Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Untrustworthy? A liar? No problem. A perfect Dope presidential candidate.

Here’s an indication of just how screwed America is.  A recent poll showed that in spite of the mountain of evidence to support the assumption, only a scant 42% of Dopes think the Shrilldabeast is a liar who cannot be trusted - just 42%.  That’s not why America is screwed.  The reason America is screwed is because of the 42% who clearly understand what a POS this fat, ugly, shrill, bottom feed, rape enabling, lying, thieving b*tch is, 65% say they will vote for her anyway.

It’s one thing to be the typical Dope, i.e. a clueless lock-step moron whose answer to the legion of social, economic and foreign policy Dope failures over the last 50 years is to point out the person telling the truth about the Dope record is a racist, bigoted, homophobic, Islamophobic, climate change denying, gun toting, Bible reading, Neanderthal waging a war on women.  This is what amounts to “thinking” for the new lefty Libs.  When your response to any criticism of the radical leftist agenda is to simply call the person making the case a racist or whatever, you’ll have people capable insisting 2 + 2 = 8 and anyone who doesn’t think so is just a homophobe racist.  That’s their argument.  That’s it.  You’re a racist et al so you must shut up.  Sadly, it works.

Anyone who tells the truth about the Shrilldabeast will be hushed into silence when the Dopes start to refer to those leveling even the smallest truthful and accurate criticism of the Beast as sexist.   My immediate response to any such accusation from a lefty Lib will be, “Which of the 57 sexes you dopes now recognize are you accusing me of being and can you tell which sex the Beast is – thank goodness – hiding under those tent-sized pant suits?”

Note:  Somehow this just crossed my mind and I want to get it out there.  Whatever happened to those clever and amazingly effective “Save the whales” bumper stickers?  Seems there was a time you could not pass a VW micro bus or broken down heap without seeing one of those things.  Now they have gone the way of the thinking Demo-Dope, and moderate Muslim, they cannot be found.  So, have the whales been saved?  I think they must have been.
Where were we?  Hmm, let’s just sum this whole thing up by stating the obvious, since America is no longer in the space business maybe NASA can use its considerable budget – well at least the part that is not being used for Muslim outreach anyway – to plumb the depths of the average lefty Lib’s stupidity.  That stupidity is pretty much summed up in the 65% of the 42% who know the Shrilldabeast is an untrustworthy liar, BUT they plan to vote for her anyway.  YGBSM!

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Anonymous said...

From the Griffin...
The plan will be not for the MSM to prop up Hill but excoriate her opponent. Reference Romney. Let's say it is Walker of Wisconsin. The MSM/DNC, same thing, will be to push Walker through the floor on trust issues. Her opponent will need to be a fighter and expect the MSM/DNC to find make up all sorts of false issues.