Friday, November 30, 2012

Hamas and Little Barry peas in a pod

Before the Shrilldabeast donned her best XXXXL pant suit, pulled her unwashed mane back into a ponytail and parachuted into Cairo, Egypt to broker an everlasting peace between Hamas and the Israelis, Hamas Islamo-Terror-Fascist slugs released this video declaring to the Israelis that the ITF murdering scumbags that make up Hamas “love death more that you [Israel] love life.”

That beautiful sentiment, along with “kids, they blow up so fast these days,” are two of the ITF main talking points that make negotiating with them such a joy. First off, I think the Israelis ought to do everything in their power to give as many Hamas ITF bastards the opportunity to “express their love” as possible. While it looks good in the video, in practice it’s not so romantic. One second you’re driving down the street in a car bought by US taxpayers being cheered, the next you’re a burning grease spot where the Israeli missile caught up with your auto’s, or maybe even your own, tailpipe.

But let’s ask the burning question, what is the opening negotiation strategy in dealing with a people who profess, either correctly or in a fit of bravado, that they love death more than you love life? It goes something like this:

OK then, wow, well, uhmm, is it possible you could love death a little less then? Maybe give life a chance? Maybe just for awhile? I dunno. Start out slow. Maybe get up in the morning and look your children in the eye and imagine them growing up and getting married and having children of their own. I dunno. I’m just saying. Give life a chance.

No!! We love death more than you love life!! We will continue to blow ourselves up on your busses and in your pizza shops, because that’s easier than getting the trash picked up every week, keeping the water and electricity on and teaching Arab kids to read and write.

So how do you deal with the Hamas ITF? IMHO, you don’t. You have to kill them in sufficient numbers to convince them that death is forever and enjoying your kids and grand kids is a better deal than you or them becoming burning grease spots. Prediction: Israel will not have peace until they, among other things, bulldoze Gaza into the Mediterranean.

That event, when it happens, should be cheered world-wide. However, for some reason the world condemns Israel, the region's only true liberal democracy, when they lay an @$$ whippin’ on some autocratic regime made up of women hating, homophobic, anti-Christian, murdering human trash trapped in the 12th century. It’s so weird. Europeans and more and more Americans are all about social acceptance and liberal tolerant government until it comes to Israel defending itself against IFT scum. In that case they support the least tolerant people on Earth today.

Now let’s try this thought provoking exercise. What if Little Barry loves the fiscal cliff more than we love economic growth? What is in the fiscal cliff that Little Barry is opposed to? Higher taxes? No. He’d love to see taxes raised on everyone. Why? Well his main supporters pay no taxes in the first place. Do you seriously suppose that the Little Barry cell phone lady gives a crap if middle income Americans’ taxes are raised? Hell no. She probably thinks anyone making $50,000 is rich. Couple that with the fact that if Little Barry and the Dopes only capture taxes from the top 2%, it funds the government for only 8.5 days. Now you see that across the board tax hikes are of no concern to and are actually beneficial to Little Barry and the Dopes. Across the board tax hikes will not hurt one person they give a crap about.

Next, what gets cut? Defense gets cut another 500 billion. Do you suppose Little Barry objects to that? Hell no. The social spending in the sequester will find its way back into 2013 budget, but defense will be gone forever.

Last, like the world turns on Israel when it stands up to thug ITF, Little Barry knows his crap weasel lapdog MSM will blame anything bad that happens on Republicans. It’s a win,win,win for Little Barry.

Sadly, Little Barry wants us to go off the cliff. He really does love the cliff more than we love economic growth and stability.  There is nothing Republicans can do. For the sake of the future, they should have absolutely NOTHING to do with any of it. If Little Barry wants the country to go off the cliff, Republicans should make certain only Dopes are in the car when it crashes.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

We should kill the goose that lays golden eggs to run the government for 8.5 days

We are in a bizzaro world. As the government owned, operated and maintained automobile of state speeds toward a “fiscal cliff” full tilt, the owner operators of the automobile that they have controlled the speed and direction of for the last 40 years are bitching that some hitch hiker they sped by 20 years ago is responsible for the mess they find themselves in.

Rather than hit the breaks, turn around or even just slow the hell down, the arrogant ruling class of the United States has decided that the mess we are in is not the fault of the ruling class who legislated the cliff. It is not the fault of the ruling class who legislated the debt that is the road to the cliff. It is not the fault of the ruling class who legislated the insane sugar daddy, nanny state federal government that gives away everything from cell phones to birth control, and regulates everything from breathing to defecating while putting automatic weapons into the hands of criminals and withholding weapons and people to use them from our Benghazi consulate. No. It’s not the ruling class’s fault at all.

It’s all some guy named Grover’s fault. Now, let’s be clear. Grover did not propose, pass or even vote on one bill that has gotten us into the mess we’re in. Quite the opposite Grover has been on the side of the road to the cliff shouting STOP!

That has been Grover’s great crime. He’s been yelling STOP! Some of the ruling class, but far too few, have listened to Grover and said that they will do what is in their power reduce and hold government spending and taxation to minimum. Now as the cliff looms ever closer the problem is all Grover’s fault.

Republi-Rats and Demo-Dopes alike are POd at Grover. Some of the ruling class who promised to support Grover in return for being accepted into the ruling class are now POd at him. Why? Any promises the ruling class made were to their dupe constituents not to Grover. Yet they treat Grover as if he were the devil that they made some deal with. They didn’t. The devil they made the deal with was the voters of their district or state. As such they do not need to beg Grover for release from the deal they made. If the ruling class thinks it’s a good idea to go back on a pledge to voters, then they need to beg the voters. They will of course face a strong primary challenge if they do that. So they blame Grover. It’s just easier.

Once the Republi-Rats cave on taxes they will raise enough funds to run the government for a whopping 8.5 days. Totally worth casting principle aside, no? But then what? If you give Little Barry and the Dopes what they want, you’ve solved 8.5 days of the problem. Then what?

This seems such and easy argument to win. But you have to win the argument against Little Barry and the Little Barry cell phone lady. As such, the argument can not be won, because the argument for these Dopes is not about solving a problem. Raising taxes on the top 2% to run the government for 8.5 days solves nothing. What it is - is a purely punitive measure. That is the only point of the insane policy – punish successful people. Little Barry and Little Barry cell phone lady will shout with glee as if their own lot in life has somehow improved by punishing these people.

It hasn’t. In fact, in the case of the Little Barry cell phone lady, the measure will probably make her lot worse. But the ignoramus will shout with glee that rich people “suck” while dancing in the streets as she watches the goose who laid her “free” cell phone slowly bleeds to death.

It’s almost worth saying, f&^k ‘em. Give ‘em what they want. We’ll be fine. They won’t and never will. But it is not in our nature to quit or to be punitive – even to people who so desperately need it - like the Little Barry cell phone lady – a societal leech if ever there was one.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The cliff and college football

Does anyone seriously suppose that even if the ruling class takes a break from lining their pockets with taxpayer dough to avert the fiscal cliff that the “fix” will truly be a fix? What evidence do we have that there is a majority of life-time Washington DC corruptocrats interested in doing what is right for the country? What evidence do we have that there is even anyone smart enough to figure a way out of this mess? We had a guy that had some hope, but we rejected him because he might make us pay for our own cell phones and birth control.

This mess reminds me of the greatest line ever at a Marine Corps (or for Little Barry corpse) briefing. When asked by a real general officer how a certain problem would be overcome, the Col giving the brief looked the general in the eye and said this:

General, there are two ways we solve this problem - the realistic way and the miraculous way. First, Jesus Christ Himself comes with a team of angles and arc angles and solves it for us. That’s the realistic way. Second, we manage to solve it by ourselves. That would be the miraculous way.

After the laughter subsided, someone offered, “I believe in miracles.”

Lex Prediction: Whatever comes of the fiscal cliff negotiations, it will only back the car up a few hundred feet. Then, after patting themselves on the back and telling everyone how great they are, the ruling class will all pile back into the car and continue to drive toward the cliff, maybe, because they think they’ve averted disaster, at an accelerated speed.

How many times have the Greek’s gotten a bailout to “avert disaster” only to find themselves looking for another handout to avert a new but actually the same disaster?  What are we on 10th or 11th bailout?

Now for a real issue.

College football
Officially, the college football season ended at about 3:30 pm last Saturday when the clock at Ohio Stadium reached 00:00 after the Buckeyes' win over some team from up north - finishing their season 12-0 and crowned the unanimous and undisputed National Champions of college football for 2012.

Yet inferior schools will soldier on. They will play a series of meaningless games over the next several weeks in some vain hope of achieving also ran status against the The Ohio State Buckeye’s unblemished record.

Chief among these will be the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Tide is a team built on weak lines and slow backfields on both sides of the ball. After cruising through a pathetic SEC schedule and non-conference push-overs - Birmingham school for the blind and Little Sisters of the Poor all girls Catholic grade school - the Tide stubbed their toe against a freshman rock named Johnny football Manziel. Johnny football exposed nick Saben’s defense for the slow-witted, stone-handed, slow a-foot blocks of lead that they are.

Saben will take his undermanned Tide into the SEC championship game this Saturday against what appears to be an even weaker – if that’s possible – GA bulldog team.

GA head coach Mark Richt says he will get inside the AL players’ heads, and we all know there’s a lot of room in there, by putting MANZIEL on the back of every GA jersey. Richt said, “Yeah, well, AL probably thought there were 4 or 5 Manziels on the field in Tuscaloosa. So I thought we’d remind them of their total vulnerability.”

The game seems to have all the appeal of watching the “ladies” of The View, sans Elizabeth Hasselbeck, strip naked, gyrating wildly while a fully clothed (there is a God) Shrilldabeast Clinton sings Winchester Cathedral and plays the ukulele. America will look briefly, then while throwing up in their mouths, look away disgusted.

One American will be tuned into every second of the game. Cutting her usual week long birthday celebration (which begins today) short, she’ll just be getting in from a 3 day Neil Diamond palooza about kickoff time. All of the phones will be disconnected. The doorbell will be taped over and a sign affixed to the door: “Quarantined!!!! Alabama football game in progress. Substantial risk of SLOW - PAINFUL - DEATH if disturbed.”

No presents necessary this year.  She got two early presents when BCS #1 Kansas St and BCS #2 Oregon both lost - catapulting BCS #4 AL to BCS #2 and a shot at BCS #1, which would still be #2 to the #1 Ohio State University.

Happy B-day sis! Roll Tide!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Immigration reform; make every nation a 3rd world nation

In the post under, Lex noted that when immigration reform comes up, in a move of monumental stupidity, Republi-Rats will cave and support amnesty. They will do so because they think doing so will garner them some support in the Latino community. It won’t.

When the amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens is passed, complete with voting rights and rights to all the freeloader stuff that makes them Demo-Dope voters in the first place, the first “victim” will be the Little Barry phone lady. She will immediately have 11 million more “Americans” crowding her at the trough waiting for Little Barry to turn on the gruel machine. But there will be less gruel to distribute among more recipients. Yeah, shell be PO’d at Little Barry unless taxes are raised to a level to ensure her good thing isn’t affected by the strain of 11 million more takers. Oh, and their extended families will be invited in as well.

After all, when it comes to the Demo-Dopes, - unless you’re referring to an unborn child, an elderly parent, a Down’s baby, it’s all about the family…right? But the Dopes will argue that Americans cannot expect the newest citizens to carry on without, granny & grandpa, their 27 aunts and uncles with their 732 nephews and nieces. And of course there can be no arbitrary rules for amnesty and the follow on arrival of the extended families of those who risked everything by breaking our laws. To expect that only those with money, an education or skill be allowed in is…well…obviously racist. Freeloaders are people too. So Little Barry’s phone lady will be crowded even more at tough.

But you know who will be hurt the most? As in the post below when the argument is made that by slaying the golden goose, those who have reaped the benefits of goose will be hurt the most, amnesty will hurt the illegal aliens who came here for more opportunity. As they vote Demo-Dope election after election, the country will slowly, or not so slowly, morph into the 3rd world economic basket case that the illegal immigrants tried to escape. A weird ironic twist if ever there was one. Having escaped hell to a new utopia, they vote for utopia to turn into hell.

As always, the rich will escape unscathed if just a bit inconvenienced by the stupidity of their fellow “countrymen.”

Remember when Shrilldabeast Clinton hit the “reset button” with Russia? That has worked fantastically…right? Remember when the queen of the XXXL pant suit declared Syrian troublemaker Basher Assad a reformer? Sure he is. After all the world’s smartest woman told us he was. Now he’s murdering Syrians by the freight train load every month. Remember when we were assured by the Little Barry @$$clown administration that Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi is a “largely secular” democratic leader of that country. That was right before he declared himself a theocratic Muslim dictator.

And then there’s Benghazi. You remember Benghazi? Four dead Americans blamed for weeks on a video; lying crap sack after lying crap sack sticking to an insane story to get Little Barry past the election; investigation after investigation designed more to get us to point where Super Bowl XCVIII (98) eclipses the story than to reveal the utter incompetence of Little Barry. Now one of the lying crap sacks is in line to become Sec State.  Repbli-Rats will just say - "Yes."  Come on, you remember Benghazi?

In another development that shouldn’t cause anyone any concern, China landed its F-14 look alike on its first aircraft carrier. Not to worry. Our friends the Japanese will surely rearm to counter this threat and defend disputed islands. The Vietnamese and S. Koreans, friends of the Chinese since hitting their own reset button 10 centuries ago, have nothing to worry about.

When Little Barry drives us off the fiscal cliff, an event that will be blamed on John Boehner, 500 billion comes out of the defense budget. Awesome, that’ll deter the Chinese. So we’ll be weaker and more in debt to China than ever, just as China is developing and deploying technology to expand it influence in the Pacific. You’re doing a heck of job Barry. 

This is, of course, exactly what we voted in favor of - more freeloading at home, weaker abroad. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

The not so Loyal Opposition

Opposition is good. It makes everyone better. So Republicans are adopting the old, if you can’t beat them, join them mantra. It’s like the Michigan wolverines trading in their iconic maze and blue helmets for scarlet and gray ones and few buckeye stickers on the side just to get on the winning side.

Republicans are set to cave on taxes, the hand puppet Susan Rice as Sec State and abortion as a national issue. When immigration comes up they will cave on that as well.

On taxes, let’s face it. The republicans have a weak hand. The fact that Little Barry would enjoy seeing the across the board tax hikes take affect - except on his core constituency the 47% who pay no taxes to begin with – makes reaching a deal acceptable to Neanderthals like Lex - who happen to think the federal Government is the biggest evil in America today - nearly impossible. If no deal is reached Republicans will be blamed four square in the crap weasel lapdog MSM. It’s a tough spot.

But Republicans cave without firing a shot. The Demo-Dopes ran on raising taxes on millionaires. So Republicans should propose a tax on REAL millionaires. They should propose making up any short falls in revenue – and there will ALWAYS be a shortfall in tax revenues for the federal government – by proposing a tax on blue state residents who apparently want such a thing.

Republicans should spend a billion dollars putting this JFK clip over the air waves in every state. Every Republican senator and congressman should use their franking privileges to put JFK’s letter to the 1961 congress asking for tax cuts into the hands of as many Americans as possible. But hey, it’s just easier to fold like a big tent Republican and hit the cocktail circuit with their Demo-Dope “friends.”

The weird thing is that the people who will be hurt the most by higher taxes are the people like the Little Barry phone lady. The clueless dopes standing at the tough waiting for “free stuff” will suffer most as government revenues drop and services become more erratic.

Smart rich people will figure this out. The money will go underground. The rich will close their doors until conditions improve. If the cut off for higher taxes is $250,000, watch how many tax returns miraculously come in at $249,999.99. Watching congress try to tax the rich is like watching Bobby Fischer play 535 simultaneous chess matches against grade school champs. Fischer beats every one of them every single time. The grade schoolers all whine that Fischer must be cheating. He isn’t. He’s just much better at the game than they are.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Avoiding Romney's loss

OK here’s Lex’s take on Romney’s loss. Given that Little Barry was willing to lie his @$$ off, had the crap weasel lapdog MSM in his pocket and used your tax dollars to buy votes, there are only two things Romney might have done to win.

First was to pick Marco Rubio as his VP. Lex opined early on that Romney’s VP needed to fracture one of Little Barry’s coalitions. A woman, black or Hispanic would have done that.

That said, I was impressed that Romney didn’t go the political route when picking his VP. By picking Paul Ryan, Romney showed he was serious about getting to work fixing America’s problems.

Second, Romney could have gotten as mean and in your face as the Little Barry campaign. He could have called Stephanie Cutter, Harry the roach Reid, David Axelhead et. al. pathetic liars, BS artists, scumbags, $h!theads and on and on. Those descriptions have the added advantage of all being true. Romney let the narrative get away from him early on when he didn’t respond forcefully enough to a months long ad campaign in OH and other swing states that depicted him as a dog hating, woman killing money grubbing capitalist.

Of politics, someone once said a charge not quickly and forcefully answered becomes the truth. For Romney being a mean spirited jackass probably was never in the cards. Neither he nor Paul Ryan was raised that way. Little Barry, the dope smoking, coke snorting punk, on the hand has been spreading malicious BS his entire life. So much so it IS his nature.

But hey, enough of that. Thanksgiving is upon. And as bad as things seem, we still have much to be thankful for today.

America is still a great big beautiful place.

Nearly half the people living here still understand liberty and freedom.

Compared to the rest of the world, that’s a good start. And if you think about it like that, this is a start not the end, well we’re in pretty good shape. Have a great, wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The soft bigotry of low expectations

Back when unemployment was about 4% and gas cost about a buck eighty, when referring to failing inner city minorities trapped in failing public schools, because union educators thought the deck was stacked too steeply against them, George W. Bush talked about the “soft bigotry of low expectations.” In W’s view, just because they were poor didn’t mean that they could not learn to read and do math. The thought being that we should expect kids to do well in school irrespective of their income.

Today unemployment is about 8% and gas costs somewhere north of $3.50 and the racist lapdog crap weasel MSM is using the soft bigotry of low expectations to give a pass to three of their favorite affirmative action pass throughs. The congressional black caucus is screaming foul because Sens McCain, Graham and Ayotte are questioning UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s truthfulness and/or competence for going on five Sunday shows to try to sell the preposterous notion that that the Benghazi attack was the result of a video no one saw. In protecting the lying and/or incompetent Rice, CNN’s brain-dead crap weasel Dana the dope Bash went so far as to say that you have two rich white old men attacking an African-American women, and that’s a fight she’d take any day.

So in crap weasel Bash’s journalistic world it’s the optics of the story that are important rather than the facts or truth. And speaking of truth, crap weasel Bash ignores the fact that NH female Senator Kelly Ayotte leveled the same charges as McCain and Graham. So at minimum it would be two rich old white men and a young woman leveling the charges.

So if you have a lying and/or incompetent UN Ambassador, it’s OK as long as the ambassador is a woman or minority. If the ambassador is a woman AND a minority well then she’s bullet proof. She can go on tv and tell the most idiotic story about the circumstances under which four dead Americans died and if anyone has the nerve to question the the affirmative action pass through’s BS story – particularly if they happen to be rich, white and old – well then the story becomes about those questioning the lying and/or incompetent pass through.

That is the soft bigotry of low expectations. The affirmative action pass through’s deeds are ignored and the story becomes the background of those accusing her of being a lying and/or incompetent boob.

The same goes for the complete double D-bag who sent Rice out on those shows with a bag of lies in the first place. The crap weasel MSM has so much invested in Little Barry’s success that they will dutifully ignore the fact that they were all lied to on that Sunday morning. They further ignore the fact that the President of the United States lied six times to the UN General Assembly about the cause of the attacks at Benghazi. The same crap weasel MSM that went ballistic over six words in a State of the Union address by GWB about yellow cake uranium that unfortunately introduced the world to America’s most super secret spy Valerie Plame and her tag along husband Joe, is silent when Little Barry goes on a two week lying binge.

That is the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Then there’s Eric the wad holder. A complete incompetent if ever there was one. There is a dead border patrol agent killed with a weapon the wad put into the murderer’s hand and the crap weasel media is…silent.

That is the soft bigotry of low expectations.

It’s like the 8th grade teacher who excuses multiple absences, sleeping in class, disruptions and failing grades from a minority kid from a poor and broken home. They pass the kid on because they don’t want to be saddled with him again next year, and, well gee, the poor kid just can’t be held to the same standard as the other kids because he’s poor.

The same is true of Little Barry, the wad and Rice. The crap weasel MS cannot hold these affirmative action pass throughs to the same standard because they are, well, affirmative action pass throughs. As such we cannot expect as much from them as a white male who made it on his own.

That is the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Seriously, I don't think it was my fault Romney lost

It was bound to happen. Anytime the big game is lost, the fans the media, the players and coaches all begin to assign blame. A few even look to find out why the game was actually lost.

The Internet is exploding with screeds about the Republican Party being a home to the far right. That the Republicans will never win another election as long as it is dominated by far right loony bins.

Well as a proud member of the aforementioned loony bin wing of the Republican party, let me assure you we didn’t have anything to with Romney’s loss. If other far right loony bins are like Lex, then we gave as much as we could afford to the Romney campaign. We gently nudged family and friends to the polls to vote for Romney. We wrote letters to the editor. We blogged. We traveled an hour and a half to attend a Romney rally. We volunteered to man the phones and made calls from our homes on behalf of Mitt Romney. What the hell else were us loony bins to do?

Oh, shut up – right? Do all of the above and then just be quiet. Well here’s the main thing that the smart guys who think the “far right” is killing the Republican Party: We’ve done the lion’s share of the work, and what have we gotten for it? We got McCain, certainly no far right conservative and Romney, certainly the right guy for the right time, but again no rock ribbed conservative. We’ve gotten two pretty moderate candidates that got beat by a know nothing @$$bag. And yet it’s supposedly the far right’s fault the moderate candidate faltered. Weird huh? It would be one thing to blame the far right if we’d run Cheney and then Rumsfeld, but we didn’t. We ran moderates. Now the last thing the moderate party bosses want to do is declare moderate conservatism dead. So they join the lapdog crap weasel MSM meme of blaming the “far right.”

And what is the “far right” anyway? The “far right” is made up of people who read the constitution and would like to follow it; people who want to protect life and religious freedom; people who would like to protect our border and bring sanity to immigration system; in short people who prefer liberty and freedom from onerous government regulation, intervention and nanny state-ism to the security of living at the government tough waiting to see if and for how long bastards like Harry the roach Reid and his colossal dumb ass side kick Grand San Fran Nan the botox queen Peloser will let the people’s daily ration of gruel flow.

What do the party grandees expect of us if not to stand firm on the principles laid out in the constitution, life, liberty and freedom? We already have one party that wants to trash those things. Do we need another whose only difference is the speed at which we will decline from the freest people on Earth. If some one’s willing to give every voter a free Little Barry phone, it’s a fool’s game to think your going to get those votes by promising a tax credit to pay half the cost of the same phone.

Besides, if voters won’t vote for the extreme ends of either party, how did Little barry get re-elected? He is a far left loony know nothing. Perhaps it’s time we ignore the Rep. Party’s pleas to moderate. We’ve tried it failed. Maybe it’s time for an in your face conservative. Marco Rubio is that guy. Rubio is a Tea party senator that very tellingly sent Republican establishment favorite Charlie Christ packing for the Demo-Dope party. Expect the party know-it-alls to do their level best to sabotage his campaign in favor of a Jon Huntsman or Gary Johnson type.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crap Weasel media Complicit in Benghazi

Why won’t the lapdog MSM hold Little Barry and his @$$clown administration responsible for Benghazi? Simple, to the extent that they are responsible for putting the little know nothing in office in the first place, they are also responsible for the events in Benghazi. They have no interest in getting at the truth of the total incompetence on display in the Benghazi episode, because they were complicit in electing the double d-bag responsible for those events in the first place.

The lapdogs are like the baseball manager who leaves his son in as the starting pitcher for 4 innings even though he’s given up 5 runs an inning. Some how, the team has managed to keep it close. So instead of putting a new fresh arm on the mound, the manager convinces himself things will be different in the next 4 innings. The lapdogs have too much invested in the little sail eared creep to start telling the truth about him now. Not only would that expose Little Barry for the incompetent boob that he is, it would expose their own malfeasance.

So Little Barry will stay on the mound getting shelled with the lapdogs telling us he has the “best stuff” they’ve ever seen. The only serious question is whether or not the rest of the team will be able to rally to keep it close enough to keep us from going over the cliff of social progressivism for the next four years. If yesterday’s presser is any indication, the lapdogs will lie straight faced for the next four years to avoid looking like the lying busload of crap weasels that they are.

One question that was never asked that would shed a great deal of light on this matter would have been: Little Barry, your royal @$$holiness, who specifically told you and when that the Benghazi attack was a spontaneous demonstration as result of an Internet film that no one had ever heard of?

Instead we get question after question about a couple of General’s e-mails that are deflected with “I cannot comment about an on-going investigation” line of BS.

It is insane. Look at the sail eared dolt’s answer to the Susan Rice question. Little SFBs said:

“Susan Rice, she has done exemplary work…she made an appearance at the request of the White House in which she gave her best understanding of the intelligence provided to her.

"If Senator McCain and Senator Graham want to go after somebody, they should go after me. But to go after the UN Ambassador who had nothing to do with Benghazi.”

YGBSM!!! A child of 4 could see through this, but apparently not our heroic lapdog media. Who provided Rice the intelligence? If Rice had nothing to with Benghazi, WTF was she doing on the 5 Sunday shows spreading a layer of BS about a spontaneous attack as a result of some video? Apparently the crap weasel media was incapable of adding 2 + 2 and arriving at 4. Instead the crap weasels were in their - if the royal douche says 2 + 2 = 7 ½ then so be it - mode. After all who are they to question the clueless buffoon that they created?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Make the deal John

John let’s make a deal Boehner is in a pickle. Little Barry hold all the cards. Little Barry wants taxes to go up. If the truth were known, Little Barry wants taxes to go up across the board, because he knows the real money in the tax code comes from the middle class.

Little Barry also wants the defense budget cut. Last, Little Barry is quite certain no politician will vote to cut social spending to the degree demanded by the sequester. If they do, the first order of business in congress in Jan will be to pass legislation to restore that spending.

So what is Johnny B to do? Compromise. Here’s how it’s done. Boehner says, alright LB let’s raise taxes on millionaires. And to make sure we hit millionaires and only millionaires we will set the threshold for that tax a 1.2 million in adjusted combined earnings. There you have it. Your campaign promise is kept. What’s next?

Of course Little Barry cannot take the deal, because he knows it’s not big enough. Then Boehner says, look you won the vote. Elections have consequences. The majority of voters in the blue states agree with your tax and spend policies. So I’m happy to raise the taxes in the states that you won to whatever level you decide is necessary. The majority of people in those states should be quite happy to support your economic plan.

I do not know why that wouldn’t work. The tax code is already an abomination. It is 100,000 pages of undecipherable gobbledy gook designed to pick life’s winners and losers, encourage and discourage certain behaviors of a supposedly free people and a bludgeon used by ruling class politicians to keep the surfs in check. This plan requires a one page addendum that lists the blue states and the increase percentage of tax people who live in those states are required to pay. Of course you’d need to add a tutorial on how to figure a percentage for the public school grades that live in those states.

If I were Boehner, I’d seriously propose this solution. Even if it’s shot down it would make the point in a very graphic manner that elections have consequences. It has the added advantage of determining if a collective “hell yes” from southern and western states would be heard in CA and NY.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Live well and laugh at them

My plan for coping with the disaster of Nov 6th, is to live well and ridicule the left. That was the same plan I had before the election. Gee, I guess Nov 6th didn’t change much. We still have the know nothing, do nothing, be nothing affirmative action pass through Little Barry and his @$$clown administration at the helm trying to dismantle America - the greatest machine for good the Earth has ever known. You have John let’s make a deal Boehner running the house and Harry the roach Reid doing nothing in the senate.

Really what can go wrong? Sadly, everything. We’re in another two year holding pattern hoping to tread water until the mid-term election. We are like Tom Hanks’ character in the movie Castaway. We get up every morning hoping something has washed up on shore that will be useful.

There are a couple of strategies that can be employed. First is the nuclear strategy. Let the country hit rock bottom as soon as possible. Take the Bill Kristol approach and give Little Barry everything he wants. Raise taxes, cut defense, higher deficits, more regulation etc. etc. Crash the country before the mid-terms and as a result of the disaster, win big.

That strategy has an appeal. It places 100% of the blame for the impending crash on Little Barry and his @$$clowns. It also has the advantage of affecting the Little Barry voters most adversely. It’s unlikely the Hollywood swells and the lady screaming about a free cell phone would do well when food and fuel become scarce. Lay on 300Lbs each of rice, beans and spam and learn to like what you can make with those ingredients.

The other strategy is the American strategy. Beat the government at their own game. When the know nothings in Washington DC set the rules, beat them like a drum at game they have rigged against you. If the threshold for higher taxes is a million dollars which means $250,000 in DC speak, divest down to $250,000.

Here’s an idea that will blow them away, work in trade. Can you see the IRS trying to figure out an electrician’s bill that traded the meat processing plant a weeks worth of work for 7 sides of beef that the owner then in part paid his employees with? I know one thing for certain, while many fortunes have been lost by being stupid, 99.9% of rich people did not achieve their status by being stupid. Whatever hare-brained schemes the brain dead in DC come up with, savvy business people will find a way to protect their money and profit from the new rules.

Just a thought or two on the Patraeus scandal.
Something’s not right with this. How did Broadwell get the gig as the General’s biographer? While obviously a smart, although not very bright, individual, I don’t see much in her resume that says to me, yeah let’s give her total access to the General for a year to write a book.

And if that doesn’t make any sense, explain to me what the hell an "an unpaid social liaison” is. That is the position the third party in this mess, Jill Kelly held at Central Command in Tampa, FL. That makes no sense either. Military guys and gals know that Central Command has a paid staff to do “social liaison” for general officers.

It’s called the protocol office. They arrange briefing books for general officers for social events. They tell the general where to stand, where to sit, what gift to bring, if remarks will be made, if so what to say, what dignitaries will be at the event with their bios. General officers also have aides that coordinate the general’s schedule. They get their charge to right place at the right time in the proper uniform. Given that, what the hell do you need an "an unpaid social liaison” for?

There’s a great conspiracy theory somewhere in all of this.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Don't give up!

OK after two days of self imposed news exile, here’s what I think about Nov 6.

It’s amazing that Romney did as well as he did. Sun night I read where less than 330,000 in several swing states could have swung the election to Romney. That is within the margin of fraud.

Even the total vote count – 50+ to 48+% - indicates a country that pretty much evenly split.

Now consider these facts. For as long as I can remember over the last 40+ years:

Nearly all media is of the lapdog MSM variety being led around by the Demo-Dopes to do their bidding.

Nearly everything coming out of the entertainment industry makes conservatives, Christians, whites and men the object of derision.

Nearly all of academia is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of the Demo-Dope party.

So, through the nightly news, Hollywood and every level of school we have been inundated with messages about what a great bunch the Demo-Dopes are and even more importantly how evil conservatives are. That’s 40+ years of propaganda and indoctrination and we’re still a roughly 50-50 country.

Now consider the politics of this race. Here are the facts:

Incumbents are hard to unseat.

They are harder to boot when they are willing and capable of lying with such ease and the institutions above are willing to cover for the lies.

A billion dollars was spent by Little Barry to get voters to ignore his record and “kill Romney.”

While exempting nearly 50% of Americans from paying any income tax, Little Barry used the government and our tax dollars to hand out free phones, housing, food stamps, 2 years of unemployment, free abortion, contraceptives as well as loans in the hundreds of billions to failed green energy.

And yet he managed just a sliver over 50% of the vote.

2004 Election County-By-County Map

Now consider where most of the handouts go. It used to be that people moved to the cities to seek factory work. Now they move to the cities to seek government handouts. As a result, large cities seem to be impenetrable Demo-Dope strong holds. This reminds of the movie The Hunger Games. The big city swells living the good life while the outliers do the work that keeps the cities’ lights on. When you consider the county by county election map, it’s clear we’re two peoples in more ways than one.

Now here’s the important thing to remember, just because you lost doesn’t mean you were wrong. Demo-Dopes are the cool parents that let the kids drink in the basement, give them money for no effort, tolerate constant back talk, feed them McDonald’s when they turn up their noses at a meal mom cooked. They allow little Johnny to stay up playing video games all night then bitch at the teacher when little Johnny gets a bad grade because he expended little or no effort.

Republican are the parents that require work for an allowance, homework before tv, dinner at home or go hungry and be quiet or go to your room.  If there is a problem with a teacher, it's their kid's fault.

Now the cool parents win elections. Then when high school and/or college is over the kids have to pay the piper.

There is a perfect example of this in politics. It’s the once great state of CA. The Golden State used to be envy of every state. Everyone wanted to move to CA. It was big beautiful awash with cash, opportunity and optimism. It was a state that worked. That was back when CA was a reliably red state.

Slowly the dopes have gained control and as the Dopes gained control the state spiraled down hill. Now it is a debt ridden state that is willing to offer just about anything even sex change operations for free – uh make that at taxpayer expense. That is in spite of the fact of being broke and owing the Feds billions of dollars. There is no end to what the Dopes will offer at taxpayer expense.  And they continue to control the state and win elections that allow them to drive it off a cliff.  The passengers/voters are all drunk in the backseat and as long as the free booze and free meals keep coming, who cares where the car is going.  CA has become the cool state where the Hollywood swells hang out and ridicule coal miners.

We are on the road to CA.

Now, here’s the danger. Thinking a lost election means that you should change rather than trying to change others. Remember, just because you lost doesn’t mean you were wrong. Becoming like the opposition means what? It means Mr. & Mrs. America that there is no opposition.

I was really surprised to see on Sun night that conservative stalwart Bill Kristol came out in favor of tax increases. My advice to Kristol is the same as anyone who thinks that is a good idea – pay up sucker. I was gob smacked to read that Sean Hannity came out for amnesty.

Here’s the thing, does anyone seriously believe that Republicans can give away more crap than the Demo-Dopes? Does anyone believe that Republicans being Demo-Dope light is the right answer for the country? That’s what is at stake here. It’s not about wining elections. It’s about saving the country from becoming the next CA. Given their positions for higher taxes and amnesty, do they want Arnold Schwarzenegger to be president?

How is creating 12 million more Demo-Dope voters through amnesty going to get the country back on track?

OK gotta go. Chins up. Remember just because you lost doesn’t mean you were wrong. It’s still about a 50-50 country. It’s not time to give the farm away…yet. I am however putting another layer of barbed wire around the compound.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

There is no joy in...

For our side, it all boils down to John Boehner. Yeah, we’re screwed.

It seems to me we’ve crossed the point of no return. We are a people the majority of whom will re-elect a lying, thieving, race baiting dope with an unknown illness. Not Little Barry, Jesse Jackson Jr. was re-elected to the congress while being treated in the Mayo Clinic for something. He sent out a mailer that he was getting better. That was good enough for the public school drop outs in his ChiTown district. No word on if his memory has recovered enough to tell us where all the millions of campaign cash went

We are a people the majority of whom will vote for the promise of “free $h!t” handed out by the government rather than for an opportunity to buy our own stuff.

We are a people the majority of whom will vote for a dope who will hand out free stuff while bankrupting the country and in the process ruining its standing in the world – yeah that’s Little Barry.

What I’ve learned
Don’t trust the political instincts of a guy in a dark red precinct of a bright red county of the red state – for now – of IN. I thought the American people would rise up and we’d have a wave election of 2010 proportions. They rose up alright. Too bad for America it was another Demo-Dope wave.

Rush Limbaugh had a profundity after the first Little Barry election. He noted that America could survive Little Barry. What it can not survive is being populated by a people stupid enough to vote for him.

That’s where we are. We stepped back from the edge in the 2010 mid terms. Last night we jumped head first.

Given the choice of free stuff doled out drip by drip from the government paid for by other people’s hard work and a platform of personal responsibility, a majority of Americans will choose the handout.

Given the state of the world, a dead ambassador, Middle East in chaos, Europe in collapse and here a t home 8% unemployment, 23 million without work, gas at $4, more and more Americans in poverty, more and more Americans on food stamps, we learn the NUMBER ONE issue in America is a woman’s right to choose to have her neighbor or the Catholic Church pay for her abortion. Who knew?

Pollsters know what they are doing.

It’s hard to displace an incumbent willing to lie so freely, use the power of the office to hand out billions in tax payer money to political cronies to support his re-election while a lapdog MSM cover his ass.

Why this happened
When the history of this dark, dark period of American history is written, the causal link can be traced back to a single event – the fraudulent election of Al Franken in MN. Franken’s election through voter fraud involving the illegal votes of convicted felons gave the Demo-Dopes their bullet proof 60 seat senate. Without Franken there is no Little Barrycare or stimulus money spent to buy Demo-Dope votes etc.

Don't blame Sandy or Chris
Hurricane Sandy may have saved Little Barry’s bacon and ruined the prospects of Republican rising star Demo-Dope useful idiot Chris Christie. Hard to say for certain about “saving” Little Barry given that the turnout model was 2008 all over again, but yeah Christie is done.

What’s next?
Impeachment hearings on Benghazi start Nov 17. We should be able to pick off one or two Little Barry acolytes who clearly lied to cover up the circumstances of 9-11-12.  How long will the lapdog MSM be able to cover this incompetence up?

Four words, "We Will Not Comply."  When Little Barry's homeland army AmeriCorp comes for your guns, for your bishop, for your property, et al we need to stand with our neighbors and bishops and tell them to go to hell.

We can find out just how much “flexibility” Little Barry has after the election. Check out the photo above. We’re screwed.

Little Barry will allow sequestration to occur and the tax code to revert. Mission accomplished. Defense is gutted thereby making America a less than super power and taxes go up across the board pouring money into the treasury for a couple of months until the 48% or so who have been pulling the wagon say to heck with it, drop their ropes and climb in.

Most importantly mid terms are a scant two years away. After a couple of days of media black out and reflection in the barn with a frig of cold beer, a radio tuned to the best Christian rock, a good dog and a world class washer game, Lex will be back at it on Mon, because we cannot afford to be depressed. We need to get back to work.

Rubio/Portman in 2016.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Why Romney will win

In 2004 we pretty much knew Little Barry was going to cruise to victory at this point. I feel like Romney is going to win because of his up beat campaign and Little Barry’s negative BS. That’s as scientific as it gets here and probably as reliable as any of the polls. Here's why I think Romney will win:

1. Most important, because I want him to win.

2. Polls, polls, polls all have it even or as Pat Gadell said, “within the margin of fraud” with Little Barry under 50%. Polls always under report Republicans, because they want to and because Republicans have no interest in talking to pollsters.

3. Common judgment says, undecideds at this point break 2 to 1 to the challenger, because they already know the incumbent.

4. 2010 - polls are all using models of the 2004 presidential election, as if 2010 never happened. They are all done with a +6-11 D turnout.  I think it'll be a +1 Republican turnout, because...

5. News flash, 2010 happened and little has changed since then.

6. Remeber Chik-Fil-A?  Nobody - and I mean nobody - saw that day coming, yet come it did.

7. A heretofore little worried about voting block - Catholics. There are enough Catholic votes, particularly in the Big 10 conference swing states of PA, OH, MI, WI, MN, IN, IA to tilt any election. I have never seen and heard such a sustained and clear message from the bishops against one particular party without ever mentioning the party. The only problem here is that Catholics don't always, hmm make that rarely, listen to their bishops. I sense this is different.

8. The NRA has sent out more than 8 times the number of mailers and called an equally high number of people in advance of this election - all of it directed at the swing states than in 2004. Love them or hate them, the NRA is the MOST EFFECTIVE lobbying group in America.

9. I heard a guy say, "I know a couple of Little Barry voters who will vote for Romney. I don't know a single McCain voter who is voting for Little Barry." All of the movement seems to be in one direction.

10. All of the Romney voters are in the "I'd crawl naked a mile over broken glass with a bullet in my back to vote for Romney to save America" mode. All of Little Barry's voters will be up at the crack of noon to pick up their Govt. check. They will go blow it on whatever the Govt. isn't already giving them free, drugs come to mind, but it could also be $400 designer sneakers, 50” flat screen tv, or night out at an expensive restaurant. They'll hang out on the corner BSing. Have dinner and head to the polls 10 minutes before they close and then bitch because they aren't being allowed to vote. Some Lib judge will step in and order the polls open until XX o'clock. The judge will do this in spite of the fact that voting has been on going for an entire month.

Given the state of the country, it should be Romney in a landslide. In a country where 47% are in the second category of item 10, that is not likely. Watch PA. If it goes Romney, the long national nightmare is over early tonight. If not, wait and watch.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Mitt's the man

Lex endorses Mitt Romney for President of the United States.

Let’s face it. From the very beginning, we all knew Colin black like me Powell, Nanny Bloomberg, and the NY Times were all going to endorse Little Barry. The world has waited to see which side Lex would come down on. Now the world knows. This highly coveted endorsement should be enough to tip the scales in favor of Romney. I hope so.

I can’t understand why anyone would even want the job. That said, America is fortunate that a man like Mitt Romney has stood up and vigorously pursued a job that is going to be so monumental, there really is little hope of doing what will need to be done in a scant 4 years. Mitt Romney is so obviously the right man for this time, it’s difficult to see how he doesn’t win by 25 points. The only reason this election will be close is because the wagon is loaded with nearly as many riders as pullers. This has to be Romney’s number one priority – to get people out of the wagon.

It seems to me that Romney is the obvious and right choice for point in time of American history. Little Barry has spent so much time blaming Bush, the only real question for Little Barry after Romney’s inauguration is, whose economy is Romney inheriting, yours or George Bush’s? Now if Little Barry should be able to cheat enough to win, if he thinks things were screwed up after his first inauguration, wait until he sees the mess he’ll be inheriting after the second.

The task will be daunting. Not only will Romney have to deal with the very real problem facing the nation, he’ll have to do so while dealing with lying, thieving, recalcitrant, anti-American Demo-Dopes like America’s most well known pederast Harry the roach Reid. The roach has already put Romney on notice that that Dopes will not work with Romney saying : "Mitt Romney’s fantasy that Senate Democrats will work with him to pass his 'severely conservative' agenda is laughable." The roach needs to know that this is what elections are all about. We pray the roach will be relegated to back bencher status after the new congress is sworn in. Not only will Romney will have to deal with scum bags like the roach, he’ll have to guard his right flank as well from the Republi-Rat useful idiots like Chris Christie and John Boehner.

For Little Barry supporters I offer this:

Vote Romney to avoid the impeachment of the first half-black president.

This bumper sticker logic is only half in jest. Benghazi is not going away. In spite of Jerry Rivers’ (aka Geraldo Rivera) intense defense of Little Barry on Fox and Friends, there are more questions about Benghazi than there are questions in the box of a Trivial Pursuit game. They are not going away.

The statements from Little Barry, Slowest of all Joes, Shrilldabeast Clinton, Jay the carnny barker Carney, UN Ambassador Susan sure I’d be happy to lie for you Rice, Leon perfect intell Panetta and the CIA are all inconsistent with what is widely known to be the truth. The most basic and obvious truth is that the video this administration blamed for the 9-11-12 attack against American interests in Benghazi for TWO WEEKS had NOTHING WHAT-SO-EVER to do with it. Steven Hayes has it all laid out here in a short two minute read at the Weekly Standard.

So, if you like Little Barry – you’re an idiot – but it may be in Little Barry’s best interest to just fade away rather than being impeached. That being the case, maybe you do him a favor by not showing up on Tues or even showing up and voting Romney.

One thing we have learned, the louder creepy bastards like Jerry Rivers shout, “everyone but Little Barry is lying” the more we notice that Little Barry is lying. Keep it up Jerry. You’re doing a heck of job. When Jerry’s done here, maybe he can get back to doing something he’s actually qualified for - prying open dead gangsters safes.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Pay no attention to the man with the Jobs numbers

The 3 letter report is due out today - the J-O-B-S report
Jobs numbers are due out today. They will indicate a near miraculous drop in the unemployment rate to .000001%. This was baked into cake a year ago. It’s total BS. The economy doesn’t bump along with 8+% unemployment for 40+ months then drastically improve the 2 months prior to an election.

I do not pretend to know what will happen next Tues, but I know anyone who is stupid enough to fall for this unemployment manipulation BS is already a Demo-Dope voter. Anyone with a brain will see this for what it is - election politics.

Who knows what any of the 5 or 6 million polls mean. I think the early polls showing Little Barry up 50 points were BS designed to make us think the election was over. The new polls now showing it tied everywhere it matters are designed to mobilize Little Barry’s base. But that plan will work both ways.

It’s everywhere. During early voting in six swing states, voters are noticing a vote for Romney comes up for Little Barry when it’s checked before hitting the “vote” button. This cannot be an "accident."  If it were, wouldn't at least one of the states have Little Barry votes going to Romney? Also, 45,000 ineligible Somali refugees have been trucked to the polls in Columbus. Don’t be a dope, check your vote. If it’s not close, they can’t cheat.

Over populated areas
One of the major events of the industrial revolution was the movement of people from agribusiness to cities where they labored in steam powered factories. The use of municipally supplied steam lines for manufacturing and heating led to instant population explosions in cities.

The steam lines are all gone and electrical power is available to all but the most remote locations where people might choose to live. Here’s a question nobody has asked in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, why would anyone choose to live in a city of ten million people?

There is no logical reason to be packed like sardines into a city like NY or any other city of more than say 500,000 people. Well, Lex, you don’t understand. No I don’t, explain it to me. Well, NY is the financial capital of the world. So what, use technology, computers, conference calls, video calls etc. to spread the “work” to 5 or 6 other cities. Well, NY is also a major entertainment capital. So what, Lettermen would be less unfunny if were to broadcast from say Toledo? Well, all the swells just want to be together in NY, LA and the like. Ahh, it’s just the cool place to be. It’s like the cool kids’ table in the cafeteria during HS.

Fine, but when that table gets so over crowded it collapses, the rest of the student body shouldn’t be asked to chip in to pay to fix it. It seems to me unreasonable to crowd people into a low lying areas and then put on a shocked face when those areas are swept away every decade or so.

Remember in New Orleans, after hurricane Katrina, the only area that didn’t suffer catastrophic damage was in the old city laid out by those worthless dead white guys. The same is largely true along the east coast today. There is only so much crap you can put into a 5 lbs bag. Sadly for decades, city fathers in major US cities have chosen to put more and more crap into an already full bag. Then when something goes wrong, as it ALWAYS will, the country is supposed to stop and tend to the self afflicted wound of others.

No, I don’t care where people choose to live. But if you insist on building your home three feet from the average high tide line on the east coast, or on the edge of a sandy cliff over looking the Pacific on the west coast, you should not be shocked when Mother Nature has its way with it.

In the Marine Corps (That’s Marine Corpse for you Little Barry) when organizing a convoy, commanders spread load their valuable assets. They don’t put all of the machine guns on one truck. They spread them throughout the convoy. Then they spread the convoy over distance so that one bomb won’t get more than one vehicle. Whenever a group Marines would gather together in combat training, you’d hear the gunny, “spread out! One heat tab will get all of you.”

It seems to me that we’re seeing the affects of poor planning and decision making as much as anything else in the tragedy and aftermath of Sandy.  We loaded the preverbial 10 lbs of crap into the 5 lbs bag and now we are some how surprised that there is a huge mess to clean up when the bag finally gives out.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

YGBSM! They can't be that dumb.

Leaving most Americans behind
During the Demo-Dope national convention, Little Barry pledged to, “leave no American behind.” Then on 9-11-12, he left 30 Americans behind to fend for themselves through a 7 hour attack on the American consulate in Benghazi. Yesterday, using Sandy victims as extras and NJ Gov. Chris Christie as a useful idiot, Little Barry was back on message. With 10,000 questions about why 30 Americans were “left behind” in Benghazi, 4 of whom died, Little Barry again vowed to a MESSNBC audience to “leave no American behind.”

For anyone with a brain, what Little Barry really means is, “we leave no American behind” if it’s politically expedient for Little Barry. Otherwise, you’re pretty much on your own.

I think Benghazi is a gift to Romney if he wants to open it. Media are actually using Romney as an excuse not to pursue the story. The meme goes, “what’s the big deal with Benghazi? Not even Romney is bringing it up.”

I know why Romney doesn’t bring this up. It’s like you’re running the ball for 4 or 5 yards a carry in the last minutes of a tied football game. Why pass? Besides, most Americans probably confuse Benghazi with Ben Gazara.

Romney could simply say, “I think Little Barry owes the American people an explanation about what he was doing from the time the attack began to when he learned about the ambassador being murdered to flying off to Las Vegas to leave no campaign money behind.” If not Romney, someone in the campaign should make the point.

Billy Boy
If Little Barry’s BS about who gets “left behind” where and when has the sound of a craven @$$ weasel, check out Billy Boy put some ice on Clinton’s remarks. Billy boy told a crowd in MN yesterday, Republicans “have a wholesale effort going on to prove rape and incest are not problems.”

Huh? That’s like Teddy Kennedy telling women that republicans want to drive them off a bridge and let them drown in the backseat of the car. The narcissistic, lying, disgraced, groping, exposing, rapist of a former president would just now be up for parole if Demo-Dopes, his enabling Shrilldabeast of a wife and the lapdog media hadn’t covered for worthless lying @$$.

MESSNBC Romney’s charity isn’t really charity
Before they came under scrutiny, Little Barry and his blundering VP donated about 2% of their income to charity. Romney started at 10% to the Mormon Church and goes up from there to about 30% of his income. Unlike Little Barry and his doltish chief bag carrier of a VP, Romney’s charity isn’t political a prop. This is how the man has lived. He donated his ENTIRE inheritance to Brigham Young University.

So Hurricane Sandy hits. What does Romney do? He suspends his campaign and organizes relief using his buses and already scheduled events to raise money, food and other supplies. God bless him…right? Wrong.

MESSNBC took the opportunity of Romney helping out to trash him. The Red Cross wants cash, not food, bitched MESSNBC chief bitch Andrea Mitchell and it was downhill from there.

They complained that Romney’s effort was political. So actually raising money, food and supplies and transporting them to the stricken zone is political and flying around NJ at a 1,000 feet with a useful idiot and a pack of reporters is…what?

The lapdog media’s response to Romney’s charity is useful in one respect. Criticizing Romney’s earnest efforts is so transparent even Slow Joe chains Biden knows it’s all BS. MESSNBC’s reaction to Romney’s Sandy relief efforts is akin to some more Candy please Crowley’s dim witted effort to screw Romney in the 2nd debate. Everyone can see the @$$bag media for what they are.