Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's the team, the team, the team

When you're left with a choice between John McCain and the P-BO whatta you gonna do? With no really good choice, you hold your nose and vote McCain, if you have half a brain.

Well we had a similar situation when the Dallas Mavericks met the Miami Heat in the NBA finals. There were no really good guys.

The Heat are a team jam packed with talent that was purchased from around the league for the express purpose of winning NBA championships. The Heat did it the old fashion way, they tried to buy a title. But, alas, it didn’t work out for the superstar laden team and the owner with deep pockets. Good.

As a strong capitalist, I’m happy if someone wants to throw their money around in an attempt to buy a professional sports championship. I’m happy because it usually fails, and it fails in spectacular fashion.

The Miami team was so sure of itself that it thought it would be a good idea to have some - let’s count our chickens now - pre-season shebang introducing its mercenary line up to the city of Miami. As I recall, watching it briefly gave me the creeps. After that, F$^K Cleveland and the rest of the league display, I think Lex hoped on this page that they’d lose their first 15 games. Now I have to settle for the joy of them losing their last game.

Another reason is LeBron James. Lex did not like the way LeBron thought all he had to do was to “take his talents” to a team with one or two more able players than were in Cleveland and wa-la, instant championship.

It doesn’t work that way LeBron. Team sports are a funny thing. The best TEAM usually wins, but not always. And the most talented team is never guaranteed anything. A lose confederation of talent is rarely a substitute for real team play.

So congratulation to Cleveland, uh, Dallas for winning it all and proving the point.

But I am not a big Mark Cuban fan either. The techno genius still has that disgraceful movie “Redacted” on his resume. In my book that puts him in the not fonda of Jane category. Of all the 100,000s of American personnel rolling in and out of combat zones, why choose to do a movie about 4 who in NO WAY reflect the compassion and commitment to duty of the group.

It would be like instead of covering the lives of a heroic family in The Sound of Music you spent two and half hours chronicling Baron von Trapp’s break up with Duchess Frump. You really miss the bigger point.

But Mark is on the way to redemption. He has said that he will personally pay for the team’s victory parade in Dallas. If he denounces the “Redacted” POS and makes a movie about one of the real heroes of this war on terror, he may be able to worm his out from under Lex’s pile of not fonda of Jane weasels.

Oh, and congrats to Dirk Nowitski. Dirk was labeled a “choke” on this page. He came through with flying colors. Lex was wrong. That’s the first time since third grade, and that’s when I thought I was wrong but it turned out I was right.

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