Thursday, June 23, 2011

P-BO: Dope-in-Chief on foreign and economic policy

After hearing about the P-BO’s speech last night, I have to admit that the analogy about the P-BO punting when it’s third and one is a bad one. After the P-BO announced our Afghanistan strategy to the world last night, a better analogy would be:

It’s third and 4. The P-BO calls a time out. He goes into the press and with a telestrator and the PA system diagrams what play he intends to run next on the stadium’s jumbotron. Then he returns to huddle and says, “OK men, now that we’re all on the same sheet of music, all we need to do is execute the plan,” oblivious to the fact that EVERYONE including the enemy now knows the plan.

Can anyone be that dumb? Why yes, someone can be that dumb, and we elected him president.

In order for General Dope to look like a genius, he has to surround himself with people that are way dumber than he is. Hence, we get Slow Joe shovel ready Biden as a VP. Now General Dope’s economic team is weighing in on the news that CBO thinks we’re broker now than when they said we were broke the last time.

What’s General Dope’s response? Damn the reality. Full speed ahead. More stimulus will solve everything. All we need to do is more government spending designed to spread the wealth around.

Continuing with the football analogies, it’s like running the same play that didn’t work the first 57 times you tired it for the 58th time in a row. It doesn’t work here. It doesn’t work anywhere. Look at Europe. You’d think the @$$bag Demo-Dopes would get a clue. You’d be wrong.

Economies all over Europe are collapsing due their profligate spending on unsustainable social programs. But they have managed to get about 48% of the people thinking that there really is a free lunch. They have been getting one for 20 years. You can’t stop now, even if you can’t afford it anymore.

This is the Dopes plan for the US. They want 51% of the people inside the wagon and the other 49% pulling. 51% wins most elections.  Once you’re in the wagon, you belong to the Dopes. That’s why we just discovered that P-BOcare now insures certain middle class families for free.
If you’re reading this, you can be sure that you’re not middle class enough or living in the right congressional district to be eligible.

Seriously, the way things are going, the country may not survive to Nov 2012.

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