Thursday, May 21, 2015

Climate change hoax take center stage at USCGA

The Empty Suit went to the Coast Guard Academy and used the occasion of his commencement address to lecture the graduates about the national security risks inherent in global warming climate change.  Nice. 

Fears of climate change must be the exact reason why TES is asleep at the wheel fighting Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  What better way to fight man’s supposed negative impact on the Earth’s climate than returning to the carbon neutral 7th century? So in TES’s mind, the more ground ISIS gains, the better off the planet is.  So Ramadi is now a global warm-monger’s paradise.

How does the USCG “fight” global warming climate change?  According to the warm-mongers, the most effective thing the USCG could do is reduce their carbon footprint by docking their ships and boats and row about the nation’s waterways.  Not the most efficient way to contain an oil slick off the coast of Santa Barbara though.

So for the USCG it’s back to the days of wooden boats and iron men.  No.  Wait.  That’s sexist.  It’s on to a new age of aluminum canoes and co-ed hetero normative crews, and no one will judge you if lack the upper body strength to row a canoe due to your sex change hormone therapy.

For TES it’s on to Annapolis where he’ll warn of the dangers of the Loch Nest monster.  He’ll swing by Colorado Springs to lecture them about fuel costs and order the use of hot air balloons to defend ground troops.  Then he’ll wind things up at US Military Academy at West Point where he’ll task them to track down Big Foot and bring him to justice.

I don’t think there is one bit of credible proof that the globe is warming or the any proof to the degree that man-made activities contribute to that warming.  That’s why warming was cashiered for “climate change.”  But the warm-mongers cannot point to a time in recorder history when the Earth’s climate wasn’t changing.  TES points draughts in Africa as the proof.  Hmm.  Of course much of Africa is a desert, and draughts have been with us since the beginning of time as well.
Global warm-mongering is built on phony computer models authored by government grant grabbing academics to push phony “science” and trumpeted by very real socialist who want to use climate change hysteria as a guise to destroy capitalism.  That last category includes TES.  Real military men disregarded TES’s BS commencement address about 10 seconds after the teleprompter lit up.

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From the Griffin...
Our best and brightest, educated at one of best institutions, preparing to protect the US, rescue mariners at night in stormy seas, trained to fight drug cartels, were addressed yesterday by the Idiot-In-Chief. He told them that they will derelict in their duties if they fail to fight global climate change. Crickets. After considering he had the wrong speech I am left to say this, which captures his presidency, Obama is a full-fledged, 100% idiot. The next president has nothing build on. Everything he has touched needs deconstructed, laid out, and properly assembled. Yesterday was the final nail. I suspect every graduate was smart enough to know that an idiot addressed them. And from it they left knowing occasionally idiots achieve power and need ignored. That by the way is the Obama Legacy.