Thursday, March 28, 2013

Does the arrogance of the 9 know any bounds? No. I don't believe it does.

During the gay marriage opening arguments, I wonder if any lawyer at the Supreme Court made the: Don’t be arrogant dopes argument? As in:

"This court is made up of 9 unelected and unaccountable justices. The courts are by design supposed to be the weakest of three branches of government - precisely because they are so far removed from the will of the people.

“The court found something in the Constitution that does not exist to legalize abortion in Roe V. Wade. That decision has screwed this country into a cocked hat ever since.

“This court rewrote legislation from the bench in order to make LBcare the law of the land. There will be 10,000 law suits about that decision in a few years as people begin to understand what this court and the congress did to them.

“Will this court make gay marriage the next Roe v. Wade? Is this court so arrogant as to believe that it can substitute the judgment of 5 unelected and unaccountable judges for the millions of votes cast in CA on Prop 8? Over 7 million Californians voted for Prop 8. Prop 8 was carried in CA by 5% - 52% to 47% in 2008, a year when 60% of Californians voted for LB.

"These decisions are best left to the will of the people at the local level where they or their elected representatives are best able to express that will. If that will should change over time, the people can, through elections, change their representatives to change the make up of elective offices they are able to vote on. The people have no such power over this court. So I have to ask, just how arrogant is this court?”

If the Dopes in Robes decide against the will of the people in this case I predict it won’t be 6 months before someone is suing a Catholic university demanding that Bruce and Harlan be allowed to occupy on campus student housing. It won’t be 6 months before someone is suing the Catholic Church because a priest refuses to marry Beth and Sally. It won’t be 6 months before a polygamist is suing for his “civil rights” to marry his four wives and a goat.

The one thing we know for certain about the left is that they are a joyless and soulless bunch who are never content with the pace of their destructive policies and practices.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Supremes and gay marriage

The Dopes in Robes are deciding a case on gay marriage. If the Dopes rule in favor of allowing gays to claim they are “married,” the whole country will be set on its head.

Here’s why. Marriage is a word that for 2,000 years has meant one thing. With a whimsical decision, the Supremes will put themselves in the business of redefining the English language.

If little Johnny shows up to school one day and demands to be called a tiger, who can tell him, “No Johnny. You’re a little boy”? Well the Supremes could then decide that there’s no harm in letting people call things whatever they want as long as they’re in love with someone or something. If Little Johnny says he’s a tiger and wants to insist he rides the beer truck to school, well no one can tell him any different or they’ll be racists.

So when a hysterical lady calls 9-1-1 screaming a tiger just got hit by a beer truck the inevitable confusion that reigns on that phone call may just cost the tiger his life.

You don’t believe Lex? Well ask Prince, or the artist formerly known as Prince, or what he has been referred to as on some radio stations, “unpronounceable symbol.” Stupid decisions sometimes have dire consequences. The Tower of Babble comes to mind. The consequences of the Price debacle required Price to go back to being Prince.

Next, love cannot be the only criteria for calling something a marriage. If the Supreme Dopes think marriage can be between a man and a man because they love each other, who is to say a guy who loves his dog shouldn’t be able to marry it and enjoy all of the social advantages of a married couple?

Isn’t it a human condition that we are capable of loving more than one person? Then what narrow minded bastard would deny three or four people who love each other the right to marry all of them? And how narrow minded is it that we don’t let 30 something men marry two or three 12-13 year old girls.

These things never end in a logical place, because once you’ve escaped the bounds of logic in the first instance, there is no logical conclusion. Look at the welfare state. It started with feeding, clothing and housing the poor. Now there are free iphones, free college, free everything to the point that a capable scammer can make 40K on government “benefits.” 40K on assistance or take a job paying 42K? Sit on your @$$ for 40K or bust your @$$ for lousy 2K extra?

Last, and this is key, the coming assault will be on anyone who doesn’t get in line with the abomination. You may not hate anyone, or even give a flying crap what they do in the privacy of their home, but you’d better get in line with gay marriage or you’ll be labeled a hater.

If you even attend a church that doesn’t perform gay marriages, you’re screwed irrespective of what the Bible says. You are a hater. Religious beliefs are no shield. Ridicule, scorn and mocking will be heaped upon you until you just stop going to church and begin denying your beliefs. And you certainly won’t want any of your off spring subjected the abuse, so you’ll keep them away as well. Churches are the next target of this BS.

Now if you attend a mosque, your open hatred of women, gays, Christians, Jews, and everyone who refuses to return to the 12th century, will be celebrated as diversity.

Most of us don’t hate anyone. We just want to be left alone to live our lives and peacefully associate with the people we chose to. The left will have none that. It’s all diversity all of the time, unless of course, you’re actually diverse enough to disagree with them on something, then all hell will descend upon you.

Diversity is BS to the left. They demand sameness in everything.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When is a crisis not a crisis? When it's the Dopes spending us into one.

When the national debt was a mere 9 TRILLION DOLLARS Little Barry said that debt was “unpatriotic.” Now that the debt is on the verge of 17 TRILLION DOLLARS Little Barry says that his debt is “sustainable.” YGBSM.

I guess it all depends on who is running up that debt. If it’s LB spreading taxpayer money around to “green” failures and other cronies in effort to pad his re-election treasury and destroy the country, well that is sustainable. It’s fine. If it’s GWB fighting two heretofore successful wars against Islamo-Terror-Fascists and staving off a “financial crisis” - that probably really wasn’t – well that is unpatriotic.

Then in a stroke of genius, our guys - cry baby Boehner and Paul Ryan - give LB top cover by saying we don’t have an “immediate crisis.” We expect this stuff from idiot Boehner. But really Paul, if 17 TRILLION DOLLARS of debt isn’t a crisis, what is? 20 TRILLION? 120 TRILLION? Or will our debt only become a crisis and unpatriotic again if Republican wins the White House?

Why isn’t the cry baby and other House Republicans passing a bill a day de-funding the stupidest things in the federal budget? Yeah, we should start with Slow Joe shoot ‘em thru the door Biden. Every single day Republican should be trotting out 50 programs that waste taxpayer money in the form of a bill that exposes programs paid for by taxpayers like why lesbians are fat and dress like men who they supposedly hate (People's Cube has the correct scoop on this issue.), duck penises, half million dollar hotel stays in Paris and London by the Slowest of all garden variety slaps, slappy Joe Biden. Force Demo-Dopes to go record supporting the waste every day. If they don’t, the budget starts to be trimmed bit by bit, day by day.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Slappy shoot 'em up Joe is at it again

One thing a majority of people outside Delaware can agree on is that Slow Joe two blasts and a garden variety slap Biden is colossal dumb@$$.

Latest case in point, when asked why he’d didn’t kiss Pope Francis’ ring, Joe slappy said that his father was “all about dignity.”

“Dignity,” that’s what this picture of “Shoot ‘em thru the door” Joe is all about, “dignity.” Yeah, this picture sort of captures the essance of the word "dignity."  Don't you think?

Supposedly, Slappy Joe’s mother told him that no one is “better” than him. If that’s true, the whole world is screwed. Let’s be honest. Nearly anyone with half a brain and willing to engage it occasionally is “better” than slap happy Joe. The guy is king of the dopes.

He is a liar. Twice the buffoon was caught ripping off other people’s work for his benefit. First in college where he ripped off 5 pages of a 15 page paper but got over claiming it “was footnoting error.” BS. Lifting 1/3 of a college paper - even if correctly footnoted - would be a problem at The Ohio State University College of Communications let alone Syracuse College of Law.

How is it any lawyer – even a quarter wit law student like Slappy Joe - can get by “not knowing” the rules for citations? AND to hell with the rules for citation, he didn’t lift a line or two. The crap sandwich lifted 1/3 of the assignment. I could have sworn there was a 10% rule of correctly footnoted material for assignments in high school and college.

Last, oh so slow Joe said his mother told little Joey, don’t slap girls, don’t steal other people’s work and that while simple Joe should treat everyone with respect,  slow Joe should also “demand respect.” Were she alive, Slappy Joe’s mom would have to inform her dope of a son that his “respect train” might have left the station without him when he got nabbed in a second plagiarism scandal during the ’88 Presidential Campaign. This time two blasts and a slap Joe was ripping off English Labour Leader Neal Kinnock.

Now, let’s be clear I don’t care to have US “leaders” bowing to or kissing anyone’s ring. But the correct answer for refusing to do such things is that US leader’s do not bow down to or kiss anyone’s ring. The answer is not some made up BS reflection of one’s own self worth, but rather the worth of the position that that someone holds.

LB bends over so far to every worldly despot, that we’ve come to think of his scrawny @$$ as being his “best side.” So Slappy Joe refusing to kiss the pope’s ring was actually refreshing until the @$$ weasel has to make that move all bout what a tough guy he is and that nobody’s better than him.

Slow Joe slappy the shooter Biden is the poster child for the “give all the boys a trophy crowd.” A F—ing looser on every level who thinks nobody is better than he is when in fact nearly everyone is.  He's as phony as a three dollar bill.  From the fake hair to the fake teeth to the fake tough guy persona, it's all as made up and/or stolen as his college papers or his '88 stump speech. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Will the roach wallow again?

Three dead at Quantico.

Harry the roach Reid is blaming, global warming, failure to pass a gay marriage bill, George Bush and the sequester for the apparent murder suicide.

That’s it. Not really feeling it today. If you are, leave something for the masses in the comments section.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cold truth about Ft. Wayne and the northeast

Ups and downs here in Ft. Wayne
Gas is $3.91 this morning in Ft. Wayne, IN. The lapdog media is outraged. No wait. They aren’t. Hmm. Wonder why?

But while gas is way up, the temperatures are way down. This must be global cooling again. Last year it was 83 degrees in Ft. Wayne at this time. That was clearly global warming.  Everything was global warming this and global warming that. Now? Nothing.

This morning it’s 17 degrees with a high of 33 - normal highs are close to 50 this time of the year. Overnight temps have been in the teens. The pond has been freezing every night. Yet, there is no call for larger carbon footprints to warm things up here in ft. Wayne.

Take no crap North Easterners? Fuggetaboutit
I was reading somewhere yesterday about why New Yorkers are taking so much crap from their d-bag nanny mayor.
The stereotypical northeasterner - New Yorker/New Jerseyite - made famous in countless books, movies and TV shows is the gruff fuggetaboutit take no crap wise guy. Why is it then New Yorkers line up like sheep to do whatever a panty waist richy rich guy tells them to do?

Where’s the big tattooed guy in the hard hat grabbing his crotch with one hand while holding a Big Gulp in the other telling Nanny B, “Hey Mayor Mike, I’s gots yoos Big Gulp right here!”

From now on, New Yorkers should be compared to bleating sheep following their nanny to be shorn and then slaughtered.

In New Jersey a family was raided by police and child protective services for posting a picture of their kid with a .22 rifle on Facebook. The “authorities” were responding to an anonymous tip. The “authorities” claimed they often follow up on anonymous tips.

Really? Hey protective services, I heard – anonymously – that Mayor Mike has the largest collection of kiddie porn in NY City and likes to expose himself to young boys in Gracie Mansion. Better go raid his house.

No doubt the "authorities" were just following orders.

How about everyone with a youngster in the home pose them with a firearm real or otherwise and post it to facebook.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The roach more despicable than usual

We all know Harry the roach Reid is a worthless senile lying old bastard. I don’t that there are words that can be strung together to adequately describe his latest despicable political BS: tying the deaths of seven Marines to the sequestration. Here’s a no load thieving crap weasel incapable of doing his own job for four years taking advantage of the deaths of seven young men to advance his political fortune.

The roach’s reaction places him in the same pool of classless creeps as J.T. Lane who mocked the parents of kids he killed in an OH high school shooting.

Of course no one on the Republican side steps up to gut the creepy SOB. An anonymous Marine spokesman set the roach straight stating unequivocally that the exercise was planned well in advance of sequestration and that the training would not have been permitted if all required safety precautions were not in place.

Lex sent this love note to the roach’s office:

To advance a political agenda, you shamelessly wallow in the blood of men you and your worthless ChiCom loving spawn are not fit to sit next to at the chow hall. Go to hell you cowardly, thieving, senile, lying, old bastard.
D. Schumick

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gay marriage? To what end?

Supposedly, Rob Portman came out in favor of gay marriage when he found out his son was gay. Were his son a murderer, would Portman suddenly be put off by the bias against murderers?

Yeah, that’s an extreme example, and NO I’m not comparing homosexuals to murderers. I’m just wondering how fungible Portman’s principles are.

If Portman’s son took a free LB phone, would Portman be for free phones? If Portman’s son announced he were a staunch supporter of the Demo-Dope party, would Portman change party affiliation?

If Portman had a strongly held belief that marriage is reserved for the relationship between one man and one woman, I’m trying to figure out what difference it makes that his son is gay. How does a gay son change someone’s life long belief in what the word marriage means?

I have never understood the whole “People ought to be able to love whoever they want” argument. Is there something that says they can’t? I’m quite sure if a gay couple wanted to "marry" they could find someone to perform the ceremony for them without a word from the state. What they cannot afford themselves to is the legal tax structure afforded a married couple.

So is all the hubbub about the tax code? There are two easy fixes. One: Take the DoD approach and allow any “committed couple” to file at the married rate. Now the Demo-Dopes will have a problem with that solution. I can hear them now, “How are you going to pay for that tax break to cohabitating couples? Two: Eliminate the married filing a joint return altogether.

Then the only real break for married heterosexual couples will be for children. Demo-Dopes will see this as an assault on gays. Why should heterosexuals be the only ones allowed to pro-create? Demo-Dopes will pass a law whereby all heterosexual couples must provide their first off-spring to the government for redistribution to homosexual couples.

I do not understand what end gays being “married” supports, unless it is to gain a meager tax break or force churches to marry them. I can see the further assault Catholic church as defends its right to practice its religion as it sees fit. The government already thinks it can force the church to change its stand on providing abortion and contraceptives. Does anyone seriously believe that the government won't force churches to marry gay couples after President Rodham signs the executive order making gay marriage legal in all 50 states?

And here’s the main thing. Anyone who offers the slightest resistance even to the point of saying, “Fine you do whatever you like over there, but we have our own beliefs that we’re going to exercise over here. We love and respect you, but we as a matter of conscientious we will practice our beliefs here,” well, those people will be demonized.

They will do to anyone who stands against them what they are doing to the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts hate no one. But they are hated by the left for having the temerity to believe something other than approved leftist thought.

So you get leftist using their lemming star power to trash and lie about them. The exact same thing will happen to churches who stand against performing gay marriages.

Monday, March 18, 2013

If trust matters, I don't trust Boehner

Here is the problem. It’s called the American ruling class. These scumbags are in bed together. Demo-Dopes are only marginally worse than Repbli-Rats.

You cannot trust a scumbag who trusts a scumbag. Boehner trusts Slow Joe two slaps Biden and LB half wit. Therefore, Boehner cannot be trusted.

Boehner trust LB to do what? Raise taxes? Round up your rifle? Force you to buy a product you do not want and could get cheaper before LB got involved in it? Develop “green energy?”

What is there in LB’s bio that would cause a sane person to “trust him?” Prying open the sealed divorce records of two political opponents? His blame of and subsequent jailing of a filmmaker for Benghazi? His lie after lie on Fast and Furious? His BS on the debt ceiling negotiations? Calling cops stupid? Saying thug punk Trayvon Martin looked like his son – if he one?

Lex noted early on Boehner was part of the ruling class problem. He’s either too stupid to negotiate a decent deal, up to his eyeballs in corruption or himself a damned communist. Anyway he cannot be trusted to be negotiating for the “other side” against LB. It’s too hard to tell the sides apart when Boehner is negotiating. Boehner cannot be trusted. I’ll go one step further, anyone who trusts Boehner, cannot be trusted.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday stuff

We have a pope!
Much to the lapdog media’s lament, the new pope is Catholic, a man, and although from Latin America, is white. But it’s funny. I’ve yet to hear our new Pope Francis referred to as a “white Hispanic.”

To be sure the media is working overtime to uncover as many lapsed Catholics as possible to trash the new pope for his position on women, birth control, abortion, and homosexual marriage and adoption.

Well, they are lapsed for a reason aren’t they? People get out of the military everyday because they do not like the discipline, taking orders or to pursue other opportunities. Yet when a new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is named, the media don’t run to disgruntled former military guys to get their reaction. “Yeah, well I was hoping for a new CJCS that would come into the times and relax the rules on hair cuts, PT and drug use. This is really disappointing.”’

Not to evangelize too much, the church does not relax the rules it believes to be passed from Jesus Himself, to conform to modern fads in order to win a popularity contest. Jesus wants the church to pass on the truth of God's word and the story of His life, death and resurrection on Earth. He didn’t say, “Go forth and gather the multitudes in My Father’s name by conforming to every popular fad. Accept and conform to everything thereby offending no one but gathering the largest flock possible.” To what end?

Two Bible versus guide the faithful against this kind of reasoning. Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Matthew 7:13: "You can enter God's Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way.”

Modern relativists hate to hear this. There is right, a narrow path. There is wrong, a broad path. The difference between the two starts with natural law.

Cruz missiles
For two days running TX Senator Ted Cruz has “lectured” the senate on the US Constitution with regard to the bill of rights in general and the 2nd Amendment in particular. In both cases condescending Demo-Dope senators objected by pointing out that they’d been senators for more than 20 years (Feinstein) and 30 years (Leahy).

The immediate rejoinder to that line of defense is, “So you’ve been here the entire time we’ve been piling up nearly 17 TRILLION dollars of debt? You’ve sat idle while we shipped young men off to fight in, how many, undeclared wars? You’ve been here for the last four years that the senate failed to fulfill its constitutional obligation to produce a budget? Obviously longevity in this body is no guarantee that one will be faithful to or even understands the constitution.”

Slow Joe double blast Biden

The dope of dopes has sounded off again. This time he has insulted us all with a reference to a “garden variety slap” when talking about domestic violence. Not even Slow Joe can be that dumb. Can he?

Stanley Ipkiss was the Jim Carey character from the movie The Mask. When Ipkiss was about to do something weird, he’d look at the camera and in an exaggerated voice shout, “Somebody stop me!” A great photoshop would be the likeness of the Oh So Slow One in green face as Stanley Ipkiss with the tag line, “Somebody SLAP me!”

Climate change biggest challenge
Wannabe Admiral Samuel Locklear is responsible for all of the US naval operation in the Pacific. When asked what the major threat in the region was, Locklear – in an effort to rise head and shoulders over the sycophantic yes men populating the Pentagon – responded that climate change was the number one concern. The Pacific theater has China, North Korea, Vietnam, Russian threats among many others. Korea just threatened to nuke the US. They renounced the armistice that ended the Korean conflict. Tensions along the 38th parallel are the highest they’ve been since the N Koreans blew up the S Korean delegation in Rangoon. We have on going military exercises with the South as show of force. Yet Admiral Numbnutts is worried about the ocean rising an inch over the next 100 years.

China has a 24-7-365 hacking program directed at the US economy, military preparedness and intelligence gathering. Yet Locklear thinks global warming is the #1 threat.

To prove his point, Locklear made up a bunch of statistics about the number and severity of Pacific storms, neither of which are on the rise over the last 30 years.

Gee, I feel safer already knowing political yes men like Locklear are standing between us and a ruthless enemy.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Catholic targets

Catholic Cardinals have gathered to pick a new pope, and right on cue the lapdog media has joined in about the church sliding into irrelevancy if it didn’t moderate its teachings on homosexuality, women and broaden its appeal to non-white races.

First, on homosexuality, it seems to me the homosexuals have a much bigger problem with the Catholic Church than the Catholic Church has with homosexuals. The church holds essentially the same position on homosexuality as Billy Billbo Clinton and LB as of about 8 months ago.

The big difference is that the pope isn’t trying win votes (which sadly in America now means buying votes) to be president. So the pope can sit back and point out the obvious. For doing so he roundly criticized for “being out of touch.”

Pope Benedict was once asked whether the Church’s teachings that homosexuals deserve respect are contradicted by its position that homosexual acts are “intrinsically disordered.”

Pope Benedict responded:
No. It is one thing to say that they are human beings with their problems and their joys, that as human beings they deserve respect, even though they have this inclination, and must not be discriminated against because of it.

At the same time, though, sexuality has an intrinsic meaning and direction, which is not homosexual. The meaning and direction of sexuality is to bring about the union of man and woman and, in this way, to give humanity posterity, children, a future.

What the pope said is as undeniable as the sun rising in the east. There is not one thing the least bit controversial about anything. There is a “natural law” about things. For humans, procreation requires a man and a woman. If a naysayer hates the Catholic Church for its inflexible position on homosexuality, what does he say about the natural law for procreation? God is a homophobe?

Next, allowing women into the priesthood.  The idea that the Catholic Church will anytime soon abandon its requirement for men as priests is a long shot. It’s not about social justice. It’s not about equal rights. Jesus chose 12 men as his apostles. Coincidence? Jesus walked the earth as a man. Coincidence?

That might be enough said on that subject except I cannot but help point out the hypocrisy of the people making the argument. They rail against the Catholic Church and wring their hands as if they care one wit about it. They could not care less if the Vatican was swallowed whole by a huge sink hole. In a world of malleable politicians, institutions and weak minded people, they are interested in minimizing the church as an institution that stands fast for principle. They cannot stand that.

Also while they roll in on the Catholic Church for the tradition of an all male priesthood as an affront to women, they utter not one word of condemnation for the Muslim faith that not only prohibits female religious leaders, it condones stoning women for touching males who are not family members, condones mutilation of woman’s genitals, requires that women cover from head to foot or risk stoning etc. etc.

These brave, brave talkers reserve all of their critical insights on the state of religion for Catholics, because they know the pope will not issue a fatwa on their worthless cowardly @$$es and have them blown up like the followers of the religion of peace would. It is the exact same reason homosexuals roll in on Catholic Churches but refuse to confront a southern black church for their stance on homosexual marriage. They know where they’d get their a@$$es beaten good and where they’d get a hug and a blessing. Cowards.

Last, outreach to people of color. This is the dumbest of the all of the complaints. The lily white lapdog media is complaining about Catholic outreach to minorities. Catholics have been ministering to the poor in every corner of the world since Peter. Today, most Catholics are Spanish speaking people from Central and South America. The largest growth of new Catholics is in Africa. Catholics are one of few standing up to Muslim terrorists in the Middle East and being killed for their service.

Meanwhile, the lapdogs ignore the violence and condemn those being killed as not tolerant enough to homosexuals, women and minorities. It’s a bizarro world.

What is most aggravating about all of this is the Catholic Church's near absolute refusal to set the record straight.  It is as if were they to tell the truth about their good works and reasonable positions, God would punish them.  So every hare brained accusation by any and all comers goes largely unanswered. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Over reach

It’s early but, I think LB and his merry band of @$$bags have over reached on a couple of things.

First, the sequester: LB and the lemmings he picked to run various office have predicted an Armageddon that to date has not materialized. After all the predictions of of closing and lay offs over a lousy 2% cut, someone said, “Hey, maybe we should we keep the 44 billion dollars that is apparently running EVERYTHING in the government and cut the other 3.8 TRILLION of the budget that isn’t affected by sequestration and apparently isn’t needed to run ANYTHING.

Next, the White House closure: That is the dumbest thing LB ever did.It is a constant and visible reminder of what petty little punk he truly is. Now every time the little excrement smear plays golf or goes on vacation, if they are smart, Republicans can ask, “How many weeks of White House tours could have been arranged for the cost of your (Fill in the blank)?” But don’t ever count on the Republicans being smart.

Last, Demo-Dope gun grabs: You cannot seriously expect a good result when you put Slow Joe 2 shotgun blasts Biden in charge of something. That is the case with gun control for the dopes. You’ve got Libs running around everywhere grabbing guns and anything – a pop tart - that looks like a gun, and it’s beginning to pee people off.

You cannot put a moron in charge of something called “common sense gun control” when that moron defies “common sense” by telling people to shoot through closed doors. Besides, has anyone else noticed that there is no “common sense” clause in the 2nd Amendment? As in, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, except when morons want to impose ‘common sense gun controls on the people.’” It’s not there. What a shame for Libs. Now, they have to go about the normal amendment process to change the constitution.

Taken together, these three things to me spell disaster for LB’s hope taking the House in 2014. Of course, never underestimate the Republicans ability to foul up an easy win, and never underestimate the Dopes ability and willingness to steal elections. Voting 6 times will become voting 60 times by 2014 if it’s necessary.

ITF trial in NY City
OK some Islamo-Terror-Fascist was caught and hauled into NY City for trial. A couple of questions:

How many weeks of White House tours could have been arranged for what taxpayers are going to have to shell out for this murdering creep’s legal team?

Why NY City? Why not try the excrement for brains in Minot, ND?

Why wasn’t the double d-bag hauled to G’itmo for a 150 years of questioning before being brought to the US for trail? Now, he’s lawyered up, and we’ll never know what he knows.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Schools discover, math is hard, concentrate on fake gun control

There has been a spate of over reaction to harmless school play mostly involving young boys and finger guns, paper guns, pop tart guns, air grenades and mostly female school officials.

Lex has long opined that the failure of the American school system can be traced directly to an over population of female school administrators. That’s when America decided that if little Johnny thought 2 + 2 = 7 then no one should correct poor little Johnny because that might stunt his self esteem. Self esteem became more important than offering up the correct answer. It’s also about the same time we started giving out “participation trophies” to every kid on the team. We have to keep up their self esteem you know, whether they can play baseball or not.

So a couple of boys playing cops and robbers on the playground with finger guns are hauled in front of the principal as if they were operating a meth lab on school grounds. Parents are notified and suspensions are handed out.

A little girl shows a kid a gun her grandfather had fashioned out of a piece of paper and she is hauled in front of the class and ridiculed before being carted off to the principal’s office and suspended.

A little boy makes the motion of throwing a grenade at a make believe enemy in order “to save the world” and he becomes the hard-core criminal. He’s dealt with in the usual manner. Principal Ratchet doubles his ritalin prescription and issues a three day suspension.

A young boy is told by a teacher to turn his t-shirt inside out because it has the Marine Corps emblem and two crossed muskets on it. The boy refuses and is threatened by a teacher. The boy then complies.

In the latest case of school officials running amok, some idiot elementary school principal snatched up a boy’s birthday cupcakes because the cakes had toy soldiers on them.

What’s more interesting than the actions themselves is that no one seems to get too upset over these things. I’m sure it has to do with parents not wanting to mark their kid for life as a trouble maker. Better to just go along and get along. Well I don’t have a kid in any of these schools.  So from now on I’m making an effort to let kids be kids and get the @$$bag over-educated commie school administrators off the playgrounds.

So, I looked up the school and idiot principal in the last case and sent her this note:

You are the principal of an elementary school grades 3 through 5. Yet, you are the one who needs to grow up. Your knee jerk over reaction to the boy’s birthday cupcakes is a clear indication that you have no business being around young boys. Your failure to anticipate the backlash to your boneheaded decision indicates an air of infallibility on your part reserved for the most arrogant among us. Were I running things at Schall, you would be given 30 minutes to clean out your office and leave the school grounds for good.

Susan Wright can be reached here:

Friday, March 08, 2013

Rand, Hugo and Nanny B-Berg

Well lucky thing we got in all that talk of revolution while the Lord and Master of the Universe and his dope of an AG don’t think they have the right to kill us with a Hellfire Missile from a drone. That’s comforting. Now, consider the Lord and Master’s rather quick and complete evolution on gay marriage. I’m still wondering if a chicken wire dome over the compound isn’t the way to go.

Rand Paul made a name for himself by asking if the administration could kill an American citizen who poses no imminent threat on US soil without due process. That question should have received a one answer immediately after it was asked the first time. No.

Because the administration refused to answer the question, Paul was asking the question over and over again for weeks. Ted Cruz hammered Eric the wad in hearings on the subject. I’d say Cruz made the wad look like a fool in the process, but the wad always looks like a fool because HE IS A FOOL.

So Rand Paul took to the floor of the senate and held it for nearly 13 hours bring attention to his cause. In the effort, Paul became an instant star. The next day LB and the wad caved and gave the one word answer Paul had sought.

While Paul was standing for the constitution, grumpy and grumpier old men Grahmnasty and McCainiac were sitting down to experience fine dining with LB at a D.C. hotel. With gullets full and in true Republi-Rat, ruling class fashion, the grump brothers emerged to mock Ron Paul. It’s absurd, the grumpmeisters assured us, to think LB would drop a Hellfire Missile on an American’s head from a drone.

Well, if it’s so absurd, why did it take weeks for the administration to say so? Seems to me if it were “absurd”, the question would have been answered to Paul’s satisfaction the first time it was asked in about ½ a second – “No.”

Instead Paul had to ask over and over for weeks and take the extraordinary step of asking it for 13 hours on the floor of the senate.

It’s obvious the brothers grump were afraid that Paul would cut into their near exclusive time as talking Republi-Rats on the Sunday talkers. They couldn’t risk that. So they set out to minimize Paul. In the process the only ones minimized were the grumpy ones.

Hugo Chaves to spend eternity with the smell of sulfur
Hugo Chaves assumed room temperature this week. Fine. Good riddance. I’m sure El Diablo has greeted him um, eh, warmly. I can hear Chaves now in Steve Carrel fashion, “It’s little hotter down here than I thought it would be.”

Nanny B-berg
If it weren’t so sad, this would be hilarious. While Nanny Bloomberg concentrates on the really important things affecting New Yorkers, salt, the size of their sodas, transfats and loud music, it turns out 80% of New York high schoolers can’t read. You can bet all 80% are LB voters. You can also bet Nanny and LB will be asking for more money to stem the tide of illiteracy in New York’s public schools.

That isn’t the most amazing thing about the article though. According to the article, apparently a lot of the 80% are going on to college.  How is that even possible?

Thursday, March 07, 2013

After government of, by and for the people

President Abraham Lincoln’s hope for America was “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” So how are we doing?

Though an overwhelming majority of Americans opposed it and still do to this day, Lbcare was jammed through congress in the dead of night without anyone in the congress having read the 2,700 pages of gobbledygook that comprised the bill document. The Washington D.C. ruling class was happy to pass the bill so they “could find out was in it.” Lbcare: Government of the people? By the people? For the people? I don’t think so.

Immigration reform centers on making 12 million illegal aliens legal with the stroke of pen in the hope that the government will then secure the border. By a large majority, the American people prefer the border be secured before any amnesty is granted to lawless people who broke into the country. It doesn’t matter to the ruling class.  The only thing being considered right now are bills that grant amnesty first with a promise of border security in the future. Immigration reform: Government of the people? By the people? For the people? I don’t think so.

The Second Amendment of the US Constitution lays out in 27 clearly written and understandable words the right of the people to keep and bear arms. The US Constitution lays out in clear and rather simple terms how the Constitution can be amended. The ruling class is now engaged in a debate about extra constitutional gibberish of “common sense gun control.” First and most importantly, the only “gun control” most Americans are interested in and the only gun control permitted by the Second Amendment  is the gun control required to hit the target they are aiming at. Next, if the gibberish the ruling class was peddling were as “common sense” as the ruling class claims, it could easily pass the constitutional amendment process.

Why is it then that no one on either side is saying that, without an amendment to the constitution, the congress has no power to infringe on a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms? It is for the exact same reason the congress allows presidents to send young men off to war without a declaration of war – cowardice of the ruling class. “Gun control:” Government of the people? By the people? For the people? I don’t think so.

Why is it that a single unelected federal judge can overturn a referendum voted on by the people of a state or a law passed by their duly elected representatives? Is that government of the people? By the people? For the people? I don’t think so.

How is it that a mayor or president can sign a piece of paper limiting citizens’ right without a vote from the public or their duly elected representatives? Is that government of the people? By the people? For the people? I don’t think so.

Why is that by a more than 2 to1 margin people believe that government spends too much money yet this year we will go another TRILLION dollars into debt? Is that government of the people? By the people? For the people? I don’t think so.

Voter fraud is now so rampant that a woman can vote 6 times in a key swing state with no embarrassment at being caught or fear of being punished. Is that government of the people? By the people? For the people? I don’t think so.

Sadly this exercise could continue to play out over 10,000 or so pages. There is a word for what comes when government ceases to be of, by and for the people. That word is tyranny.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

How does it start?

First a pop quiz. Your platoon is surrounded, trapped on a hillside and down to their last magazines of ammunition.

Question: Who do you want in the relief column to save you, military people like picture A or military people like picture B?


There are any one of 10,000 ways this revolution could get kicked off. For my money, it will start with a Waco style gun grab. Federal agents acting as LB’s private SS will knock on 78 year old Howard Frees door and demand entrance to his home to check for illegal guns. Frees will deny them entry. When the feds push Frees to ground and force their way inside the home, Mrs. Frees follows Slow Joe Bidens advice and lets loose two rounds from a double barrel shotgun, but not into the air, Mrs. Frees knows better. She fires from the shoulder. Pellets from the double blast strike all three of the intruding LB SS officers in their faces and necks. Howard quickly gathers himself and grabs one of the “assault rifles” from one of the LB SS officers - only the feds are allowed to have them now - and disarms the other LB SS officers. After lecturing them on the constitution and relieving them of their weapons and other combat gear, Howard tells the LB SS officers to get out and never come back.

Howard Frees modest compound is quickly surrounded. Head of the LB SS office, Janet Incompetentano, sends 50 of the 2,700 new mine resistant urban assault vehicles to reinforce the siege on the Frees residence.

Then a strange thing happens. Seeing the siege unfold live on tv, hundreds of armed American citizens begin to establish a camp near the siege. Soon thousands arrive. Orders to cease and desist are ignored with profane rejoinders.

Janet Incompetentano herself orders an extra wide lens to go tv to order the camp to lay down their weapons and go home. The leader of the camp sends a two word reply. Molan Llabe. Baffled, Incompetentano calls in code experts who cannot figure the cryptic message out. Then a priest, who arrived on the scene to pray for peace and was arrested, informs Incompetentano that it is a Greek phrase from the battle of Thermopylae. Still baffled the priest has to explain to Incompetentano that when the Persian King Xerxes ordered the Greeks to lay down their weapons at Thermopylae, the Greek King Leonidas responded in Greek, Molan Llabe or “come and take them.”

Soon the thousands of US citizens begin to cut the supply lines to LB's SS surrounding the Frees compound. When the last supply road into the area is blocked, LB’s SS begin to ex-filtrate (aka desert) to join the free men surrounding the surrounders.

Next, Incompetentano’s SS force is reduced to a few LB “free phoners” and a few of the preening prisses in picture A above, either too weak or too worried about soiling their finery to be of much use.

On day 2, LB’s SS quit. The leader of the force surrounding them is urged to have the SS stripped naked and forced to walk out barefoot in front of the tv cameras. The leader knows Janet Incompetentano is among the captured SS. He knows if he forces Americans to look at her naked body it will set movement back years for being cruel. Not for stripping the SS naked, they deserve that, but for putting picture of a naked Janet Incompetentano on tv. Most would rather be water boarded than undergo the cruel and unusual punishment of seeing Janet Incompetentano naked – even briefly. Just the mental image of that fate will have readers skipping lunch today.

So that’s how it starts. How does it end? How many free men are willing to risk everything to remain free?  Now there's a difference between the state protecting the people from armed men bent on doing the citizens of the US harm and the state inflicting harm on legally armed men.  LB is creating the straw man that armed men are dangerous in and of themselves.  As such they can be sanctioned by the state.  Men who take arms against the US deserve whatever they get.  Men who protect themselves from an onerous, intrusive and tyrannical government deserve our praise.

This is all fantasy of course - except:
DHS did order 2,700 mine resistant vehicles for operations on US soil.
DHS is buying up billions of rounds of ammunition.
DHS does have drones that can be used to detect armed US citizens.
DoJ has said that it can use drones to kill US citizens on US soil.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The military will not be our saviors.

Fighting men are embarrassed by this picture.

Anyone who thinks the military will sit out a shooting revolution, guess again. Let’s review a couple of things.

Most recently, the military allowed themselves to be used as window dressing for her royal pain in the @$$ Mooochy Moochell fly me out 10 minutes ahead of his royal dumbassness to the same location Oscar night performance. That picture of Moochell at the Oscars surrounded by sycophantic military officers grinning just to be in the presence of royalty and dressed in their finery as if they belonged in the court of King Loius XIV could not have sat well with most Americans. Can you say “out of touch?”

Did that picture remind anyone of the “Hunger Games” where starving kids from around country are pulled into the capitol where all of the swells are living high and very wastefully on the hog? I was waiting for an arrow to come whizzing in from somewhere.

What’s most interesting and disturbing for me was checking the rank of the props. The props were not the usual crowd of wannabe generals who got to the top by being smart for sure but also by going along with every hare brained plan ever proposed by anyone so much as 10 numbers senior to them on a lineal list kept somewhere. They appear to be company grade officers – youngsters – teenagers of the military.

Looking at the picture, I think the military ought not to wear their butler/doorman suits while engaged in active wars. It sends the wrong message to our enemies:  Look at us!  Aren’t we pretty!? We’re much prettier than you.

I think they should have had a couple of real warriors with missing limbs, a hook for hand and an eye patch or two in the background in the common olive drab service uniform. A picture of men who had felt the sting of battle and remained committed to the just cause would have sent a strong message to our enemies. But then I don’t think the 1st hag ought to be able to interrupt prime time tv at her whim in the first place – even if it is an event orchestrated for lib swells.

The services should get rid of the mess dress. It looks ridiculous, but more importantly, I paid about $800 for mine and wore it about 5 times for official business. But hey I still have my mess dress uniform mothballed in the barn. If push comes to shove it can be cut up into pieces and sewn into a quilt, which is the only way it’ll ever be able to cover my ever expanding belly at this point.

While lamenting the affect the sequester will have on the military budget, outgoing SecDef Panetta offered to pay for “benefits” to unmarried “committed” same sex couples but not to unmarried “committed” heterosexual couples. I assume the “benefits” to be housing, medical, transportation etc. for “committed” gay couples but not for “committed” heterosexual couples.

OK let’s just forget about equal protection and treatment and the coming and endless litigation this will kick off. HELLO, Leon, YOU’RE BROKE! You’re saying you don’t have enough money for operations and maintenance of the force, but you arbitrarily expand the pool of non-combat “benefits.” At what cost? Any idea? No. No idea what-so-ever. Don’t worry Mr. & Mrs. America the kids in the picture will figure it out.

ASIDE: Much is being made of allowing gays to serve openly in the military. Even before don’t ask don’t tell, gays have always served rather openly in the military. Not in the - march at the front of the gay pride parade in uniform kind of openness, but certainly everyone knew there were gays serving. No one picked at that scab. Unless the gay guy wanted to use his orientation as means for an early discharge, essentially outing himself, life went on pretty much normally. 

There was the case of Marines throwing a gay guy off the second story of the barracks.  But it was as likely that the guy owed them money or he was barracks thief as anything. 

We currently have a coward serving as the Chairman of a Joint Chiefs of Staff who tells an American citizen to stop exercising his right to free speech that the coward has sworn to protect and defend. While the irony of his request apparently never dawned on wannbe general Dempsey, the inappropriateness of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff haranguing a private citizen sure as heck should have set off a bell somewhere in his empty head.

Dempsey and Panetta are the same great minds that ran the traps on a policy of allowing women to serve in combat units and decided that it would speed the demise of the finest fighting force in the world. I can think of no other serious reason for that BS decision. There simply is not a better answer.

Fired and disgraced wannbe general McChrystal tried to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of the lapdog media and Dope pols by embracing gun grabs. Here’s another guy who swore to support and defend the constitution but some how neglected to read the document he swore to support.

Mr. & Mrs. America our military is now in the business of promoting the preening show ponies in the picture while dumping on the shaggy heavy footed war horses. They are in the business of successful social engineering rather than successful combat operations.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Are we closer to a shooting revolution?

WARNING: Incendiary talk of revolution follows. Possible drone strikes follow that. Read at your own risk.

To answer the question bluntly and succinctly, yes, I believe we are.

Lex noted months ago that one of the key indicators of the coming revolution would be when Americans discovered they could no longer trust the election system.

We have Al Franken finishing up his first term as a senator from MN. He was elected on the strength of thousands of illegal votes from felons. No. “Felons” isn’t a euphemism for politicians here. I’m talking about real felons, who because of their crimes, are ineligible to vote in MN. Yet there was Senator Al casting the winning vote for LBcare.

In LB’s first election, the New same as the old Black Panthers engaged in open and blatant voter intimidation. LB’s justice department encouraged such behavior by letting the thugs off the hook. Eric the wad Holder didn’t want to prosecute any of “his people.” So if you’re black it’s perfectly OK to stand outside a polling place in military garb with clubs.

ASIDE: They want to take your guns away, because two thugs with clubs might intimidate an unarmed man. But an average guy packing a Colt Defender has the upper hand against 2 or 3 of these felons. So your gun has to go. The felons need a break and LB is bound and determined to give them one.

In the key swing state of OH there was a faithless election where you could vote 6 times if you had the right skin color and knew the wad wouldn’t prosecute you – but that’s redundant. The wad doesn’t prosecute “his people.” I suppose it’s reparations for all those elections blacks were denied the vote.

Let’s face it the crooked poll worker in OH is the tip of the iceberg. 2-3% fraud in key states is all it takes to swing an election. Any attempt to bring sanity to the voting process in America is called racist by Dope demagogues. Unless the woman in OH is thrown in jail and fined the max, we’ve reached the point that we can longer trust that our vote counts.

The colossal dumb@$$ who voted 6 times, won’t spend 10 seconds in jail. Why? Well, the wad doesn’t prosecute “his people,” and the woman said she didn’t know it was illegal to vote 6 times. Coming from a public school grad who works in the public sector this is not only believable but it is likely that the woman is just that stupid.

If you’re a know nothing incompetent idiot, where else can you work - uh scratch that - in that so little real “work” is ever done by such government employees, let’s say where else can you be “employed” at great expense to the taxpayer?  Lex's Exhibit A: LB. Case closed.

LB’s justice department is suing any state that makes a simple request for identification as a prerequisite for voting. No requirement for voter ID opens the flood gates for illegal immigrants and just about anyone to vote anywhere at as many polling places as time permits. Speaking of time, we now vote for almost a month. That fact combined with little or no requirement for a person to identify themselves is perfect recipe for fraud.

Did you ever wonder why the largest Dope counties in any swing state are always the last to be counted? Well, it’s incompetence for sure. But there’s also the old joke,
Question: “How many Dope votes are there in Cuyahoga County, OH?”
Answer: “How many do we need?”

These things go on while the people, lapdog press and courts yawn. They yawn because they are either happy about the outcome of the fraud or they have the feeling there isn’t two cents worth of difference between the two parties anyway, so why get bent out of shape over a bit of voter fraud?

But it's undeniable, voting in America is wracked with fraud to the point that results cannot be trusted.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Friday stuff

Sequester hits.  Sun snubs LB, rises anyway.
The sequester has been looming for 18 months.  Now it's here.  Oh my gosh, is that the sun rising in the east?  I wonder if LB knows the sun is coming up?  I'm sure if he could he'd stop that or at least delay it until noon.  Come to think of it, thinking himself the supreme being, I'll bet LB is PO'd right now because the sun is rising in the east.  No doubt Gene Sperling is firing off an e-mail to God telling Him that He'll regret letting the sun rise today.

Republican shock and awe
The Republicans have 200,000 BILLION dollars of ammo to fire at Demo-Dopes and their lapdog media.  That's more ammo than Sadam Hussein had dumped on his head in the famous shock and awe campaign. 

So Republi-Rats are firing at will right?  So far not a shot has been fired in anger by the Repli-Rats.  They are content to sound like a bunch of whining wimps.  Well if you're being led by a whining wimp, hello John Boehner, what do you expect?

The 200,000 BILLION dollars of ammo that the Republicans have is the 200,000 BILLION dollars of government waste identified by the GAO.  So when LB stands with a group of first responders and tells Americans that they will be more likely to bleed to death after an accident because the nasty Republicans are sequestering funds for EMTs, Johnny whiner needs to release 50 wasteful programs identified in the report. Then ask LB, why not just cut this BS and leave the EMTs in place?

Republicans need an ad campaign in the states of vulnerable Demo-Dope senators and get ahead of this.  We're spending 3 TRILLION plus dollars this year, a 40% since 2007.   If the Republi-Rats cannot win this argument, we are truly screwed.

Benedict fades
Pope Benedict is pope no more.  85 years old and reportedly blind in one eye and nearly deaf, lapdog media are calling the pope a quitter.  Yeah right.  Possibly the most humble man in the world, Benedict promised to support his successor unconditionally and asked his cardinals to do the same publicly.

Now I know why popes tended to stay in office until death.  The last thing the Catholic church needs is a Jimmy Carter type boob of pope second guessing his successor in public.  Or worse two or three such self serving boobs fouling the works. 

One priest suggested that the last public words the world might ever hear from Benedict was when he bid his audience at Gondalfo, "good night." 

How great would it be if we never had to hear from Jimmy Carter or Billy Billbo Clinton again?  Notice we don't have to mention the Bushs.