Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Are we sliding? Why yes, I'd say we are.

The Wad's people "celebrate" Memorial Day

The Drudge Report has been headlining a series of disturbances by minority youth in urban areas that occurred over the Memorial Day weekend. Miami, Nashville, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, Long Island and Rochester were all affected by riots, shooting, fist fights, gang banging and other unruly behavior. Looking at the pictures it would seem that it is mostly minority related even though the accompanying stories never point out who the perps are, instead using the term “youth” to explain everything away.

So where is coward Attorney General Erik the wad Holder to lead us in a national discussion on race after this series of dangerous and embarrassing episodes? Shouldn’t that bag of BS be front and center telling blacks that they should pay before entering a water park in Nashville. Shouldn’t the wad grow a set and tell the participants of “black bike week” in Myrtle Beach that violent crime is not going to be tolerated? Shouldn’t the wad, race hero that he is, be standing on the steps of the justice department telling black youth that turning Miami into a “war zone” is unacceptable behavior?

Uh, no. He shouldn’t. I mean, come on, these are “his people,” and they must be accorded extra equal protection under the law. Taking things one step further, according to P-BO, what the wad should be doing is cracking down on big city police departments for “civil rights violation” while trying to deal with the mayhem. After all, we all know how stupidly these cops act.

This is the P-BO’s America, riots in the streets tolerated as long as the “right people” are rioting. Better to use Justice Dept assets to keep an eye on those Tea Party radicals, suing the state of AZ for protecting its border and watching returning vets than maintain order in the nation’s cities during the “urban weekend.”

Savvy car dealers make easy green being green

Lex has noted many times on this page that the savvy business people will figure ways to profit from if not in spite of any and all government BS. Here’s the perfect case in point. Chevy car dealers are buying Chevy Volts. In doing so, they claim the $7,500 green rebate attached to piece of rubbish. After the rebate money is made, the dealer then immediately resells the Volts (aka lemons) to other dealerships as used cars.

Too damned funny. The (g)assbag Wash. D.C. crowd thinks that they are soooooooo smart. We’ll get Americans to turn in their gas guzzlers and drive these crappy little electric cars, even if we have to pay them $7,500 to do it. Well it turns out that $7,500 ain’t nearly enough on a $40K worthless bucket of bolts.

But apparently it’s enough, if you drive the crap wagon a couple of blocks, claim the rebate and then dump the junkmobile onto other dealers. Way to go P-BO. You’re doing a heck of a job.

An easy peace

Seems an Iranian “cleric” is telling the faithful in his little corner of the religion of peace that it’s OK to kill Jews. Man, woman or child, it makes no difference, it’s OK. Now people are shocked that a “cleric” would say aloud what anyone who has looked at Israel over the last 30 years already knew.

Of course these animals couldn’t care less who they kill. Why would you shoot a highly explosive rocket from a sewer pipe tied to the back of a pick up truck and guided only by a compass from a box of Crackerjacks if you were worried about where it might land? They back up to the border point the rocket in the direction of the closest major population center and light the fuse. Like the human garbage in the first spot, they don’t care.

Yeah, sure, let's just go back to the pre 69 borders.  According to the P-BO, that and some fairy dust will solve this whole thing.

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