Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Way too many same thinkers at the top

If there are over 900 people in a room and someone says something stupid or controversial, you’d think that at least one of the 900 would say, hold on there skippy. Not so fast.

You’d think that unless the 900 were military flag officers. Flag officer is the term that captures all admirals and generals in the military. There are about 900. That number, 900, is absurdly high. Today we have about 1.4 million military members. That makes about 1,500 service members per flag officer. During WWII, there were about 12 million men and women in uniform, and we had about the same number of flag officers. What the hell’s going on?

But, back to the topic. You’d think one of the 900, would have something negative to say about the P-BO’s Afghan surren…uh draw down plan. No. You’d think one would have a problem with gays openly serving in the military. No. You’d think one would have problem with the civilian leadership forcing all manner of social experiment upon the military. No. You’d think one of them would have a problem with women serving in the combat arms. No. Not a peep.

Go along and get along. Cooperate and graduate. These guys didn’t get to the top by openly opposing their bosses. And they will not stay on top for very long by looking Robert Gates in the eye and saying, “You’re wrong about this.”

But come on, not one guy? Not one willing to resign over the crap going on within the military today?

I think that points to a big problem in the military hierarchy. First, the military hierarchy is too big. Making flag today is almost like one of those ubiquitous school bumper stickers, My son made honors at Lord Figory Elementary. Besides grandma, who gives a crap?  Big deal.  These days, doesn't every kid make honors in something to protect his self esteem?  Then the school sells a fifty cent sicker to dupe parents for $5.  And the parents are dumb enough to attach the stupid thing to their car.

Second there doesn’t seem to be very much diversity of thought. Back in the Reagan days, Jim Webb resigned as SecNav when congress sunk his 600 ship navy. Who since, in position of authority, has pulled the plug on himself to make a point in the military. No one.

Apparently, the P-BO and Gates could order this hoard of sycophants to the local bus station, there to set up a male brothel.  The hoard would salute and dutifully set up the cleanest, best maintained and most efficiently run brothel in the world.

If you insist on having so many in your club, it seems to me you ought to have one or two willing to stand up and say at some point, “Mr. P-BO, this is BS. I will not be a part of this. I resign.” We don’t. Not one. And I think that’s a problem.

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