Friday, June 10, 2011

Just what we need, more regulation from the EPA

The EPA is run by unelected federal bureaucrats. Its mission is to write rules and regulations that advance the protection of human health and the environment.

Apparently the geniuses at the EPA place the health of the environment above that of the health of humans. The wise men and gals at the EPA think it will advance the health of humans if they live in the dark without air conditioning this summer. The EPA, through its mindless regulation, is forcing five coal powered plants to shut down. Now, one has to wonder where the government will get the electricity to power its fleet coal burning cars.

You recall that the P-BO ordered the government to buy a bunch of those overpriced yet none-the-less worthless Chevy volts. After a six month trail where the Volt’s will prove to be about as useful as a wart on the end of your nose, they will be transported to the same warehouse as the government owned Segways and the Arch of the Covenant from the Indiana Jones movie are stored. There, they will remain a dark secret embarrassment until they are uncovered 1,000 years from now when the archeologist will ask, “WTF (win the future) were they thinking? They are supposedly all worried about greenhouse gases, yet they build coal powered cars. Crazy!”

This is what you get from unaccountable government agencies. As oil goes over the $100 mark again and possibly for good, our friends at the EPA are regulating out business proven American energy sources. Brilliant! And when the shinola really hits the fan in the Middle East, you can be sure the clowns at the EPA will be ratcheting up the regulations on any domestic energy exploration, refinement and production.

This is a gift to any savvy Republican candidate. Drill here. Drill now. Who on the Republican side, besides Palin, has the cajones to make the case?

Herman Cain: Yes

Rick Santorum: Yes

Newt: Yes but will pilloried with Gran Fran Nan couch commercial.

Pawlenty: Yes but has supported cap and trade in the past.

Mitt: Yes but for some idiotic reason thinks it’s a good idea to subsidize the use of food as fuel driving up the cost of both.

The argument is a pretty easy one to make:

I refuse to subsidize Middle Eastern terrorists with American petro dollars.

We’re going to exploit American energy resources while we develop a long-term energy policy.

The EPA will be closed.

One tenth of the 17,000 full time employees at the EPA will be rolled into an office within the Department of Energy. DOE will off-set those staffing gains with natural attrition within the department over the next year.

There will be zero federal dollars available to subsidize coal burning cars, solar, wind, ethanol, flubber or any other pie in sky Polly Anna energy projects.

We will concentrate on America’s proven reliable energy sources while developing workable alternatives through the private sector.

Idunno, it seems almost too easy. Maybe that’s why nobody has tried it.

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