Friday, February 27, 2015


This is a test.  This is a test of the Internet Department of Political Examination (I-DOPE).  This is a test of the I-DOPE quick reaction team to stifle free speech.  This is only test.

Government craps on the second amendment, bans bullets

Harry the roach Reid recovering nicely from male prostitute's azzwhipping

Be careful.  If the male prostitute you hired for some S&M ignores your “safe word,” you may end up looking like this. 
This concludes our test of the Internet Department of Political Examination. Had this been an actual emergency or a real violation of political correctness or had any of you purposefully clicked onto any of the above content, I-DOPE agents would have broken down your door, confiscated your computer and hauled you off to the swamps of Georgia for re-education.  We now return you to your local Internet provider.  Remember, this was only a test.  Don’t make us come get you.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pope acknowledges "Mexicanization" - Net power grab

Well, well, well isn’t this curious.  While a number of Catholic Bishops are touting the benefits of open borders and calling for the acceptance to lawless illegal aliens entering the US, Pope Francis is worried about the “Mexicanization” of his native Argentina.  OK now we know what to call it when telling the bishops to get their heads out of their butts on this issue.  Instead of railing against “lawless illegal immigrants” when writing the bishops we simply say, “I’m worried about the Mexicanization of the US.”  And not to put too fine a point on it Francis, the US – and by extension the world - has a whole lot more to lose than Argentina when it comes to Mexicanization.  To be fair the pope has issued a statement indicating that immigration laws should be followed – wink, wink – in Argentina anyway. 

Now, since what Pope Francis is saying is the truth, he, like Rudy, Netanyahu, Scott Walker et al is coming under attack for his insensitive remarks about lawless Mexican drug gangs overrunning Argentina.  Weird that the lawless Mexican drug gangs get off Scott-free here.  Mexicanization is taking place in Argentina and in the US the two countries where it’s taking place are considered the bad guys for wanting to put a stop to it. 

Net Neutrality
I understand what it is – I think.  What I do not understand is how a federal commission of three can enact it.  Three lousy people get together and decide that they are going to change the way the Internet works and 305 million Americans say, sure why not.  Then we can get three unelected political appointees together and finally get a handle on this “paper or plastic” controversy once and for all.  What are Republi-RATS going to do about it?  If their reaction to The Empty Suit’s lawless executive amnesty is any indication, a big fat NOTHING.

Ronald Reagan once said words to the effect, “Net neutrality is a policy solution in search of a problem.”  It worse than that.  It’s a policy in search IRS, VA like power over users.  The IRS will be auditing any blogger who dares tell the truth about TES and his gang of clueless azzweasels.  Anyone who might visit that page or dare “like” a facebook note that runs afoul of TES’s Internet police will also be in line for extra IRS scrutiny.  Of course TES and his brilliant cohort of Marie Harf-like geniuses will be outraged when proof of that type harassment surfaces.  Then they’ll call it a “phony scandal.”  Then they’ll claim that there isn’t even a “smidgen of corruption” at the Internet Department of Political Examination or I-DOPE.

I almost hope the Dopes do this just to see how really smart people circumvent the Dopes’ rules.  Then all of the "smart bureaucrats" will be in high dudgeon over smarter people out foxing them.  The really smart people will labeled un-American by government dumbazzes for not getting in line with the desires of their government overlords.  The really smart people will tell the government to eff off - see you in court sucker.  They will be audited and harassed by the overlords. 
All of this proof positive that freedom loving people everywhere should be laying on extra water and ammo at every opportunity.  What else, pray tell, should you be doing when a power hungry minority has seized control of the government and by fiat has opened the country's borders, seized control of 1/6th of the economy, forced you provide services contrary to your deeply held religious beliefs, forces you to buy something you do not want or fines your azz off if you do not comply and seizes control of the freest most expansive mind improving information devise imaginable?  Well you could elect officials to stop it.  We did in a landslide.  They are turning to be collaborators.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Leadership too tough for Mitch turns senate over to the Roach; Routh crazy but not because of PTSD

Having won the senate in last November’s elections, Mitch McConnell decided to let Harry the roach Reid continue to run the senate.  Pitiful.  Mitch doesn’t have the stomach to make Dopes take a vote on the DHS bill passed in the house that defunds The Empty Suit’s lawless executive amnesty.

There are a couple of things that bother me about Mitch’s move.  First read the post below.  Ilegal immigration needs to be stopped for the good of the country.  Next, TES’s action is wholly unconstitutional.  Does Mitch and other Republi-RATs like McCain, Gramnesty et al give a crap about the constitution?  Apparently not.  They are more worried about hurting Dope feelings in the senate by doing the EXACT SAME THING the roach did – kill the filibuster – to advance the house bill forcing TES to veto it.  They could have reverted to spineless vermin after the veto.

RAT apologist say, “Oh what the hell, the courts will take care of TES’s lawless BS.  Why should we get our hands dirty?”  The RATs apparently have already forgotten that Chief Dope in a Black Robe Johnny Roberts twisted the law like a bowl of Twizzlers into the shapes of a pretzels to keep TEScare - affectionately known as Robertscare here - on the books.  It’s called “Roberts” care because Black Robe Jonny had the opportunity to kill it off in its infancy and instead became a lawless idiot himself.  So if the Chief Dope in a Robe can eff it up as badly as Roberts, why in the hell would senate RATS expect better from any of the rest?

The bottom line here is that the RAT senate leadership are spineless weaklings.  The roach effectively still runs the senate. 

Chris Kyle Chad Littlefield verdict
Murdering bastard Eddie Ray Routh was found guilty last night and sent to prison for life.  I think Routh is crazier than Mitch McConnell for letting the roach run the senate.   He was probably crazy before he joined the Marine Corps.  I think Routh is crazier than John Hinckley, who shot Ronald Reagan, and probably deserved the same fate, life in a mental institute.  He’s nuts.

What’s irritating to me about Routh - or his attorneys – is his PTSD defense.  That is BS.  Every service guy who runs afoul of the law or society or can’t/won’t get a job falls back on PTSD.
Hollywood picked PTSD up after the Vietnam War where in every TV show and movie they depicted every Vietnam vet as a homeless crazed drunk with PTSD.  It was all BS.  They are headed down that road again.  After former DHS head Janet Incompetano claimed that the real threat to America didn’t come for Islamo-Terror-Fascist azzhole as much as from returning vets joining right-wing militias.

One of the two remaining TV shows I still watch is Justified.  This season three of the bad guys are crazed Army vets committing all manner of heinous crimes and talking about how many people they have killed.  Even the one vet Deputy Marshall, a former Army sniper, in early seasons was said to be unstable and could go off at any moment.

Routh’s BS defense will certainly add to suspicion of returning vets.  It’s sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy for Hollywood and Incompetano.  Hollywood depicts vets as crazed homicidal maniacs. People see it.  They believe it.  They are less likely to hire a vet.

I grew up in household were every male I knew served in the military during WWII, Korea or Vietnam.  None – not a single one – claimed PTSD or anything else. They were all well-adjusted business people.  They were of a generation where you did your duty and moved on.  Hollywood, Dopes and excrementheads playing the system are effing everything up for themselves and the one-half of one percent of vets who truly do suffer some sort of disorder that can be attributed to their military service.
Routh is crazy, probably has been for some time, but he does not suffer from PTSD.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weak RATs OK ilegal amnesty, say good-bye to country

Uh oh, Rep. Kurt Schrader (Dope-OR) believes that the fight for amnesty for illegal immigrants is the “civil rights battle” for millennials that will decide who controls the the country for the next three decades:  Immigration reform is probably the biggest issue of the 21st century.  It will decide who is in charge of this country for the next 20 or 30 years.  So the cat is out of the bag, well for anyone with a brain it’s been out of the bag for some time.  Count Mitch McConnell, OJ Boehner and other spineless Republi-RATS among the brainless.  

ASIDE:  Civil rights battle?  YGBSM.   That's an insane argument.  So anyone who wants to come into this country has a "civil right" to do so?

We’re being sold out, plain and simple.  Now I could say that people are coming into the country illegally and destroying the very social safety net that the Dopes depend upon for votes.  But let’s say the illegals come in and all go to work doing jobs people making $46K on the public teat won’t do.  Is the TESphone lady going to go back to work?  What then?

I don’t think there are very many people in the US unwilling to give to someone temporarily on the down out a hand up.  What is troublesome is the rather permanent nature of some of the people on the dole.  I think we expect that some point they go back to work – if necessary doing the work Americans won’t do.

The argument against such an arrangement is that to get Americans to pick fruit and vegetables the cost of those items will go through the roof.  Let’s test that theory.  Had we gotten on with it 15-20 years ago we’d have found an automated solution by now.  One thing is for sure, a solution will not come while under paying illegal immigrants and denying them healthcare that the Dopes pretend to care so much about.

Here’s the sad little secret – Dopes do not give a crap about people.  They care about using them to win elections.  They will literally sell the country to win an election.  They will redistribute your hard earned Yankee dollars to buy TESphones, food stamps, free housing, endless unemployment turning the safety net into a hammock for their lock-step constituency.

Mitt Romney claimed that that constituency had reached 47%.  I used to think that when that number hit 51% it was over.  I think it’s pretty close to over now.  We have no opposition party.  These sad sack pieces of crap can’t even get bill through the senate to defund TES’s unconstitutional amnesty.  When you include the stupid and guilty rich white Hollywood type libs we’re probably well beyond the 51% mark.

And for those who think that it’s OK because Hispanics will come around when the government starts screwing them, explain why they didn’t come around when the country that they are fleeing was screwing them?  Oh and get this, if you think that the amnesty and uncontrolled border only affects Hispanics guess again.  More Muslims are entering the country under the brain-dead TES administration than Hispanics. 
You cannot make this $h!t up.  While Europe is struggling with its Muslim population imported because Muslims would do the work Europeans wouldn’t (procreating being the chief work Europeans wouldn’t do) TES and his gang of azzwipes have opened the floodgates to Muslims here.  Mitch, OJ and other crap weasel Republi-RATS don’t give a crap.  We are screwed.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscar is a douche

No.  HELL NO, I didn’t watch 10 seconds of it.  As Drew Cary tweeted, I don’t want to waste time watching Hollywood blow itself.  I did read about and saw some of the disgusting going ons on in the news this morning.  I was surprised to see that a guy from the movie Selma had the opportunity to take a shot at America.  I wasn’t surprised that some pamper Hollywood douche trashed America.  We all knew that that would happen.  I was surprised by the Selma BS speech because I could have sworn there were no blacks nominated for awards.  Wasn’t Rev? Al win we much Not-So-Sharp-ton going to protest the whole thing?  WTF?  Turns not only were blacks nominated, they won an award.

Some ditz actress actually used her Oscar win to attack America for income equality, while the Hollywood swells snatched up their $150,000 swag bags.  She also started in on women’s rights.  No it wasn’t directed at ISIS, Boko Haram, Saudi Arabia, misogynist Islamo-Terror-Fascists in general or Islam as a whole.  It was directed at America.  Some other douche used his speech to trash America for not accepting more lawless border crashing illegals.  Traitor Snowden got an award.  And the host didn’t miss a chance to get a dig in.  Given the anti-American tenor, I know The Empty Suit and his never been proud of this country angry hectoring wife were watching and applauding. 

American Sniper won one of six nominations.  Good for them.  They may have gotten shut out the rest of the way because an approved aggrieved class – Muslims - claim that the movie American Sniper is anti-Muslim.  I suppose that is true.  American Sniper is anti-Muslim in the same way Patton was anti-German and Sands of Iwo Jima was anti-Japanese. 

Getting snubbed isn’t the worst thing that happens in life particularly when you’re a God-fearing liberty-loving true-blue American and that snub is coming from a bunch of pampered Hollywood hypocrites and azzholes.  Why would you even care? 

So I don’t give a flying crap that “my movie” American Sniper got snubbed.  I wear it as a badge of honor.  Thank God I’m not in that crowd “of pampered Hollywood hypocrites and azzholes.”  American Sniper is the one movie nominated for an award that I went to see.  I voted with my money.  Hollywood is a business.  I voted with $16 of my hard earned Yankee dollars.  I look at paying to see a crappy Hollywood movie like making a contribution to Dope party, like belonging to a union.  With all due respect, no, make that with the very little respect deserved, eff the rest of the Hollywood trash. 

Let’s face it, “the academy” is comprised of a bunch of like-minded left liberals.  Turns out the left libs shouting the loudest for diversity are themselves about as diverse as the Canadian men’s curling team.  The Oscar awards have all of the suspense of an Our Gang club election, everyone knows Spanky is going to win.  So Spanky is back in charge and now organizing the gang to put on a show to make sure the Shrilldabeast has enough money to drag her tired wrinkled old screeching azz across the finish line this time.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Rudi tells the truth, all hell breaks loose

When the lapdog MSM, CAIR or you ex-girlfriend are calling you names for something you said, you might be on to something.  For example Rudi Giuliani tells the truth about The Empty Suit and what happens?  All hell breaks loose on the truth teller not the subject of the truth.  Rudi said he didn’t think TES loved America.

TES, by word and action, has said pretty much the same thing.  It’s pointless run down the plethora of examples.  Let me just throw the high trump first.  He sat in a church for 20 years where the pastor G-D’ed America.  Pretty much game over…right?  OK, next, his fat-azz hectoring bee-autch of a wife was NEVER proud of America until all of the brain-dead came out like zombies, joined with public sector unions and yellow dog Dopes to support her clueless douche of a husband.  Then there’s the world-wide bow and blame America tour we have had to endure for TES’s first 6 years. There is no doubt that TES doesn’t even like, never mind love, America, well at least not past the point of what it can do for him.

Of course he doesn’t love America.  People who do know he doesn’t.  People who don’t wouldn’t support him if he did.   Here’s a simple test.  What would TES be doing if he didn’t love America?  Uh, trying to fundamentally transform it…maybe?  OK, now, what was it TES said he was going to do if elected?

And so as always the MSM has descended on America’s Mayor for telling the truth about their naked king.  No one can question TES’s patriotism or love of America.  To do so would in itself be un-American.  Ooops.  Turns out they forgot when TES said Bush 43 was unpatriotic for, of all things, get this, adding to the national debt.  So I guess maybe it is OK to call the president unpatriotic when the douche does it by telling a lie but it becomes some sort of foul when anyone else does it by telling the truth about TES.

To his credit, Rudi refused to apologize which would only assure that the story would never go away and require 110 subsequent apologies.  Instead he stood by the comment saying he knew he was right.  The MSM is cleaning out their shorts right now.  “What?  He didn’t back down?!! He’s going to continue to tell the truth about our hero?  Oh no what do we do now?”  There’s a good lesson for other Republicans in there.  When the feeding frenzy starts – attack. 

Because it is the truth about TES, and easily proven to be the truth, expect the story to die away pretty quickly now.  The last thing the Dopes want is people out there discussing and evaluating the merits of Rudi’s claim.

Check out this illuminating piece on Islam.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why hasn't the scandal ridden TES administration had a major scandal?

Hmm, I wonder?
Who is the bigger dumbazz, The Empty Suit or his Azz Sniffing Sycophants?  Hard to say, but I have to go with TES only because so many of the ASSs (clever acronym don’t you think?) will just go along with anything the dumbazz TES says like, if you like your healthcare plan you can keep your plan, the ASSs - Juan Williams, Sally Cohen, the entire lapdog MSM, Hollywood swells et al - just run with the lie to advance their agenda while knowing full well what they are advocating is a BS lie.

Then there’s the time TES went from calling the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups outrageous to calling it a phony scandal.  Then the dope said that there was not even a smidgen of corruption of the most hated agency in America.  We know the IRS is a corrupt agency.  If they weren’t corrupt, they wouldn’t have targeted the Tea Party.

Most of us are familiar with the alphabet soup of scandal that has permeated this BS administration from day one.  Yet chief ASS – David Axelrod - can say straight-faced that TES has had NO major scandals.  There is no doubt that had any one of the dozen or more scandals that have been organized by TES’s band of azzclowns occurred during a Republican administration Dopes and their league of yes men MSM would be calling for impeachment, jail and many of them no doubt for the beheading of the president.

King Douche on terror
“No religion is responsible for terrorism — people are responsible for violence and terrorism.”  OK if 99.99% the people committing the terror are doing so in the name of Islam while citing the Koran what can we conclude?  And if I say, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” will TES get off his high horse about gun control?

The willful stupidity of this guy is striking.  He says, “we all know there is no one profile of a violent extremist or terrorist ... Around the world, and in the United States, inexcusable acts of violence have been committed against people of different faiths, by people of different faiths, which is, of course, betrayal of all of our faiths.”  No one can be this stupid without trying.  No profile?  YGBSM!  Of course there’s a profile for pe0ple who blow up airplanes, buses, pizza shop, lop off heads and burn people alive.  If you are going to waste resources investigating the Vienna Boy Choir for such acts you’re an idiot.  If you’re going to sit in the pew of a Catholic Church waiting to hear a call for jihad while ignoring the Jew hating mosque around the corner, because after all there is no profile, you are a bigger idiot than even I give you credit for being. 
In fact we know that there IS a profile of the people committing the heinous acts that have dominated the news lately.  Only a clueless azzbag could miss it.  Sadly that’s what we’re left with for the 22 or so months.   No one knows what will remain of the country when this sail eared affirmative action pass through is done running the country into the ground.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

If there is no cure for stupidity, the State Dept is terminal

The worst half of the Ditz Sisters over at State - batcrap crazy loon and what passes for a military expert in The Empty Suit’s administration - Marie Harf told pasty-faced pudgy softball Chrissy Matthews, “we cannot win this war by killing them [ISIS], we cannot kill our way out of this war.”  YGBSM!  Do the Islamo-Terror-Fascists know that?  It would appear that they are willing to kill their way to a world-wide caliphate.  It seems that they are gaining ground with that strategy.  Maybe we should at least consider killing the ITF in sufficient numbers to halt their advance.

Maybe we should consider a leadership role that puts boots on the ground with rules of engagement that allows them to quickly and efficiently role up the ITF before American traitors like Harry the roach Reid and other Dope traitorous bastards declare the war lost and otherwise undermine America’s forces in the field.  Not only kill them but kill them quickly.  Killing the enemy by the bushel basket load has a way of bringing hostilities to a close in your advantage.  But why would a dumbazz who relies on a pair of glasses, rather than cogent thought, to give her intellectual credibility understand that killing the enemy in a war is in fact a way out of that war.

Then this vacuous idiot went on to claim we needed to create jobs and economic opportunities for the jihadis to stop the ITF.  She needs to be slapped silly.  We cannot get our own economy rolling and 92 million of our own people aren’t working – but surprisingly not slicing people’s heads off.  The only thing missing from this brain-dead cyborg’s dissertation was, “We need to, like, you know, get some #hashtags going.  Like, you know, like #getajob.  Like, you know, like, #can’twealljustgetalong.  If we got the hashtags going and did something like, you know, maybe wore, like a ribbon – you know, like maybe, like, a half green, like for Muslims and a half white for like everyone else, that would, like, you know, let them know we can’t and won’t, like, you know, kill them.”

This crazy stupid woman works for another crazy stupid woman who works for America’s last Cambodian War hero John Francois Kerry who is himself a lying pant load.  Ah, why all vitriol?  What could go wrong with these three stooges running the State Department?
OBAMNESTY is on hold
A TX federal judge stayed The Empty Suit’s lawless amnesty order.  That allows DHS to do their job until the case is heard.  Many are talking about the judge’s ruling letting Mitch McConnell off the hook for defunding that portion of the DHS that deals with OBAMNESTY.  That would be a bad move.  We all recall how Robertscare came to pass.  McConnell should suspend the filibuster rules to pass the house budget version to put it on TES’s desk.  Then immediately reinstate the normal Senate rules.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Given the face of Islam why aren't there more hate crimes against Muslims?

The victims’ families of NC shooter Craig Hicks are claiming the shootings were inspired by Hicks’ hatred for Muslims and the movie American Sniper.  Turns out none of it is true.  Hicks is a gun toting dope who puts truth in the old joke, “He’s not prejudice.  He hate everyone.”    And what does American Sniper have to do with it?  Were the victims killed from a mile away?  No.  They were killed from a few feet away.  The reference to American Sniper was a catch all  America sucks reference.  I tend to give victims’ families the benefit of the doubt when they say stupid stuff in the aftermath of a tragic death of a loved one, but it is peculiar to hear Muslims bitching about hate crimes when their whole damned religion is based on hate crimes.

Meanwhile in Copenhagen, Denmark a real hate crime was being carried out.  Wanna bet who was behind it?  In Egypt a real hate crime was being carried out.  Guess who is responsible.  While the world is under attack from Islamo-Terror-Fascists, The Empty Suit is yacking it up about being a “big city mayor.”  Yeah, right that’s the same approach FDR and Churchill took during WWII, they were like the big city mayors.  No.  Wait.  They were world leaders rallying the world to fight Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo. Of course during WWII, the grand mufti of Jerusalem was a big fan of Hitler’s and encouraged the holocaust, but I digress.  
One has to ask, given the current state of Islam as band of murderous lunatics, why there are not more real hate crimes against Muslims.  Apparently we all have to sit back warning “Oh, we cannot paint Islam with too broad a brush,” while the Muslim lunatics do their work.  BS.  We’ll be talking about the mythical “peaceful Muslims” while the face of Islam slits our throats.  The “peaceful Muslims” will sit silently while our heads roll down our driveways.  It’s BS.  It’s a BS religion.  Every Muslim who isn’t speaking out loudly against the murderous face of their religion are accomplices to everything those lunatics do.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Race baiters foul Little League Baseball

The colossus of race baiting dumbazzes is always a moving target with colossal race baiting dumbazzes like The Empty Suit, Eric the wad Holder, the usual congregationless Revs?, Hollywood swells, the lapdog MSM and Dope politicians so stupid they think an island can capsize (Hank Johnson Dope-Mars) all constantly jockeying for the #1 position.  This morning the #1 spot goes to the right Rev? Jessie Hymietown Jackson.

The right Rev? JHJ is claiming racism in the case of ChiTown Little League Champs Jackie Robinson West being stripped of their title.  It seems JRW went a bit out of their district to get a few players, a violation of Little League rules.  While the right Rev? is quick to condemn the Little League’s action, the dumbazz never addresses the actions of JRW.

Did they cheat?  Well because no one from TES to Rev? JHJ to the team addresses the allegations that got the team in trouble, I assume the league got it right.  But it’s Chicago.  It’s an approved aggrieved class.  So, like the hands up don’t shoot BS lie, the truth does not matter.  The truth here is that JRW cheated – period -

But hey it’s about blacks from Chicago so let’s give them the affirmative action Little League championship.  While nitwits like Rev? JHJ and TES praise the cheatin’ losers from Chicago, the team that got screwed by the cheating - Mountain Ridge Little League from Las Vegas – is left out again. 

White House paid liar Josh Earnest told reporters, "The fact is some dirty dealing by some adults doesn't take anything away from the accomplishments of those young men." YGBSM!  Ah, yes it does Josh.  Cheating takes it all away.  This isn’t an issue about the air pressure in the baseballs.  It’s about unfairly increasing the pool of available players.  State high school sports place schools in classes based on their pool of available athletes.  What JRW did is akin to 5A high school entering and then winning the 3A state championship.  Any championship won in such a manner would be a lie.  JRW’s championship is a lie.  What they “accomplished” is a lie.

Sadly, we know the race baiting industry survives on lies, Tawana Brawly, Duke rape, Skippy Gates, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, America is a nation of cowards and now JRW are all lies to advance a bigger lie – any failing or law-breaking by an approved aggrieved class can be attributed to America being a racist country.  BS.  If TES had an ounce of class –truly wishful thinking – he’d invite the real Little League non cheating champs to White House like he did the cheaters.  Nope.  Can’t do it.  Doing so would put the lie to JRW’s “accomplishments.”

Congratulation to Little League Champs - Mountain Ridge Little League from Las Vegas – well done.

Howie Dean
OK Howie saying someone isn’t smart enough to be president is like Elmer Fudd telling Ted Nugent he can’t hunt.  Howie thinks Scott Walker is in trouble for not having a college degree.  Well let’s see, a long line college kids have gotten us 18 trillion dollars in debt.  I think anyone who can balance a check book might have the primary qualification for running the country right now.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The dive to the bottom accelerates

As usual, I got up this morning and there were four or five items in the news that have convinced that the world is in a death spiral and going to hell -fast- and America, under the leadership of The Empty Suit, is sadly leading the way. 

Item one:  We’re not supposed to “pile on” lying turd merchant Brian Williams.  We’re not supposed take any satisfaction in his fall from grace.  First, I have NEVER watched Brian Williams read the news.  I cannot remember the last time I needed to tune in to the “nightly news” to get the news.  By the time the nightly news rolls around, the only people who have not heard it are the willfully ignorant doofs waiting for Jon Stewart.  So why all the clamor over Williams?  Here’s the bottom line for the holier than thou azzwagons harping about “piling on,” Williams is liar.  He is the worst kind of liar.  Some lie to protect others, because the truth will hurt someone else as in - “Does this dress make my azz look fat?”  “No dear your fat azz makes your azz look fat.”  Williams’ lies were for one purpose – to benefit himself.  That being the case Williams should be regulated to 2am to 6am shift selling jewelry on QVC.

Item two:  Remind me again why Jon Stewart leaving the Daily Show is a bad thing?  Kevin Williamson has the definitive piece on Stewart’s exit.

Item three:  The idiots at the State Dept. ordered Marines to destroy their personal weapons before leaving Yemen.  Why?  According to The Empty Suit Yemen is supposed to be a model of how to handle Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  Now the ITF are running the country.  So maybe that the goal all along for TES.  State ordering Marines to destroy their personal weapons is proof positive that there in not a single person at State that has a brain.  Not one.  After Benghazi, this proves that these idiots cannot be taught anything.  I’m certain the Ditz sisters will be have hashtag ready when this comes up at State’s daily briefing #gunsneverfedachild.  I await wannabes at the Pentagon to cry foul.  It’ll never happen.  I’m sure the ever smug wannabe Adm. Kirby will make Marines abandoning their weapons sound as reasonable as taking your muddy boots off before coming into the house.  It is BS.  BS is what TES and his merry band half-wits specialize in.

Item four:  The military genius who lost Iraq, lost Yemen and is in the process of losing Afghanistan wants congressional  authority to after ISIS – but not too hard.  Which is really weird because TES assured us he had the ITF on the run.  In his best ever imitation of Professor Marvel behind the curtain at Oz, TES ordered us to pay no attention to 20,000 new ITF fighters entering Syria to join ISIS.  He assures us that their moral is in the toilet and they know that they cannot win.  Unless of course they can hang on for more than three years when TES’s proposed request for the use of force runs out.  Also, there will be no “enduring offensive ground combat operations” that might actually let us defeat the ITF.  “Enduring offensive ground combat operations” means…what?   It doesn’t mean anything.  For someone interested in winning the conflict, “enduring” could mean years as in WWII.  For lefty Libs like America’s #1 colostomy bag Harry the roach Reid, enduring would mean about 10 seconds after the swearing in of a Republican president after which the roach would declare the war lost.  Republican ought to send TES a declaration of war on ITF and let TES explain why we are not at war with the ITF.
Item five:  Bibi Netanyahu is coming to address congress.  Dopes are planning on boycotting Bibi’s address.  That’s a sad state of affairs.  But they should be made to pay the political price for such a BS move.  While Republicans are getting photos shaking Bibi’s hand, Dopes will be regulated to explaining why they boycotted an address from our one ally in the Middle East.  Of course the lapdog MSM will cover for them and focus on the breech of protocol by the house for inviting Netanyahu in the first place.  What he says to congress will be of little concern to the Dopes and their lapdog acolytes.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Empty Suit vows to search every Mormon Tabernacle for Kayla Jean Mueller's murders

Islamo-Terror-Fascists have killed another American - Kayla Jean Mueller.  The Empty Suit has vowed, "No matter how long it takes, the United States will find and bring to justice the terrorists who are responsible for Kayla's captivity and death."   So if you’re TES, his nitwit Attorney General, one of the buffoons at state who actually believe that a hashtag is a beneficial foreign policy or one of his lame brained wannabes over at the Pentagon,  where do you begin to find the Islamo-Terror-Fascists responsible for Mueller’s murder?

Eric the wad Holder has forbidden any profiling of Islamist.  So I guess you have to start with your known enemies - like the Tea Party, then work your way through The Knights of Columbus, then make sure Mormons are not back to their old tricks of killing innocent people, you have to account for the activities of all known members of the Jewish Defense League all while interviewing family members to make certain that they not involved in any way.  That of course is insane.  Everyone knows that is nonsense.  We all know the usual suspects in all these cases are responsible.  After all, there is a reason that the usual suspects become the usual suspects.  Islamo-Terror-Fascists are responsible for and perpetrate 99.999% of these acts in the name of a BS religion.

So if you refuse to recognize who you are looking for, or identify where they hide, or say aloud what they believe, or admit the underlying philosophy that drives their activities, how likely are to “bring to justice the terrorists?”  How long has it been since the Ditz sisters at state let lose the dogs of #hashtag war – their own version of shock and awe - on Boko Haram - #bringbackourgirls?  Boko Haram crumbled under the pressure and immediately released all of the girls – except that they didn’t.  Instead, they released a video laughing aloud at the weak and feckless reaction from America doofusses like the Ditz sisters.

The bad people in the world know that America is being led by punks, ditzes, weaklings, know nothing eggheads and preening wannabes.  They know they have a free a reign and are taking advantage of it.  While Radical Islam is on a roll across the world, TES is worried about the made up statistics supporting global warming.  Given TES’s BS statement on the randomness of radical Islam and the real danger of global warming, how long will it be before some idiot tells us Mueller was only a few minutes away from dying from global warming anyway so maybe the ITF did her a favor?

RIP Kayla.  Someday, we’ll take your murder seriously.

Brian Williams
NACBCS (Call letters do NOT matter. They are all the same.) has strapped Spanish War vet and the first man to explore the center of the Earth - Brian Williams - with a 6 month unpaid suspension.    Williams said he was OK with the decision because it would give him time to defend his World Heavy Weight Boxing Title and be the first to climb Mt. Everest wearing nothing but a thong and a wife beater.  “When one door closes, two more open,” Williams opined.
I hope they re-hire the lying pant load.  Nothing says MSM like a well-known lying $h!t like Williams.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Like an attack on a Paris deli, this all totally random

Yeah, The Empty Suit is pretty much a punk
HA!  I’ve been right all along.  I’ve consistently said that The Empty Suit is smarmy, really not that smart, punk.  Given the source, you probably do not believe me.  Well experience teaches you.  So by now, you know I’m right.  But the last thing you want to say to win an argument is, “Well, I read on Lex’s blog yesterday….”  The WTF look from the guy you’re talking to will immediately clue you in that citing Lex is not a winning strategy.  Now you can you say, “Well, I read Victor Davis Hanson yesterday, and he said…”  VDH is a brilliant guy and he makes many of the same points as Lex in much more readable format.  Check this out.

UVA bans 50 Shades of Grey
Fresh from the very useful exercise of using a fake gang rape to enact draconian policies to prevent gang rapes, the University of Virginia is stepping up to ban rape inducing pornography like 50 Shades of Grey and even Sports Illustrated.

HA!  That’ll be the day.  The idiot president of UVA will use a fake rape to prevent things that never happened from ever happening again. Well done madam.  Now she wants UVA to get busy identifying policies that will keep Bigfoot from ever ravaging the campus quad again.  She also wants the campus to erect submarine nets to keep submarines from ever straying onto campus again.

Now 50 Shades is set for release.  So will the old bag at UVA get on her high horse and say one word about the film’s treatment of women?  Or how about the Sports Illustrated cover?  Nah, those two thing are very real.  Better to stick with imaginary things like placing bars on dorm windows to keep the tooth fairy from ever entering another campus dorm room.  Idiot.

Random violence
Referring to the murders committed at a Jewish deli in Paris, The Empty Suit rather nonchalantly claimed that “
It is entirely legitimate for the American people to be deeply concerned when you’ve got a bunch of violent vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.  Random?  Really?  We know from TES’s characterization of the Crusades, Muslims in the middle ages and the production of alcohol in the White House that TES is no student of history or facts.  Calling the Islamo-Terror-Fascist’s attack on the Jewish deli in Paris “random” is like saying, rouge Japanese pilots randomly attacked a US port on 7 Dec, 1941.  Referring back to the top.  TES is a punk and a dope – probably in equal amounts.

Monday, February 09, 2015

The Empty Suit's assault on Christianity

I’m still a bit POd about The empty Suit’s National Prayer Breakfast BS speech. 

I used think that the best way to PO a lefty Lib was to put a gun in the gun rack of your pickup truck with a “Nuke the whales” bumper sticker attached to the rear bumper and park it down at the Whole Foods store.  While I’m sure that that trick still works, I am now convinced that what these lefty loons really cannot stand is anything remotely associated in a positive way with Judeo Christian values.

I think a smart guy could make a pretty good case that we are returning to the early days of Christianity where Christians were widely persecuted.  For the first 300 years of Christianity, Christians were routinely persecuted for nothing more than believing.  The first 30 popes were martyred for leading the Catholic Church.  Today, it’s easy to point to the Middle East and Africa where churches are burned and the faithful displaced, taxed or murdered for their beliefs to find this persecution.  But Americans need look no further than their public schools and universities for evidence of anti-Christian bias.

I probably don’t need to recap the litany of challenges to religious freedom found in public schools and universities.  From prayer bans for sports teams to banning the mention of God during commencement speeches, Christians have been mostly silent while angry godless radicals shut us up.  Peer pressure being what it is, what teenager wants to be the “Jesus freak” who stands up and says, “Hold on there Skippy, I don’t care if you spend your joyless miserable life in a void.  I don’t care if you spend your life believing that the most powerful thing in the universe is the Internal Revenue Service.  I don’t care what you think.  But, you will NOT shut me up.  You will NOT keep me from telling the truth.  How selfish and cowardly am I if I know the truth of eternal life but refuse to share it because I’m afraid of you?”

I used to be of the opinion that faith was private thing.  And I still believe that  - up to the point that the government gets involved.  When the government starts white washing crosses out of city seals, destroying historic crosses on public land, banning the mention of God in public addresses, maybe we need to speak up.  St. Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the gospel at all times.  When necessary use words.”   I think we have reached the point where it is necessary not only to set the example but to also find our voice and start using words.  We have sat quietly by while godless radicals and spineless public bureaucrats have us fearing our government and public ridicule if we dare let slip the word God if not immediately followed by the word damn.

So I’ve placed a Redeemer Radio sicker in the back window of my pickup.  Now all I need is a gun rack for one of my shotguns and I’m ready to assault the sensibilities of the Whole Foods crowd.
Lefty thugs
OK enough evangelization for now.   Kevin Williamson over at National Review has an excellent and at times funny piece on how the lefty Libs get us to shut up.  It’s worth a few minutes.

Friday, February 06, 2015

The Empty Suit is the Cliff Clavin of American presidents

I have always claimed that The Empty Suit, contrary to the lapdog MSM’s insistence, is not a smart man.  He is a smarmy jug eared pr*ck.  That most accurate description of TES was on full display yesterday at the National Prayer Breakfast.

For reasons known only to America’s chief dumbazz himself, TES chose the National Prayer Breakfast to launch a full out assault on Christianity.  TES compared events of 9th century Christianity with the current events of 21st century (same as 9th century) Islam.  In the process the dope demonstrated his ignorance of history…again.  Akin to his BS comment about George Washington living in the White House, America’s chief dumbazz discombobulated the history of the crusades to make a moral equivalency argument against Christians.

So what do you do with a dumbazz?  In most cases you can ignore them.  Take world class dumbazz Cliff Clavin played by John Ratzenberger on the TV show Cheers.  Here’s a guy everyone knew was an idiot the second he walked into the bar.  He’d take an inane subject and almost get it right, but like most dumbazzes he’d keep talking.  Take Cliff’s insights on the buffalo.  He gets it about right but then he extends that logic to beer and demonstrates what an idiot he is:

Well, you see, Norm, it’s like this. A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo. And when the herd is hunted, it’s the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular killing of the weakest members.

In much the same way, the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells. Now, as we know, excessive intake of alcohol kills brain cells. But naturally, it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first. In this way, regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine.

And that, Norm, is why you always feel smarter after a few beers

So when the chief dumbazz conflates 9th century Christianity with 21st century (same as 9th century) Islam, he’s just channeling Cliff Clavin.  He makes the same dumbazz leaps of logic as Cliff on daily a basis.  Yesterday was just another day at the bar for TES.  Just another dumbazz comment indistinguishable from so many other dumbazz comments. 

Now if TES were just some dumbazz on a barstool at the neighborhood bar pontificating about things he knows little about no one would give a crap.  Sadly, TES is the dumbazz pr*ck occupying the Oval Office.  Yesterday TES got up on his high barstool and started spouting non-sense.  Perhaps his stupid and inaccurate remarks will finally awaken others to what total POS this guy is.  Is this the kind stupidity TES learned from sitting for 20 years in the Rev? Jerry Wright’s church?