Monday, June 13, 2011

Media bomb blows up in media's face

Do you know what’s more embarrassing than the MSM’s slavish cover up of anything and everything that is even the least bit awkward for the PBO? No, not that recurring dream where you show up at your high school reunion in a t-shirt, flip flops but no pants, or what is now known as the Tony the shlong Weiner look, that’s not close. What is more embarrassing for the MSM than running cover for an incompetent boob and the menagerie of ass-clowns he has decided to surround himself with is the MSM’s obsession with all things Palin.

From their insane theories on who Trig’s real mother is, to them claiming that she is somehow endangering their live because THEY insist on following her everywhere she goes, Palin cannot so much as sneeze without some MSM dolt swearing it was a snarky attack on the P-BO’s healthcare disaster or that she’s nothing but a shill for the Kleenex company.

Demo-Dopes called anyone who asked to see the P-BO’s birth certificate (back in days when HE REFUSED TO PRODUCE IT) a “birther.” So what do they call the truly whacked out Hollywood & MSM crowd who insist to this day that Trig is not her son? Now that is true birtherism. But the MSM contend that such ignoramuses are…what? Talented? Searching for the truth?

Some creepy voyeur went so far as to rent the house next door to the Palin’s so that the pervert could look into their windows and backyard. Sure, that’s completely normal. It happens to Demo-Dopes all the time right? Some right winger moves in next door and sets up video equipment to surveil their every move. That’s just ops normal for the Dopes.

Now we have moved from the ridiculous to the even more ridiculouser (I made that word up). For three years a bunch of “media” outlets have been trying to get Palin’s e-mails from her time as AK governor released. That’s right. The same “media” that hasn’t a grain of interest in the P-BO’s past, probably because except for drug use, trends toward socialist speech, and a long list of anti-American relationships there are no accomplishments, will turn over every rock in AK to find something, anything, that they can wipe onto Palin.

Well, the state has relented and dumped 13,000 e-mails for the MSM to go through in their quest. But guess what? There’s no there, there. So far, the e-mails reveal a competent public servant confidently pursuing her duties in a professional manner. That alone is news. But, I suspect we’ll get very little of that. Better to have the expletive laden Blago wire taps on tv every night.

One dope insinuates that the fact that there is so little there indicates that that there is something there, that she was either very careful to keep the scandalous material out of the e-mails or there’s another secret account. That’s perfect logic for this crowd. They spend three years and countless 1,000s of hours to portray the woman as a dunce.  Now however, she’s so smart she can hide an elephant under the living room sofa. Very much akin to the - that idiot, blockhead, dumber than dirt Bush tricked us into war, mantra.

At some point you have to ask yourself, why all this effort to destroy this woman? You can tell a great deal about the P-BO by his friends, Ayers, Wright, Green etc. I think it says something about Palin that she can get every slug in America lined up against her. What is she doing to get all the right people, from RINOs to lefty loons, to hate her?

I don’t know, but it’s fun and funny to watch.

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