Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Can't blame the Dope for America's fall

When America collapses in on itself, history should not blame the lefty Libs and the Demo-Dope party for the collapse.  They have been clear for the last 50 years that America needs to “get off its high horse”, scrap that “American exceptionalism” stuff and succumb to the easy life of socialist Western Europe where the lowest common denominator rules.  Everything that the lefty libs have done and advocated for in politics, the entertainment world, education and the MSM has been above board.  It has been loudly and clearly announced.  When jr. leaves the house with a can of gasoline in one hand and a book of matches in the other, shows them to you and tells you, “I’m going to go set the school on fire.”  You cannot act surprised when you hear the sound of fire engines headed to toward the school –saying to yourself, “Damn!  I think he did it!”

It’s not the Does hiding their agenda that’s the problem.  They aren’t hiding it.  It’s the Republi-Rats not doing one damn thing to stop or slow it that’s the problem.  Instead of reversing Dope hijinks perpetrated on the American people by The Empty Suit and Harry the roach Reid, Mitch McConnell the Rat “Leader” of the Senate is picking where the roach left off.  Mitch thinks it’s a good idea to pass a trade deal giving TES a blank check in an unread secret deal.  One of about three people who have read the trade deal is AL Senator Jeff Sessions who declared it a bad deal for 5 reasons including TES’s ability to unilaterally facilitate immigration waivers. 

But for Mitch, instead of opposing or at least checking TES’s power, it’s all about slobbering all over the Chamber Commerce who support the deal.  Mitch is all for giving a lawless douche more power to keep the Chamber happy.

All I really need to know about this deal is 1) that TES for It; 2) no one has read it – think Roberts care and 3) it’s secret.  How anyone in a party that is supposed to be an opposition party vote for a secret bill they haven’t that gives the Dopes more power is beyond me. 
But you cannot blame the Dopes.  Harry the roach acted like an azz when led the senate with an iron fist - ignoring centuries years old rules and making up new ones to protect the boob we elected president. Now Mitch continues the roach’s policy of protecting TES passing a secret bill that the even the Dopes say would not be supported by the American people if the details of the bill were to be made public.

When this blows up when the detail of this bill are put into effect, don't blame the Dopes.  It's all the Rats' fault. 

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From the Griffin....
The high water mark for me is The Idiot-In-Chief telling the Coast Guard graduates that global warming is the biggest threat to America. Instead of being laughed at, ridiculed, made a Biden-like buffoon, blackballed from even speaking at the Rotary Club, very little was said. Then to trump it he said the graduates would be derelict in their duty not to fight global warming. The Idiot is dangerous and the media complicit. Everything he has done and everything he will do is totally suspect.