Thursday, June 30, 2011

Libs are parasites

Caution: Excessive over the top P-BO bashing follows

Yesterday Rush made an amazing and true observation about liberals in general and the P-BO in particular. He called them parasites. They live off of what the host earns and are absolutely certain that they will never kill the host.

When you look at congress, 500 or so of the 535 people that make up that body are parasites, Tony the shlong Weiner types that cannot picture themselves actually having to work for a living, so they run the country. They live off the labor of others, and they are certain that they can drain more and more energy and blood from the host for their own good and amusement without affecting the health and motivation of that host.

Athens has been burning for a week. It’s broke. It’s dysfunctional. Its body is now covered in a couple of layers of leaches. There is no way it can sustain all of the attached parasites. Greece, weakened by the amount of blood the parasites consume every day, is staggering and about to collapse. The only way for Greece to continue is for some of the parasites to jump off or consume less of the host’s energy. Instead of reasoning, the parasites get nervous and attempt to gorge themselves as full as possible before the host finally can’t go any further.

Everyone here in the US can see this happening in slow motion all over Europe. Unsustainable pie in the sky, utopian, Pollyanna social Glad Machines are beginning to crash to Earth in huge fireballs and with dire consequences.

It makes no difference to the P-BO and Chuckels Schumer types. They think that they can just continue to take and redistribute from the host, and the host will continue to run sub 4 minute miles generation after generation. They pile more and more weight onto the runner with unsustainable debt and foolish regulation and then think it’s OK to snatch up more of the meager energy sustaining profit the runner can make. At some point, right about now, the runner needs to shed some weight or slow way down.

Yesterday our Punk-in-Chief said he wants congress to get busy and address the debt crisis. First, what debt crisis? A couple of months ago government hacks said we’d default and become a world wide leper if we didn’t raise the debt ceiling. We didn’t. Not much has changed from where I sit. It seems to me a sure fire way to insure budget cuts would be NOT to raise the debt ceiling.

The Punk-in-Chief made some doubtful comment about his kids getting their home work done the day before it’s due. I’ll call BS on that one right now. No normal kid gets home work done early, unless the Secret Service is doing it. But OK, where was the Punk-in-Chief when the Demo-Dopes in the house didn’t produce a budget for the last half 2010 and first half of 2011? The Senate has yet to offer a budget proposal. Oh, well that’s different. That home work doesn’t need to be done at all let alone at the last minute. Like the class pet, when the Dopes don’t do their home work, that’s OK.

Then this Punk-in-Parasite had the nerve to say he’s been working hard. BS. First off this pampered parasite weasel hasn’t done a day’s work in his entire affirmative action pass through life. I’ll bet a nickel his hands are softer than a kitten.

But he hasn’t been working, even by Washington DC standards. He’s spent more time on the golf links and collecting cash for the 2012 election cycle than tending to the nation’s business.

And then most irritating, the Punk-in-Parasite goes after people who produce - the corporate jet crowd. They have corporate jets because their time is valuable to the company. It’s too valuable to be standing in line to be groped by some TSA pervert. And besides, who is this little punk to question how execs get around. Doesn’t that travel provide 10,000s of jobs, building maintaining, stocking, flying etc. those aircraft? Better to have those people standing in a Slow Joe shovel ready Biden unemployment line I guess.

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