had a fabulous time, the lion skin is beautifully mounted in his den and end with, “Now if Piers Morgan or any other leftist fascist SOB really wants to try to shoot me for legally hunting a lion, I’ll meet them in the parking lot of my dentist office at high noon on Saturday.  Go for it or STFU.”

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