Monday, January 31, 2011

Instability at home and abroad

P-BOcare being used as an ATM to reward Demo-Dope allies

P-BO care is a tax. They said it wouldn’t be a tax to lure unsuspecting dolts into the, “hey wouldn’t it be great if everyone could go to hospital” trap. Stating that it wasn’t a tax was one of the P-BO jock sniffing society’s biggest lies.

Now governors of 26 states are bringing suit against P-BOcare and in particular the mandate that requires everyone in the US to buy coverage. In order to keep from running afoul of the unconstitutional nature of a government mandate, P-BO has his army of lemmings claiming that the mandate is actually a tax.

So, dare anyone in the MSM ask, “P-BO, were you lying then about a mandate or are you lying now about a tax?” How about self-proclaimed tough guy Billybo O’Really? During his super Sunday ruining interview with the supreme narcissist – P-BO not O’Really – he could ask why the mandate went from a mandate to a tax. He won’t.

He could ask why all of P-BO’s supporters are getting waivers from the grand and glorious P-BOcare. “Mr. President, if this load of crap is sooooooo great, why all the waivers? Why are the all the waiver going to your political buds? Could I get a waiver?”

The answers are simple and as old as politics. Dopes use the government and public funds to reward their allies and punish their “enemies” as the P-BO would call them.

Seems to me the unequal distribution of P-BOcare runs opposite of the equal protection provided for in the 14th amendment. But the real indication of the popularity of P-BOcare is that the rush is to get out not in. So we’re up to 26 states challenging the law and nearing 1,000 waivers. It must be a really good law to have brought so many people together…in opposition.


It’s probably too early to tell, but maybe GWB’s big ball strategy in Iraq is paying off. We’ve had uprisings in Iran, Algeria and now Egypt. Could it be because of the democratic example of Iraq? MSM douches will say no. Just like they were more willing to give credit to Gorbachev than to Reagan for the fall of the Soviet Union, media pipe puffers will never allow a story that credits GWB with the current call for freedom in the Middle East. But, Arab kings and emirs have to be running scared.

The democracy genie is out of the bottle in the Middle East. While it isn’t always pretty, eventually people get it right.

If they don’t, it will shine the light on the myth of the moderate Muslim. It will cast a bright light on the true nature of Islam. It will also put the state in the crosshairs (sorry CNN) of responsible governments fighting Islamo-Terror-Fascists. It is much easier to target the state than a shadowy group hiding out in a hotel room somewhere.

Besides what follows can not be stopped.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo shopped crap for idiots

You cannot make this stuff up. TimeMagazine is running a cover of a photo shopped picture of Ronald Wilson Reagan (You cannot be too clear these days given that there is an anti-Reagan ballerina by the name of Ron Reagan out there trashing the 40th president) with his arm around P-BO. It’s enough to make you throw up. Reagan’s arm around P-BO’s neck in a standing guillotine, a mixed marshal arts submission hold, sure, but a chummy arm around the shoulder? I doubt it.

I know, I know. RWR was a great guy, a warm guy, an outgoing guy. But he was also the guy who called the Soviets what they were, an evil empire. I think he would have had a word or two with P-BO in private. And P-BO wouldn’t have liked it. RWR would have started with American exceptionalism. And I’m sure RWR would have pointed that, contrary to P-BO’s point of view, American exceptionalism is NOT the same as French or Swiss or Lower Slobovian exceptionalism.

I’m sure RWR would have told P-BO, “If you think Roe vs. Wade is ‘above you’re pay grade,’ you don’t deserve the job, sonny.” Some other advise RWR might give P-BO:

Remember that bit about American exceptionalism we went over? Don’t ever bow to anyone but the Lord.

Here’s a little economic advice that you might have missed while you were in a drug induced haze in college. If you want less of an activity, raise the cost through government regulation and taxes. If you want more of an activity, reduce regulations and remove taxes. Got it? You have it backwards.

America is NOT the land of equal outcomes. It is the land of equal opportunity. Government “spreading the wealth around” is a fool’s game played by fools. All that is ever accomplished in such schemes is a dependence on government handouts.

Why is it that you want my arm around you anyway? You know we do not agree much of anything. Didn’t you and your kind spend nearly all of your time trashing me until GWB came along? Why not have Clinton or Carter put their arm around you? Or a big group hug with all three of you? I’ll tell you why. America knows that you and your kind are as wrong as they can be. So what are you to do? Call in the Gipper to get your poll numbers up. Well only an idiot is going to buy into that photo shopped stupidity. And since you pretty much have a lock on the idiot vote, the picture isn’t going to you any good. Except, it will serve to motivate people who know what you really are to stop you.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Even pre-March Basketball was better than the SOTU

I guess the SOTU speech was pretty tough to stomach. That’s why I didn’t watch. I was with several Purdue fans watching The Ohio State Buckeyes lay one heinous @$$whippin on the Boilermakers.

But the sense I got of the reaction was pretty much what I expected as outlined in the post under. Pudgy, pasty faced, Pissy Mathews and the MessNBC crowd went nuts for P-BO all wishing that they could have been there to throw rose peddles at his feet as he exited the chamber. People with brains were a bit more skeptical.

I heard Sarah Palin on Greta last night. Palin shortened P-OB’s signature line of “win the future” to WTF. She went on to say that were a lot of WTF lines in P-BO’s speech. No doubt she will be faced with charges of ruining the new tone for her bit of double humor.

First, WTF moment in my opinion was the glorious reference to China. I thought Thomas L. my head is flat Friedman was channeling the president. When will these Red Chinese loving dopes get the big picture? What they seem to admire about China is that the central planners can tell the people what is going to happen and there is no descent. I saw a picture of a dam the Chinese were building for hydro electric power. The project made Hoover Dam look like the piles of leaves we used push into place in the street gutter with our foot to slow the progress of the water. There is no way the EPA and a myriad of other government agencies would ever allow such a dam to built in the US.

Inexplicably P-BO compares our education system to the Chinese and S. Korean models, and he calls it our Sputnik moment. WTF? In 1983 the Reagan administration published a report on American education titled A Nation at Risk. That report contained this famous passage:

“The educational foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity that threatens our very future as a Nation and a people. If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war."

Now P-BO thinks has stumbled upon something. WTF? Government is not the answer to the problem. Government is the problem. Here’s what the 1983 report purposed:

• Content: "4 years of English; (b) 12 years of mathematics; (c) 3 years of science; (d) 3 years of social studies; and (e) one-half year of computer science" for high school students." The commission also recommends that students work toward proficiency in a foreign language starting in the elementary grades.

• Standards and Expectations: the commission cautioned against grade inflation and recommends that four-year colleges raise admissions standards and standardized tests of achievement at "major transition points from one level of schooling to another and particularly from high school to college or work."

• Time: the commission recommended that "school districts and State legislatures should strongly consider 7-hour school days, as well as a 200- to 220-day school year."

• Teaching: the commission recommended that salaries for teachers be "professionally competitive, market-sensitive, and performance-based," and that teachers demonstrate "competence in an academic discipline."

• Leadership and Fiscal Support: the commission noted that the Federal government plays an essential role in helping "meet the needs of key groups of students such as the gifted and talented, the socioeconomically disadvantaged, minority and language minority students, and the handicapped." The commission also noted that the Federal government also must help ensure compliance with "constitutional and civil rights," and "provide student financial assistance and research and graduate training."

Instead of taking any of these recommendations seriously, one congress and president after another has thrown money at a problem that has a lot more to do with administration than dollars. It doesn’t cost anything to drop the class on diversity and condom distribution in favor of one on math or language skill.

Now P-BO stands up and says we have a problem with competiveness, which he links to education, while heading up the party that stands for road blocking any meaningful educational reform. WTF? I cannot believe how the MSM heaps great praise on this guy for how smart he is. WTF? Take away the teleprompter and scripted moments and this is a guy who thinks there are 57 states and pronounces corps as corpse.

To the extent that P-BO wants longer school days and school years it’s not so much to emulate china or enact one of the recommendations from the report sited above. It is to throw a bone to the teacher’s unions and keep children in state controlled environment longer. I would not support such a move until the teacher’s unions go the way of the air traffic controllers union.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The State of the Union: Just mail it in

DISCLAIMER: BY the standards of Keith Olberdouche, Pissy Mathews, Bobby Squiggy Gibbs et al, Lex is a racist, Nazi, hatemongering, bitter clinging, conservative Neanderthal. But we don’t care what those people say, besides who, in their right mind, would name a kid et? Even in the movie the letters were capitalized. I think Mr. & Mrs. Al need a visit from child protective services for their minimalist lower case spelling of proper names BS that is wrecking the self esteem of young ET.

The State of the Union talk is tonight. Fortunately the OSU vs. Purdue game starts tonight at 8pm on ESPN. Watching it will be a much better use of your time, even if you couldn’t care less about any basketball game that starts before March. The talk is a worthless waste of the nation’s time. Even if the entire Supreme Court get’s up and walks out 4 minutes into the speech, it will not be worth the 90 minutes of valuable time wasted that you’ll never ever get back.

Believe it or not in a day and age when sanity ruled, the SOTU was written out by hand and mailed to congress. I think we ought to return to that form. We don’t need some human lording over our elected officials, the Supreme Court and the JCS, as if he were some kind of supreme maximum leader. We don’t countenance such things in the US, or at least we didn’t. The executive is co-equal to the Supremes and our state elected officials, one of three equal branches of government. As such, given the current form of the SOTU, each branch ought to receive equal time at the podium.

The military is sworn to protect the constitution, not the president.  The JCS shouldn’t be in the building at all for what has degenerated into a 90 minute political infomercial for the president’s political agenda.

But the SOTU does much more damage than the 90 minutes of wasted tv while the president drones on and on (or in P-BO’s case, and on and on and on and on like Castro trying to convince the Cubans they have the best health care system in the world). After the show, all manner of pundit and pol will be telling us what the president meant when he called us all a bunch of bitter clingers. Oooops, he probably won’t bring that up again tonight. But they will be telling us all what every phrase and pause meant.

This is the perfect case for returning to the SOTU being mailed in. We could all read it and draw our own conclusions. Or in Grand Nan Pelosers case, just pass it so she can find out what’s in it. And in P-BO’s case the MSM will be drooling all over themselves when they tell us how presidential P-Bo looked as his head swung left to right not missing a word on the teleprompter without which he’d sound like “Professor Irwin Cory trying to explain the infield fly rule in Farsi” (lifted from the great Dennis Miller rant in the post under). Turn down the sound and watch.  As P-Bo’s head swings from side to side with the perfect rhythm of a metronome on a piano of a beginner playing Hot Crossed Buns, he looks more as if he's watching tennis than describing the state of the union.

Then there will be the forced stage craft of the Dems and Reps being co-mingled in the crowd. This is a perfect set up for a fist fight. I’m still childish enough to bring a packet of tacks in my pocket to the show. The first time Chuckles Schumer stands up to applaud the president, I’d put three or four of them on his seat.

There is a thing called natural segregation. It happens in every lunch room and cocktail party in America. People naturally sit with people they like, agree with and have the most in common. It’s not racism. Blacks do it as well. It’s called “natural segregation” because it happens naturally. Watch at your next party. Except for the one Quagmire type from the show Family Guy who chats up some gal, the party always seems to break down by men and women. Walk into any high school cafeteria and look around – natural segregation at it’s most obvious.

I’d rather see these guys sitting across an aisle from one another shooting spitballs at each other than I would see a bunch of phony baloney Kumbaya BS. It reminds of the “My good friend from NY…” BS line every Pol worth his salt has perfected to describe someone he can’t stand. It is phony. Everyone knows it is phony. Sit across the aisle from one another thinking of creative ways to shoot each other the bird. Or pull a Barney Frank and pretend to be reading something while the president talks.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Reaction to Olberdouche and Miller's take on ITFs

UPDATE: Links fixed
I have an early appointment this morning, but I take my responsibilities to keep the legions of Lex loyals well informed and entertained seriously. So I have worked tirelessly on the piece below for your Monday enjoyment.
MessNBC fired Keith Olberdouche. My first reaction was, damn! Now there’s no chance in hell of fulfilling my dream of being named the Olberdouches “Worst Person in the World.” But I got over that in 2 seconds. My new feeling can be found here - Cut and paste the link option on Blogger is jot available this morning: Play the whole thing LOUD in the office. People will think you have class. Or they will sue you.
Dennis Miller has this hilarious piece on terrorism. Check for tender ears before cutting and pasting.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pursuit of hapiness - it's in the Constitution. Read it. by John Lewis

John Lewis is making an ass of himself again. No he’s not imagining that he’s hearing Tea Party patriots shout the N word at him again. You may recall Lewis said that he was spat upon and called a ni$#er and fa*&ot when he and others made a totally unnecessary trip across campus to the Capitol Building designed to insight the exact reaction Lewis claimed resulted.

Problem is, Lewis is lying. No one purposely spat on him or called him a ni&^er. There was a single use of the word fa#@ot. But that is it. Lewis is a liar. The proof that he’s liar is on tape. Of all of the tv, radio and personal recording devises used to record Lewis's showboat walk across campus among the Tea Party patriots, not one provides ANY EVIDENCE of Lewis’s accusation. There remains a $10,000 reward for any such evidence.

Lewis needs the best law enforcement people we can find to get to the bottom this. Round up Inspector Jacques Clouseau, Chief Clancy Wiggum, Sheriff Buford T. Justice, Sheriff Roscoe P. Coletrain, Deputy Barney Fife and Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik and get them on this case before the trail gets cold. Or we could just use the Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik method of crime and motive solving, make it up. But Lewis has already jumped ahead to that step.

Lewis is just plain lying and that is that. That is unless you are the people’s fact finder looking out for the folks Billbo O’Really who said, “Well if Lewis said it happened, I believe him.” Way to crack the case Billbo. Billbo also believes in John F. Kerry’s fairy dusted war record, the Easter Bunny and moderate Muslims.

But enough of Lewis’s past idiocy. There’s brand new proof of what a moron this guy actually is. Several posts below, Lex noted that it is impossible to argue with Libs because, as a class, they are idiots. And arguing with an idiot is like wrestling with a pig. You just get messy and accomplish nothing.

So, here’s more proof, Lewis, who hears voices in his head shouting Ni&^er at him whenever he’s around white people, thinks that the “pursuit of happiness” provides constitutional cover for P-BOcare. Wow! A quick word search of the Constitution doesn’t find the phrase “pursuit of happiness” anywhere. But most 6th graders know the phrase can be found in the Declaration of Independence right after the Lib throw away principles of life and liberty. To make matters worse and to demonstrate what buffoon Lewis really is, he made his idiotic comment days after the constitution was read aloud on the House floor. He must have been sick that day. Or worse, he may have been one of the Demo-Dopes standing outside the chamber telling the world how unnecessary the reading was.

And there is going to be more and more for Lewis to shout racism over if the local, state and federal budgets are cut, as they must be. Read this from Walter Russell Mead:

“When we talk about American social models and the need to go beyond what I’m calling the blue social model and on to liberalism 5.0, race needs to be discussed. The collapse of the blue social model, a shift from federal to local power and a shift from government to the private sector are not race-neutral topics. It’s not just the underclass in the inner cities who face problems as the old models of subsidy and support become less sustainable; middle class African Americans compared to whites tend to work disproportionately in public sector jobs or in private sector jobs like health care that are heavily subsidized by government transfers. A pension crisis for state or federal workers will hit African-American families harder, proportionately, than white ones; municipal layoffs and bankruptcies will have a disproportionate effect on both the African-Americans who depend on these services and those who are paid to provide them.”

Damn, it looks as if race baiting hustlers like Lewis and the Revs? Al and Jesse are set for life.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It just keeps getting better

Stevie Cohen

Some Lib dope – as if there were any other kind of Lib – Steve Cohen thrust a knife right through the heart of P-BO’s straight shooting comment about being civil. Cohen took careful aim before pulling the trigger and firing a shot at Republicans on the house floor comparing the Republicans’ effort to repeal P-BOcare with the Nazis. Cohen may have slit his own throat in doing so. Such over the top rhetoric designed to strangle debate is usually seen for what it is and then easily put into the crosshairs and shot full of holes.

If full repeal fails, Republicans have vowed to take a cleaver to the bill cutting and slashing the most onerous parts of the bill until the bill can be killed with a single shot to the head down the road. One of the more imaginative ways to kill off the bill is by cutting off funding and allowing the bill to starve to death.

I guess CNN will not be having Lex on to talk about Cohen or anything else. That’s ok. I have a bigger audience on Tuesday night’s Karaoke at Duty’s Bar and Grill.


In other stunning news HHS Secretary Cathleen Sibelius let America know that nearly half of Americans or 129 million have pre-existing conditions. Rush Limbaugh then broke the really bad news. 100% of us are going to die. Damnit Rush. Here I though I was going to be like Arnold Schwarzenneger in the movie the Running Man – the only one to get out alive and you ruin it.

No one knows where Cathy gets her numbers from but they must be true if it’s coming from the government, right. I mean after all it’s people’s health we’re talking about here. It’s not as if we’re talking global warming where the government was just caught in another major screw up using bogus data to support a 2.4 degree temperature change. Real scientists believe that using the government model, the current trend would need to be 10 times worse than it is to support the government findings.

Off by a factor of 10. Hey it’s just a little mistake. The good news is given that degree of government idiocy, that would make Cathy’s number about 12.9 million. The bad news is that Rush Limbaugh didn’t rely on government studies to arrive at his number. We’re all still going to die.


P-BO says if the Bears win he’s going to the Super Bowl. Damn, I was a Chicago fan. I am now forced to root for the Green Bay Packers. Who wants this pant load injecting himself into Super Bowl Sunday? Oh wait for the third year running he will. He’s doing an interview with Billbo O’Really. Should be interesting for the film crew to find an angle where they can get both of their swelled heads into the same shot.

Given P-BO’s track record of turning gold into dust, if I were Lovie Smith and the Bears, I’d be getting a team of priests into Soldier Field to perform and exorcism ASAP.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stupid is as stupid does

Why does it seem impossible to win an argument with a Lib? Simple, they are dumber than hoe handles. Take the Bush Gore FL debacle. AlGore never once had a lead in FL. He never led during the original count on election night. He never led during the original state recount. He never led even after trying to cherry pick a selective recount of the 4 most heavily democratic precincts in the state. And, he never led, not by one vote in any of the lame brained media sponsored recounts. Never once was AlGore ahead by so much as one vote.

After all of that, to this very day, Libs insist GWB stole FL. How, after all of that, can one reasonably conclude that AlGore won FL? Stupidity. That’s how. They fall back on the butterfly ballot whereby Demo-Dopes were “tricked” into voting for Pat Buchanan instead of AlGore. Fair enough, but that proves the point. Libs are too stupid to follow the big black arrow to their candidate’s name and punch out the corresponding chad. And remember the stupid butterfly ballot was designed by a…drum roll…Demo-Dope.

So Monday, MLK day rolls around. Lib icons Donny Deutsch and Rev? Al let’s all go burn Freddy’s Fashionmart Sharpton insist that AZ has seceded from the union because they do not recognize the federal holiday for MLK. Which would be a good argument were it true. It’s not.

To be fair to these two morons, AZ was a bit slow on the draw to recognize the holiday and they paid the politically correct price of Revs? Al and Jesse led boycotts. But AZ has recognized the holiday since 1986 as an unpaid holiday and since1990 as a paid state and federal holiday. AZ has always cited cost as the reason for opposing the holiday and now, as states go broke one by one, perhaps they were right. But the point is that AZ has recognized the holiday since 1990, yet dopes Deutsch and Sharpton were unaware and didn’t take the two seconds required to check it out before running their yaps.

After that colossal FUBAR you’d think Deutsch might think before running his yap or just shut up. You’d be wrong. After clearly proving he’s a dope of the highest order, Deutsch just kept on going comparing Sarah Palin to Jersey Shore half-wit Snookie. So you have a guy that doesn’t know that AZ is in FULL MLK compliance telling his audience that Sarah Palin is Snookie. And his audience, made up of similarly stupid people, believes it. Donny Dumb@$$ telling dumb@$$es everywhere what they want to hear.

Then what passes for high thought with the Lib gang, Sheila Jackson Lee took the floor of the House yesterday and let loose this bit of deep thinking:

“The Fifth Amendment speaks specifically to denying someone their life and liberty without due process. That is what H.R. 2 does and I rise in opposition to it. And I rise in opposition because it is important that we preserve lives and we recognize that 40 million-plus are uninsured.

“Can you tell me what’s more unconstitutional than taking away from the people of America their Fifth Amendment rights, their Fourteenth Amendment rights, and the right to equal protection under the law?”

So how do you argue with an idiot? You can’t that’s why these things go round and round. Dope Libs have yet to concede the 2000 presidential election, what makes anyone think they will get a clue on health care. These liberty vampires will remain the stupid idiots that they are until the last dollar is bled from the economy and the last liberty is sucked from the American constitution.  Then they will blame the circumstance of their own making on George Bush.

Libs are self-licking ice cream cones as they sit around the coffee houses telling each other how smart they are and to prove how smart they are, they won't be going to AZ until that state recognizes MLK day.  Idiots.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dunce Republi-Rat Dick Lugar and Republican hero Chris Christie

Embarrassment to the state of IN and poster child for term limits, 78 year old geezer and Sen for life, Dick Lugar proposed bringing back the assault weapons ban in the hope it would deter left wing murdering loons like Jared Loughner.

Good thinking, Dick. The only thing necessary to keep Jared Loughner from the Safeway parking lot two Saturdays ago was a ban on high capacity magazines. If only the assault weapons ban had been in place, no doubt, Loughner would have decided to spend that Saturday taking up knitting. He’d have spent that Saturday at the local Michaels picking out yarn and a nice sweater pattern.

Dick, you are a genius. Why are the rest of us so dumb? Here I was thinking that if high capacity magazines were outlawed, shooters might just buy more magazines. Not being a senator and all, that’s how dumb I am. It even crossed my mind that if high capacity magazines were not available, shooters just might use more than one gun loaded and ready to go. But then, I’m sure left wing loons like Loughner lack the sophistication of anyone with a brain. Or how about this Dick, do you suppose Loughner might be able to find a high capacity magazine in the Internet? Naaaa. That’ll never happen. Or this, do you suppose Loughner might be able to buy two legal magazines and, I don’t know, somehow fuse the two together? No. He’s way too dumb to even try that.

So sure let’s ban high capacity magazines. That way law abiding citizens will not have them to defend their homes, and criminals will be forced into a life of knitting because there will be no way around Dick’s ironclad law.

Chris Christie

NJ Gov Chris Christie is the man. He pretty much tells it like it is with none of the usual, “My good friend…” BS. Christie has slashed the NJ budget. He rightly placed the blame for the layoff of 1,000s of NJ teachers and school workers where it belongs, on the teacher’s unions who would not take a 1.5% pay reduction to save the jobs. Now, he’s is ready to take on the teacher’s tenure.

He’s a classic in your face tell it like it is guy. Short of Maine Gov Paul LePage’s “Kiss my butt” comment to NAACP, a comment Christie probably wishes he had the opportunity to make, Christie is the guy you most want to hear talk. Why? Because he tells the truth.

That said I was disappointed to hear Christie say that he though P-BO’s AZ speech was a good one while Sarah Palin “needed to be more unscripted.” Huh? Gov C, is anyone more scripted than P-BO? The guy can’t talk to an elementary school class without two teleprompters. And with regard to P-BO’s AZ speech, the MSM narrative was written before P-BO had his hair dyed for the occasion. Oh it was great. It was the most healing moment since Jesus raised Lazarus. He hit all the right buttons, had the exact right tone. Chris Mathews had that tingle back in his leg.

Here’s the truth. Like most narcissists tend to do, P-BO talked too long. Like most Libs, the audience never comprehended the idea that it was a memorial service not the first stop on P-BO’s re-election campaign. Like most Lib memorials, it was more about the speakers and the audience that it was abut the dead. My advice to Libs, next time try a church (Not Rev? Wright’s Church of let’s stone whitey now.). It will at least cause most people to hold their cheers until the end.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Libs, like everyone else, ignore P-BO's advice

Ignoring P-BO’s urge for civility, overweigh, pasty-faced, Irish drunk, Chris Mathews let loose with this racial slur:

“…directed at the person of the president, whether it’s somebody – some cracker out there on the right calling him — some birther-type who says he’s not an American or someone more sophisticated but basically saying he’s a socialist.”

Now remember this is from a guy who himself has called for P-BO to show his long-form birth certificate. So I guess when you’re calling yourself “some cracker out there on the right” it is ok. Sort of like gangsta rappers being the only one’s allowed to use the N word, unless of course it is directed at a conservative black.

While he was on a roll Mathews called first in Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, “one f%^ked up ni^&er” and conservative writer Linda Chaves “one spicy spic dish” he’d like to try. Keep on keeping it classy Chris.

Another lefty not heeding the words of their fearless leader is AZ shooting victim, J. Eric Fuller. At a filming for the little watched ABC yak show “This Week”, Fuller threatened Republican Ariz. Rep. Terri Proud and Tucson Tea Party spokesman Trent Humphries by shouting, “You’re dead,” at them. Really! That’s not very civil J. Eric.

So the speech police came and arrested J. Eric and are giving him a psych eval. Once they discover that J. Eric is a committed Lib loon his psychosis will be explained and he will be released on the public like other left loons, the unibomber, Lee Harvey Oswald, the IRS plane bomber, the Discovery Channel hostage taker et al.

Another Lib loon not taking P-BO’s advice is unfunny man Bill Maher. Yeah the same guy who praised the bravery of the terrorist who flew planes into buildings and a field in PA is back in the news. The only time Maher surfaces is when he says something so stupid that right wing bloggers (like Lex) latch on to it and give him the exposure the stupid comments are designed to garner. That and when Billbo O’Really has him on in exchange for Maher letting Billbo on Maher’s show. (ASIDE: Anyone who lends legitimacy to Maher and Rev? Al interloper Sharpton probably should be taken as seriously those two. Right Billbo?)

Anyway Maher let loose with a number talking about the Tea Party, which he refers to as the hysterically unfunny and very civil term…you guessed it…teabaggers and their relationship to the Founding Fathers:

“They were everything you despise. They studied science, read Plato, hung out in Paris, and thought the Bible was mostly bullshit.”

Very, very civil Mr. Maher. You are buying into the lib meme that ignores the mountains of evidence that says the FFs were indeed very religious men for the relative molehill of support that indicates they rejected religion in general and Christianity in particular. Even lib hero Thomas Jefferson, who was raised Protestant and was a self described deist AND follower of Jesus, proclaimed that the Bible was a good source for how man ought to conduct himself. That’s hardy BS Mr. Maher.

In his letter to the Danbury Baptist Church Jefferson made his famous “wall of separation between Church and State” comment that Lib fools like Maher now believe is to be found in the US Constitution somewhere. Scholars and historians are still looking for the letter where Jefferson - or any of the other FF for that matter - declares that the Bible is mostly bullshit. Maher believes that those letters are tucked away under Sarah Palin’s front porch.

The Lib dopes are castigating Rush Limbaugh for playing Eric Clapton’s “I Shot the Sheriff” in a provocative way on his radio program Fri. Huh? Well first it wasn’t Eric Clapton’s “I Shot the Sheriff.” It was well known white cracker comedian and satirist Paul Shanklin’s parody of “I Shot the Sheriff” titled “I’m Not a Sheriff” sung in the voice of Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik. Very Funny. And even if it were, how does one play the song in a provocative way?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Guard your liberty, Tom and Joe are nervous about something

On MSNBC's "Morning Joe” Tom Brokaw whined to fellow wimp Joe Scaborough:

"Gun control is too simple a phrase to define all the complications and nuances of it, frankly. In Arizona they have a wide open system. I would be nervous about going into a bar or restaurant in Arizona on a Saturday night where people can carry concealed without permits."

But you can bet Tom and Joe’s answer to the problem they have created in their minds is not to simply avoid such places on Saturday night. No. In the Libs world, Libs staying away from the people or things that see as a problem - people who carry guns or smoke or drink or drive SUVs or eat French fries or wear a cross to work or school or have a bible in sight in public place or hear “under God” or argue against an onerous government or well nearly everything - is not the answer. In their minds they have a right to wonder around free from all of the things in life that bug them.

Libs don’t like to be around cigarettes. So instead of going to all of the places in town that don’t allow smoking they simply ban smoking in all public places. Problem solved. Libs don’t know how to use a gun and are nervous around people who do, simply ban the carrying of guns. That way only the criminals will have them. Libs don’t like trans fat, ban them. Screw everyone else. Just ban everything that makes Tom and Joe nervous and all will be right with the world.

Tom should hope that Bubble Boy Pete King’s insane legislation passes. Then all nervous Tom will need to do is make sure he stays within a 1,000 feet of a federal official. Then he’ll know that anyone with a gun inside the bubble is a criminal. Then he’ll have plenty of time to piss himself before he gets shot.

The answer for these people is never, live and let live or dare I say it - tolerance, it is always, “It’s my right not be offended by anything in this world. There will be a 1,000 foot bubble around me which all the things I’m against are not allowed. Turn off that damned Beatles music! I can’t stand the Beatles.”

These liberty vampires never think that it’s their responsibility to adjust their own behavior to avoid the things that don’t like. They believe it is their mission to destroy the liberty of everyone around them so that they will never have to nervous about anything and will remain safe inside the nanny state cocoon.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rev? Hymietown surfaces with other outhouse turds

The Rev? Jesse Hymietown Jackson is speaking out against hate speech in a column on the Huffington Post. As you’d expect, there is not one original thought in the entire column. The Rev? Hymietown regurgitates all of the left wing nonsense spouted since the AZ shooting. It’s all in one column which makes it a good place to get all of the BS without clicking around. So it serves one good purpose, It acts as a clearing house for left wing lies, half truths and complete BS.

According to Rev? Hymietown, because former Republican Rep Giffords’ “Tea Party Republican opponent had invited supporters to ‘remove her from office’ and ‘shoot a fully automatic M16’ with him at a campaign rally,” there is some link between his campaign and Jared Loughner’s murderous actions of last Saturday. There hasn’t been such a crazy leap since Dick Fosbury cleared the gold medal high jump bar on his back during the 1968 Olympics. But the famous Fosbury Flop was a high jumping leap not Rev Hymietown’s leap in logic.

But when it comes to dopes like Rev? Hymietown, RC Turbin et al, people do not even notice anymore. These people are just noise in the background. Yet they continue to surface long enough to utter a few racially insensitive remarks, throw out a few incendiary comments, cause trouble, aggravate people who think and then they duck back into their holes before they can be whacked with the whack a mole mallet.

I can see why people from around the globe flock to Rev? Hymietown’s church, crowding the pews to give a listen to this preacher. Oh yeah that’s right. Rev? Hymietown doesn’t have a church. He doesn’t have a congregation. He doesn’t even have a job and never has had one. Wait that sounds like some one else we know.  Rev? Hymietown makes his money shaking companies down with threats of boycotts. A spineless IRS and Justice Dep have refused to look into this trash talking pant load for years because, well he’s a shakedown artist and the IRS and Justice don’t to be shaken down.

Remember the key for any shake down artist is the threat. It’s time for a team of IRS auditors to take up camp in Rev? Hymietown’s office and start looking at the books over the last 30 years. Where is the money coming from and where is it going?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Where's the appology?

In the immediate aftermath of the Tucson massacre, loony leftists were certain that the shooter of a Congresswoman who happened to be a former Republican and a Republican appointed judge were somehow connected to the Tea Party. They opined that the shooter would spend his days listening to right wing radio talkers before heading out to his militia meeting that consisted primarily of shooting at targets with the likeness of Barney Frank in drag printed on them.

The knuckleheads talked and talked about how right wing extremist were responsible. Now the truth is creeping out bit by bit. The shooter, far from being right wing, is a left wing pot smoking, flag burning, commie lover. So now the air waves are rolling with apologies from Paul Krugman, Sheriff Dupnik, Sen Durbin et al right? No. Not at all. In the face of overwhelming evidence that they were wrong and spectacularly wrong at that, the morons who used hate speech and vitriol to denounce hate speech and vitriol continue the narrative. One (g)assbag, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-[for dumbass] CA) told Fox news, "Whether [political rhetoric] caused what happened in Tucson or not, it’ll cause the next tragedy." Well let’s get pre-crime on that one right away Brad.

And when things aren’t going well in Las Vegas, we know the best advise is always to double down. Demo-Dope douche Pat Leahy informed us that, "The seething rhetoric has gone too far. The demonizing of opponents, of government, of public service has gone too far." You’re right Sen. So you and the rest of the (g)assbags responsible for it ought to go into room so deep underground that no one can hear you, that or just shut up.

And stupidity is not restricted to Demo-Dopes. There are opportunist on the right as well. Using the mantra of “never let a crisis go to waste,” usually sane NY Rep Peter King is introducing a bill that would make it crime to carry a weapon within 1,000 feet of a federally elected official – even if you have a right to carry which we all do according to the part of the constitution not yet shredded by dopes like King. King – let’s call him bubble boy because he wants a 1,000 foot bubble placed around him – is so afraid of his constituents that he wants runners out a 1,000 feet in all directions snatching up weapons.

So if Pete wants to go to the mall, feds show up and order you out if you have a weapon legally concealed. If Pete decides he’ll stroll down to the local 7-11, sweepers grab the clerk’s gun and the gun of the private security guy the store hired. Bubble Boy Pete gets to stroll around in what he thinks is perfect safety while the feds grab up legally owned and carried fire arms within 1,000 feet of wherever he may choose to stroll. F&%k you Bubble Boy.

Has it occurred to any of these deep thinkers that there are already laws against shooting people that are regularly ignored? I can just see nut ball Jared Lee Loughner running Bubble Boy Pete’s new law through his head before the shooting:

Well, I’ll hide my pistol and the high capacity magazines in my coat. I’ll drive down to the Safeway. I’ll get as close to the congresswoman as possible. Then I’ll pull out my gun and shoot her in the head. Then I’ll kill and wound as many innocent bystanders as I can. No wait! Damn! There’s a law against me getting to within a 1,000 feet of the congresswoman with a weapon. My whole plan is shot. Curse you Bubble Boy Pete.

So a guy who is not deterred by the laws against shooting people is somehow going to be scarred off by Bubble Boy Pete’s insane law? Besides, Bubble Boy, dare I say it again? You and the other 534 (g)assbags that populate the congress are not worth losing any bit of freedom over. You can all be replaced by better people. Only 6 term Washington teat suckers think that they are the only one’s capable of doing the job. Every one of you could be replaced with a random lottery and there would be a net gain in competence, integrity, common sense and honesty in the congress.

Yeah, Pat you may see this as seething rhetoric demonizing government. You may think it contemptible. But it is reserved for the most contemptible among us, lying, conniving, freedom grabbing, wealth redistributing weasels like you.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

AZ shootings are all the fault of Pime Co Sheriff Turdnik

Surprisingly the Washington Post hit the nail on the head with regard to Jared Loughner. The Post editorialized yesterday:

“Politicians should choose their words with care and keep debate civil, but it seems an unsupported leap to blame either the political climate or any particular individual or group for inciting the gunman. The suspect appears to be a disturbed young man with no coherent political philosophy.”

Now if the post could only get that message to Pima County Sheriff Clarence Turdnik, RC Turdbin, and the rest of the lefty loon who blame everyone from Sarah Palin to Pat Miller (that’s the right leaning afternoon radio guy here in Ft. Wayne) for the acts of one hate filled and unstable man.

I think this whole thing is Sheriff Turdnik’s fault. Really. This bozo law enforcement buffoon let a left wing psychopathic killer roam the streets of Pima County in order to kill a Congresswoman who was a former Republican and a Republican appointed federal judge. While Turdnik spent his law enforcement resources championing the evils of conservative talk radio, he was allowing a lefty loon as crazy as Trudnik himself to unleash his hell on the people of America. Turdnik and his coconspirators should be hauled before a federal magistrate and charged as accomplices to murder.

How else can you explain a dangerous left wing loser like Loughner being allowed to roam around without ever once arousing the suspicions of the Pima County Sheriff? Because the sheriff was in on the whole thing. How else can explain that everyone who had the slightest contact with Loughner KNEW he was a dangerous nut, but Pima County’s finest did nothing? And how else can you explain the targets? A Congresswoman who was a former Republican and a Republican appointed federal judge. Turdnik engineered this whole thing either knowingly or because he’s a joke of a law enforcement officer. Either way he is responsible for the carnage.

No! I don’t believe any of that. If someone were to get on tv and make that case though, they’d have a pretty good following until sane people rained them in. Apparently there are no sane people on the left to reel the whackos in, because one after another nutty idea surfaces every two minutes about Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin being accomplices to murder without a shred of evidence or any strong reaction from the left. P-BO or even the dumbest man in Washington could put an end to this BS in one statement:

Jared Lee Loughner is solely responsible for this heinous act. Any attempts to link anyone else to this tragedy says way more about the people trying to do the linking than it does of those they are trying to link.

Of course because our left wing president’s own nasty rhetoric about bringing guns to a knife fight is what really inspired left wing killer Loughner to shoot a Congresswoman who was a former Republican and a Republican appointed judge, P-BO is probably feeling a bit responsible himself. So, he’ll never make that statement

Oops, there I go again.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lying Demo-Dopes can't wait to wallow in the blood

They were not quite done mopping up the blood in the Tucson Safeway after Saturday’s shooting before the first Demo-Dope creep slithered out of a hole to blame the whole thing on the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. And after the first turd surfaced, they started popping up all over, as if flood waters had reached a row of country outhouses.

Chief turd among turds is Pima County Sheriff, Clarence free speech for me but not for thee Dupnik. Turd Dupnik launched into a political screed not seen by a sheriff investigating a case since Rooster Cogburn shot a rat for eating Chin’s corn meal:

"Mr. Rat, I have a writ here says you're to stop eating Chin Lee's cornmeal forthwith. Now it's a rat writ, writ for a rat, and this is lawful service of the same."

Sheriff Turdnik dumped the blame for the Tucson shootings on talk radio and TV:

"I think the vitriolic rhetoric that we hear day in and day out from people in the radio business and some people in the TV business and what (we) see on TV and how our youngsters are being raised, that this has not become the nice United States of America that most of us grew up in. And I think it's time that we do the soul-searching,"

What America did Turdnik grow up in? The one where, JFK, RFK, MLK, George Wallace, Harvey Milk and Ronald Reagan weren’t shot? Hey Turdnik, how does one get to your alternate universe?

Well when you’re talking about radio, you’re really talking about Rush Limbaugh. Turdnik doesn’t have the guts to name names but we know who this Demo-Dope is talking about.

The really funny thing about all of this is that were Turdnik out doing his job instead of inciting his loon base to hate and violence, he might have stumbled upon the truth that blows a hole the size of the Grand Canyon in his knee jerk political method of crime solving.

By most accounts Jared Loughner is a Bush bashing, flag burning, commie loving, left wing loon. I know a set of the whole but in this case a real loony tune. How likely is it that Tea Party members or Rush Limbaugh’s audience would be engaging in such activities? So while Turdnik is spending his time spreading the word about the dangers of talk radio, some real investigators are checking out Loughner’s Facebook, Myspace and Twitter accounts and discovering that Loughner, far from being a right wing nut, is Left-wing nut job like…Sheriff Turdnik. Well you don’t say.

And while the left is out trying to hang one of its own around the neck of the Tea Party and Rush, I’m reminded of the same left wing loons telling us that the Ft. Hood murdering Islamo-Terror-Fascist Maj Hassan was a lone and troubled gunman and we shouldn’t jump to conclusions or try to disparage an entire group for the actions of one troubled soul. Now, these same bastards are trying to paint a wide swath of patriotic Americans as murderers or accomplices to murder because the nut job’s target in Tucson happened to be a Democrat.

RC Trudbin took to airwaves before the last body had hit the ground and linked the shooting to Sarah Palins “don’t retreat, reload” remark and her use of crosshairs on a map of congressional districts that were in play during the last election. Never mind that Turdbin’s own fearless leader talked about bringing a gun to knife fight and referred to Republicans as the enemy and hostage takers. Hey! Turdbin! Clean up your own yard before you go pointing out a mess in someone else’s.

Isn’t it a bit ironic that the loony left use hate and vitriol to warn us about hate and vitriol?

And as always, whenever a gun goes off in America with a negative result, before the body reaches room temperature, Demo-Dopes are lining up the gun grabbing legislation. One sissy boy Demo-Dope even wants to make it a crime for anyone to use language or symbols that could be seen as threatening or violent against a federal official, including a member of Congress. Seen as threatening by whom? These bastards think that anyone who tells the truth about them is threatening them. If passed, that could be the end of this page.

As a real 2nd Amendment guy, I hate when these things happen. I hate it even more when cowards like Turdnik, Turdbin et al politicize the event. As if people being gunned down isn’t bad enough, these creepy bastards can’t wait a day before wallowing in the blood and rolling out their same old tired BS.

Now congress is suspending business. Well, dare I say it? Life in this country goes on. The people in Washington DC are not the most important people in America. Man up. Get back to work and show the world that mad men will not stop us. I’m sure they didn’t shut Ft. Hood down for a week after ITF Hassan attacked us there.

Friday, January 07, 2011

White House crying wolf...again

The Treasury Dept is asking the congress to raise the debt ceiling…again. The White House has jettisoned Senator B-HO’s 2006 stance on the debt ceiling:

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

In favor of this new and improved White House position:

“The impact [of not raising the debt ceiling] on the economy would be catastrophic. I mean, that would be a worse financial economic crisis than anything we saw in 2008.”

You’d have to turn to the Kamasutra for a more dramatic position change.

I don’t believe the White House’s new position on the debt ceiling. Remember the banking crisis that argued that if we didn’t do something in 72 hours the whole world economy would collapse? Well 72 hours came and went. The world continued to rotate on its axis. Then after weeks of negotiations the TARP bill was passed and nothing much has changed since. We bailed out troubled banks that need bailing out…again. We ignored the real crux and genesis of the problem Fanny and Freddie by bailing them out without first reforming them. Now, they need bailing out…again.

I think big government has cried wolf once too often. White House wonks and big government boobs claim that we cannot let the US default on loans. Let’s not call it default. That’s such an ugly word. Let’s call it deferring payment. Let’s do to the world what B-HO did to GM and Chrysler share holders – screw ‘em. Remember when P-BO snatched control of those once great American car companies, he did so by screwing share holders in favor of union thugs that were 40% responsible for bankrupting the companies in the first place. 10% of blame lies with company management that made providing lush health care benefits and pension set ups to the unions more important than building cars. The other 50% of the blame lies with government interference in the industry and its ridiculous CAFÉ standards that has done as much as anything to wreck the American automobile industry.

Besides wouldn’t failing to raise the debt ceiling be a great sign to the world that we were actually serious about getting our fiscal house in order? The short term pain would lead to long term gain. Ahhhh, but Americans are always more interested in the quarterly returns than the long health of any financial adventure.

The boy who cried wolf will have the whole town turning out to save his butt one more time. Hopefully this time around Republicans will be able to use the threat of a shut down to make Scrawny Harry this war is lost Reid eat an excrement sandwich and squeeze some real concessions out of Demo-Dopes on spending and budget reform.

But don’t hold your breath on that one. And yeah, I know what happened to the Boy Who Cried Wolf at the end of the story - he got what he deserved.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Dopes afraid We the People will read the Constitution

House Republicans are scheduled to read the US Constitution on the floor of the house today. Never since the reading of Huck Finn in the public school has reading a document caused such a stir. We had a few days ago the sorry case of Ezra Klein who whined that the document was confusing because it was over 100 years old. Now we have all manner of Demo-Dope congressmen up in arms over reading the document that they have sworn to protect and defend.

The Lib outrage over the reading our the document upon which our government is based is not limited to no nothing elected Demo-Dopes either. Libs in general are appalled that the document is being read aloud in the chamber. Congresswoman Michelle Bachman has upped the ante a bit by scheduling a class on the constitution taught be Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Whoa the outrage. How dare she.

All this kerfuffle staged by Demo-Dopes in opposition to reading and learning about the US Constitution. It just goes to show how far out of their way these nitwits will travel to step in a pile of excrement. It is the Constitution not some XXX porn that is going to be read and studied. What is the matter with you? What are you so afraid of?

The problem of course is that there is an awakening happening in the US, and if “We the People” learn that most of what the Washington has nothing to with the Constitution, “We the People” just might throw even more of the pamper leaches out on their @$$es, if we don’t come for them with pitchforks first.

And if your going to remove a leach with a pitchfork, let’s start with excrement for brains Steny Hoyer. The MD congressman recently said this:

“There are a whole lot of people in the Tea Party that I see in these polls who don’t want any compromise. My presumption is they have unhappy families. All of you have been in families: single-parent, two-parents, whatever. Multiple parent and a stepfather. The fact is life is about trying to reach accommodation with one another so we can move forward. That is certainly what democracy is about. So if we are going to move forward compromise is necessary.”

I was going to send Steny the following note:


I am the Tea Party. You are a worthless oxygen thief. Let me tell you something about my family. On my mom and dad’s worst days they were better, smarter and more productive people than you on your best. My dad fought in WWII. After the war, he ran a painting business and met pay roll every week. You could not carry his shoes. My five siblings have lived better and more productive lives than you or any pompous ass that thinks like you. My brother went to Viet Nam while weasels like you were fetching coffee for the party bosses. You are not fit to sniff his jock strap. You think you are a big deal and accomplished man. You are nothing but a weak pampered weasel. I hope you choke on a chicken bone in the congressional dining room and die the slow miserable death you deserve face down in plate of your own bile.

Now I believe every word of that note to be true but I did not send it because arrogant Dopes like Hoyer would believe that it proved their point. So instead I did send him this love note.

Gee Steny, who knew we were unhappy? I guess it takes a great mind like yours uninhibited by real work to come up with such nonsense. The only thing missing from your pearl of wisdom was some reference to us all being bitter and clinging to guns and bibles. You need to work on that.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Katie Couric's New Year's quest, unseat Nanny Peloser as world's dumbest woman

Is Katie Couric the dumbest woman on Earth? NO. That honor still belongs to Nanny Peloser, but being in second place has Katie stepping up her game. Proof? Couric said this:

I also think sort of the chasm, between, or the bigotry expressed against Muslims in this country has been one of the most disturbing stories to surface this year. Of course, a lot of noise was made about the Islamic Center, mosque, down near the World Trade Center, but I think there wasn’t enough sort of careful analysis and evaluation of where this bigotry toward 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide, and how this seething hatred many people feel for all Muslims, which I think is so misdirected, and so wrong — and so disappointing. …

Maybe we need a Muslim version of The Cosby Show.

I know that sounds crazy, I know that sounds crazy. But The Cosby Show did so much to change attitudes about African-Americans in this country, and I think sometimes people are afraid of what they don’t understand…

You are an idiot Katie. It is NOT hateful not to want a mosque constructed on the site – ok or even near the site – were murdering scumbags of the religion peace destroyed the WTC and a nearly a full city block of NY City. No more so than a quiet bedroom community protests the establishment of a mega church at the major intersection leading into the community.

It’s not the people protesting the mosque being hateful Katie. It’s bastards like you who attribute the wrong motives toward their disgust at the swine slug interested in building the Islamic center. It has a lot more to do with decency and common sense than hate. But you have to give this idiot and her pals credit. Just as they attribute anyone’s opposition to P-BO as racist, they attribute anyone’s opposition to the GZM as Islamophobic.

Oh and Katie if you want to know where the real hate in this country lies, it’s called anti-Semitism NOT Islamophbia. Anti-Semitic incidents made up the largest share of New York hate crimes reported in 2009, according to statistics just released by the state’s Division of Criminal Justice Services. The number of incidents involving Jewish victims also rose 15 percent from 219 in 2008 to 254. Damn. This messes up Katie’s theory. Jews are the largest share of hate crime victims in in NYC? Even with all of the hate surrounding the GZM? – most of it emanating from the mosque supporters like Couric by the way.

But it goes way beyond NYC Katie. FBI hate crime statistics show that of the hate crimes that occurred as a result of religion, 71.9 percent were victims because of an offender’s anti-Jewish bias.

Holy crap Katie that blows a hole the size of the one Muslims put in our Pentagon in your argument. But hey Katie, it took me 5 minutes to get this information. We can’t expect a highly paid national news reader to actually look into this stuff. Hey Katie, maybe all we need to do to end this hate toward the Jews is bring back Seinfeld.

Oh, and it’s not limited the US either. Over the Christmas holiday peace loving Muslims were murdering their way on to the front page again in places like, Iraq, Egypt and Pakistan. The victims? Katie will be surprised to learn that the peace loving Muslim were slaughtering Christians and anyone who supported religious tolerance. Maybe a sitcom across the Middle East about fun loving Christians feeding and clothing Arab children that the oil rich Kings won’t be bothered with could turn all of this hate within the religion of peace around.

The seething hatred seems to be one way Katie from Muslims toward anyone – like you – that doesn’t share their 12 th century view of things. Were Katie not such a useful idiot for these scumbags she certainly would be a target. As it is, they will kill her last.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Getting around the Constitution is what is confusing to Libs

The new congress will begin with a reading of the US Constitution. That’s a good thing. The Congress should begin every day with by reading the constitution right after the prayer. Some well respected guy on MESSMBC - Ezra Klein - says the exercise is a gimmick and that the “constitution is confusing because it was written over a 100 years ago.”

Well actually Ezra, it was written more than 200 years ago but dates can be so confusing and being off by 100% isn’t that big deal when dealing with all of this confusion. But Klein is an idiot for a different reason. The constitution isn’t all that confusing. Take the Second Amendment for example. It only becomes confusing when Liberal gun grabbers want to ignore the rather plain text. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” For spineless lefties the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall be infringed to the extent that @$$bag Chuckles Schumer or some unelected @$$bag 9th circus judge thinks it damn well ought be infringed with “common sense” gun grabbing ammo restricting legislation or interpretation thereof.

It’s not the constitution that is confusing Ezra and his merry band of liberty vampires. It’s how to get around it without causing such a stir that Americans are awakened before another precious freedom is sucked from the freest nation in the history of the world. That is what is confusing Ezra and the left. How do we get around this remarkable document and all of the limits it places on government and all of the freedoms enshrined therein. That’s what is confusing Klein and like minded weasels.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Wow that is confusing. And look how those illiterates spelled defense. Idiots, that’s British spelling. How can you expect Ezra to get his arms around these dozen or so pages with confusing stuff like “defence?” What’s next Ezra losing track of the 2nd amendment argument because some Brit spells caliber c-a-l-i-b-r-e?

And of course nobody on MessNBC challenges Ezra on the whole concept of rejecting everything over a 100 years old because it’s confusing. Mark Styne pointed out that “Take me to the ballpark” was penned over 100 years ago and asked if Ezra was confused by that? I could take up the time and the rest of the page with other documents penned over 100 years ago that are as relevant today as the day they were published but I suppose everyone else can do the same in their own mind in about 1/100th the time it’d take me to type out my own list.

Ezra Klein is the perfect example of today’s “journalist.” Lazy, self indulgent, narcissistic, uninformed, ignorant boobs who think history began the day they turned 20. It’s really not all that surprising that this idiot said what he said. What’s amazing is all of the head nodding agreement that follows from the glitterati and Klein’s peers.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year!

More punishment issued in NY city for having salt on the table than gross negligence

The top story of the year – so far – is the NY city sanitation workers slow down, no show, no work screw the city performance after the Dec blizzard. Union thugs ordered the slow down and the thug membership happily complied.

Mayor Bloomberg is happy to throw NYers in jail for putting salt on the dinner table or cooking fries in the wrong kind of oil but when union thugs bring the entire city to grinding halt causing discomfort and even death across a wide swath Bloomberg does nothing.

OK let’s call them illegal aliens then

The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) has called for the elimination of the term “illegal immigrant” in all news stories. The SPJ claims the term is offensive to Hispanics. Why would that be? The fact that a particular person Hispanic or not may have immigrated to this country illegally thereby making them an illegal immigrant has no bearing on the SPJ thinking or lack there of.

In other news the SPJ is banning the term “Hot Chocolate” because they feel it is offensive to attractive black women.

Also the term “car pool” is being banned because most cars do not have a pool and is confusing to Liberals across America.

Other terms under consideration by the SPJ:

“Private property” because after all doesn’t the public tax private property forever?

“Dirty little secret” because it might offend Julian ASSange.

“Dog tired” because Mike Vick is doing so well this year and is P-BO’s hero.

Bowl season embarrassment

Yes the not so Big 10 laid an egg on New Year’s Day. But the biggest embarrassment of the bowl season for the not so Big 10 was not the poor performance of the football teams. Not even the 50+ points Meatchicken’s defense gave up or the 40+ Meatchicken St. allowed.

No the biggest embarrassment for the not so Big 10 had noting to with the school teams. It was the worst call in all of football by a not so Big 10 officiating crew. After catching a pass that pulled KS St. to within two points of Syracuse, a player saluted the crowd. The jackass not so Big 10 official threw a flag for excessive celebration calling attention to themselves. The official’s creepy decision caused KS St. to have to attempt the two point conversion from 18 yards instead of the normal 3.

Excessive celebration? Calling attention to themselves? In a league where kids regularly get up thumping their chests like a baboon that just found the cure for cancer after tackling a guy 15 yards past the line scrimmage in a game where their team trails by 3 touchdowns? If that rule were to be uniformly enforced there would be a penalty on every play.

If there is justice in the world the not so Big 10 will fire the @$$bag ref and get him a gig officiating in a prison league somewhere.