Friday, August 31, 2007

Letters from Harry

From: The less than Honorable Harry Reid
To: Muqtada al-Sadr

Subj: Six month cease-fire

Dear Mooky,

I just read with disappointment that you’re ordering a six month cease-fire. Look I know you’ve been getting your butts kicked for last several months. But Mooky, baby, now is not the time for more good news from Iraq. Besides, I thought we both agreed that it would be the US who would quit first.

I would like you get our allies, the mighty Mahdi Army, back into this fight stirring up trouble and creating as much chaos as possible ahead of that incompetent boob Gen Petraeus’ report. I cannot long sustain my cry for surrender and retreat if it looks like we’re winning.

Try to hold up your end of our deal through Sep and I will in return double down on my promise to declare the war lost, our soldiers criminals and their leaders incompetent. When the Democrats force the US to surrender, we can share a hot tea and discuss an oil sharing deal with al Qaeda.

You friend in Jihad,
Harry Reid

From: The less than Honorable Harry Reid
To: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Subj: Those funny things that you say

Dear Mah,

Dude are you nuts? Just when we’re showing some success in getting the US to run like a squirrel from Iraq, you pipe up with this “we’re prepared to fill any vacuum” stuff. Look, you can have Iraq when the Democrats get the US to quit. That’s probably going to be when we win the White House in ’08. Until then dude, be cool. And don’t pay any attention to any of the tough talk coming from our candidate. She has to talk that way. After the election we’ll let the UN tie our hands and you can move in.

For now, keep that filling the vacuum stuff to yourself. It’s messing everything up, and I remind you George Bush is still president. He may be the only guy actually listening to you. Geez Mah, just stick with the nuking the Jews stuff will ya.

You friend in Jihad,
Harry Reid

From: The less than Honorable Harry Reid
To: Democrats

Subj: Success in Iraq is NOT an option

Dear Dems,

Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that many of you are beginning to speak favorably about the war – and no it doesn’t matter to me if it’s the truth or not. I’ll remind you that the Democrat Party strategy now, as always, is that what’s good for America is bad for Democrats. Our political power and future demands that we lose in Iraq. Even before the surge began, I declared it failure. How about a little support guys. I and the party will look like fools if this surge thing works out.

It’s obvious to everyone, even me, that the surge is working. I shouldn’t need to point out to you that is the worse news possible for the party. Here’s what we need to do:

Call Petraeus incompetent – why am I the only one who has done so?
Get some of his jealous passed over Army buds to condemn him as an apple polisher
Dig up every bit of bad news from Iraq and throw it at him

These measures are what I call, taking the high road. If the above measures fail we need to bring out all of the tried and true Democrat tactics.

Call him a racist, bigoted, homophobic ultra right wing Christian zealot.

If nothing else works, see what kind of “stance” he uses in the men’s room.

Any Democrat who fails to toe the line on this strategy will have their name turned over to the Daily KOs for the savaging they deserve.

Your leader in the defeat of America,
Harry Reid

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Katrina victim means never having to say "thank you"

President Bush visited New Orleans (NO) yesterday to commemorate the second anniversary of Katrina. That’s alright I suppose, but there are a few things about NO that make me go hmmmmmm.

Katrina victims live in a FEMA trailer for 2 years and bitch because nobody has built them a new home. And where do want that new home built? They and the Democrat Party want it right back where it was on the flood plain six feet below sea level.

The most over used words before, during and since the whole disaster are "government failure". Yeah well duh. Conservatives have been noting that phenomenon for 60 years. Libs only get it when their most reliable voting block in Louisiana, the 9th ward, is under water. These are the very people Dems have raised to look toward government for the solution to all of their problems. Democrats have never had an interest in weaning the 9th ward from their dependence on government, less they become self-sufficient and therefore suspicious of the party of tax and spend. So when Mother Nature had a fit two years ago, the residents of the 9th ward huddled in their own feces inside the Superdome or stood on the roofs of their houses with signs that read “help me” waiting for the government to step in.

The most under used words in NO are "thank you." The US tax payer has dumped -wasted in mind- billions of dollars in NO. There are the FEMA trailers, the famous $2,000 debit cards, Coast Guard rescue, billions of tax dollars, billions more in charity etc., etc. that have poured into NO. The reaction of LA politicians in general and citizens of NO in particular by and large has been one of contempt. They whine because the 9th ward still looks like a war zone. We still have National Guard troops patrolling the crime ridden streets of NO. When Gen. Petraeus comes to talk about the surge in Iraq, some bright guy ought to ask when we can expect to start bringing the troops home from the surge in NO.

NO is bowl most of which is six feet below sea level. It sits right on the coast and that bowl gets deeper everyday. When Mother Nature gets the urge, she'll fill that bowl with sea water and no amount of concrete, dirt and gas powered pumps will prevent it from happening. I find it odd that the only places that don't flood in NO are the ones settled hundreds of years ago by people with nothing more than a surveyor’s chain and theadolite to determine the safest place.

Today we go in with our super computers, cement trucks, dump trucks, and huge pumps to build houses in the swamp. Better to have a reliably Democrat stronghold than a safe place to live. Then Libs are surprised when the area floods. They see their Democrat base of low income, low education minos spread to the winds and demand that uncle rebuild in the same place. It's like watching the dog's tail knock a glass of wine off the coffee table onto the carpet every night for week and never saying, hey move your wine before Bosco comes in and spills it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Libs responsible for Iraq war

Libs are funny people. Not funny like ha ha, but funny like peculiar. They neuter the CIA then bitch about how ineffective that organization is. They demand an end to the use of DDT then run around giving each other high fives as millions around the world die from malaria. They whine about US military action in regions of the world where we have clear and obvious strategic national interests, then demand military action in regions of world where we don’t. They demand higher taxes on Joe American while they hide their resources in off-shore tax shelters. They demand we bike to work while they jet to and fro for the weekend. Libs are like the proverbial bull in the china shop. They stroll in and casually destroy things. They are totally oblivious to the havoc and damage they cause. Then they stroll out and saunter up the street looking for a new shop of brightly colored collectables to wander into. Meanwhile responsible people are running in circles with brooms and glue sticks trying fix and clean up the mess.

The Griffin offers this insight:

The phyco-green, radical lib, environmental pinheads have created such a reliance on foreign oil (energy) that it created the Iraqi War. The blame for this war falls squarely on the shoulders of eco-terrorists. We have the energy we just can’t get it because of some rare fungi spore that breeds in the shade of red bracken fern on certain river rocks. How and when do we get out of the middle-east trailer park? When we have an energy policy strong enough that we can let all the camel jockeys fight it out while we sit in our air conditioning drinking cold beer not giving a sh@%. This takes me to my new t-shirt slogans.


In the future when I am asked how and when to get out of Iraq I will say when gasoline is under a dollar a gallon. Otherwise we can’t let the camel-sh$@-for-brains Middle East mafia have petro dollars to murder Christians. I say every time we drill a new oil well in the US we bring a trooper home. When we open a new coal mine bring a trooper home. When we build a new nuke plant we bring a battalion home, etc. Otherwise their plan is simple. Give me a petrol dollar, kill a Christian.

In the meantime the eco-whacos are keeping us in Iraq counting purple fingers and having to care that some Mullah has a bullhorn in his hand spewing anti-American diatribes. If we had reliable energy sources I would say we sell napalm at every bazaar in that part of the world and let them fight over the declining water holes.

Wars are fought over possession of important and declining resources. We have the resources. We just are not allowed to use them. Stupid but true.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What's up

Don’t be like Mike
Am I in trouble? OK then, I found Jesus. That ought to just about cover the water front. I’m happy Mike Vick found Jesus. I just wish he’d kept his discovery to himself until after sentencing. You know a quiet faith that puts your fate in the hands of the Man, rather than spouting your faith in the hope of getting a better deal from the man.

Alberto Gonzales is gone. Except for Mrs. Gonzales, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and Teddy Kennedy, I cannot imagine who cares. In a predictable move, even though they admit he’s done nothing wrong, Dems have vowed to continue to pursuing Gonzales for something, anything really, maybe even wearing white after Labor Day, in an effort to embarrass the White House. Dems said the same thing when Karl Rove escaped their non-stop witch hunt. I’m getting a mental picture of Chuck Schumer dressed up as Elmer Fudd.

Larry and Bruce
Then there’s this, U.S. Sen. Larry Craig, an Idaho Republican pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in Minnesota this month after being arrested by a plainclothes police officer investigating complaints of lewd conduct in a men's restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. No doubt Sen Craig will soon be checking himself into rehab and publicly proclaiming his faith. Now I’m enough of a 2000 guy not to start in on the gay bashing, but what kind of bottom feeder trolls the public bathrooms looking for sex? That’s just too creepy. It’s also why I’ve changed my party affiliation to independent. I do not care to be associated with creeps like Craig, McCain, Grahamnesty, Hagle et. al. This whole episode is further proof that dad was right when he said you could get a better group of people to serve in congress if you picked them randomly from the crowd at an Ohio State football game.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Liberal intelligence

The National Intelligence Estimate is out and Dems have landed on it with both feet with regard to Iraq. Dems site portions of NIE that support their efforts for America to leave Iraq with her tail between her legs. The NIE does indeed present some dire assessments and predictions about the current political situation in Iraq. Even the efforts to tamp down the level of violence, an area where war supporters claim success, is reported to be spotty and uneven in the NIE.

So war critics have found what they wanted to find in an American produced intelligence document and are using that information to pummel war supporters. Never mind that the (g)assbags doing the pummeling were the exact same (g)assbags complaining about America’s inability “connect the dots” after 9-11. Never mind that they are the same (g)assbags who went about systematically neutering the US intelligence during the 70s and 80s.

So when our intelligence agencies miss the warning signs for Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, nukes in Pakistan and 9-11 they are labeled incompetent boobs by the very people who did their level best to make that description accurate. When they, like every other credible intelligence agency in the world, tell us WMD in Iraq is a “slam dunk,” Dems somehow turn that into “Bush lied; our kids died.” But, when one breath of evidence emerges that supports their position the (g)assbags jump on it and tout it as if it were coming from the burning bush (The Biblical one not the effigy that kook Dems set off daily somewhere.).

Then there’s this. The (g)assbags are so duplicitous that they ignore favorable portions of the same report. The NIE also tells that leaving Iraq now would be a disaster and likely lead to al Qaeda gaining a stronghold on Iraq and its petrodollars. So the Islamo-terror-fascists would have a safe nation state from which to operate and unlimited dollars with which to fund their nefarious deeds. What was the funny name of that group in that funny landlocked country before 9-11? Taliband on the run? Afghan for the couchistan? Gee that sounds like reason enough for me right there to keep the pressure on in Iraq rather than cutting and running.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Mike Vick

Mike Vick, what to say? First, he’d be so much better off if dopes like Stefon Marberry and the Atlanta branch of the NAACP would just shut up. Marberry is the witless NBA player whose talent and intelligence is apparently limited exclusively to launching a sphere into a hoop raised ten feet off the ground.

Stephon tried to defend Vick by comparing dog fighting to hunting. Where to start? Well how about with the obvious.

While one may not agree with hunting, it is a legal activity. Dog fighting is not.

Legal hunting provides hundred of millions of dollars for the protection of wilderness. Dog fighting does not.

Legal hunting provides a means to protect wildlife in the off season, thin herds to ensure adequate food and habitat is available while maintaining a healthy vibrant stock. Dog fighting does not.

Aside from the occasional prize for the biggest animal taken in season or particular hunt, hunters don’t gamble on the hunt. People engaged in dog fighting do, another illegal activity.

A hunter’s skill determines the outcome of the hunt. Good hunters take only reasonable shots that will bring the animal down cleanly to limit the animal’s suffering. Dog fighting is a barbaric form of entertainment where the entire event is set up so that the dogs suffer to maximum degree possible.

Real hunters eat what they kill. Except for Koreans I suppose, dog fighters don’t.

Hunters enter the domain of the wildlife they hunt. If Marberry or Vick want to enter a caged circle with a dozen or so pit bulls, armed with a bow and arrow, I’d pay to watch that, bet on the dogs and stay until the dogs had eaten their fill.

Then there’s the NAACP race hustler down in Atlanta who thinks Vick is getting raw deal because he’s black. No, he’s in trouble because he’s a cruel creep who has broken the law in about a dozen ways. Even as such; Vick is more likely to get “a deal” rather than a “raw deal” precisely because he is black and a celebrity at that.

Then Mr. NAACP went on to wonder why there are a disproportionate number of blacks and Hispanics in our prisons. Ok, let’s start with obvious.

Because black on black crime in the nation is an epidemic.

Because illegal Hispanic aliens are executing young blacks in our cities.

Because (g)assbag prosecutors insist on putting Hispanic Border Patrol agents in jail for doing their job.

Because out of wedlock births and fatherless homes in minority communities has become the norm.

Because the drop out rate in minority schools is appalling.

Because drug use in the minority communities is rampant.

Because an accepted and “respectable” hip-hop industry makes millions of dollars peddling crap that glorifies all of the destructive behavior above; the very behavior that is more likely than not going to lead to poverty and/or incarceration.

Of course when whitey points these things out, he’s a racist. When a Bill Cosby points them out, he’s an Uncle Tom. When Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton ignore these problems while blaming everything on whitey, they become black leaders. It’s just easier to blame the mess in your front yard on the landlord than to go out and clean it up.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Vietnam comparisons

At every point you think it’s time for GWB to go, like when he assures us that his wrongheaded Grahamnesty program for ILEAGAL aliens makes sense, he starts talking about the defining issue of our day – the war on terrorism – and he makes so much sense you are forced to give him another chance.

Yesterday at the VFW convention in Kansas City, the president delivered another stem winder. He compared successes in Japan and Korea with our current situation in Iraq. He reminded his audience how the naysayers after those conflicts, similar to today, decried attempts to bring democracy to Asians. The argument went that Asians were like sheep in need of a strong dog to keep them from the wolf and lead them to water. Culturally they just were not well suited for democracy.

The president even took on the Vietnam comparisons so much in vogue with today’s Libs. As if just mentioning the word would be enough to discourage otherwise hawkish men to duck under the bed sheets rather than run the risk of defending America. The president confined his remarks mainly to the aftermath of America’s precipitous withdrawal from that conflict. Contrary to what Cambodian war hero John Kerry says, thinks, opines, or fantasizes, there was a rather significant bloodbath in Southeast Asia after America lost her nerve in that region of the world.

But there was another parallel with Vietnam that the president skipped over; that parallel would be messing with an allied government’s leadership. Phony Ben Franklin look alike – except for world’s worse comb over that is – Carl Levin called for the ouster of duly elected Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al Maliki. The president did say that the Iraqi Prime Minister is not a matter decided by Democrat senators seeking some political advantage.

The president could have wrapped Levin’s idiocy in with the parallels of Iraq with Vietnam. In 1963 Democrat President John F. Kennedy authorized the removal and assassination of South Vietnamese President Ngo Diem. There is no question Diem was corrupt and ran South Vietnam as if it were an ATM for his own and his family’s benefit. There is also no question that there was a bloody war being fought, Diem had a winning strategy (the strategic hamlet program) and was an ardent anti-communist.

A strategic thinker in Washington, if there is such a thing, might have counseled JFK to tolerate Diem until the communists had been defeated then move him out quietly. Instead they assassinated Diem; South Vietnam’s government was permanently destabilized undergoing several more coups; the North was emboldened by the instability and used the assassination as proof of the South’s puppet status to the US and the war was lost.

Sometimes it’s better to deal with the devil you know than to throw him overboard and deal with one you don’t.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SHOCKING! The CIA fouled up

In what has to be the biggest understatement ever produced by a government funded study, the CIA, in an internal agency report, found that, “the agency and its officers did not discharge their responsibilities in a satisfactory manner," with regard to pre 9/11 intelligence. Gee what was the first clue? The 3,000 dead Americans? The wreckage at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon or Shanksville?

I’ll be darned. Six year after 9/11, highly paid government officials issue a report that cost tax payers 100s of thousands of dollars and they arrive at the exact same conclusions that Ned the wino and Joe sh*& the rag man came to while sharing a bottle of MD 20/20 fifteen minutes after the first plane hit the WTC. The CIA screwed up. Who knew? Who could have even imagined such a thing?

Well Frank Church for one. He’s the assbag politician whose name is attached the legislation that went about neutering the CIA after Watergate in 1975. Now that the politicians handiwork is done, they line up to fix blame on the CIA– the very organization that the politicians did their best to destroy; the military – always fair game for creepy pols like Harry Reid; the Republican administration – not the Dems who built the wall between intelligence agencies making it illegal for them to share information. Dems are demanding accountability for 9/11 and are willing to point the finger of blame at everyone but at themselves. And it is they who are most culpable.

Even with perfect intelligence and the will to do something about al Qaeda, the CIA had to know that if they had whacked bin Laden in Afghanistan before 9/11, a bloated half drunk Teddy Kennedy and half a dozen other craven Dems would have been frothing at the mouth demanding that heads at the CIA roll for their “illegal actions.” If it were a Republican president in office at the time, calls for impeachment would have been immediate. Were it Clinton, the buck would have been passed to the CIA Director a la Janet Reno at Wako. The Dems would then roll happily along destroying the CIA Director and issuing new rules to further hamper the CIA in their mission to protect the American people – then raise holy he*& when the inevitable disaster occurs as a result of their boneheaded Polly Anna approach to dealing with a nasty world.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Arellano deported; forgets son

Illegal alien Elvira Arellano was deported to Mexico after nearly a year holed up in a Chicago church. Church leaders were outraged. “Who’s going to clean this place up now,” lamented the pastor. Church folks were equally infuriated at the feds’ heavy handedness that will result in the loss of the 25 cent an hour (20 cents an hour for two or more children) childcare service.

Ms Arellano’s chief objective in defying a ten year old deportation order was so she could stay with her eight year old son who has ADHAD – which is also known as being an eight year old boy. So, sticking to principle, Ms Arellano decided to abandon her eight year old and return to Mexico alone. Hmm that doesn’t sound right. Shouldn’t she have taken the boy with her if her chief objective was to keep the two of them together? Oh well, just an oversight I’m sure. Who hasn’t forgotten something in hotel room when traveling? Anyway, the church grounds keeper is delighted. “It won’t be long before the boy is able to push a mower for a nickel an hour.”

Meanwhile down in Texas, assbag prosecutor Johnny Fitzfong Sutton has rounded up a pose to go to Los Angeles and do a snatch and grab on the ICE officials who deported Ms Arellano. “This is an outrage!! I’ll not stand silently by while Border Patrol agents and ICE officials enforce our immigration laws. These renegade federal officials doing their job must be stopped. And I’m just the guy to do it. I’ll manufacture damning evidence while withholding exculpatory evidence and run these honorable public servants right to the nearest federal penitentiary. And I’ll not stop until we have the open borders that President Bush and the Mexican government have sought.”

The boy is lucky Janet Reno isn’t around. No doubt she’d be storming the church with federal customs agents, snatching the lad and forcibly returning him to his mother who doesn’t really want him after all. Or do we just do that sort of thing when the child is to be returned to a communist country?

Monday, August 20, 2007

The dimmest bulb in the series lights the way

Why is it that Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith is such a big? When Democrat Harry Reid ascended to be leader of the Senate, nary a word was mentioned about HIS Mormon faith. But then really, unless you’re some crooked Nevada land owner in need of some quick rezoning legislation, or one of Harry’s progenies incapable of securing employment on your own, could Harry be any more irrelevant? He’s nowhere to be found in the order of succession to the presidency and has accomplished next to nothing as senate “leader.”

But Harry talks…a lot. When SecDef Rumsfeld was using minimal forces in Iraq in an effort to get the Iraqis to stand up and take charge on their own, Harry was calling for Rumsfeld’s firing and more troops in Iraq. When Bush fired Rumsfeld and deployed more troops, Harry said the surge had failed before the troops were even in place and demanded that Iraqis stand up and take charge on their own.

Now, as it becomes apparent that the surge is working, Harry is leading a new Democrat strategy. Many of the Democrat kooks are already playing the, hear no good news, see no good news, speak no good news about Iraq game. The even kookier are playing that game plus a nastier game still, savage the messenger.

Harry has already called General Petraeus incompetent. That’s sort of like Mike Nifong questioning Perry Mason’s lawyering skills, or Mike Vick questioning PETA’s dedication to preventing animal cruelty, or Barry Bonds calling Hank Aaron a cheater. Harry, like most politicians, knows about as much about the military as he does about earning an honest living – next to nothing.

Were I Harry, I’d demand closed door hearings. General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker will make Harry, RC Durbin, J Rockhead, Shrill and the other Democrats look dumber than Chuck box o’ rocks Hagle in an open hearing. The reason is simple, by a factor of between 3 and 10, Petraeus and Crocker will be the two smartest guys in any room otherwise full of politicians and MSM morons. I can’t wait for Jack the ass Murtha’s questions about a strategic redeployment to “nearby” Okinawa.

The funny thing is that pols comes off like an six year old trying to school dad on the finer points of baseball because the boy just finished his first year of t-ball. The boy, based on his experience, thinks he knows everything, but nearly everyone else knows better.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Ilegals doing the murders Americans just won't do

Open borders fanatic Jerry Rivers (AKA Geraldo Rivera) is in high dudgeon over the latest murders, or as Newt Gingrich calls it “massacre,” of US citizens in New Jersey by illegal aliens. Jerry wants to know why, of all of the hundreds of murders in the Garden State, the only one to catch the media’s eye is the one where an illegal alien guns down three bright young people of color.

Well, Jerry the routine pop fly does not make the sports center top 10 plays of the day. Nobody notices the tan sedan driving the speed limit on the freeway. The MSM will not cover good news in America’s struggle for its very survival in the war on terror. Mom and dad don’t get upset when jr. brings home three As, two Bs and C in PhysEd on his report card. In other words Jerry, an ordinary murder (drug addicts shooting a drug dealer) in the murder capital of America is rather ho hum.

But an illegal alien out on bail on a 31 count indictment including child rape, who then guns down three college students, is a “man bites dog” story even in a blue state where murder happens to be the norm. So, as is the case in the typical Lib utopia, the Dem pols in New Jersey are now going after guns instead of the people who use them to gun down promising young people. Well Jerry, guns don’t kill people; illegal aliens out on 31 count indictments, including child rape, living in sanctuary cities, toting guns they have no right to carry kill people. And that’s what makes this sorry episode a story.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Target Iran

Lex has been advocating an expansion of the war on terror into two state sponsors of terror, Syria and Iran, for about three years now. It looks as if the president is about to take the first step of initiating the beginning of the precursor of the first stage of the initial phase of starting to confront Iran. Naming Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization is a big deal. That designation allows the administration to freeze funds and cut US funding to anyone who does business with the creeps sending IEDs into Iraq to kill Americans. Trust me the quickest way to a sleazy Frog or Kraut businessman’s heart is through his wallet. When it comes to money and business, the good ol’ USA is a bit of a better bet than Iran.

When the situation escalates, as it surely will, it will put smarmy Eddie Haskell type politicians on the spot. You know the ones, the sanctimonious bags of excrement that are so fond of saying how much they support the troops. Yeah, they support the troops. That is when they aren’t calling the troop’s Commander in Chief a liar, or the troop’s commander on the ground incompetent, or calling the troops themselves, stupid, murderous, cruel, home invaders or saying the troop’s mission is a failure. Other than that, they support the troops 100%.

When Bush asks congress to authorize the military to attack the terrorists attacking our troops in Iraq, those very gasbags are going to have to step up, shut up or admit that they really do not support the troops after all and never really have. But the gasbags will mask their loathing, to use a word once used by a famous “troop supporter” to describe the military, behind a call for more diplomacy or a retreat of US forces from harm’s way. Yeah, that’s right the gasbags will support the troops by calling for their defeat and surrender. Now really, how much more could you support a guy?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ft. Wayne School Board asks 500 million for repairs

The Ft. Wayne Community School Board (pictured above) lost, nay was destroyed in the recent referendum on spending 500 million dollars on Ft. Wayne Community School repairs. The board’s request was defeated by voters 3 to 1. The yellow petitioners (those in favor dumping half a billion into a crumbling school system) used the tried true reasoning of “it’s for the children” during their disastrous campaign. It didn’t wash.

Now the school year is about to start and the sanctimonious holier-than-thou yellow petitioners are challenging the blue petitioners (those bright enough not to turn half a billion dollars over to Larry, Curley and Moe) to turn off their air conditioners. Here’s an example:

Turn off air conditioner with school starting soon

School begins soon (Aug. 20). This is a reminder to all the “blue petitioners” with air conditioning – don’t forget to shut off the air conditioning in your homes, vehicles and businesses for the year. After all, your money is tight, and it’s only right that you do unto yourselves what you would do unto others, in your case the teachers and children of Fort Wayne.
Fort Wayne

First, I don’t know Rod, but from the tone of his letter, I get a mental picture of him as a forty something year old working at a low end shoe store. He gets up every morning in his one bedroom "apartment" in mom's basement and fumbles for his Coke bottle glasses so he can get his comb over in place, dresses in the finest polyester J.C. Penny has to offer before hopping into his lime green Gremlin and heading down to the Payless were he works as a “manager”. He spends his free time angry at anybody with a better living arrangement, eyes, hair, wardrobe, car and/or a better job. Unfortunately for Rod, that includes nearly everyone on the planet. So he’s angry a lot.

Now, I can understand how a school system might need repairs – even emergency unfunded repairs. What I cannot understand his how a school system gets 500 million dollars behind in repairs. Shouldn’t Larry, Curley and Moe have piped up when the school system was, oh I don’t know say, 10, 20, 50, 100 or even a 150 million behind in repairs? Why in the name Mosses would anyone trust the boobs who waited until they were 500 million dollars behind in repairs to say anything, with spending the half a billion dollars required to fix a problem they caused?

There is a Three Stooges short movie titled “The Painters” where the Stooges are hired as painters and paper hangers. Predictably, the Stooges destroy the very house they are employed to improve. It is unlikely that the owner of that home would then turn around and hire the Stooges to repair the very damages that they caused. Ft. Wayne voters took the same common sense approach. Larry, Curley and Moe got us into this mess. It’s unlikely that they have the mental acumen to get us out.

So, Lex fired this off to the Daily Punctilio (AKA Journal Gazette):

Yellow Petitioners should put THEIR money where their mouths are

I'll make Rod Schlabach a deal. I'll shut off my air conditioner when he and the other holier-than-thou "yellow petitioners" cough up the half billion dollars requested for the FWCS repairs. Come on Rod, put YOUR money where your mouth is. Take on a second or third job and sell the house if necessary. After all, it's for the children.

UPDATE: Besides who was the genius who decided to start the school year in the middle of August anyway? Oh yeah, the Ft. Wayne Community School Board. Brilliant!

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Evil genius Karl Rove departs

Karl Rove is leaving the Bush White House. So what’s the big deal? Heavies come and go all of the time in administrations. Rove has been there seven years plus Bush’s two-and-a-half terms as governor of Texas. It’s time to move on and bring in some new blood for the last year or so. Besides Rove is just an assistant to the Chief of Staff. So his leaving cannot be that big of deal.

That is unless you’re an unhinged lunatic Dem or the average member of the MSM, which in most cases happen to be one in the same. As arch enemies go, Dems have to be a bit embarrassed with Karl Rove. How does the mild mannered, geeky, pasty faced, pudgy, overweight and bespectacled Rove morph into Godzilla, King Cong, Lord Valdamort, Darth Vader, Professor Moriarty and Dennis the Menace all rolled into one for Democrats?

How would it look for the Boston Celtics to have as an arch rival the Memphis Grandmas? Embarrassing. What if Ohio State’s arch rival was not the Michigan Wolverines but rather the Columbus School for Girls? Embarrassing. What if the greatest rivalry in boxing pitted Smokin’ Joe Frazier against Lindsay Lohan? Embarrassing. Then what if Frazier got beat?

Well the Democrats have chosen to portray Karl Rove as evil incarnated. The mental picture is one of the Monty Python movie where the Nights of the Round Table have to fight a small white rabbit. After the rabbit mauls several of the knights, a survivor remarks, “That rabbit’s dynamite.” The scene ends with the knights “lobbing thy holy hand grenade” at the rabbit. There is a huge explosion. When the smoke clears, a little white rabbit hops out from behind a rock.

So it is with Karl Rove. Democrats have attacked him in every way from every angle at every opportunity. Now, like the movie, Karl is hopping away pretty much unscathed.

The lesson? You should never elevate mere mortal enemies to mythical status, because you just look silly when they beat you.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

MSM lazier by the day

Monica Hesse is making a bid to be the most insipid and stupid person among an entire industry made up of insipid and stupid people. Not content with or probably even capable of taking on the difficult issue of the “trophy wife” aspect of the Republican field of presidential candidates, Hesse has found THE key issue into which every insipid and stupid American can sink his teeth; a candidate's, or in this case for now, a non-candidate’s first name. The candidate, of course, is Fred Thompson.

Hesse has dedicated her WaPost article to ridiculing the name Fred. One can almost hear her and her Junior High classmates giggling out loud as they say “Fred” over and over while they skip down the mall looking for some gnarly back to school gear that’ll pass dad’s inspection but is not too lame. Then off to see the Simpson movie for the 43rd time.

What’s next? Monica and the girls deciding whose best qualified to be President of the United States by who has the best car? Oh, that John Edwards is sooooo cute and he has a Prius. But his first name is another name for the toilet. OOOooooooooooooooooo.

I really don’t know what’s worse, Monica writing this kind of crap or editors wasting space, ink and newsprint to publish it. Hey, wait a minute. I remember a girl named Monica, a black beret, cigars and knee pads. OOOoooooooooooooooooooo.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The coming subprime bail out

Subprime loans: Initially cheap loans offered to subeducated barrowers who are willing to take a sublogical risk that their subprime loan will not become an extraordinarily overprime loan in a sublong term period of less than five years.

So, many people flocked to the lenders and barrowed money to pay for houses that they otherwise could not afford and would never have even considered. Now, like when you make a deal with the devil, the devil wants his due. The people who took advantage of this deal that seemed too good to be true are finding out that it was.

And so whose fault is it? The barrower who thought that they could move into $250,000 home for the same money that they were paying for a three bedroom apartment? No. It’s the lenders fault. And because the lender was stupid enough to spell out every detail of the agreement in a binding contract signed by the barrower, it’s our fault.

Our fault? How do you figure? Hey Mr. & Mrs. America wake up and smell the coffee. Do you really think Democrats will allow one of their most reliable demographics – victims – to pick up the tab for their own foolishness? You can bet that Democrats have already identified some hapless subprime barrower with his crippled wife who shot herself in the foot with a defective Colt firearm, when she spilled hot coffee on her lap from a defective cup, while over steering a defective SUV to avoid an endangered squirrel, forced out of its nest and on to the road by global warming, that she could not see from the cloud of smoke pouring from her defective menthol cigarette, while driving home from her voting precinct after being disenfranchised during the 2000 election because she was too dumb to read the ballot. Did I mention she was an illegal alien?

Meanwhile, 1,000s of Americans are taking on extra work, cutting back on movies and dinners out and restructuring their loans to meet their obligations. To Democrats, these are the real subeducated people, taking responsibility for themselves and getting along without the government.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Preparing for the 5th column

It may be time for whitey to get his gun. I’ve got mine, but I’m headed down to H & H “the largest gun store in Allen County” and buying more ammunition. – Which reminds me of a sticker I saw; “Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms should be a convenience store not a government agency” – but I digress.

Muslims in America are becoming a pampered, catered to and ever more militant sect. People – governments actually - think it’s OK to install foot baths using public funds at a state university. It’s a safety issue goes the mantra. Hey, carry a jug of water or use a garden hose. And where’s the vaunted ACLU protecting us from this bit of religion? Nowhere to be found.

Then there are the Muslim clerks at Target who won’t check out your pork products. Huh? Ring it up baby or get the manager. No switching clerks either or pork free lines for the Muslims and Jews. A perfect silent protest for any store that caves into this demand is for a never ending line of single item purchasers of pork rinds, bacon, slim jims, spam and canned ham.

Then there are the Muslim taxi drivers who won’t pick up anyone with a bottle of wine or even the blind man with a working dog, because it offends their religion. Well guess what? Get over it or get a different job. I hear the university is looking for volunteers to live as if they were back in the 7th century so that they can study the cause and effect of that life style with wanting to blow yourself up. Which if you confine that activity to blowing YOURSELF up sounds reasonable enough. That kind of employment might be right up your alley.

But that is all dopey kid’s stuff the hate America group CAIR gets behind and whines about. The reason you may want to rethink your 2nd Amendment rights, while we still have one, is a trio of stories. First, because of onerous tax codes, birth control, abortion and destruction of the concept of family, white families are on the decline world wide. In America one in ten counties are minority white counties. Russia recently started paying white Russians to have babies. France revised its tax code to encourage procreation.

Again, a decline of the white race is not the end of the world. After all, our strength is our diversity – right?

But couple that story with stories about Islamo-Terror-Fascists posing as Hispanics and joining with Mexican drug cartels and the Nation of Islam recruiting young blacks principally on a shared hatred of white America then…Houston, we have a problem.

We have this sort of perfect storm of the world wide rise of radical Islam, decline of Western values, infiltration of American minorities by the ITF and innocuous campaign by Islamists for a change in American culture. We have an election in the near future that will likely as not result in a victory for a party that wants to further open our borders and dilute and destroy what’s left of the culture. When this 5th column arises, who do you think they will come after?

But hey, I’m not an alarmist living on some compound in Montana. But when all hell breaks loose, that’s where I’m headed.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bud Selig's name needs an asterisk

There is a new homerun king. Barry Bonds smacked #756 last night in San Francisco. Many purists are calling for an asterisk next to Bonds’ name in the record book because of alleged steroid use.

The baseball record book needs more than an asterisk. It needs a bright yellow line on July 2, 1992. That’s the date that Bud Selig wormed his way into the Baseball Commissioner’s office. It was Selig, baseball owners and managers who had no regard for Major League Baseball’s record book or the health of neither their players nor the sport. All they cared about were putting cheeks in the seats.

Homers were deemed the way to bring the fans back to baseball. So what to do? Juice the ball and the players, expand the league thereby diluting the pitching pool and let ‘em fly.

Then you act as if you had nothing to do with it when baseball’s, nay the sporting world’s most cherished record is broken by someone suspected of using performance enhancing drugs. Selig and baseball owner’s part in this is akin to the parents who watch while their son’s grades drop, he wrecks a series of cars, he staggers into the house late every night, leaves late for school everyday, looking like he just jumped off of a freight train and after months of this behavior, the parents act shocked when the boy is arrested at 2 am for buying drugs.

UPDATE: That is a bad analogy because as bad as the paerents appear in this case, they did not actually encourage the boy's behavior. Selig and the owners have.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's too early for politics, but...

Well we’re only one year, three and half months away from the ’08 election. Amazing how these things sneak up on you. I could have sworn it’s only been seven months or so since the new congress was sworn in. Oh well, time flies when Harry and Nancy are running the show.

Since the election is just around the corner, I thought I’d give some insight that will be forgotten by the time anyone is really paying attention, at which time I can say, I told you so if I’m close, or offer a completely new set of insights without penalty if I’m way off.

First, Hillary will win. Dems are just too closed minded to give that nice black man a chance. They will go to his rallies; give him a lot of money; even say they are going to vote for him; but in the booth Dems will never risk the general election on a black man.

Hillary, if she’s smart, will ignore the temptation to bring Obama on as her VP. Conventional wisdom will call for her to unify the party and bring Obama on as VP. If she does, she’ll lose. Obama does nothing to broaden her appeal, but then short of getting the Pope to run with her, who could. She should pick Biden or if she’s really out for the glory Al Gore. Picking Al Gore would allow them use all of the old campaign stickers and buttons from Bill’s days and save a ton. Gore’s got an Oscar (maybe even a Nobel Peace Prize by year’s end) and could motivate a lot of people.

She’ll pick Obama. Then something quite remarkable will happen. After losing the Democrat nomination to a white woman because holier than thou Dems wouldn’t vote for a black man, the MSM will begin a relentless campaign to tag red staters who don’t support Obama as racists.

The Republican field is a bit harder to handicap. The three frontrunners - Rudy, Mitt and Fred - each have, as Yogi Berra might say, a 50-50 chance. Did you know that Mitt was a Mormon? I had no idea. You’d think the MSM would mention that or at least obsess on it a bit. Instead they focus like a laser on the really important questions, like, do you think it’d be good for America if Bill Clinton were back in the White House.

Fred’s the man. But his wife is attractive. According the NY Times that has to hurt him. After all, who wants a popular president with an attractive wife?

While Fred has the country charm, Mitt is bright. Maybe too bright. The MSMers are forever telling us how he knows too many of the answers. We all know how knowing all the right answers can be a drawback in a society that, as a whole, knows so few. For instance in Florida, Democrats apparently didn’t even know who they voted for in 2000. We’re probably better off with someone a little dumber and a little less confident than Mitt.

Then there’s the frontrunner, Rudy – America’s Mayor! But alas, after being asked for the 150,000th time by the MSM, Rudy still thinks abortion is a state’s rights issue. Worse yet for redneck red staters, he doesn’t think everyone in America ought to own a bazooka. Geeez, that’s nearly as bad as being a Mormon or having a good looking wife. What’s next, children that can sing and dance and donate their time working in a soup kitchen?

I think it’ll come down to Fred or Rudy. Mitt has the triple whammy of being Mormon, having an attractive wife and five handsome sons. So unless he changes religion or dumps his attractive wife for an overweight staffer, the MSM is never going to be comfortable with Mitt.

So the VP question arises with the same dynamics for the Republicans. Fred and Rudy or Rudy and Fred?

Neither, in my opinion. Pick Condi Rice. This would so discombobulate the press and blow up their “you’re a racist if you don’t support Obama” mantra, it’d be fun to watch. Also, when the VP debate rolls around, it’ll be like watching Mom teach Lex jr how to do double digit multiplication at the dinner table. Then there is the whole, who’s blacker question. Rice wins again. Not only because she is about three shades darker, but because she was raised by two black parents in segregationist AL and lost childhood friends in a Birmingham church burning. Obama was raised by his white mother in white suburban Chicago neighborhoods. And even if Obama tries to gain the upper hand by turning the debate sports, Condi will spank him. Her dream job is becoming the Commissioner of the NFL.

So MSM are going to have to deal with polls that find that most blacks think Condi is blacker, smarter, more qualified and knows more about football than Obama. You can almost hear America after the debate, "Damn, she da' man." Which would make Obama the...what?

Monday, August 06, 2007

Libs in perfect harmony

Joseph Gobbles would be agog at the how the left can within minutes get its entire propaganda machine singing to the same tune. The ripples in the murky waters of the Mississippi had not reached the far bank after the bridge collapse in Minnesota before Libs were singing in perfect harmony that the bridge fell because of money spent in Iraq.

Let me just say that anybody whose budget approximates three trillion dollars is not suffering from a lack of money to do anything. It’s not a shortage of tax dollars. It’s how the absolute losers in Washington chose to spend those tax dollars. For instance, Jack Murtha scored $150 million dollars in pork projects. It’s a bipartisan issue. Trent doesn’t think a Lott, wants to spend $700 million tearing up a rail line in Mississippi that the railroad has just spent $300 million repairing. The government wastes your tax money on everything from subsidizing sports stadiums for billionaire team owners to providing funding for tasteless art work produced by no talent artists who couldn’t paint an outhouse.

Now the lefties are in high dudgeon over a single bridge collapsing for as yet undetermined reasons. How ironic would it be if the collapse is determined to have been caused by the repairs being performed on the bridge? What could we draw from that lesson? Better to let the infrastructure crumble on its own than try to fix it and destroy it in the process.

So the Libs think it’s perfectly acceptable to spend $14 billion dollars on the Big Dig in Boston, watching it collapse, and then spending hundreds of millions more to do the job right but cringe at spending money to fight a war on Islamo-Terror-Fascists. And while most people would agree that the US has strategic interests in the Middle East, the MSM and Libs would have us believe it is far better to build a bridge to nowhere for an arrogant sleazy AK senator than to fix the bridges we already have or confront the ITF in the Middle East.

So, Libs tell the big LIE: while al Qaeda was organizing in every corner of the world, they never were in Iraq in before the war. Well, al Qaeda is undeniably in Iraq now, but Libs extorted 21 BILLION in pork in exchange for sending the president a relatively clean Iraq spending bill. Then there’s the latest dust in the house where apparently Libs think we have enough money to pay for housing and education subsidies to ILLEGAL ALLIENS but we don’t have enough to fix the bridges. The idea that there is not enough money to fix the infrastructure is laughable. It’s not the money. It’s the backassward priorities set by dopes in Washington.

Then there is this. 15.5% of the transportation tax goes to mass transit. That’s right, 15.5% of your gas taxes and other fees go to running empty bus lines, building riderless money losing light rail lines and propping up AMTRAC. When is the last time you rode a city bus? Did you enjoy the experience?

So a bridge falls into a river, as bridges are wont to do every 25 years or so, and Libs go nuts “THE INFRASTRUCTURE IS FALLING APART!!” Well it isn’t. And even if it were, it’s a matter of setting priorities not raising taxes or quitting the war against the Islamo-Terror-Fascists trying to kill us all much faster than collapsing bridges could ever do the job.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday roundup

Speaker Stalin
Something happened late last night in the House of Representatives that hasn’t made the papers. The Politico is reporting a huge blow up between Dems and Reps. The issue that caused the blow up was an immigration bill motion to bar undocumented immigrants from receiving any federal funds apportioned in the agricultural spending bill for employment or rental assistance. The motion was passed 215-213. Dems hold about a 30 seat majority in the house. So, 17 or so Democrats had to side with Republicans in passing this bill. If even one Republican sides with the Democrats on a measure, our heroic MSM never fails to call it a bipartisan agreement - that’s if even just one Republican crossed the line to vote with Democrats. Here we have about 17 Dems crossing over.

The Democrat leadership, not happy with the outcome, took a page from Stalin and simply closed the vote; called it tie; said the motion failed and expunged records of the vote. One wonders how such a thing could happen in America. What’s next, bridges collapsing into the Mississippi?

Rudy on fire
Rudy has been hitting Democrats hard on their tax and spend philosophy of government – that is when they aren’t shutting that government down when a vote doesn’t go their way.
He’s been hitting them on their isolationist tactics for waging the war on terror – that is when Dems aren’t advocating invading our coalition partners. He has pegged their healthcare plans as socialized medicine while offering a pro private payer system himself. He has pulled well ahead of the Republican field and stands one point ahead or behind of any Democrat candidate in the polls. He is capable of contesting every state in the union to include NY and CA. So what’s the down side? Hmmm, I’m thinking.

Bridges collapsing into the Mississippi
Actually, bridges collapsing are not all that rare an occurrence. When a cable station started to list the history of bridge failures in the US, the report went on for some time. We don’t know what caused this collapse. One theory a local guy posited was that bridge repair crews didn’t allow for enough room for the expansion of the concrete that they were pouring. When the concrete expanded, it knocked the bridge off its pilings.

Hmm, sounds plausible. It is a bit odd that the bridge was undergoing repair at the time of the failure.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

First order of business, a military strike against your coalition partner

Barack Obama, or as he’s known on the Rush Limbaugh show, Barack the magic negro, sung to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon, in the voice of Al Sharpton singing through a bullhorn, has said that he’d offer the world’s thugs, dictators and madmen the courtesy and prestige of a high level meeting with him as President of the United States in his first year in office. Yea, yea, I know the JFK quote – never negotiate out of fear, never fear to negotiate. But what really do you say to Kim Jung Il?

Look, Kim baby, you got millions of people starving right now. There's more food at the Ft. Wayne Holiday Inn’s continental breakfast than you have in your entire miserable country. Have you see this satellite picture of your backward-ass country at night. Look, no lights Kim baby. None. Lex jr. has more light coming from his three cell flashlight on camp out than your whole country. Kim, baby, look I know how it feels to be duped. I kept my beta VCR player and tapes for years waiting for beta to make its big comeback, I had to let go. You need to let go of this idea that communism equals utopia. It ain’t happinin baby.

So what’s the worse that can happen? You waste some fuel flying over there; you get to see a nice flag show; you appear in a couple of hundred carefully staged propaganda shots and waste more fuel flying home. At the end of the day nothing too Earth shattering.

But even before the CO2 emission from Barack’s statement on meeting with thugs had a chance to contribute to global warming, the magic Negro said he’d send troops into Pakistan. So we’re going to pow wow with our enemies and invade our coalition partners? Is that right? Hey makes sense to me. Let’s bomb England next. They are our best ally. Let’s get them first. Besides, I never could stand those limey bastards over in England ever since a nasty hang over from too much Beefeaters Gin and tonic.

Finally a politician who understands Sun Tsu’s advice to keep your enemies close and invade your friends. No wait, that’s not right – keep your friends close – so you can stab them in the back – and enemies closer - so you can negotiate with them. Barack Obama; just another serious Democrat candidate running for President of the United States. When he loses, it won’t be because he’s an inexperienced fool; it’ll be because America is a racists country unwilling to give a magic Negro a chance.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Body counts

I have not been to Iraq. I don’t even play someone who has on TV. I don’t even know anyone in a high level position in Iraq. So what follows may well be wrong, but after all this page is about “the truth I see it” not how it is. Hopefully, more times than not, the two are one in the same.

There is great ballyhoo over the number of US casualties in Iraq dropping precipitously this month. It’s hard to look at the numbers and not see good news. I look at the numbers and wonder what’s up. I’ve often said that more troops will lead to more casualties. That’s particularly true when those troops begin to squeeze the enemy. Well we have more troops and they are squeezing enemy - hard. We know that this is a ruthless and clever enemy capable of adjusting his tactics quickly. So, where are the casualties?

Here are a few explanations:

First, our constant pressure on the enemy’s command control have placed us so far inside his decision cycle that he cannot mount a coordinated attack. There is the famous OODA Loop – Observe – Orient - Decide – Act, which describes combat decision making by leaders. It is possible that the al Qaeda leadership in Iraq is under so much pressure just to survive day-to-day that it cannot observe what is happening, orient on a coalition weak point, decide how to attack the weakness or muster forces necessary to act on that weakness. As a result, we see scattered uncoordinated attacks with no strategy other than inflicting pain and suffering on civilians at soft targets.

Next, the enemy may have reached a culminating point (CP). A CP is when a military force has used up a good portion of his men and or material and needs to regroup. We know that early on in the surge the enemy resisted in a big way. That resistance may have caused him to use up an inordinate amount of his men and or material. If that’s the case, we will see him regroup, rest and rearm for a new round shortly. What would be useful at this point is to know what kind of enemy body count we are achieving. If we are routing them and rolling them up, enemy body counts should be high. If he's resting and hiding, the count would be lower. We don’t play the enemy body count game anymore, so it’s hard to know.

Last, the enemy is simply husbanding resources for an all out push at the right time. Think of a Tet Offensive type maneuver. This is exactly what I’d be doing. Were I bin Laden, I could easily see that a poor US Army September report is what my allies in the Democrat controlled congress need to pull US troops from my most important front. I know I cannot beat the US in a straight up fight, so I pull back until about mid-August. Then I let loose with everything that I have. I kill, maim and blow up everything in sight just in time for the congressional hearings. It doesn’t matter if I win or lose this last big push. It didn’t matter in Vietnam when the Tet Offensive failed miserably. The center of gravity in this fight is not the US military. It is US public opinion and the Democrat controlled congress.

Trust me, if I’ve considered the last scenario, so have the great minds on the coalition staff. The way to defeat such a strategy is by increasing pressure on enemy supply lines, hide outs and recruiting; disrupting enemy cells and communications in every manner possible; getting inside his OODA Loop, and not allowing him to plan and coordinate. Such efforts should cause increased coalition and enemy casualties.

But that’s where we came into this piece.