Friday, June 17, 2011

Weiner family values?

Let’s deal with what we cannot ignore this morning.  The naked man in the room, so to speak.  Tony the shlong Weiner is gone. How he went is the story. Ever the arrogant narcissist, the shlong stood behind a podium in front of a throng, or would it be thong in this case, of cameras to tell and show the world again what a total d-bag POS he is.

While most people would be hiding under a log in a far corner of WY, the slong trots out in front of a camera to tell us he quits. A two word tweet, I quit, with or without his pants on from this sack of pus would have been a better option.

All of his arrogance and, ahem, cock sure BS got him nowhere yesterday. His swan song quickly degenerated into shouts and cat calls from the gallery. In spite of what the media thinks, “they should have given him five minutes to say good bye,” the little d-bag deserved no better.

The most pathetic and unforgivable part was when the boob drug his parents down with him. Near the end of this statement, hopefully his final public act, the shlong let loose this comment, “To my mother and father who instilled in me the values that have carried me this far. “Instilled in me the values that have carried me this far?” YGBSM.

How did he get the values that led to yesterday?  “Yo, Tony!” “Yes father.” “Ifins yoos ever gets da chance to send some dame a photo of yoos package, ifins yoos know wat I mean, TAKE IT.” Those values Tony? Why in the hell would you drag your parents into it with the “values” they instilled crap?

If you gave a do-do about your parents you nit wit you’d have gone with, “To my mother and father, you taught me better. I long ago chose to ignore your teachings on humility. Instead of thinking of myself as a humble servant of the people, I thought I could use my position of power to service the people. I am a cross dressing wretch and disgraceful humane. I have shamed the family name. I’m so sorry.”

Values you instilled, horse manure! He should have issued a written statement, I quit, and slunk off to hide out in deep hole somewhere.

And the point here is not to once again unload on the shlong, a despicable little crumb of a man, ok well maybe just a little. The point is that these are the kind of people who populate Washington D.C. They are perfectly ok with ignoring the wishes of the people because they think that they are soooo much smarter than a mid-western farmer who works dawn to dusk because he needs the money but more because he likes it and it’s in his blood.

The shlong probably got his pretty beach muscled body that he so adores from drugs and a couple of hours a day in the gym. He wouldn’t know a thing about the hard muscle gained from a day of honest labor found on a farm.

The only thing missing from the freak show yesterday was the little weasel stepping out from behind the podium to reveal that he no pants on - shirt, tie, suite coat with the bottoms of a pair of boxer briefs showing just under, garters holding up black knee high socks, wing tips, but no pants.

Good riddance.

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Anonymous said...

Wiener went on and on like he had won something of a blue ribbon or trophy. No humility. I am sure the Obama admin will now hire for Czar of something.
The Griffin.