Friday, May 29, 2015

Draw Mo rides again

I see that there is another one of those draw Mo contests.  This one is being sponsored by a armed bikers and will take place outside the mosque where the two Garland, TX Islamo-Terror-Fascist shooters attended.  The location should save on travel costs for any more ITF shooters.

In the past I’ve thought that such things were unnecessary.  I didn’t like Pee Christ or Dung Mary.  To be consistent, I shouldn’t like draw Mo contests.  But, the pope never issued a fatwa on anyone disrespecting a crucifix or the Virgin Mary and the government isn’t paying for the Mo contests. So as long as the ITF are going to whip themselves into fury over a few lines on a piece of paper, I think we have to dull their senses to these events by holding them on a regular basis.

As stated two post under, errors not corrected are by default approved.  So if you allow the ITF to tell Americans that they cannot draw Mo with no push back, the ITF position becomes the de facto approved rule.

I notice that the lefty lib’s storm troopers - the Gaystapo – never ever get near murderous ITF azzclowns.  It’s so much better for their health – especially now that Robertscare is the law of the land - to go after an Indiana pizza shop for not catering a homosexual wedding that no one wanted them to cater in the first place, than to show up at a Mosque and protest that religion’s 7th century approach to homosexuality.  The task of confronting the 7th century nature of Islam is left to real defenders of liberty more interested in protecting the 1st amendment than forcing people to attend their marriage to their pet hamster. 
I cannot draw.  So here’s the description of my submission: Mo wearing a suicide vest having sex with a goat while roasting a ham steak over a burning koran and a Mo self-portrait - a la Norman Rockwell – on an easel in the background.  That should pretty much cover the waterfront.  What?  Too subtle?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lefty Libs assault everything traditional

In the two posts under, Lex looks how the lefty Libs have been openly advocating for policies that have been undermining the country for the last 40 years.  While the Dopes have been on the march to bring the country to its knees, Republi-Rats think that they are doing their job by looking for a carpet with deeper pile and more padding to soften the blow rather than step up to fight the decline. 

It’s not only the US government falling prey to the lefty Libs relentless pressure.  Traditional organizations of every kind are under constant attack and as a result are bit by bit changing to accommodate the lefty Libs.  To my way of thinking, the Catholic Church has been in bed with the Dope party for most of the last 50 years.  The church whole-heartedly supported most of the social spending the government did on behalf of the poor.  The church was so fully behind the Dope on this issue, Lex sent a letter to the asking that he’ could just once hear priest tell the flock that voting for someone who will raise your neighbor’s taxes is NOT charity.

The church also foolishly backed Robertscare right up to the point it became clear that after passing the bill without reading it, the church found out the government would revoke their adoption service rights because they refused to facilitate adoption for homosexual couples.  Then they learned the good Joe Wilson was right when he shouted “YOU LIE!” at The Empty Suit during the State of the Union. Dopes from TES on down assured the American people that Robertscare would not force religious groups to funds abortion and contraceptives that violated their deeply held religious beliefs.  Today the heavy hand of government is coming down on the church’s schools and hospitals to fund the very things the Dopes said the church would not be required to fund.  Too bad for the Bishops that congress had to pass the bill to find out what was in it.

It took the Little Sisters of the poor and a score of other religious groups to wake the Bishops up.  They showed the Bishops the folly of trusting the government.  It took the Supreme Court hold the Dopes to their word – sort of. 

Now the Dopes are enlisting their Storm Troopers – the Gaystapo – to get after Christians in general and Catholics in particular.  The Gaystapo is equating scripture with hate speech.  The Bishops and this Pope seem to want to ride out this storm rather than stand for the Bible and natural law.  The Pope asked Catholics not to be obsessed with homosexuals and abortion.

Well, the “obsession” with abortion is working.  That issue is turning in the church’s favor largely due to ultrasound technology.  As the saying goes, a picture is worth 1,000 words. 

I’d say Francis is 180 out phase on homosexuals.  It’s not Catholics obsessed with homosexuals.   It’s the Gaystapo who is obsessed with Christians and Catholics. Who is suing who here?  The Gaystapo is suing us for not wanting to participate in whatever it is they want to do with each other.  Not giving a $h!t about homosexuals is not OK.  You must affirm homosexuals or you are a bigot.  Keeping with the lefty Lib tactic of debate, when losing call your opponent a racist, homophobic, sexist bigot. 

The Gaystapo’s tactic of calling us bigots for supporting scripture and natural law is gaining ground.  And while homosexuals make up only about 2% of the population, you cannot turn on the TV or go to a movie without being inundated with sympathetic homosexual characters to get their message out.  Christians make up 71% of the population but when was the last time you saw one portrayed in a positive light? 
The Bishops and our pope at this point are more interested in getting along to go along.  They will support lefty Lib policy right up to the point the Gaystapo storms their services and locks the doors.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Welfare is poster child for Dope policy in the last 50 years

In the post under Lex notes that America is on the track to implosion as direct result of 50 years of well publicized Dope policy and the Rats’ near total failure to oppose any of it.  The Rats’ failure goes well beyond the confirmation of Loretta Lynch to take over from the wad or for rolling over on a secret trade deal that cedes more power to a lawless dope.  Nothing exposes the slow unrelenting pressure of destructive Dope policy better than America’s current welfare programs.        

America’s welfare system in many cases subsidizes bad decisions.  You cannot let a second grader go on thinking 2+2=5.  As someone once said, an error uncorrected is approved.  The error has to be corrected every time it occurs. The same is true for rewarding bad behavior.  In the guise of “compassion” America’s welfare system has not only NOT corrected many social errors, it has actually taken to rewarding them.  Welfare is no longer the bare bones safety net or temporary bridge it is supposed to be.  It is a way of life.

The lefty Libs use the modern welfare system to attract and then entrap a large voting bloc.  The Dopes rail against Republicans for wanting to cut social spending and “balance the budget on the backs of minorities, the poor and elderly.” So the Dopes loudly and clearly advocate for more duplicative government programs to issue more and more benefits to more and more people.  The Dope vote buying scheme has become so “successful” that the Dopes have ensnared Romney’s famous 47% of the people into government “benefits” life f low expectations.

But it’s worse than just a vote buying scheme.  In many cases the government offers up a nice reward for bad behavior.  Having kids out of wedlock used to be a taboo.  Now unemployed “single moms” are modern day heroines that make a self-reliant Rosie the Riveter type woman look like a chump and the woman who marries before having 4-5 kids look like an old prude.  The entertainment world, Dopes and MSM all glorify the hapless woman struggling on her own – never mind that 98% of her struggles are brought about by her own poor choices.   

I caught a bit of Mrs. Lex’s soap the other day. The story line was of an unwed pregnant woman who wanted to keep her unborn child away from the father because the guy was creep and currently in trouble with the law.  No one scripts in line where a friend tells the woman what an idiot she was for getting involved with the guy in the first place and having a child with him out of wedlock.  Instead of teaching an iron clad rule for avoiding such circumstances, the storyline is about how to go about hiding the child from the father.
You can see the results of America’s welfare system in Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD and other citadels of Dope thought policy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Can't blame the Dope for America's fall

When America collapses in on itself, history should not blame the lefty Libs and the Demo-Dope party for the collapse.  They have been clear for the last 50 years that America needs to “get off its high horse”, scrap that “American exceptionalism” stuff and succumb to the easy life of socialist Western Europe where the lowest common denominator rules.  Everything that the lefty libs have done and advocated for in politics, the entertainment world, education and the MSM has been above board.  It has been loudly and clearly announced.  When jr. leaves the house with a can of gasoline in one hand and a book of matches in the other, shows them to you and tells you, “I’m going to go set the school on fire.”  You cannot act surprised when you hear the sound of fire engines headed to toward the school –saying to yourself, “Damn!  I think he did it!”

It’s not the Does hiding their agenda that’s the problem.  They aren’t hiding it.  It’s the Republi-Rats not doing one damn thing to stop or slow it that’s the problem.  Instead of reversing Dope hijinks perpetrated on the American people by The Empty Suit and Harry the roach Reid, Mitch McConnell the Rat “Leader” of the Senate is picking where the roach left off.  Mitch thinks it’s a good idea to pass a trade deal giving TES a blank check in an unread secret deal.  One of about three people who have read the trade deal is AL Senator Jeff Sessions who declared it a bad deal for 5 reasons including TES’s ability to unilaterally facilitate immigration waivers. 

But for Mitch, instead of opposing or at least checking TES’s power, it’s all about slobbering all over the Chamber Commerce who support the deal.  Mitch is all for giving a lawless douche more power to keep the Chamber happy.

All I really need to know about this deal is 1) that TES for It; 2) no one has read it – think Roberts care and 3) it’s secret.  How anyone in a party that is supposed to be an opposition party vote for a secret bill they haven’t that gives the Dopes more power is beyond me. 
But you cannot blame the Dopes.  Harry the roach acted like an azz when led the senate with an iron fist - ignoring centuries years old rules and making up new ones to protect the boob we elected president. Now Mitch continues the roach’s policy of protecting TES passing a secret bill that the even the Dopes say would not be supported by the American people if the details of the bill were to be made public.

When this blows up when the detail of this bill are put into effect, don't blame the Dopes.  It's all the Rats' fault. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Fear mongers acuse Paul of fearmongering

Rand Paul relies on the US Constitution to inform us why the NSA’s collection of our phone “meta data” is not only a bad idea but an unconstitutional bad idea as well.  Paul’s critics, who use our fear of another 9-11 style terror attack to justify their shady activities, tell us to trust the government, constitution be damned.  The NSA has never used the act to spy on Americans.  Rand Paul is just a fear monger.

So we’re supposed to accept the argument from the guys using 9-11 fearmongering - that the NSA program is necessary - that the guy using the constitution is fearmongering, because he wants to do away with it. Hmm.  I don’t hear the fear in Paul’s voice.  I hear a constitutional argument.  The only fear I hear is all on the other side.  “We have to have this program or we’ll have another 9-11.”

The NSA defenders all seem to be reasonable people, Charles Krauthammer, former AG Mike Mukasey, and others.  They claim that the NSA does not collect conversations.  They only collect phone numbers, dates and times.  So the NSA is collecting every number called by everyone all of the time.  How is that information useful?  One smart guy said this type of collection is worse than useless.  It’s more difficult than looking for a needle in a haystack.  It’s like looking for a particular needle in a mountain of similar needles.

There was a time that I’d have probably been OK with this type of government intrusion.  I’m sure had someone raised a red flag about protecting FBI raw files back in the 90s, I’d have said, “Hell if you cannot trust the FBI, what’s left?” Remember the fatazz Clinton butt boy Craig Livingstone?  That $h!t had more than 90 raw FBI files in his office.  So, can you imagine how the Shrilldabeast would use the NSA program? 

But Lex how could she use numbers dates and times?  Well, suppose the Beast needs to pass her signature piece of legislation – a bill entitling black, left handed, midgets reparations for past discrimination.  She needs to line up votes so she monitors congressmen’s phone and tracks them to their mistresses.  And do you seriously suppose that if the government is tracking phone numbers, times and dates that they can’t record the conversation?  All the Beast will need is another Craig Livingstone and all bets are off.  To put my objections in a single understandable thought: I do not trust the F-ing government.
I’m certain the same people asking us ignore the NSA “fear mongers”, would have advised the Tea Party before the 2012 election that there was no way the government would use the IRS as a political tool.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Climate change hoax take center stage at USCGA

The Empty Suit went to the Coast Guard Academy and used the occasion of his commencement address to lecture the graduates about the national security risks inherent in global warming climate change.  Nice. 

Fears of climate change must be the exact reason why TES is asleep at the wheel fighting Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  What better way to fight man’s supposed negative impact on the Earth’s climate than returning to the carbon neutral 7th century? So in TES’s mind, the more ground ISIS gains, the better off the planet is.  So Ramadi is now a global warm-monger’s paradise.

How does the USCG “fight” global warming climate change?  According to the warm-mongers, the most effective thing the USCG could do is reduce their carbon footprint by docking their ships and boats and row about the nation’s waterways.  Not the most efficient way to contain an oil slick off the coast of Santa Barbara though.

So for the USCG it’s back to the days of wooden boats and iron men.  No.  Wait.  That’s sexist.  It’s on to a new age of aluminum canoes and co-ed hetero normative crews, and no one will judge you if lack the upper body strength to row a canoe due to your sex change hormone therapy.

For TES it’s on to Annapolis where he’ll warn of the dangers of the Loch Nest monster.  He’ll swing by Colorado Springs to lecture them about fuel costs and order the use of hot air balloons to defend ground troops.  Then he’ll wind things up at US Military Academy at West Point where he’ll task them to track down Big Foot and bring him to justice.

I don’t think there is one bit of credible proof that the globe is warming or the any proof to the degree that man-made activities contribute to that warming.  That’s why warming was cashiered for “climate change.”  But the warm-mongers cannot point to a time in recorder history when the Earth’s climate wasn’t changing.  TES points draughts in Africa as the proof.  Hmm.  Of course much of Africa is a desert, and draughts have been with us since the beginning of time as well.
Global warm-mongering is built on phony computer models authored by government grant grabbing academics to push phony “science” and trumpeted by very real socialist who want to use climate change hysteria as a guise to destroy capitalism.  That last category includes TES.  Real military men disregarded TES’s BS commencement address about 10 seconds after the teleprompter lit up.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Boy Scouts are too kind for squirt guns

The Boy Scouts of America are going off the rails.  They do not care.  Like everything in America these days, the PC BS actors in charge seem more interested in ruining the traditional nature of organization than doing anything that might build self-confidence in boys and young men and allow the boys any fun.

The Girl Scouts long ago left the rails and reached the bottom of the PC rat hole and immediately began to dig.  The Girl Scouts are now plumbing depths of PC idiocy and are now open to boys who dress like girls.  I can here Jill’s mom now, “Perfect.  Where do I sign my daughter up?”  Now the Boy Scouts are in a race to out PC the girls.

Some douche named BryanWendell @ the blog Bryan on Scouting reminds Scouts:  As summer — and pool weather! — lingers on the horizon, it’s a good time to remind you that BSA policies prohibit pointing simulated firearms at people.

“Yes, that includes water guns.”

YGBSM!  What leads grown-ups to knock squirt gun fun out of a boy’s organization?  Well according to Bryan – who apparently went from toddler straight to over-bearing adult douche – a Boy Scout is supposed to be kind.  What’s kind about pointing a simulated weapon at someone?  Bryan has not yet issued a warning to Boy Scouts who might chew their Pop Tarts into the shape of a gun.

What’s kind about soaking your buddies on a hot evening with your super soaker? Not much I suppose, but Bryan do you ever listen the boys laughing butts off when they engages in these activities?  Or are you permanently ensconced in your little cubicle searching the BSA manual for more fun activities to ban?    I suspect Bryan is an up-tight Scouter more interested in how he looks in his uniform than the setting up fun activities for the boys.  At one point, Bryan was probably a target of a couple of boys and their super soakers.  Instead of laughing it off, Bryan probably sent the boy’s parents a cleaning bill for his precious uniform and suspended the boys.  Now poor little Bryan doesn’t want to get wet ever again.

On BSA canoe trips, everyone starts out dry.  Everyone ends up soaked.  It’s called fun Bryan.  There’s nothing unkind about it.  But while we’re on the “kind” thing.  What’s “kind” about “blocking” someone in football?  What’s “kind” about a high hard one on the inside of the plate in baseball?  What’s “kind” about beating your friends in a foot race?  What’s “kind” about hitting someone with a ball in dodgeball?    It’s called life Bryan.  Try getting one.

As is usually the case in youth activities, the youth get along just fine until idiot “adults” like Bryan get involved.   I left Bryan a love note in the comments section of his blog at the link provided.  Last count there were 355 comments.  I didn’t read them all.  But of 20-30 I did look at, not one thought Bryan was anything other than a dumbazz.

Not long ago I begged our Bishop to drop BSA.  He didn’t listen then.  How far will he ride the PC BS BSA train into the rat hole?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The correct answer is: Hell yes I'd have still gone into Iraq, but I'd have won decisively.

Ask accused rapist Billbo Billyboy Clinton, “Knowing what you know now, would you have hitched your wagon to your rape enabling ‘wife’”?  All the Republican candidates are getting shelled with questions about whether or not they would have gone into Iraq knowing what we know now.  Ann Coulter, not surprisingly, had the best answer for that question along the lines, “What?  That we’d elect a clueless boob twice who would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory throwing the whole thing - 4,000 lives, billions in treasure - away?  Knowing that?”

Having opposed the war from the start, Rand Paul is about the only guy on either side who can answer the question consistent with his original position.  The others Republicans are predictably falling into line with the meme that the war was not worth it.  I’d say losing the war isn’t worth it either.  We cannot turn back the clock.  We have to react to the world as it is.  Look where we are.  All of these Islamo-Terror-Fascist gains have come on the Dopes’ and The Empty Suit’s watch.

War is a difficult under taking.  It’s made magnitudes more difficult when one of the major political parties and their MSM lapdogs in the US root for the enemy.  Then that degree of difficulty is made even more difficult when the military mission is hamstrung by asinine, politically driven rules of engagement that do nothing but extend everyone’s suffering. 

I’d answer the question like this, “Knowing Dope Sen Richard cranium Turdbin would accuse US troops of running a gulag in Iraq, knowing that Harry the roach Reid would declare the war lost while troops were still in the field, knowing that John Kerry would accuse American forces of being dumb and “air raiding” civilians while the Dope party and their MSM lapdogs undermined the war effort at every turn, I’d have pursued the war with much greater vigor making it impossible for an airheaded Empty Suit not to recognize our complete and total victory. Had the war been prosecuted with ruthless efficiency, no one would have given a crap about WMDs.”
One thing is certain, by the time Godzilla in a pant suit emerges from her lair after dining on Birkenstock wearing, Whole Foods shopping, Prius driving Clinton butt kissers like Georgie Stephanopoulos, all of this will have subsided.  There will be no interest in a war Shrilldabeast voted for, or Benghazi, or private e-mail accounts, or a political slush fund being run in the guise of a “charity”, or mistranslated Russian “reset” buttons, or Bassar Assad as a “reformer”, or “redlines” in Syria, or ISIS.  None of that will matter.  For the Clinton butt licking MSMS the only things that will matter are homosexual marriage and why the Republican candidate is such a woman hating creep.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Pope calls Abbas man of peace, Mickey Rooney world's tallest man ever

Pope Francis! What was you thinking?
Pope Francis called Palestinian President, for life apparently, Abbas a “man of peace.”  Uh, no he isn’t.  Abbas was elected president of Palestine ten years ago.  Fine.  Great.  Free and fair elections and all of that.  Except Abbas was elected to a four year term.  He’s cancelled every election since.

Existing in a total $h!thole of Arab imposed poverty, Abbas has somehow managed to become a wealthy man while drawing his “public service” salary.   He probably learned to profit while on a “public servant’s” salary from the army of thieving azzbags who populate Caligula D.C. who have perfected the art of looting the he treasury.  Most of Abbas's dirty money is probably coming from American contributions to Palestinians.  The Caligula D.C. crowd will be outraged, but only because Abbas has done a much better job at stealing more money than they have.

The man of peace is also apparently simpatico with Hamas.  You know Hamas.  They are the ones who have committed to “obliterate” Israel.  Hamas also has a wonderful video that they run on their TV channel, no doubt funded by the US that proclaims killing Jews brings them closer to Allah.  In 2013 Abbas claimed that there was “no difference” between his policies and those of Hamas.  Yes, those would be the words of a man of peace in the Middle East.  Once you kill all the Jews, then kill all of the Christians, then kill all the Shiites, then kill all of the homosexuals there will be peace.  For Abbas, ISIS, Hamas etc, “peace” is just a matter of killing enough people who refuse to think like they do.

The pope has to know all of this.  So why call another Middle East Arab azzbag a “man of peace”?  Well Nobel Committee gave an unaccomplished clueless dope of an Empty Suit a peace prize.  So…  I think it’s like when a parent heaps great praise about little Johnny’s study routine to the neighbors as little Johnny pours gasoline on the cat and flicks lit matches at it.  The parents are just hoping that the little Johnny will hear praise, his parent’s confidence in him, and try to live up to it.  Until dad beats his azz, he won’t.

Nice try Francis.  This tactic will not work with Abbas either.

Under Armour co-ops iconic photo
As a former Marine, I find UA’s ad offensive but not offensive enough to shoot anyone.  I guess if I was a man of peace along the lines of Mahmood Abbas, I’d issue a fatwa on UA and anyone stupid ignorant enough to wear one.  I’d compare anyone wearing this shirt an ignorant azz along the lines of douches who wear Che t-shirts.  They are not bad people for wearing the t-shirt.  They are historically challenged self-centered people who think struggling on the basketball court for an hour is somehow comparable to the life and death struggles Marines faced on a sulfur island for 38 days.
Here’s the deal.  Three of the six flag raisers were killed on Iwo.  So if roundballers what to take up a game where half the participants are killed during the game, fine wear the co-opted t-shirt.  Otherwise, come up with your logo, because clearly you are not worthy in any way to wear the bastardized rendition of Joe Rosenthal’s iconic photo of the Marines on Mt. Suribachi.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Once a Clinton butt licker, always a Clinton butt licker

George Stephanopoulos:  ABC newsman or Clinton butt licker?  Really, what’s the difference?  ABC “news” presupposes Clinton butt licker.
The Interweb is ablaze with “news” that George Stephanopoulos is still chowing down on as much Clinton excrement as he can, having contributed 75 large to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.  Of course he is still hungry for Clinton droppings.  Why is that “news”?

Mozart was born to music.  Baryshnikov was born to dance.  Dali was born to art.  Georgie boy was born to follow Billbo and the Shrilldabeast about licking their backsides whenever they Clintons have the need to feel Georgie boy’s soft lips making love to their butts.   For the life of me I do not know why it’s a big deal that it has been discovered that Georgie boy is still puckering up for the Clintons.  It is what he does.

Now Republicans are demanding that Georgie boy not be permitted to extricate his empty head from Billbo’s butt long enough to moderate another Republican debate.  Why?  Better to have a known and exposed Clinton butt licker as the ABC front (half) man for the debate than one of their other Clinton butt licking sycophants who maintains the front of impartiality.  Republicans should demand that Georgie boy do the debate while sitting on Billbo’s lap with Billbo’s hand up his back manipulating Georgie boy so people will have an accurate portrayal of ABC “news.”

ABC = Another Butt-licking Clintonite

After the tragic Amtrak derailment in PA, neither the rails nor the dead bodies had cooled to room temperature before excrementhead Dopes stood on them to shout demands for more money for the mismanaged government money loser known as Amtrak.  Amtrak sucks for one reason, because the government is running it.  Question:  Would you trust Lois Learner to run a train?  The only question is if Amtrak will allow the engineer to retire with a government pension before answering any questions about the accident.  Then he’d be free to be hired by ABC “news” as a transportation expert.

Amtrak hasn’t turned a profit in 30 years.  Any for profit Corp would have fired everyone associated with the failure after 3.  The government however has no such pressure.  As long as idiots like Slow Joe Biden and other elitist Dopes can ride up and down the Northeast corridor subsidized by the little people, while funneling taxpayer dollars to union Dopes who populate the Amtrak workforce, why wouldn’t they argue for the subsidy?
What Republicans should do, which they won’t because it would take courage, is tell the nation not only are we not going to flush more taxpayer money down the Amtrak rat hole so that Slow Joe can pretend to be an “everyday man,” we are going to demand that Amtrak charge unsubsidized fares on Friday’s starting at 6 pm through Sunday 6 pm.  People using the train for work can continue to be subsidized.  People riding the rails for cheap taxpayer subsidized fares on the weekend would feel the full weight of government waste and mismanagement to do so. It wouldn’t be 3 weeks before Amtrak suspended weekend service.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dope policies insure the poor will awlays be with us

Following the shrilldabeast’s lead, who recently told a group that people with deeply held religious beliefs would have to change their beliefs to accommodate abortion, The Empty Suit told Christians that if they’d just give up their fight against abortion and opposition homosexual marriage and instead promote the fight on poverty above the “nice to have” status TES think it enjoys now among Christians, we could end this scourge.  First off, if the government would get “off their high horse” and get out of the business of “helping the poor” by destroying their families perhaps we can stop producing urban hell hole like those found in Baltimore, Ferguson, NY City etc.  Since LBJ’s “Great Society,” the US has dumped 22 TRILLION dollars into poverty.  What has been accomplished?  According to the Dopes, nothing, because their knee jerk reaction to their failure is to call for more and more money.

Next, as noted on this page before, the Catholic Church has clothed, fed, housed, provided medical treatment and educated more poor people than all of the government programs in the world.  But according to TES, they could so much more if Pope Francis would just stop calling abortion “evil.”

Next, at Bethany, when a woman broke an expensive alabaster jar and poured what amounted to year’s wages worth of perfumed oil on Jesus, the disciples hectored the woman for wasting the contents that could be sold for money that would be better served helping the poor.  Jesus told the disciples "Why are you bothering this woman? She has done a noble thing for Me.  The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me.”  So, yeah, if you can’t fix a problem with 22 TRILLION dollars that problem is probably always going to be with you.  But TES like so many other things, doesn’t have a clue about the poverty Dope policies have created and perpetuate. 

Last, religious leaders ought to punch back at this ignorant boob.  They ought to take to pulpits and point out the government waste of money on the poor.  They ought to demand that TES turn the entire budget for poverty programs over to faith-based organizations.  Seriously, could they do any worse?  Then for good measure, they should advise their flocks that voting for people who promise to raise their neighbor’s taxes for redistribution is NOT charity.

The Shrilldabeast, the Gaystapo, ISIS, TES and soon the entire Federal government are targeting Christians.  If the Romans couldn’t get it done, TES and his azzclown menagerie do not stand a chance.
The problem with Amtrak is similar to the problem with the poor – too much government money.  As Jesus might put, “Incompetent government bureaucrats you will always have with you.” More on this later.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Untrustworthy? A liar? No problem. A perfect Dope presidential candidate.

Here’s an indication of just how screwed America is.  A recent poll showed that in spite of the mountain of evidence to support the assumption, only a scant 42% of Dopes think the Shrilldabeast is a liar who cannot be trusted - just 42%.  That’s not why America is screwed.  The reason America is screwed is because of the 42% who clearly understand what a POS this fat, ugly, shrill, bottom feed, rape enabling, lying, thieving b*tch is, 65% say they will vote for her anyway.

It’s one thing to be the typical Dope, i.e. a clueless lock-step moron whose answer to the legion of social, economic and foreign policy Dope failures over the last 50 years is to point out the person telling the truth about the Dope record is a racist, bigoted, homophobic, Islamophobic, climate change denying, gun toting, Bible reading, Neanderthal waging a war on women.  This is what amounts to “thinking” for the new lefty Libs.  When your response to any criticism of the radical leftist agenda is to simply call the person making the case a racist or whatever, you’ll have people capable insisting 2 + 2 = 8 and anyone who doesn’t think so is just a homophobe racist.  That’s their argument.  That’s it.  You’re a racist et al so you must shut up.  Sadly, it works.

Anyone who tells the truth about the Shrilldabeast will be hushed into silence when the Dopes start to refer to those leveling even the smallest truthful and accurate criticism of the Beast as sexist.   My immediate response to any such accusation from a lefty Lib will be, “Which of the 57 sexes you dopes now recognize are you accusing me of being and can you tell which sex the Beast is – thank goodness – hiding under those tent-sized pant suits?”

Note:  Somehow this just crossed my mind and I want to get it out there.  Whatever happened to those clever and amazingly effective “Save the whales” bumper stickers?  Seems there was a time you could not pass a VW micro bus or broken down heap without seeing one of those things.  Now they have gone the way of the thinking Demo-Dope, and moderate Muslim, they cannot be found.  So, have the whales been saved?  I think they must have been.
Where were we?  Hmm, let’s just sum this whole thing up by stating the obvious, since America is no longer in the space business maybe NASA can use its considerable budget – well at least the part that is not being used for Muslim outreach anyway – to plumb the depths of the average lefty Lib’s stupidity.  That stupidity is pretty much summed up in the 65% of the 42% who know the Shrilldabeast is an untrustworthy liar, BUT they plan to vote for her anyway.  YGBSM!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lazy link Tuesday

I caught a bit of Jeb Bush on The Kelley File last night.  He seemed totally reasonable.  No.  In a crowded GOP field, Jeb isn’t my guy.  I am leaning more and more toward going all in with Scott Walker.  That said, if establishment GOP money clears the field and Jeb winds up being the nominee, I’m not going to go all Glenn Beck and sell out the country by not voting and ceding the election to Godzilla in a pant suit.
The law is an ass
Something called “The Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights” (WTF?) is hearing a case that there are too many crosses at Catholic University making Muslims uncomfortable.  Until some judge shows up and fines the hell out of morons who bring such suits and tells them to STFU, you are going to continue to have such BS.  Sadly, today judges take such BS seriously and are as likely as not to opine, “Well, you know, there are a lot of crosses on campus.  Are all of them necessary?”
Brady suspended for 4 games
Prediction:  After appeal, Brady will sit for exactly 0 games.
Here’s the final word on the Wells report.  Scroll down to the video at the bottom of the post.  Very funny.  Sample: "I had an easier time getting through Ulysses than the Wells report."   
No.  We won’t shut up.
Here’s the important part of today’s post, a no holds barred, plain spoken piece about free speech in America, the left’s attempt to stifle it and the proper response by  Kurt Schlichter.  And Lex says, "Hell yes.  More guns, ammo and whiskey."  Not necessarily in that order.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday morning stuff

Is this a crazy idea?
There could be as many as 20 plus candidates for the Republican nomination for president in 2016.  Why don’t one or two of these guys/gals get in as Dopes, at least until the 6 Dope debates are over?  They get on stage with The Empty Pant Suit and get more exposure than a crowded Rep field.  When the Dope debates are over, they could pull an Emily Littella (RIP Gilda) and say, “Oh, this is the Dope primary?  Never mind.”

David French’s take on Pam Geller Vs. the Jihadis
I’ve been reading articles by French regarding Pam Geller and the jihadis.  He makes a good point about why people and pundits are attacking Geller for being attacked by the jihadis.  The long and short of it is that they are what Ann Colter called Ed Schultz.   To put it another more family friendly way, they are afraid of the jihadis.  When someone says you shouldn’t do something because it’ll PO this group or that group and you comply it is self-censorship - capitulation to fascism, sharia, the Gaystapo, false charges of racism etc.

NOTE:  Pam Geller made a point about her contest that I’d not heard before.  The contest was actually an art show that displayed images of Mo dating back to 1400s.  It’s only recent history that Mo’s boys cannot tolerate a picture of Mo.

NOTE 2:  Lex calls the jihadi appeasers in the draw Mo controversy the “yeah but crowd.”  Mark Steyn has a much better term.  He calls them “But boys.”  I like it.  I may steal it. 

No more meta data ...for now
In two words here’s why Americans are against the government collecting their phone data:
Lois Learner.  Had that lying b*tch and her politically motivated scum co-conspirators at the IRS been wrung up, fined, humiliated and jailed for their BS, the people would be more comfortable that the government would not use the collected data to square political vendettas.  Instead, the lying b*tch is not only walking around Scott free, she’s retired and drawing a government pension from the very people she persecuted.

If Milwaukee County prosecutor John Chisholm were doing interviews in an orange jumpsuit from a prison interview room, the people might trust that government is capable of policing their own.  Chisholm, you might recall from several posts under, is the unscrupulous Dope douche who turned the prosecutor’s office in Milwaukee County into a Dope SS Office serving no knock “John Doe” warrants on Dope political enemies.  This walking, talking POS illegally seized computers and other assets, denied targets legal representation and required that they not tell anyone of his Gestapo like activities. 

Now can anyone imagine how the Shrilldabeast her rapist douche of a “husband” and their no-talent off-spring will use the data?  Shut the government down.  Take all the money going into that phony program and buy Americans guns to protect themselves from the Islamo-Terror-Fascists and government scum like Learner and Chisholm.  Yeah they are separated only by a conjunction.  They are THAT similar.

The case of the missing air
Word is Tom Brady is looking at 2-4 game suspension for his “probable” role in letting the air out of the footballs in the Pat’s AFC Championship game against the Colts.  OK good.  Sadly the Bengals are not on the Pat’s schedule for any of those games. Eh, come to think of it, it saves the Bengals the embarrassment of “probably” getting clobbered by the Pat’s second string QB.

Brady’s lawyer Don Yee is not going to take any punishment laying down.  He makes an interesting point.  Let me try to summarize.

So as I understand all of this, Brady is in trouble for knowingly using footballs that were not properly inflated.  The league was tipped off by the Colts that the Pats might be introducing underinflated footballs into games.  It’s not Tom Brady’s job to insure the footballs are properly inflated.  The officials are responsible for insuring that the game is played within the confines of the rules.

Now if I’ve got this right, the officials whose job it is to ensure the game is played within the rules, knew the Pat’s might be introducing non-regulation footballs into the game and the OFICIALS ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN. 

So if Brady gets a 2-4 game suspension for not pumping the footballs up – not his job - how many games will the NFL suspend the officiating crew for not correcting a rules violation that they were apparently aware of – which is absolutely their job?
Last, were I Brady or his lawyer, I’d be asking, “What did Goodell know, and when did he know it?”  HE HAD TO KNOW the AFC Championship game was being played with footballs not quite up to snuff and he allowed it to happen.  Oddly the officials and Goodell “probably” knew as much about this as Brady.  So, how big of a deal can it be if the league knew but didn’t care enough to correct the problem until after halftime?

Friday, May 08, 2015

Fox like the rest - sides with ITF - with regard to Geller

O’Really won’t give it up.  The man Rush Limbaugh refers to as Ted Baxter, the bombastic, know-nothing, buffoon from the Mary Tyler Moore Show, opined yesterday that it is “bogus” for Pam Geller to argue the 1st amendment for holding her draw Mo contest because Muslims believe that any depiction of Mo is “a sin in the Muslim world.”

Hmm, so, if it’s a sin against the “Muslim world” we shouldn’t do it?  Three words, Jews, homosexuals, women.  All – and 1,000s more - offend and/or are sins against the Muslim world.  I suppose Muslims think Hitler’s purge of Jews and homosexuals was just about right.  It just didn’t go far enough.  To be consistent, had Hitler simply declared fascism a religion, O’Really would have had to say, “Well you know, being a Jew is a grievous sin against the religion of Fascism.  As such, Jews need to save the Fascist the trouble and just kill themselves.”

Hey Billbo, for Christians it’s a sin to commit adultery.  Should some priest shoot Billyboy Billbo Clinton?  Would that be understandable?  You are an Effing idiot.  You’re support of and cowering to 12th century azzbags is what is “bogus.”

Bogus?  Hey Ted!  The ONLY speech that needs First Amendment protection IS offensive speech.    For Baxter to blame this on the Muslim religion is what is bogus.  It’s not the religion that matters here.  It’s the Islamo-Terror-Fascists who have high jacked that religion to the point that they now are the ONLY recognizable face of that religion.

But Lex, you trashed Serrano’s P Christ.  Yeah, I did.  I didn’t try to kill him, and my primary objection to that “art” was that taxpayer dollars from an already broke government went to pay for the trash.  Had the NEA paid for the draw Mo contest, I’d probably be just as PO’d.

It’s not just the O’Baxter Factor that has gone to dark side on Fox on this issue.  Most of the talkers are in the “Yeah but” choir on Fox – “Sure she has the right to it, buuuuuuuut…”  We should remember this isn’t the first time a couple IFT azzbags have shown up to kill people with whom they disagree.  I won’t run down the list of 100’s of ITF attacks, I’ll just mention 9-11 and Ft. Hood.  Now, I’ll ask how the O’Baxter’s of the world will react when the next Oklahoma type beheading occurs at the hands of the ITF?  Will they blame Pam Geller?  I suspect that they will.  But – This has been going on a long, long time before Geller’s draw Mo contest.  America’s been at this with the ITF since 1803.

I would not attend or otherwise participate a draw Mo contest.  I wouldn’t shoot people who did.  Now, some may have noticed I posted the winner below.  It’s the first time I’ve seen Mo drawn with a Hitler type moustache – that’s putting the Fascist in Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  So, for posting that picture, maybe O’Baxter thinks I’m asking to be shot by the ITF.  I’m not.  Some may notice that Bible is capitalized on this page and koran is not.  So I ask the “Yeah but” crowd, am I asking to be gunned down for failing to capitalize koran?
No, I’m not asking to be shot.  So where do the ITF and the “yeah but” crowd draw the line on how much we have to kowtow to these creeps?  Why do they get to draw that line but we can’t draw a line of Mo with a Hitler style moustache?