Friday, July 25, 2008

B-HO to lead all of mankind into the Heavens on the last day

B-HO spoke in Berlin yesterday, but he didn’t speak in German for some reason. Oh yeah, he’s a liberal. That means he’s a hypocrite. So while B-HO makes speeches ridiculing us for the fact that Americans do not speak a second language neither does dipstick, his affirmative action queen wife or his two little darlings. A small thing, but when you’re pointing out the speck in someone’s eye you might want to be aware of and acknowledge the log in your own.

I’d have given B-HO even odds at being president before the speech. His odds have gone down. Why? Well, Americans don’t want a “citizen of the world” as President of United States. They want an American. “Citizen of the world” may sound good to Wolfgang, Pierre and Juan but it grates like Roseanne singing the National Anthem on Bubba, Junior and John.

Besides have you ever heard so much gobbledygook crammed into one speech? After tearing down every wall separating mankind around the world I was just waiting for B-HO to say “and then on the last day, I will lead all of mankind into the heavens.” The crowd cheers and begins spontaneously singing “We are the World.”

To me this just proves how clueless this bonehead really is. It also points to his arrogance. Just vote for me and all will be right with the world. Well excuse me, but if you can’t pick your worldly friends any better than you can pick a pastor, the world will be run by hate mongering lunatics - which is sadly pretty much the status quo.

And what exactly is B-HO's plan for “tearing down” all of these walls? What did he learn as a community organizer and 143 days in the Senate to qualify him to address these centuries’ old problems? What’s his plan- midnight basketball for the Palestinians? Voter registration for women in Saudi Arabia? Get out the vote drives in Zimbabwe? School lunches for the masses in Darfur?

On a happier note, Lex is off to points east – Gettysburg, Philly and DC - over the next 10 days. See ya back here on Wed Aug 6th with a full report.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

MSM declares B-HO ready; Congress declares us the bank

John McCain – and to a lesser degree the Shrillda Beast – has got to feel like the rest of us morons. We purchased houses we could afford or deferred buying altogether because we didn’t think we could afford a house. Now OUR government comes along and confiscates more of our hard earned money to bail out people who bought more house than they could afford.

So we work our butts off to get into a house we can afford. The other guy buys a house he knows he can’t afford - maybe even better than ours - but he gets a sweetheart loan from a mortgage company and moves in. When his loan goes south, who gets stuck paying for the guy’s house? You do by order of the congress of the United States of America. Hey you elected them.

John McCain spends a lifetime defending and serving his country as a military hero, state representative and US Senator, but along comes a kid with no experience. The kid spends 143 days in the Senate before declaring himself fit to be president. When McCain points out the kid’s TOTAL lack of foreign policy experience and naiveté, the kid takes a 10 day tour of Europe and the Middle East.

Now after 143 days in the Senate and 10 days overseas, the kid is declared ready. Declared ready by whom? Well, just as congress declared you responsible for your neighbor’s loan default, the grand and glorious Mainstream Media, who have their heads so far up the kid’s backside they are starting to need shoulder room as well, has declared B-HO ready. According to the MSM, 143 days in the Senate is sufficient experience to lead the nation on domestic policy and his 10 day foreign excursion is more than enough experience to lead the free world in that area as well.

So B-HO passes up the six figure jobs to shoot hoops in the hood as a community organizer. The press heaps great praise on him for foregoing the big bucks. I think he passed up the big bucks because he knew he wasn’t qualified to earn them in the first place. Then B-HO joins the Senate and is hailed by the press as the great uniter but has not contributed ONE damned thing to that body that anyone can name. Then he spends 10 days sleepwalking through a foreign tour and the press claims it gives him all the foreign policy credibility he needs. This guy has done NOTHING. When compared to McCain’s contributions to this country – he has done LESS than NOTHING.

McCain has got to be sitting there this morning reading the papers and saying, yagottabekiddingme as the press declares B-HO fully qualified to lead the free world based on work as a communiy organizer, a 143 days in the Senate and 10 days overseas. It’s just like the rest of us sitting here this morning saying yagottabekiddingme. Who made me the guarantor of neighbor’s home loan?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

T. Boone develops glad machine over night - oil still king

Over night, T. Boone Pickens perfected his glad machine that turns wind and sun light into electrical power. Now what?

Do I have to buy and attach a wind turbine and solar panel to my cars? How does the glad machine integrate into the existing power grid or will a new one have to be developed? Does it replace ALL power – even during those unpredictably cloudy and calm day or that totally predictable period of darkness called night – or will there have to be a RELIABLE nuclear and fossil fuel electrical back up?

It would seem as if, even if T. Boone is successful with his glad machine technology, we’re at least 10 years away from reaping any of the benefits. Holy Cow! That’s the same thing Libs say about drilling for more oil – except we know oil works.

T. Boone is a smart guy and I’d never bet against him. Go get ‘em T. Boone. But I’d also never bet the farm that he’s going to lead us to energy independence based solely on wind and sun power.

Dems say Reps only want to drill, drill, drill. No! We need to do all of it - sun, wind, oil, natural gas, nuclear, even President Bush’s famous switch grass. Nothing is going to replace all of the hundreds of millions of gas powered autos in the next 10 years. Airplanes will probably be powered by oil for the rest of our days. We will need ever increasing amounts of oil even when the glad machine comes on line just to allow time – oh I don’t know 10 years or so - to convert to the new energy source.

Let’s get on with it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lex finally admits Tressel a good pick at OSU

While on a trip that could not have been made had it not been for the surge, B-HO declared that he was right in opposing the surge. That’s like me saying I was right when I opposed the firing of John Cooper as the head football coach at Ohio State. One national championship, back to back appearances at the national championship, two outright Big Ten titles and more importantly to any Buckeye fan, a 6-1 winning record vs. Meatchicken U in Ann Arbor proves I was wrong - Jim Tressel was a great choice.

But I can say that – I was wrong. B-HO for some silly reason can’t bring himself to say that the surge has made a difference. Even though there is more tangible evidence on the streets of Iraq that the surge has worked than there is that Jim Tressel is a better choice as OSU’s football coach than John Cooper. B-HO can’t man up and say, I was wrong.

But the surge is working well enough for B-Ho to claim that HIS “plan” for pulling our troops out of Iraq in 16 months is working. HIS PLAN! Yagottabekiddingme! Had we followed his plan, Iraq would be smoldering hole in the ground with terrorists reaping the benefit of $250 a barrel oil prices. But he’s right the surge is going to allow significant troop reductions over the next several months. B-HO will be taking the credit for any troop reductions like the rooster who thinks its crowing causes the sun to rise.

The surge is working so well that the whack-a-mole terrorists are leaving Iraq. They are finding it more advantageous to snipe at reluctant NATO troops in Afghanistan than have their asses shot off in Iraq by gung ho Yanks and their Iraqi counterparts. President Bush and John McCain have been asking NATO to step up ops and forces in Afghanistan for months. Then B-HO shows up to tour Afghanistan - even though he heads up the committee on Afghanistan and has not held a single hearing. In his defense, B-HO was only a sitting senator for 143 days before deciding he was too big and smart for the senate and announced his run for president.

So the B-HO goes to Afghanistan and decides that George Bush and McCain are right. We need more troops in Afghanistan. The press goes nuts. Bush and McCain look at each other and say in unison, that’s what we’ve been saying for months.

There's a hilarious FedEx commercial where the young guy makes a recommendation and the boss just sits there. The board leans in to study the boss's reaction. Then the boss says the exact same thing as the young guy. The sycophantic board applauds and calls the boss a genius. The young guy says, but you just said what I said only you moved your hands. One of the sycophants leans in to the young guy and says, it makes all the difference. So the sycophantic press is just like the board members in the FedEx commercial. Whatever the dope says, how he says it, makes all the difference.

This guy is flim-flam man of the highest order no brains, no guts, no daring, no common sense, just a speech and a $500 - empty - suit.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Three issues to victory in November

Were Reps smart enough to recognize it, it looks like a good year for Conservatives. Here’s three reasons:

First, win the war in Iraq. Notice that’s not, we’ll stay for a hundred years. That’s not we’re making progress. That’s not the old BS - there’s no military solution to Iraq. There is a military solution – kill AQI.

60% of Americans are not as much opposed to the war in Iraq as they are of the half measures to win the war that preceded the surge. Americans want to fight to win. We’re nearly there. McCain and other Reps should step up and say:

I will win the war in Iraq. However, the war on terror will continue like some sick whack-a-mole game from hell. Wherever terrorists raise their ugly heads we’ll whack ‘em. Iraq is but one front on a global war on terror. In spite of the complaints and objections of my opponent and his party, Iraq is now on the right course. I will finish the job of winning. My opponent will quit when it’s first and goal on the one inch line. He has just finished a trip to Iraq. That trip would not have been possible had B-HO followed his own advice and judgment on the war there. Yet he still has that idiotic banner with the words “Judgment to lead.” Today, in spite of the Democrats’ hopes for America’s defeat, President Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” banner is more correct and closer to the truth than B-HO’s “Judgment to lead" banner.

Of course there’d have to be a few “my friends” in there somewhere.

Next, close the border and adopt an English as the official language position. This is an 80% issue for any politician smart enough to adopt it. Of course every left wing loon in the country will be calling them racist Hispaniphobes. The nutroots will be funding the opponent of anyone courageous enough to take such a stand with huge cash contributions. But any candidate who advocates a secure border and English as the official language will win if they stick to their guns (can you say that?). The split on this issue is huge.

Last, drill here. Drill now. Drill everywhere there is oil and gas. This is a 70% issue in favor of more drilling. When Dems say, it’ll be ten years before we see any results, Reps should say THAT”S WHAT YOU SAID TEN YEARS AGO AND LOOK WHERE ARE NOW!!!

When Dems say we need to get off of oil, Reps should agree but throw the ten year argument right back in their face. Oil is proven commodity. Solar and wind are not. Until solar and wind technologies are perfected oil will be king. Even when solar and wind are perfected we will still need an oil back up because it gets dark at night and the wind doesn’t blow 24/7.

Anyone who thinks that – even with a 100 fold improvement in solar and wind technology – we are not going to require more oil over the next 20-30 years, is probably not smart enough to hold public office. But then it seems one of the things Americans value most in an elected official is that they’re not so bright – I give you the two Chucks - Schumer and Hagle – as proof positive.

Well there it is a roadmap to a Conservative victory. Let’s sit back and watch the landslide returns roll in on Nov 4. Instead of taking the issues head on, Reps will try to split the baby and say we’re only half as goofy as the Dems – vote for us. If they do, it’ll be another sad night for Reps in Nov.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Help boot Jack the ass

If ever there was a cause worth $25, this is it. I'm in!

Jackson and the "n" word

Jesse Jackson is in trouble for using the “n” word. Jackson must have slipped up and called someone niggardly. Because he’s a liberal, we know he’d never be so hypocritical as to drop the real, the big, the nuclear “n” word on anyone. I mean that’d be like AlGore owning a 24,000 sq ft home, a fleet of SUVs, buying carbon off-sets from himself, while he jetted to and fro telling the rest of us to conserve.

Jackson called for a boycott of Seinfeld DVDs after Kramer melted down at a comedy club and called several of the patrons the “n” word without the d-l-y, so he surely wouldn’t use the word himself. He must have called blacks niggardly for using their money to buy gas instead of supporting the Rainbow coalition more wholeheartedly.

On the view Woopie Goldberg made the Hasselbeck gal cry because Woopie said it was OK for blacks to call other blacks niggardly but not OK for white public officials to use the word to describe a miserly black mayor. Besides, Woopie explained, it so much easier to rhyme niggardly than it is African-American in all of those inspiring and uplifting rap tunes. The only word easier to rhyme in a rap song is the real “n” word – but nobody would do that.

Well one thing we know for sure is that B-HO is not niggardly. He’s willing to spend your money on just about anything and everything. A trillion dollars in new “benefit” spending, where’s the money going to come from B-HO? Oh yeah tax the rich and a wind fall tax on gas profits. What happens when the rich, like Teddy Kennedy, put their money off shore and the gas companies withhold supply rather than take a loss?

Another good reason to vote for John McCain is that, whatever his other faults, he’ll be a bit more niggardly with taxpayer money.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

We'd better get on with it

Dems biggest argument against drilling for more oil or natural gas, building nuke power plants, liquefying coal, or doing anything to provide more energy supply is that it will not have any affect for ten years. Instead the Dems propose the “use of renewables.” Gee I didn’t know that there had been a break through with the solar powered SUV. Well there must have been otherwise the Dems’ pie in the sky proposal would have the exact same drawback as providing more proven nuclear and fossil fuel produced energy. We are no closer to worldwide use of renewables than we are to the deepest last drop of oil in ANWR.

Also, I’d ask the Dem, so do you think we will be using less energy over the next ten years? Every study indicates that energy requirements worldwide will increase by as much as 45% over the next 15-25 years. Wind, solar and hydro – even if those sources were available and expanded – will not meet future demand.

We will need more fossil and nuclear power to keep up. So we’d better get on with it. If we don’t, in ten years we’ll be freezing and starving inside our homes while Dems tell us there is no point in drilling because it won’t produce anything for ten years. Besides, even if solar and wind were perfected, where in the world does the sun shine and wind blow 24/7/365? So what do we do when the sun goes down and the wind stop blowing? Fire up the coal powered electric plant.

Lex once told GWB to use his State of Union speech to announce a Manhattan type project o get America off of foreign energy. The plan would be to exploit our own natural resource while American ingenuity produced the next “big thing” in energy.

I think we are not too far from hydrogen fueled autos and solar heated and cooled homes. Even if these energy forms were proven today, they’d probably not make up for the worldwide energy explosion over the next 15-25 years. We’re going to need more oil and we’re always going to need a proven backup. We'd better get on with it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Build the model, read the directions, open the box - no wait

FIRE! Aim, ready. That is the B-HO approach to the war in Iraq. I’ll make a speech outlining my position. I will study the issue. Then I will visit the theater and talk to the commanders. That is exactly backwards. But what we can we expect from this buffoon? So as a high priced Harvard educated lawyer, B-HO would announce the client’s guilt or innocence, prepare his defense and then meet with the client and discover the facts of the case. Right?

Now we know why B-HO passed up the six figure jobs to become a “community organizer.” With a six figure job comes six figure responsibilities and expectations. The guys paying you the six figures might actually expect that you accomplish something worth the money they are paying you. It’s obvious that B-HO isn’t quite ready to run with clear thinking people who expect big things and pay big money.

Better to be a community organizer in the hood. Play some jams, shoot some hoops, eat some Bar-B-Q, do a little protesting – how hard can it be? Community organizing requires that you make sure that there fresh batteries in the bullhorn and show up before noon at city hall to protest the latest use of the word “niggardly” or term “black hole” by a public official. Oh yeah, you have to make sure that there’s no angle food or devil’s food cake on the snack table when you get back to the community organizing hall after a full two hour day of protesting.

If this latest - speech outlining my position on Iraq, study the issue, visit the theater and talk to the commanders thing - will not convince you that B-HO is an unqualified dolt of the highest order you have to have your head buried in the sand or planted deeply in a bodily orifice.

This is not as easily explained away as sitting in church listening to your preacher “God damn America” for 20 years and then saying – “He said what? Well that’s not the man I thought I knew.” Oh wait, for B-HO, the chosen one, maybe it is.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

George W. Bush aggravating libs since 2000

President Bush wised up yesterday and did his part to get America on its way to energy independence by lifting the presidential ban on off shore drilling. Bush hopes his move will spur the do-nothing congress into action to do their part by lifting the congressional ban as well.

The usual crowd of nit wits and naysayer were a gassed (or would that be out of a gassed) at President Bush’s move. You’d think Bush personally dumped 100 million barrels of oil all over California’s beaches. Well he didn’t and without congresses action, the status quo ante remains – NO DRILLING.

So what’s the big deal? Bush might as well have signed a presidential proclamation that temperatures wouldn’t be allowed above 78 degrees this summer for all the good it have done. There won’t be any drilling any time soon because Democrats remain committed to $5-$6 a gallon gasoline.

B-HO admitted as much when said he wasn’t upset with $4 gas just that it went to $4 so quickly – this from the genius that said we couldn’t drive our SUVs or keep our homes cool in the summer or warm in the winter or even eat as much as we wanted.

Hey B-HO if gas got $4 so quickly, what makes you think $5 isn’t just around the corner? And the real truth, for Dems, about the cost of gas is that it got to $4 with the oil companies reaping the profit. Had the gas gone from $2 to $4 overnight by a federal gas tax, you can bet B-HO and the Dems would be dancing in the streets.

So Bush takes the symbolic step of lifting a presidential ban on off shore drilling and the libs go nuts – even though it doesn’t change anything. That is one more reason to love George W. Bush, just by living he aggravates liberals to distraction.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Co-exist: Follow the link and read Peters

I have a Dr’s appointment this morning. So I leave you with this interesting piece by Ralph Peters. When he talks of the “bumper-stickerization” of American politics, my personal worst are those stupid Co-exist bumper stickers with the letters all made up from various religious symbols. It’s hard to Co-exist with a bunch of lunatics who’d as soon cut your head off as look at you.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Was B-HO's community organization a "black hole?"

What did he “organize” and was he successful at it?

When any B-HO supporter is asked to name one accomplishment B-HO has achieved, after about a minute and a half of trying to think of one, they settle on the fact that B-HO gave up six figure jobs to work as a community organizer.

OK fine. But why does the questioning always stop there. Why not ask:

Who did he organize for?
What were his responsibilities as an “organizer?”
How much was he paid?
Who supplied the money for the “organization?”
What did he accomplish in his “organizing” efforts?
How many people was he responsible for?
Did he have to meet a pay role or plan and execute a budget?

These are not gottcha questions. I’ve never heard any of these questions asked and truly wonder what we might learn about B-HO if they were.

What we can look forward to

On July 9th, some idiot named John Wiley Price who is a Dallas County (TX) commissioner, protested when another commissioner - Kenneth Mayfield - used the term “black hole” to refer to lost paperwork. In any organization larger than a one man shop, the administrative area is always and forever referred to as the “black hole.”

Here’s how this thing played out:

Price: “Can I get an apology, from this day and time (pounding his fist on the table), you don’t sit at a table, where you have diversity, and refer to a black hole!”

Mayfield: Well, sure I do. It’s terminology. It’s a science term!

Mayfield is right. A black hole, as I understand it, is an object in space so large or dense that its gravity will not allow anything to escape – not even light - hence the term black hole. So it’s the perfect analogy for an office where papers, bills, orders, vacation requests and phone calls come in but nothing ever comes out. Every admin office in the Marine Corps, no matter how efficient, is referred to as the “black hole” as a joke and a poke.

(This reminds me of one of the greatest lines ever from the 3/11 Bn admin officer – CWO-3 Larry Scamara – who I was ribbing back in the day. After he got sick of it, he said, OK Schumick you mess with me and I’ll mess with your pay and we’ll see who gets tired first. My quick reply was, you are way too professional for that Larry.)

Price, being a total ignoramus, not only defended his black hole protest, has also proclaimed “angel’s food cake” and “devil’s food cake” racist terms. God forbid that Dallas County should ever get into the “black” financially.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

B-HO es stupido

B-HO thinks that we should be teaching our kids to speak Spanish. Well there you go. If you ever had any doubt that this guy’s a fool, that idiocy should remove it.

I think B-HO ought to hang around the hood and mall eves dropping on adolescent conversations and see if it might be more appropriate that kids start off learning a bit of civility and how to speak the king’s English properly before moving on to Spanish. And why Spanish anyway? Why not Arabic, Kurdish, Caspian, Dari and Pashto? It makes more sense to me to be learning the language of our enemies than the language of our “friends” to the south.

B-HO and his like minded dopes are conflating two separate issues. He says in one breath that “people are worried about immigrants speaking English.” I don’t really care and am not at all “worried” if there is crowd of people who prefer to be trapped in an underclass because they cannot or will not learn the language. We’ll always need cheap labor to cut our grass, make our hotel beds and bus our restaurant table.

Then he says people shouldn’t advocate for English as an official language of the United States – as if by doing so anyone heard speaking in a foreign tongue would be arrested. The English as an official language crowd is only interested that government be conducted in English. Everyone else could go on about pushing one for English or two for whatever other language they prefer. Right now for some odd reason it’s the government’s responsibility to provide defendants with translators, print ballots and driver’s tests in a plethora of languages and otherwise accommodate non-English speaker – at great expense I might add.

Next, does B-HO the harebrained moron know that the rest of the world is trying to learn English? As a guy who traveled east and west, everywhere I went people – especially young people – would want to try out their few words or phrases of English on you. I remember like it was yesterday a young Thai soldier telling me, “I learn English. I come to America. I fix cars. America number one.” I wish he’d told that to B-HO or Scrawny Harry Reid.

Llast, I’d ask this pompous wind bag, so how are your own kid’s Spanish lessons coming along? What’s their teacher’s name? How long have they been studying? Are you planning a family trip south of the border to immerse your kids in the language and culture? And I’d ask the whole thing in Spanish.

Then I’d laugh at the stupid look on his face – which is hardly distinguishable from the everyday look on his ugly mug - when he’s figures out that he’s been exposed as a hypocrite. And I’d listen for the whirl of the Rube Goldberg machine that this clueless buffoon uses for a brain as he “ahh, uhh, and hmms" his way through his no answer – answer. Besides, wanna bet the B-HO kids ain’t taking any Espanol?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Can B-HO carry the Robert Byrd wing of the Democrat Party?

Jesse Helms was laid to rest yesterday after dying on the 4th of July. Helms was a staunch anti-communist who had little regard for the United Nation. So, of course, Libs hated him.

Helms became better known as a racist – I say “better known” because as a Conservative we all know he had to have been a racist from the start - when he used an ad showing a white man’s hands crumpling up a job application with the tag line, “You should have had that job. But they had to give it to a minority.”

To me, it sounds more like an ad against affirmative action than race. If you went into the hood and asked the average black teenager if he thought it would be right if whites had to be represented proportionally on NBA teams, once you sorted through the 15-20 expletives, the answer would be, no.

Helms’ ad touched on an issue everyone understands. America is about equal opportunity not equal outcomes. Americans understand this. When the government gets involved to “level the playing field” it ends up looking like the little league coach who plays his own fat slow kid with Coke bottle glasses at shortstop and bats him in the cleanup position. Sure the fat slow kid would never get these opportunities were not for the interference of his dad, but then, based on talent, he shouldn’t have the opportunity anyway.

So Libs blast Helms’ anti-affirmative action ad while elevating a former Grand Kleagle of Ku Klux Klan to a position of party and senate leadership. Don’t try to square the two positions if you have a brain. It only works for Libs.

Which brings us to B-HO. See I think it’s the Libs who are the racists. They are the ones always pointing to the color of ones skin or their sex or religion. So now B-HO has to wonder if he can carry the Robert Byrd wing of the Democrat party. The answer scares Democrats – probably not.

R.I.P Senator Helms. Your critics, for the most part, were hypocrites.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'll take the bet

I read a headline on Yahoo – gives a crap – on the 4th of July that said “Poll: Americans 53% to 39% think best days behind them.” I didn’t open the story. I knew the poll was skewed by the wishful thinking of Libs and the uniformed opinions of young people.

I’ll take the bet. Everyone who has bet against America since 1776 has lost.

I’m sure a lot of people thought America’s best days were behind her
when the British burned the Capitol during the war of 1812;
when the Civil War raged on and on;
when Indian wars raged in the west;
when Chicago burned;
when Galveston was wiped out by hurricane;
when San Fran shook and burned to the ground;
when WWI took its toll;
when the depression hit;
when the start of WWII saw us on our butts;
when the Korean War raged back and forth;
when the Vietnam War split the country;
when Jimmy Carter declared that the county was mired in “a great malaise;”
when the twin towers came crashing down on 9-11.

All of those seemingly tragic events led to a greater America. Today our lame stream media and most Dems hate our own president more than our very real enemies. For that they think America is in decline.

The people who think America’s best days are behind her are the same people who “God damn America” in the first place. If truth were told, those people probably do not think that America ever had any “best days.” They probably are of the opinion that America has been nothing but a blight on the world. They probably bombed American institutions in their youth. They probably grew up with every advantage and some they didn’t deserve. They earn 300K a year in the land of opportunity, yet they can’t find a single thing to be proud of about America. They are pompous Volvo driving, arugula eating, wind bags who think the rest of us are unemployable dolts clinging to a Bible in one hand and gun in the other.

Curiously, the people who think America’s best days are behind her are the same ones running the congress. You’d think that since they are the ones with power to change things – supposedly for the better – they’d be a bit more optimistic. You’d be wrong.

Dems, are led in the Senate by the ever dower Scrawny Harry Reid. Before the surge even began, Scrawny declared the Iraq war lost. Today we are on the cusp of victory. Scrawny bet against America and lost. Now the flim-flam man claims fossil fuels make him sick. But they don’t make him sick enough to stop using them. He bitches about high fuel costs but stands in opposition to every single measure that would lower them. So yeah, the Scrawny one probably believes America’s best days are behind her, he roots against us in a war and thwarts our energy independence. Hard to believe a guy like that could ever have a positive thing to say about America.

In the House Dems have the Queen of Botox herself, Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi’s first act as Speaker of the House was to cover herself with a scarf and go kiss the ass of Middle East madman and thug Bashir al-Assad. She is critical of everything but offers no policies of her own to set America on the “right” path. She promised an energy policy to easy the pain at the gas pump during the 06 election but has sat idly while gas prices have rose to more than $4 a gallon. The Queen of Botox would rather have $4 a gallon gas a political issue than a plan to lower the cost of fuel and get America to energy independence. So yeah while she stand opposed to any progress, why would she believe America’s best day lay ahead?

Now Dems have nominated an elite arrogant socialist dope for president. B-HO is so arrogant he thinks his 143 days in the senate trump McCain's 23 years of public service in the congress and 22 years in the Navy. B-HO has to keep reminding us he’s a real patriot, which means he ain’t. He has to hope we forget about his “God Damn America” pastor of 20 years, his bomb throwing political mentor and his affirmative action queen wife who can’t find a thing about America to be proud of.

So yeah, if this is the class of people betting against America, I’d love to take their money.

Monday, July 07, 2008

The Griffin holds forth on current affairs

The griffin is recovering from a brief bit of discomfort and shares his thoughts on…well just about everything.

Last night some info-babes were discussing gasoline based vehicles versus sail powered, solar powered, grass powered vehicles. Of course they got to electric powered vehicles. Said the smartest of the group of idiots,” It is so easy because all you do is plug it in. Don’t people understand?” Not one of them asked where the electricity comes from. Which by the way is 49% coal in the US .

That dumbass Harry Reid said we are all getting sick by using fossil fuels. Of course he said we cannot drill our way out and we need a comprehensive energy plan. The first time I recall hearing this was 1973 when Roy Swartz bought his Vega. It has been 35 years and congress is still working on their comprehensive energy bill. The must be too busy measuring the biceps of pro baseball players. One thought I have is to eliminate every endangered animal in the US to allow us to drill in eco-sensitive habitats. Take the caribou on the north shores of Alaska . Open an unlimited hunting season, maybe a big bounty on each one shot, and shazzam. No reason to stop drilling now. Move the idea over to the spotted owl and logging in the Northwest.

I see Iran is threatening to close the straights of Hormuz if Israel decides to take a crack at destroying their nuclear development program. That is like waving a flag in front of a bull. Immediately the world goes against Iran . Another brilliant position taken by the nutjobs running Iran . Like two drunken groups of soccer fans taunting each other when one person runs out and throws a punch. Then the riot starts. Israel now has the green light for a first strike and no one remembers who won the soccer game.

I see Mac and BHO falling all over each other to take positions that they think will get them more votes. It’s like a coach-father doing the line up at the Little League game where he has 18 kids and he has to play each one at least a full inning. The parents of the best players go nuts when their kid gets pulled and the parents of the no-talent kids gets pissed because their kid plays only the last inning when the game is already determined. Everyone is pissed and the coach-father is the most unpopular person at the park. And why did he do it to begin with? To help grow our next generation of young men into responsible people. The players of course wonder to themselves why anyone would take such a thankless job. He must be a dolt.

So Mac and BHO have decided they need to go see foreign countries, foreign leaders, foreign governments, all to make them appear presidential. Don’t they know that these people they are visiting can’t vote in our election? Maybe dead people can in Chicago but not the living PM of Ubitchistan. They are wasting their time and our tax dollars.

Am I the only one sick of watching these two? Kind of like you watching girls basketball. You know that there has to be something better to watch. Like the back of your eyelids.

The Griffin sends

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Looking patriotic better than being patriotic for Dems

Dems patriotism has been on parade all week. B-HO thought the perception of himself sufficiently unpatriotic that he had to go out and make a speech about how patriotic he is. That’s sort of like the drunk publicly proclaiming his soberness only to found later face down in the gutter stinking of cheap gin.

What’s B-HO supposed to say?

I haven’t been around Rev Wright while he God damned America for nearly a month. My affirmative action queen wife has finally found something about America that she’s proud of…me and my sweetheart home mortgage deal. My good friend Bill Ayres hasn’t blown up anything in America in 20 years. And to seal the deal, I talk about my patriotism all of the time. I even wear one of those American flag pins now that it’s convenient. Short of being a war hero, how much more patriotic can I be?

Yet the lamestream media hail the anointed one’s speech, as they did his idiotic speech on race, as one for the ages. Christy Matthews’ leg is probably still tingling. Hey, in my book, if you have to make a speech hailing your own patriotism, something is wrong.

Then there’s this making the rounds:

Democrat Denver (site of the Dem national convention) Mayor John Hickenlooper’s annual State of the City address may get more attention for what wasn’t included than what was.

At the start of the event Tuesday morning, City Council President Michael Hancock introduced singer Rene Marie to perform the national anthem.

Instead, she performed the song “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing,” which is also known as the “black national anthem.”

When she finished, the audience responded with mild applause. The national anthem was never performed.

Hell I didn’t even know there was such a thing as the “black national anthem.” What’s the white national anthem? Silly me I’ve always thought that we just had THE National Anthem. I suppose B-HO will have to start singing THE National Anthem to again prove his patriotism.

There is a great scene in Casablanca – as the greatest movie ever there are a bunch of great scenes. A bunch of German officers are standing around the piano singing patriotic German songs. Then Victor Laslow stands up and begins singing La Marseillaise, the French National Anthem. The crowd joins in and drowns the Germans out.

Wouldn’t it have been great if B-HO had been there and just as Marie began, B-HO starts singing the Star Spangled Banner? Wouldn't it have been great is someone in the crowd did something? But alas, they're politicians.

Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watch'd, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there.
O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"The right of the people" not so clear to Libs

An article appeared in Tuesday’s Daily Punctilio (AKA Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette) by the Dean of Law at the University of California – Irvine, Erwin Chemerinsky. The JG’s web site doesn’t have the article up for some reason. But in his article Chemerinsky argues that the second amendment is relevant only as it applies to “a well regulated militia.” Lex answers:

Tuesday’s piece by Erwin Chemerinsky is just another in a long line of Lib tripe as the JG’s editorial page continues to morph into Ft. Wayne’s print version of Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

Chemerinsky’s dissection of the court’s recent 5-4 ruling in favor of individual gun rights contained everything EXCEPT the five most relevant words of the second amendment as they pertain to an individual right - “the right of the people” as in “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” You could put Moby Dick in front of those words as a dependant clause and it would not change their clear meaning.

Unless Chemerinsky is prepared to argue that “We the people…” refers only to those who wrote and ratified our Constitution or that “the right of the people to peaceably assemble” is somehow restricted to a chosen few or that “the people” in the ninth amendment is a similarly restricted group of “people” other than “the people” – as in all of the people - of the United States, he ought to embrace the court’s decision.

Chemerinsky and his ilk shouldn’t be worried that the majority found that our Constitution said what it clearly says. What should worry all of us – the people – is that four unelected justices saw fit to ignore the plain language of the second amendment in an attempt to remove one of our rights through judicial fiat.

Conservatives considering sitting out this election because they think McCain is too liberal ought to consider the tenuous balance of the Supreme Court before doing so.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It's not about patriotism, no wait maybe it is

When the fat guy at the service counter trying to return his six month old Buns of Steel video and chili stained workout poster keeps shouting “it’s not about the money,” you can bet it’s all about the money. When some slack jawed dope politician who partnered with an America hating preacher for 20 years and never noticed, worked with an unrepentant domestic terrorist when it was politically expedient and said wearing an American lapel pin was a stunt right before pinning on his own shiny new American lapel pin, starts talking about “never questioning his opponents patriotism,” you can bet it’s because he doesn’t want anyone questioning his.

Besides as noted below, B-HO doesn’t have question McCain’s patriotism, he has a whole platoon of dopes, dolts, dupes and douche bags to do that for him – one Merrill McPeak would be the latter. And B-HO has yet to reach down, find his own manly equipment and tell them to shut the hell up.

B-HO is like Lex jr when playing basketball – actually having seen B-HO try to play basketball, jr may be much better. Anyway, jr says you can’t guard me too close. You can’t shoot within 15 feet of the basket. You can’t run after the rebound. You can’t enforce double dribble on me. You can’t call fouls on me.

B-HO’s rules of politics go something like this:
- You can’t question my patriotism but my surrogates can question yours.
- You can’t bring up my 20 year association with Rev Wright because you stood on a platform with Rev Hagee for ten minutes.
- You can’t talk about my obnoxious affirmative action queen wife no matter how much she says she’s not proud of America because wives are off limits.
- You can’t talk about my “liberal politics” because labels don’t fit.
- You can’t talk about anything that might diminish me in the public’s eye because to do so would be racists.
- You can’t criticize my policy differences because to do so is a “distraction.”

I’d call B-HO an empty suit, but I have seen so many empty suits hanging on racks at J.C. Penney’s that have so much more on the ball than this skinny, chain smoking, vacuous, arrogant non-entity. He's actually something less than an empty suit. He's an empty "wife beater" t-shirt or empty thong skivvies.