Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Scrawny one punts on budget, Tony the shlong

Here’s the perfect Scrawny Harry sure I’m a land thief Reid quote:

"Call somebody else. I know Congressman Weiner. I wish there was some way I could defend him but I can't."

That was the Scrawny one’s response when asked what he’d say if Tony the shlong called him. In a follow up question, a reporter asked him what he’d say if Mitch McConnell called and asked him to get busy on a senate budget bill. The Scrawny one said, "Call somebody else.” If the president called on Social Security reform, "Call somebody else.” If General Patraeus called on the war effort, "Call somebody else.” If the pope on the human condition, "Call somebody else.” If Flat Nose Bugsy O’Toole called on sweet illegal land deal in Las Vegas, “This is Sen Reid. Count me in.”

Here’s a hint oh Scrawny one,

Secretary: Sen Scrawny, Tony the shlong is on line one. Will you take the call?

Scrawny: Hell yes. (Pressing line one) You perverted dumb ass. How could you do something this stupid? How could you possibly think you could get away with it? Pack your crap and get your creepy demented butt out of the people’s house by close of business. Get yourself a psych evaluation and a therapist. Spend the rest of your worthless life cleaning public bathrooms at bus stations. That’s more dignified work than what you’ve been engaging in since joining congress anyway.”

Instead of handling the situation like a man, the Scrawny one would tell the shlong to call someone else. Sadly, that is typical of the cowards and creeps that populate Washington D.C.

Then the Scrawny one says that he wishes “there was some way I could defend him.” So if there was some way that Scrawny one could cover for the shlong he’d do it! Unbelievable! Why yes Hitler was a horrible man, but he did make the trains run on time and ended a world wide depression.

Tony the shlong and the Scrawny one are exactly why we are in the trouble we’re in. These creepy bastards are birds of a feather. They are more interested in wielding power than doing anything that approximates what is right for the country.

The Scrawny one’s “this war is lost” remark is one that should have led to his being publicly horse whipped, then water boarded, then tarred and feathered, then drug out of town behind a garbage truck. Instead the traitorous weasel is wishing he could think of a way to defend a sleazy pervert who happens to share his political point of view. But since Mr. Integrity can’t think of way, he’d simply pass the call on to someone who maybe can, like Billy boy Clinton.

These are the guys running the country. We are in serious trouble.

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