Thursday, June 09, 2011

Let the debt ceiling ride

Remember how the segway was billed as the device that would “change everything?” The government, of course, bought a bunch. Other than that, they have pretty much been relegated to props in triple B movies about mall cops and occasional curiosities along “tourist trap” boardwalks. Actually, the segway changed nothing.

Remember how the sky was supposed to fall if we didn’t raise the debt ceiling? The story went, if we don’t raise the debt ceiling, America will default on money owed to foreign investors causing a world wide financial crisis, banks will close, stocks will fall, world opinion of America will be in the toilet and well known politico Miley Cyrus will dis Rick Santorum ruining his chances of ever becoming president.

It’s been, what, several months since we hit the debt ceiling and what has happened? Well, Miley did dis Sen. Santorum causing him to run for the Republican nomination for president. Other than that, the sun pretty much still rises in the east. All of the promised calamity has yet to raise its ugly head.

If anything, doing nothing about the debt ceiling has had a positive affect. It has the dopes who populate our government seriously considering substantial budget reductions. As always, Demo-Dopes are demanding that cuts be coupled with certain tax increases. Republicans should meet that demand with their own version of a great P-BOism, “we won.” Go pound sand.

I don’t think that the problem with our government is that it is confiscating too few of our dollars. I think the problem is that the government spends too damned much money.

And it spends a great deal of that money foolishly. Why would government that is supposedly “broke” be considering barrowing money from China to give to Greece? Why is a government that is “broke” propping up a train system with no passengers, artists with no talent but to offend, radio stations with no listeners, tv stations with no viewers, abortion mills that operate under the guise of “woman’s health clinics” and a fuel blend that makes our food more expensive while wrecking our car’s engine?

If the Republicans are smart, they will continue to let this debt ceiling thing ride. What better way ensure government spending is cut than to cut up the credit cards?

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