Thursday, June 30, 2011

Libs are parasites

Caution: Excessive over the top P-BO bashing follows

Yesterday Rush made an amazing and true observation about liberals in general and the P-BO in particular. He called them parasites. They live off of what the host earns and are absolutely certain that they will never kill the host.

When you look at congress, 500 or so of the 535 people that make up that body are parasites, Tony the shlong Weiner types that cannot picture themselves actually having to work for a living, so they run the country. They live off the labor of others, and they are certain that they can drain more and more energy and blood from the host for their own good and amusement without affecting the health and motivation of that host.

Athens has been burning for a week. It’s broke. It’s dysfunctional. Its body is now covered in a couple of layers of leaches. There is no way it can sustain all of the attached parasites. Greece, weakened by the amount of blood the parasites consume every day, is staggering and about to collapse. The only way for Greece to continue is for some of the parasites to jump off or consume less of the host’s energy. Instead of reasoning, the parasites get nervous and attempt to gorge themselves as full as possible before the host finally can’t go any further.

Everyone here in the US can see this happening in slow motion all over Europe. Unsustainable pie in the sky, utopian, Pollyanna social Glad Machines are beginning to crash to Earth in huge fireballs and with dire consequences.

It makes no difference to the P-BO and Chuckels Schumer types. They think that they can just continue to take and redistribute from the host, and the host will continue to run sub 4 minute miles generation after generation. They pile more and more weight onto the runner with unsustainable debt and foolish regulation and then think it’s OK to snatch up more of the meager energy sustaining profit the runner can make. At some point, right about now, the runner needs to shed some weight or slow way down.

Yesterday our Punk-in-Chief said he wants congress to get busy and address the debt crisis. First, what debt crisis? A couple of months ago government hacks said we’d default and become a world wide leper if we didn’t raise the debt ceiling. We didn’t. Not much has changed from where I sit. It seems to me a sure fire way to insure budget cuts would be NOT to raise the debt ceiling.

The Punk-in-Chief made some doubtful comment about his kids getting their home work done the day before it’s due. I’ll call BS on that one right now. No normal kid gets home work done early, unless the Secret Service is doing it. But OK, where was the Punk-in-Chief when the Demo-Dopes in the house didn’t produce a budget for the last half 2010 and first half of 2011? The Senate has yet to offer a budget proposal. Oh, well that’s different. That home work doesn’t need to be done at all let alone at the last minute. Like the class pet, when the Dopes don’t do their home work, that’s OK.

Then this Punk-in-Parasite had the nerve to say he’s been working hard. BS. First off this pampered parasite weasel hasn’t done a day’s work in his entire affirmative action pass through life. I’ll bet a nickel his hands are softer than a kitten.

But he hasn’t been working, even by Washington DC standards. He’s spent more time on the golf links and collecting cash for the 2012 election cycle than tending to the nation’s business.

And then most irritating, the Punk-in-Parasite goes after people who produce - the corporate jet crowd. They have corporate jets because their time is valuable to the company. It’s too valuable to be standing in line to be groped by some TSA pervert. And besides, who is this little punk to question how execs get around. Doesn’t that travel provide 10,000s of jobs, building maintaining, stocking, flying etc. those aircraft? Better to have those people standing in a Slow Joe shovel ready Biden unemployment line I guess.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Way too many same thinkers at the top

If there are over 900 people in a room and someone says something stupid or controversial, you’d think that at least one of the 900 would say, hold on there skippy. Not so fast.

You’d think that unless the 900 were military flag officers. Flag officer is the term that captures all admirals and generals in the military. There are about 900. That number, 900, is absurdly high. Today we have about 1.4 million military members. That makes about 1,500 service members per flag officer. During WWII, there were about 12 million men and women in uniform, and we had about the same number of flag officers. What the hell’s going on?

But, back to the topic. You’d think one of the 900, would have something negative to say about the P-BO’s Afghan surren…uh draw down plan. No. You’d think one would have a problem with gays openly serving in the military. No. You’d think one would have problem with the civilian leadership forcing all manner of social experiment upon the military. No. You’d think one of them would have a problem with women serving in the combat arms. No. Not a peep.

Go along and get along. Cooperate and graduate. These guys didn’t get to the top by openly opposing their bosses. And they will not stay on top for very long by looking Robert Gates in the eye and saying, “You’re wrong about this.”

But come on, not one guy? Not one willing to resign over the crap going on within the military today?

I think that points to a big problem in the military hierarchy. First, the military hierarchy is too big. Making flag today is almost like one of those ubiquitous school bumper stickers, My son made honors at Lord Figory Elementary. Besides grandma, who gives a crap?  Big deal.  These days, doesn't every kid make honors in something to protect his self esteem?  Then the school sells a fifty cent sicker to dupe parents for $5.  And the parents are dumb enough to attach the stupid thing to their car.

Second there doesn’t seem to be very much diversity of thought. Back in the Reagan days, Jim Webb resigned as SecNav when congress sunk his 600 ship navy. Who since, in position of authority, has pulled the plug on himself to make a point in the military. No one.

Apparently, the P-BO and Gates could order this hoard of sycophants to the local bus station, there to set up a male brothel.  The hoard would salute and dutifully set up the cleanest, best maintained and most efficiently run brothel in the world.

If you insist on having so many in your club, it seems to me you ought to have one or two willing to stand up and say at some point, “Mr. P-BO, this is BS. I will not be a part of this. I resign.” We don’t. Not one. And I think that’s a problem.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yes, there is a double standard. Life's not fair. Deal with it.

Short post today. The backup generator for the bunker arrives at the compound today.

You can say there are 57 states, even though it ani’t so. You can claim that J-O-B-S is a three letter word. You can say American forces are “air raiding villages.” You can say American forces are murderers or akin to the Soviets who ran the gulag. But you can only say any that, and get away with it, if you’re a Demo-Dope loser.

On the other hand, if you’re a Republican and correctly point out a bit of little known history, first you’re an idiot then lucky to have somehow gotten it right. Then a day after being asked if she was a “flake,” Micelle Bachman confuses John Wayne with John Wayne Gacy. If you’re a Republican, you just cannot do that kind of stuff.

Yeah, there’s a double standard. Deal with it. And suggest that you deal with it in a Chris Christie fashion. Gov. are you a flake? No are you an idiot for wasting everyone time with stupid questions. I’ll tell you what’s flaky. Thinking “spreading the wealth around is an American value. That’s flaky. Spending 830 BILLION running up the deficit in the process and not having ONE thing to show for that’s flaky. Noting “shovel ready is not as shovel ready as you thought” and laughing about it when unemployment is at 9.1%. That’s flaky. So you’re asking the wrong person if they’re a flake. Next time you get near the P-BO or one of his spokespeople ask them that question.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bumper sticker logic

There are a bunch of disturbing things in the news today. TSA makes an elderly woman remove her adult diaper. US soccer team gets booed in LA. Flash mobs ransack stores. The P-BO in search of his brain. But what’s got me chuckling this morning was a bumper sticker I saw yesterday on a Volvo with Maine license plates.

Well actually two bumper stickers on the same car, one read: “Terrorism is a symptom. It’s not the disease.” OK, I’ll bite. What’s the disease? American occupation of Afghanistan? Clearly, if terrorism is a symptom, the disease is radical Islam, no?

After all, who is it that is trapped in 12th century? Who is it that blows things up? Who is it that will not tolerate modernity, women, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, gays, atheists, the rule of law, Israel and free thought? Who is it? Radical Islamo-Terror-Fascists, that’s who.

The disease was easy to identify. It didn’t take a two hour episode of House to get to the bottom of it. It didn’t require 50 tests. It didn’t even require House’s famous white board and dry erase markers. If terrorism is a symptom, the patient likely has a bad case of Islamo-Terror-Fascism. Start him on heavy doses of special operations raids and drone strikes. That will ease the symptoms.

But to cure the disease, we will need to cure the patient’s addiction to foreign oil. That means pursuing a broad spectrum of domestic energy sources at home. But alas, the Demo-Dope party has issued a do not resuscitate order on the patient that reads - No drilling, no nukes, no coal. But Dr. Demo-Dope will allow wind and solar to treat the patient.

It’s as if you show up to the hospital with an appendicitis attack. The Republican Dr. wants to operate and remove it before it bursts and infects the entire body. The Demo-Dope Witch Dr. wants to treat the patient by burning some camphor leaves and dancing in small circles around the bed while Tiny Tim plays the ukulele and sings Winchester Cathedral.

Yes, indeed. I did get all of this from one bumper sticker.

But then I thought, if terrorism isn’t the disease, only a symptom, why not just put the disease on the stupid bumper sticker and be done with it? I’ve got it - Islamo-Terror-Fascism: a disease plaguing the world since the year 622.

The other bumper sticker read: The most dangerous element in the world is ignorance.

Ha! I thought, how ironic.

Friday, June 24, 2011

A new constitution? No thanks!

Time magazine and some CNN nit wit, Fareed Zakaria are wondering if it’s time for another constitutional convention. The answer is no. First off, in Zakaria’s case, he laments that there is no reason, given its relative population, why the state of WI should have the same number of senators as the state of NY. It’s as if the boob never heard of the House of Representatives. Fareed whines, that’s certainly not in keeping with one man one vote. It is if the one man is given one vote to select his senator, idiot.

Next, Time whines that the constitution is supposed to serve the nation, not vice versa. Not so fast Time. Military officers and many federal officers, including the president, are required to swear an oath to support and defend the constitution. That’s amazing. We do not swear an oath to the president, or the country, but rather the document that authorizes power for one and administers the other. How do you square that with who serves what Time?

In its open, Time has a rather long list of things that the founders never knew about, Lady Gaga among them. That was enough to make Lex want to turn the page, but I plowed on. In the game of poker, there are an infinite number of possible hands.  OK, there are a finite number of hands, but the variables given the number players and cards is beyond my small mind, so let’s go with infinite for this post. Get back to me if you can figure it out. The point is that the rules of poker apply to each hand.

And so it is with the constitution. It is a framework, a set of rules by which we play the game of life here in America. The constitution says we have a right to keep and bear arms. It makes no difference that Chuckels the dumb@$$ Schumer thinks it’s a bad rule. All Chucky has to do to change the rule he doesn’t like is get 66 senators and 38 states to agree. He can’t. So Chuckles decides to use the judicial branch instead of the legislative branch. That is a rule violation.

The P-BO, in one of his walk-in associate prof law classes, would describe the rules as “negative liberties” - a description of what the government can’t do to us. I’m fine with that. It is a far better situation for the average American to know what the rather small list of things that his government cannot do to him than an endless laundry list of the things it can.

There is a huge difference in traffic laws in Europe and the US. In Europe, if it is not expressly permitted, it is illegal. If there is no sign at an intersection indicating a u-turn is OK, a u-turn isn’t OK. In America, unless there is a sign expressly forbidding a u-turn, the u-turn can be made consistent with other laws - usually at least 120’ clear vision in both directions. It seems easier to me to look for the large U circled in red with a slash through it than to ask “Mother may I” every time I want to make a Uy or any other move on the streets. So better to have negative liberties than to ask the government's permission every time something comes up.

Currently our constitution consists of about 12 type written pages plus amendments. How many pages would the Time Magazine’s and Fareed Zarkaia’s constitution be if it tried to account for all of today’s technologies and those unforeseen technologies of the future? You’d have a 2,700 page monstrosity that nobody would read and nobody could understand. Hmmm, that sounds familiar. Where have seen that before? 2,700 pages nobody has yet read or understands? It’ll come to me in a second.

But all of that is ancillary to the main reason that, aside from amendments, we shouldn’t be tinkering with our constitution. There aren’t ten people currently serving in public office with the temperament, wisdom and judgment necessary to go tampering with our current document. And there is no one who has reached even the first rung of the 40’ ladder that George Washington metaphorically scaled to over see constitutional deliberations in 1787.

You know how all of this would go down. Demo-Dopes would send their best Dopes, loud mouthed obnoxious know nothing creeps like Chuckels the clown Schumer and Maxine no brain Waters. Republicans would send milquetoast dopes like Lindsey Gramnesty who think the point of the exercise is to see who will be the first to “reach across the aisle.” No thanks. Let’s just keep playing by the rules we started with.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

P-BO: Dope-in-Chief on foreign and economic policy

After hearing about the P-BO’s speech last night, I have to admit that the analogy about the P-BO punting when it’s third and one is a bad one. After the P-BO announced our Afghanistan strategy to the world last night, a better analogy would be:

It’s third and 4. The P-BO calls a time out. He goes into the press and with a telestrator and the PA system diagrams what play he intends to run next on the stadium’s jumbotron. Then he returns to huddle and says, “OK men, now that we’re all on the same sheet of music, all we need to do is execute the plan,” oblivious to the fact that EVERYONE including the enemy now knows the plan.

Can anyone be that dumb? Why yes, someone can be that dumb, and we elected him president.

In order for General Dope to look like a genius, he has to surround himself with people that are way dumber than he is. Hence, we get Slow Joe shovel ready Biden as a VP. Now General Dope’s economic team is weighing in on the news that CBO thinks we’re broker now than when they said we were broke the last time.

What’s General Dope’s response? Damn the reality. Full speed ahead. More stimulus will solve everything. All we need to do is more government spending designed to spread the wealth around.

Continuing with the football analogies, it’s like running the same play that didn’t work the first 57 times you tired it for the 58th time in a row. It doesn’t work here. It doesn’t work anywhere. Look at Europe. You’d think the @$$bag Demo-Dopes would get a clue. You’d be wrong.

Economies all over Europe are collapsing due their profligate spending on unsustainable social programs. But they have managed to get about 48% of the people thinking that there really is a free lunch. They have been getting one for 20 years. You can’t stop now, even if you can’t afford it anymore.

This is the Dopes plan for the US. They want 51% of the people inside the wagon and the other 49% pulling. 51% wins most elections.  Once you’re in the wagon, you belong to the Dopes. That’s why we just discovered that P-BOcare now insures certain middle class families for free.
If you’re reading this, you can be sure that you’re not middle class enough or living in the right congressional district to be eligible.

Seriously, the way things are going, the country may not survive to Nov 2012.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Homer P-BO show returns tonight at 8

WARNING:  Over the top P-BO/Moochelle bashing follows. 

Reruns of the Simpson’s will be preempted at 8 pm tonight so that Homer, uh, no the P-BO can take to airwaves and entertain us with his zany, self absorbed and just plain stupid view of the world in Homeresque fashion.

I know which of the two is funnier, Homer by mile. And now I know that it’s not just Homer’s stupidity that makes him funny, because I think the P-BO is quite a bit dumber, but he’s actually scary.

I guess Homer’s harmless because he’s yellow, wears the same clothes everyday and aside from blowing up the fake cartoon town of Springfield in a nuclear accident has no real power over anyone.

The Homeresque P-BO, while every bit as narcissistic and clueless as the yellow Homer, has real power to destroy real things. So if just acting dumb were the key to comedy, Dumb and Dumber, Jerry Lewis, every Will Ferrell movie, Clark Griswold, etc. the P-BO would be smash hit. There has to be something else. And that something else is the fact that none of those dopes can actually kill us, destroy our livelihood, have us arrested for no reason, let criminals walk, blow us up, make our healthcare contingent upon a campaign contribution or sent off to some unauthorized war. The P-BO can and has done many of those things to millions of US citizens.

If Homer had done what the P-BO has done to America in the last two years, he’d be sitting with Marge complaining, “D’ho, why does everything bad have to happen to me?” Marge would then help the good hearted Homer straighten everything out by the end of the half hour show.

Sadly, the P-BO’s “Marge” is also a self centered, know nothing, do nothing, be nothing, affirmative action pass through. There’s no steadying influence in the P-BO’s life to counter his self centeredness and stupidity. It’s all about the P-BO all the time.

So tonight Homer P-BO will take to airwaves and make an announcement on Afghanistan. It’ll be 20 minutes longer than it needs to be. He’ll talk about himself more than the nation or the troops who protect it and the gist of the message will go like this:

“Ahhh, we surged in Afghanistan, just like that idiot Sarah Palin said we should and the other idiot George Bush did in Iraq. We have made significant gains, due to my courageous and gutsy call of sending reinforcements in.

“Now, I'm moving the ball. I'm nearly in field goal range, and it’s third and two. Ahh, I’ve decided to punt on third down.

“With so many Americans having risked so much for so long, it’s better to get out of Afghanistan now to shore up the left wing of my base ahead of the 2012 election. That’s where my cash flow will come from, and I need to raise some dough now. This move will be good for several million dollars over the next couple of weeks.

“Ahh, I gotta run now. I’M meeting Homer and Barney over at Moe’s. Moochelle, have you seen the car keys? D’ho, why does everything bad have to happen to me?”

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Operation Pound Thumb with Hammer

Back in April of 2009, while slobbering all over his incompetent boob counter part to south, the P-BO blamed America for much of Mexico’s drug cartel violence. The blame America first in chief said,

“I will not pretend that this is Mexico’s responsibility alone. The demand for these drugs in the United States is what’s helping keep these cartels in business. This war is being waged with guns purchased not here, but in the United States. More than 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States, many from gun shops that line our shared border.”

Many are from the gun shops that line our borders. But what the P-BO didn’t say was that most of the guns were coming from the @$$clowns of the P-BO’s own administration. I’m sure Lex blasted the P-BO for his comments blaming America first for problems in Mexico. Any problems in Mexico have a hell of lot more to do with the rampant corruption of their own government and ridged class system than anything the US is doing along our shared border.

Which makes one wonder, why would anyone be carrying a Mexican flag at those pro illegal alien protests? They left the land of BS corrupt government, know as Mexico, for a reason. Why would they come here to make the money that the corruptocrats in Mexico won’t allow them to earn, then show support for the $h!thole system that kept the boot on their throat?

But I digress. The P-BO and his boob boys were supplying the very weapons that the P-BO was lamenting through some hare-brained ATF scam know as Gunwalker Operation Fast and Furious. Gee I wonder who at the ATF thinks of themself as Vin Diesel?  The thought that any grown up in a position of authority is using a code name from a string of triple D movies may point to part of the problem at the ATF.  If they were picking operation names from moivie titles, Anchorman, Vacation or Step Brothers would more accuately dipict what was going on. Not since the ATF’s blown raid in Waco has that agency been caught in such a dunderheaded operation.

Makes you wonder how that briefing went down. ATF agents Larry, Curly and Moe stroll into the head of the ATF’s office and say, “Hey chief we got a swell idea. Let’s give automatic weapons to guys trafficking drug across our southern border.” “You boys are geniuses! Get right on it.”

The P-BO, of course, claims not to know anything about the gunrunner operation. Seeing as he knows so little about so much, I tend to believe him. But his Attorney General, Erick the wad Holder should have known. If he didn’t, he’s a clueless buffoon, which in his case is true but still no defense for not knowing.

The more likely scenario in the wad’s case is that he knew about it, but like the ATF clown thought, “Gee, we can stir up some trouble our border and blame it all on the second amendment crowd. Win win. And if a bunch of people get killed in the process, even some of our own DEA, Border Patrol and ATF agents, that’s too bad. They will be martyrs in the bigger war on people who own guns. You got to break a few eggs to make an omelet.”

Heads should roll on this one. Everyone in several agencies are already circling the wagons looking for a sacrificial lamb high enough up the food chain to satisfy congress. Congress should take the lamb and then keep the pressure on until the wad is sent packing.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Like Muslims, the P-BO wants a return to 12th century

A day or so ago the P-BO blamed automation in general and all of the ATMs in particural for running the economy into the ground. He’s such a brilliant man. Really, do we deserve him?

I was sitting in the shade having a lemonade yesterday watching the Mrs. Tackled the 2 ½ acre front lawn with the 22” self propelled gas mower I bought her for Mother’s Day. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. The P-BO is right. All of this automation is costing us jobs.

Follow me on this one. Had I not gotten her the self propelled mower, there is no way she’d have been done in time to wash my truck. That being the case, I’d have to have driven it down to the car wash. Mike’s car wash is totally automatic. For measly $5 your car goes in one end a filthy mess and one minute later emerges at the other with a showroom shine. If, Mike’s had to hire labor to the job it would have cost $75 and taken half a day.

If we take this a step further and go all the way back to the days when 17” push mowers with those cool rotary blades were all the rage, the Mrs. would have been tide up all day with the front lawn. That would mean in addition to no car wash, there'd be no oil change, no laundry, no dinner, no clean windows, no painting the living room, no re-plumbing of the leaky kitchen sink and no one to check jr.’s homework. All of those jobs would have to be hired out. I’d become a one man P-BO economic stimulus program. I avoided that because I invested in a 22” self propelled mower.

I talked it over with the Mrs., and she agreed that we had been selfish and unpatriotic by buying that mower. To make up for lost time, she insists on cutting our grass with hand sickle for the rest of the summer.

Then I think of the greedy bastards who had a backhoe in here last week. In one day, one guy did the work it would have taken a platoon of men a week to do with shovels. This has to stop or the next thing you know we’ll have become so automated in our daily lives none of us will have a job.

The P-BO is right about all of this automation, but he didn’t go far enough. I blame automation for fat kids and destroying the American family as well. Remember when only the rich guy with the house on a hill had a remote for the TV? Kids were the remote. Everyone gathered around the family’s one tv. Dad would command jr., “Hey son, get up and flip the channels and see what else is on.” Now a days, dad doesn’t need to watch tv with jr., because he can flip through his own channels from the prone position on the couch. Jr. doesn’t have to get up, because he’s not even in the room any more. He’s flipping through his own channels while laying in bed, where he’s been for two days getting fatter by the minute.

This wrecking of our economy and culture by progress has to stop. Now. If we’d stopped it back in the 12th century, today we’d be like the Muslims, ten centuries behind the rest of the world and working half days to catch up or trying to bomb the rest of the world back to the 12th century.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Weiner family values?

Let’s deal with what we cannot ignore this morning.  The naked man in the room, so to speak.  Tony the shlong Weiner is gone. How he went is the story. Ever the arrogant narcissist, the shlong stood behind a podium in front of a throng, or would it be thong in this case, of cameras to tell and show the world again what a total d-bag POS he is.

While most people would be hiding under a log in a far corner of WY, the slong trots out in front of a camera to tell us he quits. A two word tweet, I quit, with or without his pants on from this sack of pus would have been a better option.

All of his arrogance and, ahem, cock sure BS got him nowhere yesterday. His swan song quickly degenerated into shouts and cat calls from the gallery. In spite of what the media thinks, “they should have given him five minutes to say good bye,” the little d-bag deserved no better.

The most pathetic and unforgivable part was when the boob drug his parents down with him. Near the end of this statement, hopefully his final public act, the shlong let loose this comment, “To my mother and father who instilled in me the values that have carried me this far. “Instilled in me the values that have carried me this far?” YGBSM.

How did he get the values that led to yesterday?  “Yo, Tony!” “Yes father.” “Ifins yoos ever gets da chance to send some dame a photo of yoos package, ifins yoos know wat I mean, TAKE IT.” Those values Tony? Why in the hell would you drag your parents into it with the “values” they instilled crap?

If you gave a do-do about your parents you nit wit you’d have gone with, “To my mother and father, you taught me better. I long ago chose to ignore your teachings on humility. Instead of thinking of myself as a humble servant of the people, I thought I could use my position of power to service the people. I am a cross dressing wretch and disgraceful humane. I have shamed the family name. I’m so sorry.”

Values you instilled, horse manure! He should have issued a written statement, I quit, and slunk off to hide out in deep hole somewhere.

And the point here is not to once again unload on the shlong, a despicable little crumb of a man, ok well maybe just a little. The point is that these are the kind of people who populate Washington D.C. They are perfectly ok with ignoring the wishes of the people because they think that they are soooo much smarter than a mid-western farmer who works dawn to dusk because he needs the money but more because he likes it and it’s in his blood.

The shlong probably got his pretty beach muscled body that he so adores from drugs and a couple of hours a day in the gym. He wouldn’t know a thing about the hard muscle gained from a day of honest labor found on a farm.

The only thing missing from the freak show yesterday was the little weasel stepping out from behind the podium to reveal that he no pants on - shirt, tie, suite coat with the bottoms of a pair of boxer briefs showing just under, garters holding up black knee high socks, wing tips, but no pants.

Good riddance.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The f-off in chief

Since the P-BO has slipped into 24-7 campaign mode 16 months ahead of the election, Lex has decided to unshun his Jr. High name calling of the half wit know nothing currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

So MacGoofus is down in Durham, NC (one of the 57 states) talking with his “Jobs (is a three letter word) and Competitiveness Council” (made up largely of typical white people) and for maybe the first time swerves into the truth, “shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as expected.” Ha, ha! That’s a good one Mr. MacGoofus. 9.1% unemployment, billions wasted and you manage to get off a good joke. Take my wife…please. Ha, ha!

First off, what would this pampered priss know about a shovel, ready or not? He wouldn’t know which end of a shovel to grab a hold of let alone what to do with it once he had it.

Lex has noted several times on this page driving past those annoying signs proudly proclaiming “your stimulus money hard at work” only to find that there was absolutely nobody working on the sites. The only thing that had been stimulated with these projects apparently was the sign maker who made the federally mandated signs. The stimulus money should have been earmarked for print-ready projects and everything would be fine.

Then the fund raiser in chief darts off to Puerto Rico where he hoped to raise some cash while building some good will among the Latino community (presumably those NOT burning American flags, but who knows?) and maybe “shoot some hoops.” “Shoot some hoops” about sums up this buffoon’s total resume. Shoot hoops, golf, vacation, fund raise basically f%@king off, that’s what he’s good at.

When it comes to the real heavy lifting, the F-off in chief is fond of appointing commissions, councils, czars anyone or thing that will leave himself with clean hands and free up some time for him to do more f-ing-off.

This fool even put Slow Joe the plagiarizer Biden in charge of over seeing the stimulus money. Gee that worked out well. Maybe we should call him Slow Joe shovel-ready Biden.

Then, having learned nothing from that experience, the f-off in chief puts Slow Joe shovel-ready Biden in charge of budget negotiations. Brilliant! Joe can’t look over the stimulus money, so let’s put him in charge of overseeing the entire budget. That’ll put the blame on good ol’ Slow Joe and give me more time to f-off.

And while the f-off in chief was f-ing-off in Puerto Rico, the Pakistanis were arresting five people for helping the CIA get bin Laden. Now say what you want about that idiot Bush, but the Pakis would not even have dared to try such a thing on his watch. You could hear the phone call, “Yeah, this here’s George Bush. What’s your name again? OK, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari. You are now known as Ass If. As in, I’ll have your Ass If you don’t turn those five fellows who helped us get bin Laden loose in the next hour. Got it? You have a nice day now and all my best to Mrs.”

But there is no fear and little respect for the our current bow and kiss ass president. His phone call would go something like this, “Hello, Mr. Zardari. I’d like for you to let those five guys who helped me get a bump in the polls go. If you don’t, I’ll stop kissing your butt. Then I’ll come over there and challenge you to game of hoops or golf. And if that doesn’t settle it, I’ll get Biden or some commission on it.”


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's the team, the team, the team

When you're left with a choice between John McCain and the P-BO whatta you gonna do? With no really good choice, you hold your nose and vote McCain, if you have half a brain.

Well we had a similar situation when the Dallas Mavericks met the Miami Heat in the NBA finals. There were no really good guys.

The Heat are a team jam packed with talent that was purchased from around the league for the express purpose of winning NBA championships. The Heat did it the old fashion way, they tried to buy a title. But, alas, it didn’t work out for the superstar laden team and the owner with deep pockets. Good.

As a strong capitalist, I’m happy if someone wants to throw their money around in an attempt to buy a professional sports championship. I’m happy because it usually fails, and it fails in spectacular fashion.

The Miami team was so sure of itself that it thought it would be a good idea to have some - let’s count our chickens now - pre-season shebang introducing its mercenary line up to the city of Miami. As I recall, watching it briefly gave me the creeps. After that, F$^K Cleveland and the rest of the league display, I think Lex hoped on this page that they’d lose their first 15 games. Now I have to settle for the joy of them losing their last game.

Another reason is LeBron James. Lex did not like the way LeBron thought all he had to do was to “take his talents” to a team with one or two more able players than were in Cleveland and wa-la, instant championship.

It doesn’t work that way LeBron. Team sports are a funny thing. The best TEAM usually wins, but not always. And the most talented team is never guaranteed anything. A lose confederation of talent is rarely a substitute for real team play.

So congratulation to Cleveland, uh, Dallas for winning it all and proving the point.

But I am not a big Mark Cuban fan either. The techno genius still has that disgraceful movie “Redacted” on his resume. In my book that puts him in the not fonda of Jane category. Of all the 100,000s of American personnel rolling in and out of combat zones, why choose to do a movie about 4 who in NO WAY reflect the compassion and commitment to duty of the group.

It would be like instead of covering the lives of a heroic family in The Sound of Music you spent two and half hours chronicling Baron von Trapp’s break up with Duchess Frump. You really miss the bigger point.

But Mark is on the way to redemption. He has said that he will personally pay for the team’s victory parade in Dallas. If he denounces the “Redacted” POS and makes a movie about one of the real heroes of this war on terror, he may be able to worm his out from under Lex’s pile of not fonda of Jane weasels.

Oh, and congrats to Dirk Nowitski. Dirk was labeled a “choke” on this page. He came through with flying colors. Lex was wrong. That’s the first time since third grade, and that’s when I thought I was wrong but it turned out I was right.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day off

I have to take a meritorious day off for a backhoe crew that just arrived.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Media bomb blows up in media's face

Do you know what’s more embarrassing than the MSM’s slavish cover up of anything and everything that is even the least bit awkward for the PBO? No, not that recurring dream where you show up at your high school reunion in a t-shirt, flip flops but no pants, or what is now known as the Tony the shlong Weiner look, that’s not close. What is more embarrassing for the MSM than running cover for an incompetent boob and the menagerie of ass-clowns he has decided to surround himself with is the MSM’s obsession with all things Palin.

From their insane theories on who Trig’s real mother is, to them claiming that she is somehow endangering their live because THEY insist on following her everywhere she goes, Palin cannot so much as sneeze without some MSM dolt swearing it was a snarky attack on the P-BO’s healthcare disaster or that she’s nothing but a shill for the Kleenex company.

Demo-Dopes called anyone who asked to see the P-BO’s birth certificate (back in days when HE REFUSED TO PRODUCE IT) a “birther.” So what do they call the truly whacked out Hollywood & MSM crowd who insist to this day that Trig is not her son? Now that is true birtherism. But the MSM contend that such ignoramuses are…what? Talented? Searching for the truth?

Some creepy voyeur went so far as to rent the house next door to the Palin’s so that the pervert could look into their windows and backyard. Sure, that’s completely normal. It happens to Demo-Dopes all the time right? Some right winger moves in next door and sets up video equipment to surveil their every move. That’s just ops normal for the Dopes.

Now we have moved from the ridiculous to the even more ridiculouser (I made that word up). For three years a bunch of “media” outlets have been trying to get Palin’s e-mails from her time as AK governor released. That’s right. The same “media” that hasn’t a grain of interest in the P-BO’s past, probably because except for drug use, trends toward socialist speech, and a long list of anti-American relationships there are no accomplishments, will turn over every rock in AK to find something, anything, that they can wipe onto Palin.

Well, the state has relented and dumped 13,000 e-mails for the MSM to go through in their quest. But guess what? There’s no there, there. So far, the e-mails reveal a competent public servant confidently pursuing her duties in a professional manner. That alone is news. But, I suspect we’ll get very little of that. Better to have the expletive laden Blago wire taps on tv every night.

One dope insinuates that the fact that there is so little there indicates that that there is something there, that she was either very careful to keep the scandalous material out of the e-mails or there’s another secret account. That’s perfect logic for this crowd. They spend three years and countless 1,000s of hours to portray the woman as a dunce.  Now however, she’s so smart she can hide an elephant under the living room sofa. Very much akin to the - that idiot, blockhead, dumber than dirt Bush tricked us into war, mantra.

At some point you have to ask yourself, why all this effort to destroy this woman? You can tell a great deal about the P-BO by his friends, Ayers, Wright, Green etc. I think it says something about Palin that she can get every slug in America lined up against her. What is she doing to get all the right people, from RINOs to lefty loons, to hate her?

I don’t know, but it’s fun and funny to watch.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Just what we need, more regulation from the EPA

The EPA is run by unelected federal bureaucrats. Its mission is to write rules and regulations that advance the protection of human health and the environment.

Apparently the geniuses at the EPA place the health of the environment above that of the health of humans. The wise men and gals at the EPA think it will advance the health of humans if they live in the dark without air conditioning this summer. The EPA, through its mindless regulation, is forcing five coal powered plants to shut down. Now, one has to wonder where the government will get the electricity to power its fleet coal burning cars.

You recall that the P-BO ordered the government to buy a bunch of those overpriced yet none-the-less worthless Chevy volts. After a six month trail where the Volt’s will prove to be about as useful as a wart on the end of your nose, they will be transported to the same warehouse as the government owned Segways and the Arch of the Covenant from the Indiana Jones movie are stored. There, they will remain a dark secret embarrassment until they are uncovered 1,000 years from now when the archeologist will ask, “WTF (win the future) were they thinking? They are supposedly all worried about greenhouse gases, yet they build coal powered cars. Crazy!”

This is what you get from unaccountable government agencies. As oil goes over the $100 mark again and possibly for good, our friends at the EPA are regulating out business proven American energy sources. Brilliant! And when the shinola really hits the fan in the Middle East, you can be sure the clowns at the EPA will be ratcheting up the regulations on any domestic energy exploration, refinement and production.

This is a gift to any savvy Republican candidate. Drill here. Drill now. Who on the Republican side, besides Palin, has the cajones to make the case?

Herman Cain: Yes

Rick Santorum: Yes

Newt: Yes but will pilloried with Gran Fran Nan couch commercial.

Pawlenty: Yes but has supported cap and trade in the past.

Mitt: Yes but for some idiotic reason thinks it’s a good idea to subsidize the use of food as fuel driving up the cost of both.

The argument is a pretty easy one to make:

I refuse to subsidize Middle Eastern terrorists with American petro dollars.

We’re going to exploit American energy resources while we develop a long-term energy policy.

The EPA will be closed.

One tenth of the 17,000 full time employees at the EPA will be rolled into an office within the Department of Energy. DOE will off-set those staffing gains with natural attrition within the department over the next year.

There will be zero federal dollars available to subsidize coal burning cars, solar, wind, ethanol, flubber or any other pie in sky Polly Anna energy projects.

We will concentrate on America’s proven reliable energy sources while developing workable alternatives through the private sector.

Idunno, it seems almost too easy. Maybe that’s why nobody has tried it.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Let the debt ceiling ride

Remember how the segway was billed as the device that would “change everything?” The government, of course, bought a bunch. Other than that, they have pretty much been relegated to props in triple B movies about mall cops and occasional curiosities along “tourist trap” boardwalks. Actually, the segway changed nothing.

Remember how the sky was supposed to fall if we didn’t raise the debt ceiling? The story went, if we don’t raise the debt ceiling, America will default on money owed to foreign investors causing a world wide financial crisis, banks will close, stocks will fall, world opinion of America will be in the toilet and well known politico Miley Cyrus will dis Rick Santorum ruining his chances of ever becoming president.

It’s been, what, several months since we hit the debt ceiling and what has happened? Well, Miley did dis Sen. Santorum causing him to run for the Republican nomination for president. Other than that, the sun pretty much still rises in the east. All of the promised calamity has yet to raise its ugly head.

If anything, doing nothing about the debt ceiling has had a positive affect. It has the dopes who populate our government seriously considering substantial budget reductions. As always, Demo-Dopes are demanding that cuts be coupled with certain tax increases. Republicans should meet that demand with their own version of a great P-BOism, “we won.” Go pound sand.

I don’t think that the problem with our government is that it is confiscating too few of our dollars. I think the problem is that the government spends too damned much money.

And it spends a great deal of that money foolishly. Why would government that is supposedly “broke” be considering barrowing money from China to give to Greece? Why is a government that is “broke” propping up a train system with no passengers, artists with no talent but to offend, radio stations with no listeners, tv stations with no viewers, abortion mills that operate under the guise of “woman’s health clinics” and a fuel blend that makes our food more expensive while wrecking our car’s engine?

If the Republicans are smart, they will continue to let this debt ceiling thing ride. What better way ensure government spending is cut than to cut up the credit cards?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Scrawny one punts on budget, Tony the shlong

Here’s the perfect Scrawny Harry sure I’m a land thief Reid quote:

"Call somebody else. I know Congressman Weiner. I wish there was some way I could defend him but I can't."

That was the Scrawny one’s response when asked what he’d say if Tony the shlong called him. In a follow up question, a reporter asked him what he’d say if Mitch McConnell called and asked him to get busy on a senate budget bill. The Scrawny one said, "Call somebody else.” If the president called on Social Security reform, "Call somebody else.” If General Patraeus called on the war effort, "Call somebody else.” If the pope on the human condition, "Call somebody else.” If Flat Nose Bugsy O’Toole called on sweet illegal land deal in Las Vegas, “This is Sen Reid. Count me in.”

Here’s a hint oh Scrawny one,

Secretary: Sen Scrawny, Tony the shlong is on line one. Will you take the call?

Scrawny: Hell yes. (Pressing line one) You perverted dumb ass. How could you do something this stupid? How could you possibly think you could get away with it? Pack your crap and get your creepy demented butt out of the people’s house by close of business. Get yourself a psych evaluation and a therapist. Spend the rest of your worthless life cleaning public bathrooms at bus stations. That’s more dignified work than what you’ve been engaging in since joining congress anyway.”

Instead of handling the situation like a man, the Scrawny one would tell the shlong to call someone else. Sadly, that is typical of the cowards and creeps that populate Washington D.C.

Then the Scrawny one says that he wishes “there was some way I could defend him.” So if there was some way that Scrawny one could cover for the shlong he’d do it! Unbelievable! Why yes Hitler was a horrible man, but he did make the trains run on time and ended a world wide depression.

Tony the shlong and the Scrawny one are exactly why we are in the trouble we’re in. These creepy bastards are birds of a feather. They are more interested in wielding power than doing anything that approximates what is right for the country.

The Scrawny one’s “this war is lost” remark is one that should have led to his being publicly horse whipped, then water boarded, then tarred and feathered, then drug out of town behind a garbage truck. Instead the traitorous weasel is wishing he could think of a way to defend a sleazy pervert who happens to share his political point of view. But since Mr. Integrity can’t think of way, he’d simply pass the call on to someone who maybe can, like Billy boy Clinton.

These are the guys running the country. We are in serious trouble.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Two things Libs cannot stand

It’s a great day. Tony the shlong Weiner whiner has been, ahem, exposed as the lying pervert that Lex stated he was a day after his wiener pic hit the Internet. And Sarah Palin has so spoofed the lamestream media, that anyone who has discovered what a bunch of pampered blockheads these clowns are has to be taking great delight.

There are a couple of things libs cannot stand. #1 is one of their own hanging them out to dry. That’s what Weiner the whiner did. After telling Grand Fran Nan Pelooser that the dix pix was not his, the Pelooser suspended all reason, commonsense and any curiosity before rushing to assure everyone the Weiner whiner wasn’t some creepy miscreant who hangs out in the parking lot of a ballet studio watching mom’s dropping of their young daughters off then hitting on whichever of two seems more vulnerable in a pair of boxer briefs, the Weiner whiner comes clean. That leaves the Pelooser with egg all over her face, which, thanks to the miracle of Botox, is stretched tighter than the high g string on a banjo.

If you’re a Demo-Dope, you can drown a girl in the backseat of your car or carry on a tryst with young staffer in the Oval Office, but you’d better get your story straight the first time, and no matter how improbable or contrary to the available facts it is, stick to it.

Weiner whiner couldn’t do the Billy Boy Clinton “I did not have sex with that woman…what’s her name…uh…Mzz. Lewinsky.” If he couldn’t even do the straight up lie, how was the Wiener master ever going to pull off a, “It depends on what the meaning of is is” lie?

Not a good enough liar, Wiener boy had to come clean, as it were. So he held a presser that was weirdly hijacked at the beginning by Andrew Breitbart. That press conference reminded me of the scene in the Shawshank Redemption were the cons all bet on who the first whiner boy will be when a new group cons arrive at the prison. Turns out Rep Tony the shlong ain’t so tough after all. The arrogant POS was reduced to a bumbling whining POS by the one minute mark of his presser.

Now the only question is will the POS resign. No. He won’t. He says that question will be left up to his constituents. Sadly, being a creepy pervert in New York City is probably a resume enhancer.

Then the argument goes that the House will surely boot him out after an ethics investigation, one that the Pelooser is demanding in retribution for being thrown under the bus by the Weiner whiner. Ha! A body of creepy perverts is casting out one of their own for being a creepy pervert? Not likely. The Weiner whiner will stay. And after a brief time, about 5 minutes in this arrogant scumbag’s case, will revert to his old arrogant self.

The #2 things the libs cannot stand is when someone they are trying to grind up and spit out refuses to cooperate and in the process grinds the libs up. Sort of like Ronald Reagan who would quip, there you go again to dismiss libs. Or better yet, just go on tv and talk to the American people. Libs could not stand it. Now the libs have been unloading on Sarah Palin for 3 years and have yet to put a dent in her armor. In their latest attempt to smear Palin, the libs and their lackeys in the MSM have been duped once a gain. But then duping this crowd is about as difficult as beating 4 three year olds in a game of poker. They don’t know the rules so you just make them up as you go. That’s what Palin is doing. She refuses to conform to what the MSM expect of her.

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere is the latest. Who knew that Paul Revere warned the British as well as the Patriots? I didn’t, but I do now. And unlike the MSM boobs, I can accept that I learned something from an unlikely source.

The latest is that Palin got lucky. That her gaff just happened to be true. Hmmm, so then there really are 57 states. J-O-B-S really is a three letter word. Unemployment never really did get up past 8% after passing the stimulus.

If she’s just that “lucky,” we should all sign on for some of that.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Weiner worlders destroying America

The economy is in a shambles. We are in three wars. God is banned from graduation. Lady Gaga is a pop fad. These are clear indications American and its culture are in decline.

So what should we talk about today? Tony Weiner, America’s #1 underpants photographer. Tony is rapidly establishing a reputation for himself as the Ansel Adams of not so private pictures of his privates.

Normal people have to ask themselves, WTF (win the future). I’d be the first to admit that I do not have a clue as what it is women are looking for in men. But if it’s boobs like this scrawny, obnoxious, arrogant POS, well lets just say Lex is glad he’s not in the desirable male catagory.

Can you imagine walking into your favorite hang out and suddenly, out of no where all of the gals are hanging on guys like Tony the shlong Weiner? To make matter worse, the Weiners are all standing around in boxer briefs snapping pics of themselves and their junk with their cell phones and e-mailing it around.

It just makes me want to add another 5’ of fence on top the 12’ fence already around the compound. You know that civilization and the human species cannot survive when the Weiners of the world take over.

But let’s face it, that’s exactly what is happening. This piece of human waste could serve 137 terms in the district that sends him to congress. The really sad and scary part is that the jokers in that district think Weiner is their kind of man. He snaps pictures of penis, yet the voters in his district look down their noses on farmers, welders and anyone else who knows something useful and calls them “backward.”

They send the Weiner worlders to congress. Then those POS tell the rest of us what we need to do with our money, what kind of car to drive, what kind of food to eat, where we should live etc. The Weiner worlders and the no talent SOBs who send them to congress want to control every aspect of our lives when it is clear that they cannot live their own lives.

What kind of dope snaps that pic and sends it off to some young gal he’s apparently never met via electronic message? What is the thought process? Like this:

Yes, yes, I’m sure she’ll get this impressive picture of my mini me in boxer brief. She’ll be really excited. No, she’ll never think that I’m a pathetic pervert. She’ll look at my Johnson obsessively for a couple of days. Maybe she’ll even be so impressed that she’ll save it to her, ahem, hard drive, and then she’ll delete the message. No way would she ever show it to a friend or try to blackmail me. I’m Tony the shlong Weiner. I’m so terribly smart. I’m much smarter than all those ordinary Americans who actually have to work to put food on the table. What could go wrong with this? (Hit send. Oooops, wrong address.)

The kind of guy who does this sort of thing is, sad to say, the kind of guy who all too often is telling the rest of us what to do. He’s the kind of guy who thinks it is perfectly OK to snatch 75% of your take home pay. The kind of guy who thinks you’re a rube if you have a Bible, worse if you read it, worse yet if you believe what you read. Dope doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface with this useless over paid under worked loud mouthed arrogant creep. 

And maybe that's why we, as a nation are, on the brink.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Making sense of it all

Here are just a few more things that make no sense

Conservatives often throw around the term “limousine liberals” to describe lib hypocrites who preach austerity to the masses while they consume like Emelda Marcos on shopping excursion at “Shoes R’ Us.”

World famous (g)assbag AlGore is the perfect example of the Limo Lib. This insufferable pant load warns of the destruction of the Earth if we humans don’t curb our carbon use. Yet, with the entire Earth hanging in the balance, this huge pile of steaming excrement jets to and fro, lives in several mansions and keeps a fleet gas guzzling SUVs.

There should be a cartoon and an action figure modeled after this creep. The figure would come with a bloated Al doll that repeats endlessly, “The Earth has a fever.” It comes with a Prius, Hummer and Lear Jet. When Limo Lib gets a call for help from the Sierra Club, Limo Lib tries to jump into his Prius. Only problem is that his ample @$$ won’t fit. Then on his way to the call, the batteries in the Priius run out and Limo Lib is saved by his Hummer or jet.

So we know the Limo Libs are out there, but other than just pointing to the hypocrisy there wasn’t much proof. Now there’s a load of proof. The number of federally owned limousines jumped 73% in 2010. The P-BO claims most of the increase is an enhanced effort to protect government officials. Protect them from what? It couldn’t be people practicing the religion of peace now could it? I’m sure once the Israelis return the pre 67 borders, everything will be fine with those people.

Chasing Sarah

Even though they were never invited, the MSM insists on tagging along on Sarah Palin’s One Nation bus tour. But they are whining that they can’t get on bus or even a schedule of where the bus is headed. It’s like stalker demanding an itinerary from his victim.

“Yeah, I’ve been stalking Mzz Duke since she was 16 years old. I follow her everywhere and call at all hours of the day and night. I don’t know why she thinks I’m such a creepy guy. She should just let me ride with her, or at least give me a call and tell me where she’s headed before she leaves the house. This is starting to get dangerous for me. I had to run three red lights and make a left hand turn across four lanes of traffic just to keep up last night.”

That might seem far fetched but that is exactly what the dope MSM is whining about. Actually saying, that it’s Sarah Palin putting people’s lives in danger by not telling them where she is going. Hey!  STAY HOME if you think you're in danger!

Then in something that only a true idiot could make up, after chasing her across country, whining endlessly about how Palin is treating them, filing story after story about will she run or won’t she, bashing her every 5 minutes on air for everything from having an American flag on her bus to what she ate for lunch, these idiots accuse Palin of “just trying to get attention.”

Weiner roast

What gets me about this lying sack is the arrogance. You’d think after having been caught with his pants down, the little $h!t would be a bit contrite. You’d be wrong. I’d like to see the poster boy for penis envy just shut up and go away for, oh I don’t know, 60 years or so.

Somebody with a lot of money ought to stand up and say, “Hey, I know for a fact that that is Weiner’s wiener. He’s lying. I know it. And if thinks I’m lying, he ought to sue me. And if he ever says I’m lying, I’ll sue him. And we’ll get to the bottom of this.”

The Donald is just the man to get to the bottom of this. According to Ann Coulter the whole thing will end up small claims court.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Are we sliding? Why yes, I'd say we are.

The Wad's people "celebrate" Memorial Day

The Drudge Report has been headlining a series of disturbances by minority youth in urban areas that occurred over the Memorial Day weekend. Miami, Nashville, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, Long Island and Rochester were all affected by riots, shooting, fist fights, gang banging and other unruly behavior. Looking at the pictures it would seem that it is mostly minority related even though the accompanying stories never point out who the perps are, instead using the term “youth” to explain everything away.

So where is coward Attorney General Erik the wad Holder to lead us in a national discussion on race after this series of dangerous and embarrassing episodes? Shouldn’t that bag of BS be front and center telling blacks that they should pay before entering a water park in Nashville. Shouldn’t the wad grow a set and tell the participants of “black bike week” in Myrtle Beach that violent crime is not going to be tolerated? Shouldn’t the wad, race hero that he is, be standing on the steps of the justice department telling black youth that turning Miami into a “war zone” is unacceptable behavior?

Uh, no. He shouldn’t. I mean, come on, these are “his people,” and they must be accorded extra equal protection under the law. Taking things one step further, according to P-BO, what the wad should be doing is cracking down on big city police departments for “civil rights violation” while trying to deal with the mayhem. After all, we all know how stupidly these cops act.

This is the P-BO’s America, riots in the streets tolerated as long as the “right people” are rioting. Better to use Justice Dept assets to keep an eye on those Tea Party radicals, suing the state of AZ for protecting its border and watching returning vets than maintain order in the nation’s cities during the “urban weekend.”

Savvy car dealers make easy green being green

Lex has noted many times on this page that the savvy business people will figure ways to profit from if not in spite of any and all government BS. Here’s the perfect case in point. Chevy car dealers are buying Chevy Volts. In doing so, they claim the $7,500 green rebate attached to piece of rubbish. After the rebate money is made, the dealer then immediately resells the Volts (aka lemons) to other dealerships as used cars.

Too damned funny. The (g)assbag Wash. D.C. crowd thinks that they are soooooooo smart. We’ll get Americans to turn in their gas guzzlers and drive these crappy little electric cars, even if we have to pay them $7,500 to do it. Well it turns out that $7,500 ain’t nearly enough on a $40K worthless bucket of bolts.

But apparently it’s enough, if you drive the crap wagon a couple of blocks, claim the rebate and then dump the junkmobile onto other dealers. Way to go P-BO. You’re doing a heck of a job.

An easy peace

Seems an Iranian “cleric” is telling the faithful in his little corner of the religion of peace that it’s OK to kill Jews. Man, woman or child, it makes no difference, it’s OK. Now people are shocked that a “cleric” would say aloud what anyone who has looked at Israel over the last 30 years already knew.

Of course these animals couldn’t care less who they kill. Why would you shoot a highly explosive rocket from a sewer pipe tied to the back of a pick up truck and guided only by a compass from a box of Crackerjacks if you were worried about where it might land? They back up to the border point the rocket in the direction of the closest major population center and light the fuse. Like the human garbage in the first spot, they don’t care.

Yeah, sure, let's just go back to the pre 69 borders.  According to the P-BO, that and some fairy dust will solve this whole thing.