Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Two things Libs cannot stand

It’s a great day. Tony the shlong Weiner whiner has been, ahem, exposed as the lying pervert that Lex stated he was a day after his wiener pic hit the Internet. And Sarah Palin has so spoofed the lamestream media, that anyone who has discovered what a bunch of pampered blockheads these clowns are has to be taking great delight.

There are a couple of things libs cannot stand. #1 is one of their own hanging them out to dry. That’s what Weiner the whiner did. After telling Grand Fran Nan Pelooser that the dix pix was not his, the Pelooser suspended all reason, commonsense and any curiosity before rushing to assure everyone the Weiner whiner wasn’t some creepy miscreant who hangs out in the parking lot of a ballet studio watching mom’s dropping of their young daughters off then hitting on whichever of two seems more vulnerable in a pair of boxer briefs, the Weiner whiner comes clean. That leaves the Pelooser with egg all over her face, which, thanks to the miracle of Botox, is stretched tighter than the high g string on a banjo.

If you’re a Demo-Dope, you can drown a girl in the backseat of your car or carry on a tryst with young staffer in the Oval Office, but you’d better get your story straight the first time, and no matter how improbable or contrary to the available facts it is, stick to it.

Weiner whiner couldn’t do the Billy Boy Clinton “I did not have sex with that woman…what’s her name…uh…Mzz. Lewinsky.” If he couldn’t even do the straight up lie, how was the Wiener master ever going to pull off a, “It depends on what the meaning of is is” lie?

Not a good enough liar, Wiener boy had to come clean, as it were. So he held a presser that was weirdly hijacked at the beginning by Andrew Breitbart. That press conference reminded me of the scene in the Shawshank Redemption were the cons all bet on who the first whiner boy will be when a new group cons arrive at the prison. Turns out Rep Tony the shlong ain’t so tough after all. The arrogant POS was reduced to a bumbling whining POS by the one minute mark of his presser.

Now the only question is will the POS resign. No. He won’t. He says that question will be left up to his constituents. Sadly, being a creepy pervert in New York City is probably a resume enhancer.

Then the argument goes that the House will surely boot him out after an ethics investigation, one that the Pelooser is demanding in retribution for being thrown under the bus by the Weiner whiner. Ha! A body of creepy perverts is casting out one of their own for being a creepy pervert? Not likely. The Weiner whiner will stay. And after a brief time, about 5 minutes in this arrogant scumbag’s case, will revert to his old arrogant self.

The #2 things the libs cannot stand is when someone they are trying to grind up and spit out refuses to cooperate and in the process grinds the libs up. Sort of like Ronald Reagan who would quip, there you go again to dismiss libs. Or better yet, just go on tv and talk to the American people. Libs could not stand it. Now the libs have been unloading on Sarah Palin for 3 years and have yet to put a dent in her armor. In their latest attempt to smear Palin, the libs and their lackeys in the MSM have been duped once a gain. But then duping this crowd is about as difficult as beating 4 three year olds in a game of poker. They don’t know the rules so you just make them up as you go. That’s what Palin is doing. She refuses to conform to what the MSM expect of her.

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere is the latest. Who knew that Paul Revere warned the British as well as the Patriots? I didn’t, but I do now. And unlike the MSM boobs, I can accept that I learned something from an unlikely source.

The latest is that Palin got lucky. That her gaff just happened to be true. Hmmm, so then there really are 57 states. J-O-B-S really is a three letter word. Unemployment never really did get up past 8% after passing the stimulus.

If she’s just that “lucky,” we should all sign on for some of that.

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