Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dope policies insure the poor will awlays be with us

Following the shrilldabeast’s lead, who recently told a group that people with deeply held religious beliefs would have to change their beliefs to accommodate abortion, The Empty Suit told Christians that if they’d just give up their fight against abortion and opposition homosexual marriage and instead promote the fight on poverty above the “nice to have” status TES think it enjoys now among Christians, we could end this scourge.  First off, if the government would get “off their high horse” and get out of the business of “helping the poor” by destroying their families perhaps we can stop producing urban hell hole like those found in Baltimore, Ferguson, NY City etc.  Since LBJ’s “Great Society,” the US has dumped 22 TRILLION dollars into poverty.  What has been accomplished?  According to the Dopes, nothing, because their knee jerk reaction to their failure is to call for more and more money.

Next, as noted on this page before, the Catholic Church has clothed, fed, housed, provided medical treatment and educated more poor people than all of the government programs in the world.  But according to TES, they could so much more if Pope Francis would just stop calling abortion “evil.”

Next, at Bethany, when a woman broke an expensive alabaster jar and poured what amounted to year’s wages worth of perfumed oil on Jesus, the disciples hectored the woman for wasting the contents that could be sold for money that would be better served helping the poor.  Jesus told the disciples "Why are you bothering this woman? She has done a noble thing for Me.  The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me.”  So, yeah, if you can’t fix a problem with 22 TRILLION dollars that problem is probably always going to be with you.  But TES like so many other things, doesn’t have a clue about the poverty Dope policies have created and perpetuate. 

Last, religious leaders ought to punch back at this ignorant boob.  They ought to take to pulpits and point out the government waste of money on the poor.  They ought to demand that TES turn the entire budget for poverty programs over to faith-based organizations.  Seriously, could they do any worse?  Then for good measure, they should advise their flocks that voting for people who promise to raise their neighbor’s taxes for redistribution is NOT charity.

The Shrilldabeast, the Gaystapo, ISIS, TES and soon the entire Federal government are targeting Christians.  If the Romans couldn’t get it done, TES and his azzclown menagerie do not stand a chance.
The problem with Amtrak is similar to the problem with the poor – too much government money.  As Jesus might put, “Incompetent government bureaucrats you will always have with you.” More on this later.

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